Dark Harbor

Dark Harbor Dark Harbor showcases a superb new talent Following in the footsteps of bestselling writers David Baldacci John Grisham and Scott Turow David Hosp is an attorney living in the city where his book i
  • Title: Dark Harbor
  • Author: David Hosp
  • ISBN: 9780446615099
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dark Harbor
    Dark Harbor showcases a superb new talent Following in the footsteps of bestselling writers David Baldacci, John Grisham, and Scott Turow, David Hosp is an attorney living in the city where his book is set, and he imbues his story with unique authenticity Like heralded bestsellers by Dennis Lehane, Dark Harbor shows Boston s many aspects, from the gilded salons of th Dark Harbor showcases a superb new talent Following in the footsteps of bestselling writers David Baldacci, John Grisham, and Scott Turow, David Hosp is an attorney living in the city where his book is set, and he imbues his story with unique authenticity Like heralded bestsellers by Dennis Lehane, Dark Harbor shows Boston s many aspects, from the gilded salons of the Bay State s power brokers to the dark nesting places of its career criminals Foreign rights for Dark Harbor have been sold in England, Germany, and Japan.
    Dark Harbor By David Hosp,
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    David Hosp is a trial lawyer who spends a portion of his time working pro bono on behalf of wrongly convicted individuals He lives with his wife and family in Boston.


  • First, grab some stock mystery characters off the shelf a serial killer nick named Little Jack, as in Ripper , who has some religious issues Then, add a drop dead gorgeous female homicide detective with an aging seen it all partner Finally mix in a street tough ruggedly handsome, up and coming attorney who takes it upon himself to pursue Little Jack when his law partner old flame is brutally murdered, much in the same manner as Little Jack s previous prostitute victims.For some spice, toss in a [...]

  • Occasionally, Hosp s clumsiness with key details and the attempt to drop red herrings are obvious and telegraph the reader that s he is being manipulated The inclusion of too helpful friends and colleagues, along with Finn s own loose lips about crucial information, are the marks of an inexperienced author trying to control outcomes Hosp does not have the literary flair or style of Lehane, but this Boston mystery, overall, is exciting, well paced and clever, ideal for the beach, and great fun to [...]

  • This was a book that I was forced to read through my monthly readers group and managed to get through it in two days whilst on holiday Not a book I would have picked up through choice and starts, develops and ends as you would imagine for a book of this kind Relatively straight forward plot which actually helps rather than hinders it Dark Harbour is a but like watching a soap opera, it s fine from time to time but I wouldn t want to do it every night

  • I really enjoyed this first novel by David Hosp There were some cliche types of things scattered among the really good writing but the bottom line is that I cared about many of the characters, and that s one of my key measures of whether I like a book or not I believe David Hosp had a bright future ad a writer and he just might give Grisham a run for his money in the legal thriller genre.

  • I really enjoyed the authors writing style, and his portrayal of the characters The story kept me engaged from beginning to end

  • I really enjoyed reading Hosp s various novels and this, being the first, sets the stage in a graphic way, and that is what really grabbed me I can understand the dark world that is depicted in this book and can understand the emotional turmoil created by a person trying to leave that world but being continually drawn back into it Over all, this was a well done book.

  • I enjoyed this This was well plotted and highly entertaining It was well written and fun The part that I was irritated about is how all of the women are described in relation to how attractive they are to the male characters I hope that this improves as the series continues.

  • This was a fun read The characters are richly developed early on and the various twists and turns were well done and not always predictable,

  • I ve never read anything by this author before, but this was an excellent thriller based in Boston on a serial killer fashioned after Jack the Ripper.

  • Don t see what you see don t hear what you hear And if you re asked, say you don t know Follow this maxim in order to survive in the brutal neighbourhood of Charlestown, Boston, infamous for its mob presence Scott Finn, who spent his youth on the streets of this violent quarter of Boston, got out to live a normal life and worked his way up to become a successful lawyer in the most elite law firm of Boston Six years later he shockingly realized that the aphorism that was germane to his past life [...]

  • The author is a trial lawyer from Boston, who writes his novels while commuting on the city s cross harbour ferry He also does some pro bono work defending wrongly convicted individuals ideal material for an author, clearly.And here he has a woman who has been unfairly prosecuted by the army despite her exemplary service Cianna Phelan is now on probation after a tour of duty in Afghanistan that ended in a prison sentence Her routine job helping other parolees stay on the straight and narrow is d [...]

  • This was a very smart, well thought out book The beginning immediately caught my attention, though at times it wasn t hard to put down I liked how the conflict was immediately established, and once you thought it was resolved you found out you were mistaken The familiarity of the Boston references Big Dig, Sommerville, Whitey Bulger and atmosphere Boston Harbor, Charlestown was refreshing and relatable At different points in the book, specifically with Preston and the killing of the Private Inve [...]

  • This is the first of a series about Boston based lawyer Scott Finn and his circle of friends, clients and enemies At this point, he s a fast rising associate in a big, pricy law firm although based on his background, he doesn t fit the usual ivy league pattern In the course of his adventure, he first meets Kozlowski, who reappears as an important character in the later books It s a somewhat formulaic crime story, beginning with a murder, incorporating some of the usual stock characters but it s [...]

  • I read this because it is set in Boston and I plan on visiting there some day I think the resolution of the I d of the serial killer ce too early in the book The technique of listening to the serial killer rant chant is often used by various authors in this kind of sub genre and , I feel, perhaps could have been devoted to this that is, perhaps we could have met the psycho earlier in his killings, making itoreaabreI liked the feel good ending but I would like to see mote of the heroine in other [...]

  • The book was ok Like any other thriller, with its twist and turns What I liked was that the story had already begun before the book starts So there was no time wasted in getting to the central theme However, the first suspense gets solved way too easily its like the author somehow lost the steam to continue with the first part of the suspense and decided to end it quickly The other half was better but there were several time wasting tactics employed by the characters that irritated me So, in sho [...]

  • A woman, Natalie, is murdered and is considered to be the 7th victim of a serial killer Investigations into the case show that there is much to it than it meets the eye.Scott Finn, the lawyer and the friend of the deceased who was last seen with her before her murder, becomes the prime suspect.There is also underworld connection here Finn has to not only save himself but also find out who murdered Natalie and why Amazing book A total page turner Full of suspense and mystery Fast paced and a bit [...]

  • So, this is the first novel by David Hosp It is rather good, though it is one of those where the hero ends up getting beaten to a pulp twice How do these characters survive such treatment Scott Finn has worked his way up from squalid beginnings to being a lawyer at a good firm with an excellent wardrobe THere is a serial killer named Little Jack, who did NOT kill Scott s one time lover, Natalie Caldwell Finn determines that after an interview with the serial killer Someone who IS interested in F [...]

  • This is the first in the series by the author of Among Thieves, the recent mystery about the Gardner Heist I went back and read it because I was interested in the characters the fact that the series is set in Boston was also a factor The first one is good I figured out who the bad guy was probably earlier than the author wanted me to but I read so much that this isn t necessarily that bad Having read Among Thieves I have seen how the author s writing develops and plan to read numbers 2 3 as well [...]

  • kinda, sorta A good enough story but a perfectly repugnant, utterly superfluous torture murder scene that sticks out in my mind like a very sore thumb as I recall the book It didn t ring true and I m offended as a reader that I was expected to buy in If you re discriminating to any degree about what goes into your brain, you may want to do a little research before choosing Dark Harbor Some reviewers claim the outcome was too easily predicted, however, I was surprised at who the perps were and w [...]

  • I couldn t believe this was David Hosp s first book This was engrossing from start to finish Complicated characters, serial murders, hero suspected of murdering his best friend ex lover, Massachusetts politics Great escapism I had a new theory every chapter or so.Was it perfect No But well worth the time invested And quite impressive for a first book I expect great things from David Hosp.

  • David Hosp is a brilliant storyteller His characters are well fleshed out, and I love his dialogue The Little Jack subplot is expertly weaved into the web of a larger conspiracy Scott Finn is a character of strength, one that I can really look up to I love the chemistry between Finn and Linda Flaherty as well Dark Harbour is a combination of death, pain and betrayal, with a dash of romance just how I like it It s a thrilling page turner for sure.

  • A great thriller read The story of power attorney Scott Finn who becomes a murder suspect when his rising star co worker and former lover Natalie is found dead in the Boston Harbour Wanted by the police and the Irish mob Scoot tries to find answers to Natalie s death Was she murdered by the serial killer Little Jack Or was something far worse going on Scott also finds himself strangely attracted to the very detective that is trying to put him away for murder Linda Flaherty.

  • Dark Harbor is a little out of my element I m not that crazy about cop thrillers, but it was definitely interesting and Hosp a talented writer.The plot goes in directions you don t expect, but some of the elements were a little bit cliche which is why I suspect I m not crazy about cop dramas However, Finn and Flaherty both are likeable although maybe not as well realized as they should and could have been over a book this length.

  • Entertaining, but predictable Dark Harbor takes place in the gritty Boston of Dennis Lehane, with all the sense of depth and conspiracy of James Ellroy Throw some Grisham into the equation and this is the novel that remains In fact, there are too many elements that seem familiar however, David Hosp keeps the plot moving and seamlessly ties together all the characters and events, so it never drags or seems repetitive.

  • This was a good book that I enjoyed reading I read the second of this series by David Hosp Innocence, and enjoyed it as well I m currently on the list to get the 3rd book in the series from my library I enjoy books that are fairly easy to read and hold my interest throughout and this was one of those I also like being able to follow a hero heroine throughout a series which I m able to do with Scott FInn.

  • I read his third book first and this is his first I listened to it and liked it but Among Thieves was better Scott Finn is a lawyer whose ex girlfriend and still best friend is murdered The police think it is part of a serial murder spree but turns out she is not part of the 7 prostituted killed by religious crazy guy Finn becomes a suspect and has to clear his name.

  • Language Scott Finn is the main character As a kid he was involved in a street gang and the mob He was able to break free of that life and become a very successful lawyer All goes well until a good friend is found murdered and Scott is one of the suspects As he works to clear himself he discovers that people are not always what or who they seem to be

  • I almost quit on this one the beginning was dark and depressing and too graphic for me But, I m glad I stuck with it The last 2 3 is very good and fairly unpredictable Some of the characters are very interesting It will be interesting to see how they are developed in the next books I ve already ordered 2.

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