The Most Improper Miss Sophie Valentine

The Most Improper Miss Sophie Valentine Wanted one husband not too particular Small dowry several books sundry furnishings and elderly aunt included Idlers time wasters and gentleman without other attachments need not apply Miss Sophi
  • Title: The Most Improper Miss Sophie Valentine
  • Author: Jayne Fresina
  • ISBN: 9781402265976
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Most Improper Miss Sophie Valentine
    Wanted one husband, not too particular Small dowry, several books, sundry furnishings, and elderly aunt included Idlers, time wasters, and gentleman without other attachments need not apply Miss Sophie ValentineA Scandalous LadySophie Valentine knew placing an ad for a husband in the Farmer s Gazette would bring her trouble and she was right When the darkly handsom Wanted one husband, not too particular Small dowry, several books, sundry furnishings, and elderly aunt included Idlers, time wasters, and gentleman without other attachments need not apply Miss Sophie ValentineA Scandalous LadySophie Valentine knew placing an ad for a husband in the Farmer s Gazette would bring her trouble and she was right When the darkly handsome, arrogantly charming Lazarus Kane shows up on her doorstep, the nosy residents of Sydney Dovedale are thrown into a gossiping tizzy After all, it s common knowledge that Sophie is a young lady In Need of Firmer Direction But even Sophie isn t so scandalous as to marry a complete stranger is she Seeks Handsome StrangerLazarus Kane has been searching for Sophie half of his life She may not remember him, but he could never forget her But the past is a dangerous thing, and it s best if his remains secret if he wants to tempt Sophie withA Most Improper Proposal
    The Most Improper Miss Sophie Valentine By Jayne Fresina,
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    My epitaph will probably include the words, she should have known better I shuffle around the house in worn out woolly socks, don t own a solitary t shirt that isn t stained, talk to myself who else would listen , sing tunelessly in the shower, have a morbid fear of sewing machines and ironing boards, drink too much coffee, would work for coconut cake, and spend at least five hours a day writing to maintain a relative degree of sanity As a horrid child, my desire to entertain was semi satisfied by weekly performances from what I fancied to be a priest hole in the bedroom wall The repertoire was extensive and varied, including a one woman version of Jaws , complete with a musical interlude for ice cream Sadly my ingrate audience of teddy bears, dolls and bored siblings was mostly unimpressed, frequently belligerent if missing Top of the Pops and only mildly attentive The entertainment I now provide for the remains of my family is sadly limited to occasional webcam shenanigans, since we re all far apart My friends and family remain unimpressed by this so called writing career and only approve of my dreadful stories if assured that they are in them They all wait patiently for a story in which everyone keeps their clothes on Mostly they claim to have no clue where I get my ideas I really don t know either.


  • This review was originally published at Book Lovers IncMy Thoughts Once upon a time, Miss Sophie Valentine did something very, very improper She and her fianc , the rather wealthy James Hartley, were caught, as they say, in flagrante delicto on a billiards table in the middle of a house party There were scads of witnesses Not precisely, but nearby So James did the proper thing and asked Sophie to marry him They would probably suit They d been friends for years, and he was rather handsome.The wor [...]

  • Sophie Valentine is a less than well to do young woman who is on the verge of becoming an aging spinster She has lived with her older brother and his callous, selfish wife since her most scandalous act of love that exiled her from the ton and back to her small, home village of Sydney Dovedale, and here she has lived a less than proper life for the past ten and a half years A life less than proper because Sophie just cannot control her head strong urges which seem to place her frequently in preca [...]

  • Jayne Fresina s Regency historical, THE MOST IMPROPER SOPHIE VALENTINE, is an engaging, subversive and very funny story about the masks people wear and the futility of trying to suppress one s true nature.Outside, Miss Sophie Valentine is the picture of propriety Inside, the seethes with frustrated scandalous yearnings Which is why sent an advertisement for a husband to The Farmers Gazette in the Livestock for Sale section.Mr Lazarus Kane answers her ad He dresses and speaks like a gentleman But [...]

  • Take a chance All life is a chance The man who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare Dale CarnegieSophie Valentine is first scarred by her beau, James, after they are found in a comprising albeit unsatisfying position Although he proposes, Sophie later spies him looking at a maid with passion that he will never give her So she jumps, literally, at the chance to get away Her leap off the balcony leaves another scar on her face Sophie returns to her brother s home as a f [...]

  • 3.5 StarsThis historical romance was cute and sweet, and a great light read for the summer At times it felt a bit sluggish though, and I felt like I was reading too many details and not enough substance.The main characters were quite cute Both had a slight mischievous impish ness about them that was a lot of fun to read about The secondary characters were the ones that I felt a bit dragged down by I didn t need to know quite so many details about them, and they weren t really that nice to Sophie [...]

  • An enchanting tale Taken from my review at RomanceJunkies At nineteen, Miss Sophie Valentine was looking for love, wanting to find it before she got too old to enjoy it She wondered where her knight was, but being not quite beautiful, she didn t expect to find him However, trouble was the one thing she had no problem finding So when she was discovered, giving her virginity away to James Hartley on the card table at a ball, his subsequent proposal made her wonder Did he propose because he had fee [...]

  • Miss Sophie Valentine is a bit stunned that the dashing James Hartley has just proposed to her after all they were just compromised together but when she sees an interaction between him and another woman, it leaves some doubts in her mind as to his love for her It also makes Sophie fall off a balcony that ends up leaving her with a scar and she ends the one hour engagement and is forced to live with her uptight brother and his too good for you wife Years have passed and in another burst of anger [...]

  • I did not like this particular book very much In fact, I had borrowed both this novel, and the second by this author The Wicked Wedding of Miss Ellie Vyne from the library I am returning Miss Vyne to the library unread.The book started out well a young debutante at a ball is dishonored She doesn t want to marry her beau, she just wants to run away So she jumps off the balcony Then, 10 years past Yes, that s right She falls off the balcony and that s the end The next sentence takes place 10 years [...]

  • I got about a third of the way through this book before giving up and tossing it on the DNF pile My complaints are many First, the writing style is weirdly florid and pretentious, full of rambling metaphors that serve no purpose.The sun, like a playwright with all the winding threads of his imagination exhausted, put down his quill and dipped his weary head to rest Long shadows slowly crept across the ground, the bronzed fingers of sunset stretching to ease the cramp of a long day s writingchoke [...]

  • I was actually quite a bit let down by this book The heroine is significantly older than most leading historical romance ladies she s 29 and a half , the hero has a murky past that the heroine is part of and that might be entangled with other characters as well and the heroine is quite the spitfire so I went into the book believing it would be a great read.ExceptI got tired of it rather quickly I m not sure what it was honestly Maybe because Sophie seemed less like an opinionated, liberated woma [...]

  • At First Sight After a scandal 10 years before, and accident that left her with a scar on her face, an having been exasperated beyond imagining by her sister in law Lavinia, Sophie Valentine decides to take desperate measures and writes an add to the Farmer s Gazette, advertising for a husband Later, her temper cools and she kind of forgets about it, until Lazarus Kane shows up on her doorstep, saying that he has come to marry Sophie No one is happy to discover what Sophie has done as it just hi [...]

  • Be careful what you wish for as it just may come true especially when you advertise for it This story is quite cute It s a bit slower romance than some but if you like the story of a young lady who just can t seem to do anything right but embarrass her family and cause scandal without batting her pretty little eyelashes then this is for you.Sophie Valentine is rebellious, speaks her mind without thinking of the consequences and just seems to be in the right place at the wrong time no matter what [...]

  • Review written for books n kissesThis books has the potential to be a good book but it is just too long about 100 pages too long with a lot of sentiments repeated over and over And honestly you really do not end up caring much for the two main characters Sophie at first seems childlike climbing in trees, sneaking books, running away, etc but in the first chapter she is almost 30 years old The synopsis says she was scarred in a childhood accident but in fact it was 10 years before the story begin [...]

  • Enjoyable romanceThis was an enjoyable romance with interesting characters I liked that the hero was not a member of the nobility It made for a different storyline and I found myself immersed to know about Lazarus Kane just as our heroine Sophie did Of course it wasn t too hard to figure out just who Russ was and how he came to fall in love with his angel The only thing I would have liked was an epilogue that explained about the health issue Russ had Did he live a long life, did he receive the [...]

  • I was looking forward to this book, but it just didn t meet my expectations I was disappointed There were parts of the book where I was bored, and I thought Sophie was very spoiled She should ve honored the ad she had placed Instead, she feels like she can act however she wants, and doesn t expect any consequences I m glad Lazarus stuck with her, but it was a little ambivalent at the end How long is their HEA In the end, not much is said of the wound around his heart, and that he could die at an [...]

  • Ten and a half years ago, Sophie Valentine let her boyfriend shag her in a ballroom It wasn t amazing we all know only men who are our true loves are capable of giving us orgasms but the scandal that followed definitely was, when some folks entered the room and took in the scene for what it obviously was The guy proposed, but you know how heroines are It s true love or endless pages whining about misery and death, all or nothing, and in this case, it was nothing even close to true love so off sh [...]

  • THE MOST IMPROPER MISS SOPHIE VALENTINE is a novel of highs and lows While you have a charismatic hero that leads you through a heartfelt and inspiring romance, his heroine isn t always the most appealing character Still, Jayne Fresina s latest is a fresh, unique and enjoyable read.Ten years ago, Miss Sophie Valentine was compromisedon the billiard table of course, with the dashing James Hartley Refusing his proposal wasn t difficult, since Sophie had concluded she would be spending her life alo [...]

  • As posted at The Reading Cafe 05 Jun 13thereadingcafe sydney dovedale series by jayne fresina a review The Most Improper Miss Sophie Valentine by Jayne Fresina Book 1 Sydney Dovedale Series 3 out of 5 In this book we meet Miss Sophie Valentine Miss Sophie is in her late 20 s, a wallflower and resigned to live the remainder of her life as a spinster She is also very quirky and rebellious by nature which has left her as a fond topic of scandalous conversation among the town people of Sydney Doveda [...]

  • I m having a hard time rating this book because I absolutely loathe it and adore at the same time So, let s start off with Sophie Valentine She s known throughout her town as being a scandalous type of woman, a reputation that started when she was younger and had been discovered in a compromising situation with James Hartley They get engaged, and after discovering that James held a servant girl in higher regard that he ever held her at a party, her first thought was to escape Her journey down a [...]

  • My Thoughts I distinctly remember not too long ago wondering if anyone would ever get around to writing a common man s Regency We get our fill of Dukes, Earls, Heiresses and the like, but when do we ever get to see how the not so glamorous set falls in love Truthfully, it isn t very often I get it I mean, who wants to escape to the hum drum life of some other clearly not so rich and famous individual Okay, concede, maybe it s not such a bad idea to go for ordinary After all, a good writer can tu [...]

  • It all started when Sophie Valentine, in a bid for independence, and sick of hearing how she and her Aunt Finn where a dreadful drag on her brother, Henry Valentine, and his wife, Lavinia s, expenses, placed a simple and straightforward advertisement in the Farmer s Gazette Wanted one husband, not too particular Small dowry, several books, sundry furnishings, and elderly aunt included Idlers, timewasters, and gentlemen with other attachments need not apply Miss Sophie Valentine.Actually, it star [...]

  • I haven t read a romance book in a while and I have never read this author before, so I thought I would give it a try It was really cute, although I found myself wishing it would hurry up and end I think romance novels should be no longer than 300 pages in length If I ever get the chance I will probably read a book from this author again.Sophie was fun, and exactly how I like my heroines to be, spunky and improperlol Though at times the way she acted you would have thought her to be younger than [...]

  • This book sounded so good And it started off good too But it did not go good for me The title of this book implied that Sophie h is improper and while yes sending an advertisement for a husband to the newspaper is improper, also reading a sex book and a few other small things are improper, that was it until like 60% or so of the book Set aside the naughty desires in her head which also make her think she is improper she is miserable at her brothers house, they talk down to her, they talk about s [...]

  • I really, really, really wanted to love this one It wasn t about a love affair between members of the aristocracy, but rather two commoners just trying to find the one person what would make them truly happy But this one fell a little short for me.Sophie Valentine might as well walk around town with a scarlet letter sewn to her, since she s fodder for village gossip, simply for being seen After she and her then beau were caught in flagrante delicto on the billiards table at a London party ten ye [...]

  • Originally posted at longandshortreviewsspSophie has always been a bit impetuous and full of the devil She s tried to act properly, but it never lasts And now she s almost thirty and still unattached.Ms Fresina s story follows the habits of men back in this era A woman can make no decisions on her own she either lives with a husband or a married relative She owns no property The author makes her main character, Sophia, a woman who will not be controlled and who fights against her female constrai [...]

  • This review also appears on my blog at thegoldenruleof666spoStarts off a little shaky but ends up a masterpiece.The Most Improper Sophie Valentine is a brilliant book about a love that survived trials and tribulations to end up even stronger.Sophia is disillusioned with the idea of marriage She only puts the ad up to bother her sister in law and prove a point So imagine her surprise when a hottie ends up on her door, offering his hand in marriage She s shocked, to say the least She wasn t very g [...]

  • Read This Review More Like It At Ageless Pages Reviews It s a shame that a book with such a clever, unique blurb turned out so bog standard Every HR trope appears to have been tossed into a blender and spat out into a plodding, confusing mess Including, but not limited to, the following Gambling family member who has lost the family fortune Heroine must marry for moneyUgly duckling mildly disfigured heroine treated like the Elephant Man Poor boy made goodPining ex lover Love triangleLove at firs [...]

  • Sophia Valentine did not expect anyone to answer the ad for a husband she put in the local gazette She put the ad in there out of frustration after another argument with her sister in law Scarred in an accident and 29 years old, she assumes she will never get married So she is very surprised when Lazarus Kane shows up to answer the ad Sophia is intrigued, but also wonders what kind of man answers such an ad She doesn t know they have a past and that Lazarus has been searching for her for the las [...]

  • Sophie was sure a different sort of heroine and even if she regretted it later, I sure loved that she placed an add for a man in a paper She had spirit.Sophie is turning 30 soon, she has an annoying sister in law, she has a scar which other young lady says ruins her, and she caused a great scandal when young so now she is rotting away She tries to be proper but a hussy is hiding inside of her, though she wont let her wild side free She also climbs trees, and I liked that, cos hey I loved trees S [...]

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