Old Before My Time: Hayley Okines' Life with Progeria

Old Before My Time Hayley Okines Life with Progeria The extraordinary life of Britain s year old teenager Hayley Okines is like no other year old schoolgirl Born with the rare genetic condition progeria she ages eight times faster than the aver
  • Title: Old Before My Time: Hayley Okines' Life with Progeria
  • Author: Hayley Okines Kerry Okines Alison Stokes
  • ISBN: 9781908192554
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback
  • Old Before My Time: Hayley Okines' Life with Progeria
    The extraordinary life of Britain s 100 year old teenager Hayley Okines is like no other 13 year old schoolgirl Born with the rare genetic condition progeria, she ages eight times faster than the average person In medical terms her body is like that of a 100 year old woman Yet she faces her condition with immense courage and a refreshing lack of self pity In Old BeforeThe extraordinary life of Britain s 100 year old teenager Hayley Okines is like no other 13 year old schoolgirl Born with the rare genetic condition progeria, she ages eight times faster than the average person In medical terms her body is like that of a 100 year old woman Yet she faces her condition with immense courage and a refreshing lack of self pity In Old Before My Time, Hayley and her mum Kerry reflect on her unusual life Share Hayley s excitement as she travels the world meeting her pop heroes Kylie, Girls Aloud and Justin Bieber and her sadness as she loses her best friend to the disease at the age of 11 Now as she passes the age of 13 the average life expectancy for a child with progeria Hayley talks frankly about her hopes for the future and her pioneering drug trials in America which could unlock the secrets of ageing for everyone
    Old Before My Time: Hayley Okines' Life with Progeria By Hayley Okines Kerry Okines Alison Stokes,
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    Hayley Okines Kerry Okines Alison Stokes Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Old Before My Time: Hayley Okines' Life with Progeria book, this is one of the most wanted Hayley Okines Kerry Okines Alison Stokes author readers around the world.


  • It speaks volumes about this family that my initial reaction was that Hayley s story is a bit boring But that s actually a good thing If a young girl can live a life battling an illness and its attendant issues HBP, osteoporosis, etc and her life isn t 100% medical drama all the time THAT S FANTASTIC.Hayley and her mother alternate writing chapters and while I liked the change in points of view, a lot of the information was redundant I think this might have worked better as an interview type of [...]

  • From losing her beloved best friend when she was just a little kid to meeting celebrities and fans, Hayley has experienced ups and downs in her life than most people ever do in a lifetime Unfortunately she has a rare disease that will ultimately lead to death, but as this book proves, nothing is stopping her from doing what she wants and hoping for a solution Old Before My Time is a powerful memoir that will have readers questioning how they spend their own lives and how valuable time and memor [...]

  • Thank you so much for sharing your story with the rest of the world.This book brought many emotions to me, sometimes made me laugh, sometimes my eyes got wet but in general it was a cute and nice experience.Hayley, you are not only special because you got progeria, other children have the disease too but you have made the difference in the life of many people who have watched specials about you and by other people that have the bless of reading your book You have touched our hearts.I follow you [...]

  • Very well written, humbling book Hayley is a wonderfully positive thinking teenager with a deadly disease But she refuses to concentrate on that fact that she is dying, and instead LIVES every minute with dreams of the future, humor and love One of the saddest stories I ever read, and yet it leaves me smiling through my tears And hoping That s what Hayley teaches me Hope is the Begin of every change to the better

  • Hayley Okines story is a touching and heart warming memoir about the life of a girl born with Progeria, a rare condition causing premature aging This account is written from both her own perspective and that of her Mother I rarely award 5 stars and this time it is mostly for the content and not the writing skills A memorable little gem of a book about an extraordinary, brave little girl who s bubbly, happy and kind disposition shines through all the way.

  • Quick read read it in one day Very interesting The writing wasn t the greatest I noticed several typos and some sentences were just very odd I also had trouble understanding some of the British terms used MOT But I enjoyed reading Hayley s story and am glad she is doing well.

  • I really enjoyed reading this book I believe I saw Hayley on TV sometime in the last several years, so I knew a little bit about her and Progeria, but not very much This book is written very well, as Hayley and her mother each have their own chapters You can see how Hayley had such a sweet and positive outlook on life and her disease, her innocence also shines through It is heart wrenching to hear her mother s side, about living not knowing what was happening to Hayley, to all the family went th [...]

  • When Kerry Okines became pregnant in 1997, she and her husband, Mark, looked forward to the typical experiences of raising a child Within a few months of their new daughter, Hayley s, birth, however, they realized that she was not developing normally She was not gaining weight, only an ounce or two between health visitor appointments Kerry noticed small lumps on Hayley s abdomen which the doctor dismissed as nothing to worry about By the time Hayley was six months old, the Okines were convinced [...]

  • Perhaps you ve heard of the amazing Hayley Okines, or maybe you ve seen her on TV Hayley was born with an incredibly rare condition called Progeria, which causes her to age eight times faster than the average person From the time she was a baby, she looked like an elderly person, and had the physical symptoms to accompany that, including things like arthritis She is also very small and frail Because these children have the bodies of very old people, they rarely make it into their teenage years T [...]

  • This made for some sad reading knowing young Hayley lost her battle earlier this year Spookily, it would ve been her eighteenth birthday the day before I started reading which was heartbreaking as she so wanted to beat her progeria and reach that milestone She certainly did better than many of the poor kids afflicted with this awful disease and even though she lost her own personal battle she ensured, along with her parents, that maybe other kids would benefit from the medical trials she partici [...]

  • I really wanted to like this book than I did I have followed Hayley and her story for several years now, and I guess I was hoping to learn about the trials that she is on It was interesting to hear both Hayley s point of view as well as her mother s Her mother, howeverI just don t know I didn t get a good vibe about her She is always complaining about the cards she s dealt, how she and her husband frequently fight, the lack of money that they have, yet they go on theses exotic trips I understa [...]

  • I was lucky enough to receive this book through the First Reads program here at Like many people I didn t know much about Progeria I had heard of it, of course, but I didn t know any details Old Before My Time Hayley Okines Life with Progeria delves into subject matter that has rarely been touched, offering readers two views of what it s like to have your life touched by the rare disease Hayley s mother Kerry, and Hayley herself What touched me the most was Hayley s determination and zest for li [...]

  • I saw Haleys story on a documentary on TV recently, and when I saw her book was available, I thought it would be a good little read She is very sweet, and the book is half written by her, and half by her mum about her life living with progeria.You have to admire the girl, who even though small and with many health issues still attended normal primary and high school when she could Because of her television programmes, so many people throughout the world have learned about this devastating illnes [...]

  • i m going to start book reviews again i stopped cause i was so busy but i do need to write reviews againeven if it s not for every book i loved this book i had seen documentaries on Hayley before, but reading her story was a wonderful thing too i love memoirs and i speed through this one Hayley had Progeria where she ages 8 times faster making her really 100 at only the age of 13 She is strong with all the tests she goes through, she doesn t let anything get in her way even if you re not a fan o [...]

  • Loved seeing this from both Hayley s and Kerry s Points of View I ve been following Hayley s story on the on channel 5 Hayley really is an inspiration to us all I hope that soon there will be a cure for Progria, along with everything else Only Hayley could get away with asking Price Charles for his autograph I told my mum this morning, and smiled The only reaction I ve found when someone mentions Hayley s name Truly amazing.

  • This was a disappointment that I eventually decided not to finish I had hoped to read a story about a brave young girl who lives with a horrible disease, but instead I found the majority of the beginning focuses on the Mom While I realize, obviously, there is no story without Mom s input, I didn t pick up the book to read about Mom, but Hayley.

  • I ve watched a few of the documentaries that include Hayley and definitely think her story is better absorbed that way This book was written mostly by her mother and is quite choppy in all aspects It doesn t go in chronological order and it just doesn t seem to flow very well.Her story is a very good one just not so much when put in book form.

  • Brave GirlI had never heard of this disease before reading this book It s amazing how strong Hayley and her family are Wonderful book.

  • As someone disabled since birth, I loved and fully identified with Hayley s chapters Kerry s were longer and too medically scientifically detailed for my liking I would have liked to know about her feelings about having a disabled child she does share these but in less detail than she shares her medical knowledge of progeria.

  • Lovely but sad Fantastic book which gives very good insight into this darling angels world Highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a book that makes you laugh, cry and warms your heart

  • Hayley is a girl who has this syndrome called progeria and it makes people 100 times the age they are so her body is 112 when she is 12 so it is hard for her to do anything Progeria is like in 1 to 10 children that are born,or something like that But she get s made fun of because of it and its just sad.Laced with blue veins, and eyes as wide as a bush baby But they words that really hit us hard Hayley s hair was thick, tied up in her pretty pink headband, she looked like she had a find head of h [...]

  • After finishing this book I went online to see what the latest news on Haley is Sadly, she passed away April of this year With this information, I m torn between writing an actual review and just leaving well enough alone Seeing as her mother isn t on , I feel compelled to give my honest opinion And Haley s mother or anyone else with a real life connection to Haley or her family, if you ever come across this review, STOP READING NOW.It s really hard to write an honest review of a book of this so [...]

  • Prior to reading this book, I had some knowledge of the disease in which the person ages far quicker than his her chronological age If I knew of its proper name before, progeria, I didn t remember it This book is written by both Hayley who suffers from it and her mother, and is told from their respective viewpoints in alternating chapters.Someone with progeria does not have a good life prognosis most of them do not survive beyond their teens Even so, Hayley sets out to live life as fully as she [...]

  • Hayley Okines is a remarkable little girl she is a child afflicted with progeria, a genetic condition found in one in eight million children The condition causes her to age at a rate eight times faster than an average person, leaving her with brittle bones, a low body weight, and a beautifully bald head With an average life expectancy of 13 years, Hayley has defied the odds to make it past that ominous birthday Old Before My Time recounts Hayley s life leading up to her 14th birthday her diagnos [...]

  • I have been a long time fan of Hayley s although I had only seen a few TV specials about her I always thought that her bravery and cheery outlook on life was incredible When I saw that I could get a free copy of her book on my Kindle I jumped at the chance I really did enjoy reading about this courageous teenager than I had previously known Hayley O Kines is a 13 year old who lives in England and has Progeria, where the body s cells age at a much quicker rate than normal At 13 actual years, her [...]

  • This was okay It presented a good amount of information about an illness few people have heard of and even fewer are knowledgeable about, and hearing a first hand account from a very brave girl and her mother really humanizes it As a mother myself, I can t even begin to imagine what it would be like to know that one of my children lived with death sentence which meant with almost certainty that they would never emerge from their teens.Of all the anecdotes related by Hayley and her mother, the on [...]

  • Recently I watched a documentary Life According to Sam It introduced me to progeria and Hayley was one of the children featured in the documentary Two weeks later I read the news that Hayley has passed away I am shocked and saddened by the news It made me want to find out about progeria and Hayley.This book is very touching, inspiring and I cried with every page I turned Both Hayley and her mom wrote the book from her pregnancy to discovering Hayley s condition, medical journey, family, her day [...]

  • Several new cases of progeria have been recently reported in the US and it was interesting to read the life and times of young Hayle Okines Having a child with severe and profound special needs, it s often comforting to see how other parents and families deal with shock denial, grief, loss, and loneliness Progeria is a Progeria , or HGPS is a rare, fatal genetic condition characterized by an appearance of accelerated aging in children Its name is derived from the Greek and means prematurely old [...]

  • I ordered this book online after seeing this beautiful girl Hayley at NatGeo Life of Extraordinary People and that moment onwards I was curious to know about her After a series of research about who she is and what is progeria, I discovered she has written a book about her life with progeria I couldn t waste a minute, but to order this book immediately.rateitgirl 2014 10 old before my time hayley okines lifemlAfter receiving this book, I found out that it was also written by Kerry Okins my apol [...]

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