After Life

After Life Naomi Ash was born in New Orleans and raised by her mother Patsy a medium who schooled her young daughter in the parlor trick chicanery of the trade From Naomi recreating presences with table cloths
  • Title: After Life
  • Author: Rhian Ellis
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  • Page: 348
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After Life
    Naomi Ash was born in New Orleans and raised by her mother, Patsy, a medium who schooled her young daughter in the parlor trick chicanery of the trade From Naomi recreating presences with table cloths to providing the voice of the dead by talking through a fan, their act is part theater, part magic, and a little too much playing with the letter of the law Eventually theyNaomi Ash was born in New Orleans and raised by her mother, Patsy, a medium who schooled her young daughter in the parlor trick chicanery of the trade From Naomi recreating presences with table cloths to providing the voice of the dead by talking through a fan, their act is part theater, part magic, and a little too much playing with the letter of the law Eventually they must beat a hasty and forced retreat from New Orleans, relocating to Train Line, New York.A sleepy village founded and inhabited by others with a spiritualist bent, Train Line is populated with card readers, table levitators, and crystal shop owners Low rent Psychic Faires are held at the local Holiday Inn, and Patsy s newest creation, The Mother Galina Psychic Hour, is on the local radio station The town is a curious mix between old school table rappers and the New Age, and it is here that Naomi comes of age, learns the trade, and falls in love But love is not only a many splendored thing it can be dangerous as well And for a young woman caught between fraud and truth, between the world of the living and the world of the dead, and between the secrets and lies of her youth, the past and present will come together in a rush of truth and consequence.Hailed as a study of eccentricities, which rises above the merely quirky to address those issues of life, death, memory, and love that preoccupy us all, After Life is a stunning first novel of extraordinary suspense and evocative imagery.
    After Life By Rhian Ellis,
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    Rhian Ellis Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the After Life book, this is one of the most wanted Rhian Ellis author readers around the world.


  • I really don t know where to begin, so maybe we start with a few facts The title and description captivated me, the unknown is intriguing interesting almost intoxicating This book took me 3 weeks to read, for some people who may be average, but 300 pages should take a few days tops for me It wasn t because I was busy or distracted After Life read like Average Joe Workingman s Biography The Accounting Firm Employment Years If that sounds like a harsh criticism well, it is what it is intended The [...]

  • With this book, I decided to try keeping a reader s journal, because I never write down as much as I should whilst reading and why is that Ah well, enough about me here is the first reader s journal entry I made whilst reading this book As of this writing, I am up to page 124 of After Life, and it is an intriguing read that has raised a bunch of questions, because the first chapter What I Did starts off with narrator, Naomi Ash, saying First I had to get his body into the boat Thus, although we [...]

  • I was reading this book at work, really delving into it, when a coworker asked the ominous question What are you reading I tried to explain After Life in short sentences A woman who works as a medium, in a town of mediums, clairvoyants, and charlatans, kills someone and she is trying to keep it a secret after they find the bones of the body that she buried, using the woman s, Naomi s, own mother to help with the investigation As I m telling my coworker this, I realize that this is kind of a chee [...]

  • After Life was a delight to read from beginning to end The novel opens with the compelling line First I had to get his body into the boat The narrator is Naomi Ash, a woman in her early 30s who lives in Train Line, a whole town owned by The Church of Spiritualist Studies in Upstate New York My first impression of the town was of clutter Cars were parked nearly on the front steps, cats jumped from porch roofs and windowsills, hanging plants and wind chimes and mobiles dangled by every door Winnie [...]

  • I m not sure where I first heard about AFTER LIFE, but when I saw it at the library, I snatched it up It s a unique murder mystery in that we know from the first page that the protagonist Naomi Ash has killed her boyfriend Peter, and the mystery is discovering how and why she did it After his bones are unearthed a decade later, Naomi begins to tell us about it The story alternates between present day events and Naomi s memories of past events leading up to Peter s death.Naomi is a medium, just l [...]

  • 3.5 starsAfter Life holds the promise of a mystery delving into the world of spiritualism If you re looking for a philosophical journey and deeply poignant read, this book will please Set in a unique town where secrets are kept, insight into the future occurs, and regrets of the past lurk in an interesting tale about a girl lost, longing for what she believes before finding and facing her reality Are her abilities and those around her truly psychic or just a highly developed sense of observation [...]

  • I absolutely loved this book It takes place in a small upstate NY town, where Naomi works as a medium as does her mother and many of the residents in a spiritualistic community We learn on page 1 that Naomi is trying to secretly bury the body of her dead lover, Peter As the book unfolds, it becomes so suspenseful did Peter die We learn slowly, in bits and pieces The psychics and mediumse they fake, real, or a little of both Will Naomi s secret remain a secret I couldn t turn the pages fast enoug [...]

  • I had to think about the impact of this book before trying to write an adequate review I think the mark of a good book is one that perplexes, challenges and haunts All three of those are reactions I have to the authors debut novel.Unlike many mystery books wherein we are introduced to a murder and wonder who did it, After Life begins with a statement by the perpetrator acknowledging her misdeed The opening line First I had to get his body into the boat sets the tone as throughout the book we lea [...]

  • Slow with an Unlikable HeroineAFTER LIFE is the hardest book for me to rate since I ve begun reading and reviewing books on KIndle.Brian Ellis is a sumptuous writer her descriptions are luscious and full and evocative her analogies stunning But there is much to novel_ making than gorgeous writing, and that s called story, and to a lesser extent, character There really is no story here Ellis starts us off with a bang, then leaves us hanging for most of the rest of the book dying of boredom amids [...]

  • The second of the Nancy Pearl Book Lust Rediscovery series, After Life is an unexpected and unique read The book is well written and the perspective of the main character is than just interesting Nancy Pearl writes in the forward that she has saved some of the lines in her personal notebooks and she quotes one or two I like the way the author puts her words and thoughts together I especially liked, My empty heart was collapsing in on itself A lonely life is a crime without witnesses, it is a mo [...]

  • This book hooked me in from the very first sentence and kept me hooked to the very end I will not describe the plot as that has already been done much better than I could ever begin to do What I will try to do is tell you why I enjoyed this book so much I could see, smell, and taste this story The author somehow transported me into Naomi Ash s mind I read this book in two sittings unusual for me because I simply found it hard to put it down I certainly hope Ellis will write another novel Her cha [...]

  • I picked up this book randomly because the cover caught my eye and when I read the description about a spiritual community of mediums, I thought it would be interesting I think it could have been interesting, except for nothing happened in this book Most of the book just seemed to have no point How can a book with mediums, a murder, and a hidden body be so boring I kept reading expecting it to get better or at least have an exciting ending, but the whole book just fell flat.

  • I think I would give this 3.5 stars High marks for very interesting, very unusual compelling characters I don t usually like murder stories at all but that part along with the unique angle kept me reading and enjoying this The negative part is I was left wanting of a story, there is not a whole lot of action, it s a lot of flashing back and forward which paints a picture of the characters and the murder.

  • Strange story of a young woman s guilt over accidentally killing her boyfriend The guilt and fear are exacerbated when ten years later, his bones are excavated The setting is based on Lily Dale a community in NY limited to Spiritualists two of which are the narrator and her mother Fascinating read couldn t put it down Read on trip west.

  • I could not put this down once I started reading It had me rooting for the main character and hoping no one would discover her crime I also found the spiritualism aspect fascinating.

  • After Life felt a little like a murder mystery being told in reverse With the opening line of First I had to get his body in the boat , we are introduced to Naomi Ash psychic medium, murderer, and the main character and narrator of this novel From that opening scene in which Naomi is disposing of her boyfriend Peter s corpse, we then flash forward ten years into the future when his body is discovered Naomi then begins to gradually reveal the events surrounding Peter s death, as her guilt and par [...]

  • This book was about a murder, but you know who the killer is from the start The book is really about the killer, who is a medium, and lives in a town of psychics The book unfolds almost backwards, and deals with the killer and their feelings While it kept my attention all the way through, the main character is not extremely likable There are certain aspects that also don t seem to have a lot to do with the main story Interesting, yes, but I doubt I would ever read it again.

  • So well written I completely enjoyed this story and it left me thinking of it days after I finished it.I also really loved that it took place pre smartphones i.e the gritty flannel ridden late 90s And the town of Train Line was fascinating Great read

  • Rhian Ellis s After Life is the first novel I ve read from Nancy Pearl s Rediscoveries series, a collection of previously out of print books Librarian of the Gods and NPR Morning Edition regular Pearl identified as unread and or under praised gems of the 20th century Hand picked by Pearl, these novels have been republished and given a second chance helped along with a heavy dose of publicity and buzz by Pearl herself.I trust Nancy Pearl She has an infectious passion for books and while I don t a [...]

  • After Life by Rhian Ellis I really enjoyed reading this book I thought it was interesting and well written Page one starts First I had to get his body into the boat Which pulled me right into the story, but upon completion, the book wasn t at all what I expected It s hard to categorize this book It s a story of a young woman, Naomi Ash who killed her boyfriend Peter and on page one is telling us what she does to get rid of the body But it s not a murder mystery in the least Naomi tells us of her [...]

  • Glory I am finished I can t wait to start something else in the car in the morning This book was not a good fit for me I m glad that the narrator ends up confessing and going to do minimal time in prison because I was afraid she was was never going to DO anything I liked her uncle Does that count as something worthwhile He shows up for one chapter and seems like a nice guy There are a lot of things in the story which are unnecessary from a story telling point of view and which add to my annonyan [...]

  • It starts with death First I had to get his body into the boat On the first page of After Life someone is dead, and someone else is guilty enough to get rid of the body But what happened And why It s a story that takes the rest of the book to tell It s a story of family and growing up, it s a story of fortune telling and secret keeping, it s a story of finding a way to deal with who you are and things you ve done.In After Life, Naomi Ash is a somewhat reluctant medium, the daughter of another me [...]

  • After Life a novel, by Rhian Ellis, b plus, narrated by Shannon McManus, produced by Brilliance Audio, downloaded from audible.This story is told through the voice of Naomi Ash, the daughter of a medium Her strange life made her pretty much an outcast in Trainline, New York where she grew up Trainline, modeled on a real town, Lillidale, New York is filled with mediums who, in various ways, make contact with the dead Naomi herself becomes a medium The book begins with Chapter 1 entitled What I Di [...]

  • I really enjoyed this book In fact, I d say it s probably my favorite book read this year so far The basic plot is that we know the protagonist Naomi Ash has killed someone and buried his body We learn this in the first few lines of the book The rest of the book provides Naomi s background, including her childhood in New Orleans, where she was raised by her mother who was a medium, and their move to Train Line, New York, which is a city known for its connection to spiritualism We also get to kno [...]

  • Naomi is guilty This gets obvious from the first sentence Nevertheless she managed to fascinate me from the very start Not that this main character would be a special smart, gorgeous, attractive or sociable one No, she is just an ordinary woman with her ups and rather regularly her downs, her strengths and weaknesses Expecially those descriptions of her feelings, impressions even if they were not based upon any facts at all and view of the world as well as her distinctive relationships towards t [...]

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