When We Have Wings

When We Have Wings In a world divided into fliers and non fliers how far would you go to be able to fly How much would you sacrifice perhaps your own child A beautifully written and compellingly original novel of sacri
  • Title: When We Have Wings
  • Author: ClaireCorbett Peter Hosking
  • ISBN: 9781743101247
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Audiobook
  • When We Have Wings
    In a world divided into fliers and non fliers, how far would you go to be able to fly How much would you sacrifice perhaps your own child A beautifully written and compellingly original novel of sacrifice, betrayal and love.The dream of being able to fly is now physical reality but only the rich and powerful can afford the surgery, drugs, and gene manipulation to becomIn a world divided into fliers and non fliers, how far would you go to be able to fly How much would you sacrifice perhaps your own child A beautifully written and compellingly original novel of sacrifice, betrayal and love.The dream of being able to fly is now physical reality but only the rich and powerful can afford the surgery, drugs, and gene manipulation to become fliers Peri, a poor girl from the regions, will sacrifice anything to get her wings and join this elite but the price is higher than she could have imagined So why then does she throw it all away Feel the exhilaration and terror of flight over vertiginous skyscrapers, into wild storms and across hypnotic wilderness in this beautiful and daringly imaginative novel that explores the limits of self transformation.
    When We Have Wings By ClaireCorbett Peter Hosking,
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    Claire Corbett is a writer She was born in Canada and has worked in film and government policy Her first novel, WHEN WE HAVE WINGS, was published in 2011 by Allen Unwin and shortlisted for the 2012 Barbara Jefferis Award and the 2012 Ned Kelly Award for Best First Fiction and published overseas Recent fiction and essays have been published in a range of journals, including Best Australian Stories 2014 2015, Griffith Review, Southerly and Overland She has written on defence and strategy for The Diplomat, The Strategist and The Monthly Her second novel, WATCH OVER ME, is published by Allen Unwin in May 2017.


  • I do hope she writes a sequel Claire Corbett has created a world I hope to read about I put this novel in my SF Fantasy shelf even though it s much much than that and I definitely don t want to scare anyone from reading it The story is set in a future were man has learnt to manipulate nature and shape himself into fliers among a lot of other developments In the society, the city, there is an increasing tension between fliers and non fliers because the fliers see themselves as a superiour kind [...]

  • When We have Wings is Claire Corbett s debut novel, though from page one the reader is in no doubt that Corbett is a practised and skilled writer It s rare as a reviewer that I get surprised by a work, when you read a lot of quality fiction your expectations are high When We have Wings enchanted me as I was reading it and had me deep in thought when I wasn t The TaleWhen We have Wings is set in a near future Australia 1 where sea levels have risen and our tampering with genetics has altered not [...]

  • When We Have Wings explores issues of money and class against the backdrop of a future society in which through surgery, drugs and gene manipulation, flight has become possible, but only for the rich.Peri, a poor girl with a shadowy past, earns her wings when she becomes a nanny to the Chessyres, a rich and powerful flier family But when her only friend dies under mysterious circumstances, Peri flees the world she worked so hard to become part of, taking baby Hugo with her The world of flight, i [...]

  • This debut novel by Australian author Claire Corbett is a fantasy set in a future where humans can fly thanks to surgery, gene manipulation and an ongoing drug regime But such a process is extremely expensive and therefore only available to the rich, thus dividing society into fliers and non fliers.From the first page of When We Have Wings I was immediately dropped into the action of story where people can fly without any character or story background at all At first this was a shock and I found [...]

  • I bought When We Have Wings just after it was published, after reading a review in I think The Australian, so it s been a couple of years since I read it Since then I ve been disappointed the book hasn t gained the wide readership overseas it deserves The ridiculous price of the ebook set at the time by the publishers may have put some off buying it I ve just checked and it s now a reasonable price, so maybe it will gain readers Better late than never I m not a prolific reviewer but I wanted to [...]

  • 3,5 estrelasQuanto ao enredo em si, n o que n o me tenha cativado a hist ria principal, mas por vezes parecia que o livro tinha sido escrito por duas autoras diferentes Ora apresentava se absorvente, captando o meu total interesse, ora revelava se carregado da chamada palha que aqui na minha opini o apresenta se em algum excesso Como por exemplo, s o apresentadas personagens e enredos secund rios que pouco ou nada contribu ram para o enredo principal, tornado o livro por vezes secante.Opini o co [...]

  • No momento actual em que tanto se especula sobre as altera es gen ticas e todos os dilemas ticos associados que, indiscutivelmente, dizem respeito a todos n s, Claire Corbett alia uma das grandes fantasias do homem a uma sociedade futurista t o admir vel quanto repudiante em O Imp rio das Asas, uma hist ria onde o surreal ganha vida de forma criativa, atrav s de um enredo com uma pitada de suspense e um cariz t o emocional quanto cient fico.Peri, uma entre ningu ns, sonhou ter asas e voar o que, [...]

  • re posted from my blog literarymindedThe main theme, and dilemma, for the two main characters in When We Have Wings is an old one how do we deal with technological progress, the divides it can create between classes, between generations , and the power it may provide to a privileged few More specifically, how does someone raising a child in a rapidly changing environment make decisions about their future But the main reasons you should read this novel are 1 people can fly2 one of the main charac [...]

  • This would have to be one of the most original and thought provoking books I ve read in a long time Exquisitely written and populated by characters about whom you care, the novel is a wonderful melange of genres Encompassing science fiction, crime and fantasy it is also a considered tale that deals with fascinating and all too real philosophical issues including the timeless one of just what it means to be human Adding a delicate frisson to this is the role of science and surgery and just how fa [...]

  • Wow Part Mieville like mystery, part Kress like genetically modified future Methinks we ll be seeing this book on some shortlists come Awards Season Now Time for honesty Before I quit work, I was on my way to becoming a specialist Avian veterinarian I expected to find holes in this.Nope No holes Excellent research I mean, there s a teensy bit of handwavey with the absence of a steering mechanism and the convenient super strong flight muscles that don t require alteration of the existing human br [...]

  • When We Have Wings is an wonderfully ambitious debut set in a truelly unique world In this world Mankind has made the ability to fly with wings by humans a reality That reality though is expensive with only the rich able to afford the operation to have wings attached The story centres on young flier nanny Perri who has alegedly taken the child of rich couple Peter and Avis Chesshyre the Chesshyres Hire investigator Zeke to try to find Perri and Hugo.Early on their is suspicion about how Perri ca [...]

  • When We Have Wings is an ambitious debut novel set in a world where the dream of human flight has become a reality, thanks to science, genetic manipulation and money, lots of money The world is divided into fliers and non fliers and this ever widening gap continues to grow as the fliers seek to set themselves apart in every respect, from those without wings.Peri is a young girl who has escaped a deprived upbringing and has come to the city determined to raise herself above her past, literally, b [...]

  • este livro foi uma desilus o Pela sua sinopse pensei que seria mais entusiasmante Um mundo onde os humanos faziam opera es para ter asas e realmente voavam Uma rapariga disposta a fazer tudo para ter essas asas Mas metade do livro foi uma seca, sem nada que entusiasmasse, s nas ltimas 200 paginas para a que se come ou a desvendar alguns segredos e a tornou se um bocado mais interessante E o final foi sem gra a.

  • Brilliant and evocative, When We Have Wings is an extraordinary tale set in a future in which eugenics has given humanity wings and Flight, and capitalism has turned this into a defining social class structure.Peri Almond is a young nanny for a flier couple, who have given her everything a girl from a poor background could possibly want a life in a luxurious home, security, and most amazingly of all, wings So when the novel begins with Peri inexplicably fleeing her employers, with their baby in [...]

  • I gave this book 5 stars because it is extremely well written with great sci fi However it was not exactly my cup of tea The story is thorough and satisfying with good characterisation The book had been marked as staff pick I borrowed it from the library , and I guess I can see why.For my tastes, there was too much concentration on the social relationships of the characters, and that these had little bearing on the overall story It was like the story went on pause while the characters had social [...]

  • When We Have Wings is simply the best novel I have read in many years Beauty is everywhere in the Wings world a sophisticated, satisfying beauty, free from vulgar displays Social commentary sweeps across a good fraction of the issues facing us today without ever needing to take the headlines The world is simply presented as it is, with the logical consequences of the past quietly written in There is great strength and human weakness to be seen here, aching passion and burning hatred And, always [...]

  • good read, a future where we can assignment our bodies to have wings only the elite can afford them, what kind of world would we create with a divide between those that have and those that don t when those that have can fly mixed in with a mystery an old retired detective searches for than he needs to to find the answers.

  • This is my first review for the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2012, and can also be viewed at cattorresv along with my other Challenge reviews.What would life be like, how would our cities look, what would our values be, and who would we be when we have wings Claire Corbett masterfully addresses these questions and in her debut novel When We Have Wings , published by Allen and Unwin in 2011.The story is set sometime in the future, when bioengineering has made it possible for humans to fly [...]

  • Compelling, lyrical, eloquent, evocative, vivid just some of the reasons why once you start to read Claire Corbett s When We Have Wings you won t be able to put it down Sure, there are issues to ponder what it means to be human in mind and body , what are the manifestations of power and inequity in our society, political and theological implications of technological advancements but it is the finely crafted and complex depictions of characters and their dilemmas in this world where flight is pos [...]

  • Right from the first few pages I was intensely interested in When We Have Wings Claire Corbett s first science fiction novel The protagonist, Peri, is flying, carrying baby Hugo and searching for her missing friend Luisa The scene is frightening and real and somehow I know that this isn t a caricature world but something much closer to home It s clear that Peri is in mortal danger and has brought Hugo into that danger with her A baby who doesn t belong to her a baby recklessly exposed to the ele [...]

  • When We Have Wings by Claire Corbett is set in a vaguely near future Sydney where the rich can fly thanks to having wings implanted on their backs.Before I get into talking about the story, I want to point out that, from a physics point of view, Corbett has described a very plausible situation The wings people get are quite large the impression I got was comparable to the height of the person and they also get treatments to change the physiology to make their bones lighter carbon fibre was invol [...]

  • May contain spoilers for the book in this review Also my first review I finished When We Have Wings at 4AM in the morning after some marathon reading It had me going with such a drive to keep reading There is so much I loved about this book The characters were amazing, they were so vivid and real Each were so human, with their issues, the factors that made them who they were and that there was still good parts to them Obviously a few exceptions for certain characters Yet maybe as a reader if the [...]

  • Et si nous vivions dans un monde o les riches pouvaient s offrir le luxe de voler Pour son premier roman When we have wings que l on peut traduire par Quand nous aurons des ailes , Claire Corbett se prend au jeu Peri s avanca vers le bord de la falaise Elle devait l cher prise Elle devait tre pr te mourir Une bouff d air balaya la falaise Elle tituba, d plia ses ailes et se mit courir En se jetant de la falaise, elle sut que a avait t au mauvais moment Elle tombait comme si on lui avait tir dess [...]

  • 3.5 O Imp rio das Asas a obra de estreia de Claire Corbett no mundo dos romances liter rios uma obra de fic o cient fica que nos apresenta toda uma nova vis o sobre a possibilidade de um ser humano possuir asas Pena que n o est acess vel a todos e o mundo fraccionado d O Imp rio das Asas tem mais segredos e mist rios do que aqueles que ao in cio quer parecer.As primeiras p ginas do livro deixaram me um pouco interrogativa quanto verdadeira ess ncia do livro Come amos com uma narrativa algo confu [...]

  • This is a stunning novel beautifully written and gorgeous with its imagery, the novel is than just words on a page The implication of technological advancement and how it will influence class and even generation to generation is represented through the haves wealthy fliers and the have nots everyone else The cost of wings, however, is than just monetary as Zeke finds out What makes this story compelling is the narrative, split between two voices It begins with a third person narrative from Per [...]

  • Peri is a poor girl from the sticks who has paid a huge price to get wings Now she s disappeared Zeke is the struggling, flightless private investigator hired to find her This is a world where having money means being able to fly, and where those without wings are rapidly becoming second class even obsolete citizens.It was great to read a novel which looked at the issue of how the rich get ahead not just by having things, but by being perfect This is really well told through the thread of the [...]

  • 3.5 starsThis story took me a little while to really get into It almost reads like two stories from two separate genres There s the crime fiction story told from the perspective of Zeke, a private investigator hired by a family whose baby has been kidnapped by their nanny Then there is the speculative scifi fantasy story written from the perspective of Peri, the nanny with wings In the beginning I wasn t entirely sure the meshing of the genres really worked, but it eventually all came together a [...]

  • Hoe zou het zijn als de technologische vooruitgang ons op een dag vleugels bracht Als mensen konden vliegen als vogels Niet allemaal, natuurlijk, slechts dat deel dat zich de dure vleugels zou kunnen veroorloven Wat zou dat doen met onze maatschappij Deze vragen heeft auteur Claire Corbett meegenomen in haar debuutroman Vleugels Het verhaal schetst een schijnbaar utopische wereld, waar zij die het kunnen betalen zich de ultieme vrijheid hebben toege igend vliegen Kindermeisje Peri Almond is zo n [...]

  • Set in the future of our grandchildren, the newest must have toy of the rich and famous is not a fast car or smart phone but actual wings The dream of flight is made real but only for the elite able to afford the radical surgery The space between the have and have nots grows larger as those with wings become , better, than human The fliers have their own floating spacesPeri, whilst young, is remarkably driven and is prepared to sacrifice everything for the chance to own her own wings however, sh [...]

  • Reading this was compulsive the hooks were so compelling, for the most part.I m only giving this three stars because I found the end so disappointing After making a point of trying to build a realistic social world, some of the things that happened post climax seemed so poorly explained, like how Peri managed to get custody and no jail time despite wounding Peter so badly that he needed hospitalisation Sure maybe she d get a reduced sentence for a crime of passion, but Corbett makes the point so [...]

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