Hot and Cold

Hot and Cold Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance M M public exhibition consensual BDSM sex toys HEA Technically no one invited Theris to the gathering because technically he wasn t s
  • Title: Hot and Cold
  • Author: Gabrielle Evans
  • ISBN: 9781622410552
  • Page: 216
  • Format: ebook
  • Hot and Cold
    Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, public exhibition, consensual BDSM, sex toys, HEA Technically, no one invited Theris to the gathering, because technically he wasn t supposed to have a mate None of that really mattered to him, though He hadn t gone looking for someone to hook up with Once he sets sights on Ryo, however, he s very glad Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, public exhibition, consensual BDSM, sex toys, HEA Technically, no one invited Theris to the gathering, because technically he wasn t supposed to have a mate None of that really mattered to him, though He hadn t gone looking for someone to hook up with Once he sets sights on Ryo, however, he s very glad he made the trip.Immediately captivated by the dark angel with the bright smile, Ryo Dantis figured it was a no brainer to choose Theris as his mate Unfortunately, he hadn t taken into account how far his grandfather would go to ensure he upholds his familial obligations to produce heirs for his Djinn clan.When Theris goes missing right from their home, there are no lengths to which Ryo won t go to find and rescue the man he loves Can he save Theris in time and break the spell Or will he lose everything because of the greediness of others
    Hot and Cold By Gabrielle Evans,
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    Gabrielle Evans grew up in a small town in southern Oklahoma We re talking one red light that may or may not work depending on the day of the week She married her high school sweetheart and the rest is pretty much history They have two very active boys and one high strung wiener dog that keeps her constantly on the go For now, Gabrielle parks her car in north central Texas, but who knows what tomorrow will bring.Come chat with me on my new Yahoo Group group GabrielLibrarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name 1 erotic romance author


  • This was book 17 in the Midnight Matings series No one invited Theris to the gathering, because technically he wasn t supposed to have a mate he is a dark Angel and he didn t drink the spiked champagne Ryo Dantis figured it was a no brainer to choose Theris as his mate although Theris was only looking for a hook up Ryo claimed Theris in the hallway of the gathering and it was so hot that another tried to take Theris from him This was a pretty good book and it had a lot BDSM in it Ryo s grandfat [...]

  • A djinn the angel of death weird ritual mating BDSM I m sorry, but when I think of genies spanking whipping plugging anyone, I get visions of the blue dude in Aladdin getting hella kinky, and that s just all kinds of wrong an evil, vengeful grandpa male pregnancy a book I never would have read but for my need to pick up said pregnancy points for the scavenger hunt in which I am currently participating Yeah It was out there, but not as bizarre as Taken by the T Rex probably is I will read that bo [...]

  • I have to say, I m a little confused as to some of the reviews I read here for this book I myself thoroughly enjoyed it Yes, there is mpreg, but I generally like that sort of thing This is also a book in a series that has many mpreg within it, so I don t find it shocking at all.Yes, there was some BDSM put in there, again I state, not a bad thing and it did spice it up a bit.As for the length, I agree the end was a little quick and short, but sometimes that s a good thing Prolonged angst can occ [...]

  • A bit of a downer for me The story was just okay and it just didn t feel as good a read as the other books There s some light bdsm gagging, flogging, and cuffing which kind of caught me off guard since I didn t see the warning on bookstrand I should have read the blurb and excerpt before buying The mpreg didn t come as a surprise really since the other books in the series has some mpreg There wasn t really anything appealing about the characters There was a guest appearance of Miles and Hades bu [...]

  • Another unusual pairing, neither of these men wanted a mate Yet they fall for each other in the absence of the mating spell, and that was a nice change A dark angel who is always cold and a djinn who is born of fire are not an ideal combination, but then, none of the couples in this series really are With both of them having access to all kinds of magic, this was bound to be a fun story Add a few surprise twists and this becomes a very entertaining book indeed.Theris has a tough job, and one tha [...]

  • 1.75 starsOh peril from the beginning And what interesting paranormals these be Oh yuck Pulling him into a BDSM dungeon no matter how homey looking in the middle of sex without any indication that s what he was going to do was creepy He didn t even ask I would flip even if I were interested That s just way too controlling No going over limits or safe words or even asking the sub s opinion anything And then double penetration, again without even asking and he s already controlling him Ugh He is n [...]

  • 2012 Review Ahh Yes.Overall, this made me happy.My only complaint is this I don t mind the turn it takes into BDSM, but it made Ryo s earlier assurances that he would never hurt Theris even questionable Yes, I know that saving his life qualifies as an exception, but a roomful of paddles and whips probably doesn t Still, as far as leather goes, this book did not do such a bad job on it.In any event, Theris was completely lovely and delightful Neither of them was prone to drama queen behaviour or [...]

  • Rating 4.5 starsI haven t read all the books in the Midnight Mating series, but so far, this one is one of my favorites I love their easy camaraderie since they first met and how relaxed they were about their mating This is my first Djinn book, but I didn t expect him to be the dominant partner Having a submissive Reaper was a nice chance in pace Plus, I loved his sense of style The author did an excellent job maintaining the pacing in such a short story There s little conflict or angst in the b [...]

  • Well, I had read the blurb so I knew what I was getting myself into Mpreg doesn t really bother me, it s just that I feel that it s so unnecessary If you want to write a book about two people having a baby, why not write M F But there are obviously people out there who like that kind of thing and like I said, it s not a huge thing for me.There was also some BDSM in this book and although it was mild , I still wasn t completely comfortable with it, but again, I m clearly not the reader this write [...]

  • Fantastic an angel and a djinn I love angels and I think this one just might become my favorite of the series I really loved the bunny but Ryo is so ready to have a mate, and even though Theris was not at the meeting to find a mate he definitely did not put up much of a struggle when Ryo dragged him up to register their mating.And though many folks don t care for m preg, I m not one of them I m happy that these men are able to create a family, become fathers, and raise and love their children.As [...]

  • I don t know if it s because I hadn t read this series in a while, or if it s because this one was truly better, but I really liked it Cute story about a Djinn a dark angel Lots of hawt sex but also some decent interaction between the two characters and interesting side story stuff too.I noticed that some people rated it low because of the whole Mpreg theme or forced matingI feel like saying, DUH that s what this whole series is about Different paranormals being forced to mate weird shit happens [...]

  • Such a fun series There are currently 20 books in the series, each book is written by either Joyee Flynn, Gabrielle Evans or Stormy Glenn They could keep writing as long as they continue creating interesting characters who shift into all kinds of wonderful and different animals mythical beings and coming up with unique stories full of romance, crazy drama, angst and let s not forget the very hot sex You don t have to read them in order, very rarely are other characters mentioned, but each story [...]

  • I could have gone without the presence of BDSM in this book but apart from that it was somewhat enjoyable I was a bit miffed with Theris s powers as Grim Reaper though It was a bit disappointingde him pretty weak in my opinion and I think it s the last thing someone wants to read about is a Grim Reaper as weak The pregnancy thing was a let down as well It s pretty much used everywhere nowadays and I always thought it s a cheap thing to do in a gay novel It s always used as a fix to everything or [...]

  • 2 stars I just understand was majority of these stories have to distinct dominant or submissive There always involve same form BDSM which always seems out place especially when your mate is in final weeks of pregnancy They never really answered how they got pregnant or what the hell Theris was before he became a reaper since they are not born but called up to be one How the hell you live for hundreds of years and never once experience meaningful relationship till you were force into it I love th [...]

  • Alright, so Theris and Ryo It was interesting I loved the reaper, it was nice change But, I still didn t understand all of Ryo s power Being a Djinn didn t explain much I mean, does he grant wishes Just kind of weird, yet, he was powerful, I think The BDSM thing, ummm, he has a playroom in his cabin in the middle of nowhere Does he bring home a lot of play partners Then there s the MPREG, so did either of them know they could get pregnant being a male Was it a Reaper thing or a Djinn thing Overa [...]

  • 3.5 starsTheris and Ryo are a reaper and a djinn They meet at a gathering for shifters to find their mates The connection between them is immediate view spoiler Ryo takes Theris in the hall hide spoiler Ryo s grandfather is against their pairing and there is conflict and peril but in the end love conquers all The book is short but the characters were well drawn I was highly entertained and I liked the author s style.

  • 1.5 StarsOkay, this one was a bust for me Granted, I read it out of order but stillI didn t care for the characters and the plot well, there wasn t much of one Tons of sex yay but the not much chemistry boo The BDSM aspect was alright although I m not a huge fan Lastly, it probably didn t help that I m not into MPreg I ll read it and roll with it but I don t really get it.Bottom line Nah.

  • Not much of a plot to this one, way too predictable as well The characters didn t build a relationship either This doesn t leave much left for the book I just had no connection to the characters There was soo little detail to the characters Lots of sex for a shorter book but there again was little depth to the act I just didn t care for the book.

  • Amazingly enough with all the not so great Siren books I ve read, I haven t ever read this author before And I really like this book It was a fun, short little read with my favorite kind of twinkish boy Yay Of course, he was the reaper but he was a cute reaper And he had a baby A A little magic, a little BDSM and lots of smexing Yum

  • this one was sweet and funny and all around filled with good fluffy vibes love the plot twist on a serious note simple simple simple spelling mistakes, was this ever read over just by a plain jane even I, who speak english as a second language picked up on them

  • I m not even sure why I periodicaly go back to reading this series All of those books are pretty much the same And maybe that s why I read them no surprises, no thinking required Ryo the djinn and Theris the angel of death were quite entertaining.

  • Gosh this is a terribly bad written storyline.I can only say, this plot is for a trash in my personal opinion I really hope this whole series will be FINISHED SOON It wasn t worth it.I won t start with a male pregnancy in a story, brrrrr

  • I really enjoyed this book Specially seeing Miles and Hades again Love those two I also really liked the actual MC s of this book They were fun to read about.

  • Not as good as some of the other books in this series I did however enjoy Hades and Miles in the story Still hoping they get their own book

  • I did enjoy this book and I really liked Theris but I know that there are Miles and Hades books out there and I would like to read those too Could someone please tell me where to find them

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