Suppose You Meet a Dinosaur: A First Book of Manners

Suppose You Meet a Dinosaur A First Book of Manners A little girl is shopping in a grocery store when surprise she meets a dinosaur Don t worry The dinosaur is very friendly She s polite too In this funny story told in lilting read aloud rhyme the g
  • Title: Suppose You Meet a Dinosaur: A First Book of Manners
  • Author: Judy Sierra Tim Bowers
  • ISBN: 9780375867200
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Suppose You Meet a Dinosaur: A First Book of Manners
    A little girl is shopping in a grocery store when surprise she meets a dinosaur Don t worry The dinosaur is very friendly She s polite, too In this funny story, told in lilting read aloud rhyme, the girl has numerous opportunities to be helpful to the clumsy shopping dino and demonstrate when to say thank you, excuse me, I m sorry, You re welcome, and other niA little girl is shopping in a grocery store when surprise she meets a dinosaur Don t worry The dinosaur is very friendly She s polite, too In this funny story, told in lilting read aloud rhyme, the girl has numerous opportunities to be helpful to the clumsy shopping dino and demonstrate when to say thank you, excuse me, I m sorry, You re welcome, and other niceties of life Tim Bowers s whimsical illustrations bring an extra dimension of fun to Judy Sierra s hilarious picture book fantasy Altogether, Suppose You Meet a Dinosaur is an entertaining and painless way to show preschoolers why basic manners are a good thing to have.
    Suppose You Meet a Dinosaur: A First Book of Manners By Judy Sierra Tim Bowers,
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      336 Judy Sierra Tim Bowers
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  • Judy Sierra Tim Bowers

    I took a roundabout path to becoming a children s author Out of college I did temporary work in offices and libraries, while at night, I wrote poetry and made strange life forms from cloth When I teamed up with a puppeteer, Bob Kaminski my husband , I was able to bring my cloth creations to life We began performing on the streets of San Francisco, at Renaissance fairs, and at schools After attending a workshop on Balinese shadow puppetry, we traveled to Bali and Java to learn ancient techniques from modern masters, and we adapted material from American folklore to the shadow screen I became so fascinated by the power of ancient myth and folktale to engage a modern audience that I enrolled in the Folklore and Mythology Program at UCLA, where I received my Ph.D While I was a student there, I attended a talk by the author illustrator Uri Shulevitz, and heard him say that a picture book is like a small theater A puppet theater is also a small theater, I thought I can do that My first children s books were adaptations of folktales, and soon, I was able to incorporate my lifelong habit of writing poetry into my work.Currently 2018 , I live in Portland, Oregon, with my husband I divide my writing time between children s books and a long term project on folktales, grandmothers and cultural evolution.


  • This one was a big hit in storytime Explaining that we were going to read about what you would do if you met a dinosaur in the grocery store was met with big, exaggerated noises of surprise and disbelief The rhyming was 98% spot on it flowed really well, it did some excellent leading, and allowed for a lot of audience engagement Plenty of children knew the answers to the questions posed in the book please and thank you and the like, there was some wonderful echoing, overall an excellent choice.I [...]

  • Cute little story about good manners More like kindergarten 1st grade level Rhyming is a little off, but still cute though.

  • A fun rhyming introduction to basic manners for preschoolers Several answers are very simple and make for fun audience engagement.

  • While shopping at the grocery store, a little girl meets a dinosaur A sweet story showing the how and when of good manners Rhyming and humorous

  • Richie s Picks SUPPOSE YOU MEET A DINOSAUR A FIRST BOOK OF MANNERS by Judy Sierra and Tim Bowers, ill Knopf, January 2012, 40p ISBN 978 0 375 86720 0 As prehistoric people began to react with one another, they learned to behave in ways that made life easier and pleasant Manners had a practical purpose from Oracle ThinkQuest, How Etiquette Began Imagine that the dinosaur Is standing by a bathroom door.You have to pee She s in your way Quick What s the proper thing to say To promote our being kin [...]

  • Manners are nice to have, but the process of instilling them can be kinda boring since often than not, parents end up nagging their kids to mind their P s and Q s To be fair, though, most kids don t mean to be rude they re probably too preoccupied with having fun to remember the myriad dull rules that adults come up with.Thus, Suppose You Meet a Dinosaur tries to make learning manners fun for the little ones and it succeeds, too.As the title suggests, the book proposes a fantastical scenario wh [...]

  • First sentence You re shopping at the grocery store Surprise You see a dinosaur This doesn t happen every day So, what are you supposed to say Hello, I m pleased to meet you Premise plot How well do you know your manners This book supposes that you the reader are meeting a dinosaur at the grocery store Each page reveals a new scenario Rhyming clues may prompt readers to the right answer for each scenario Favorite quotes You want to buy some butter brickle Yikes You need another nickel The dinosa [...]

  • This was one of my favorite books that we chose, it was a book with underlying message for children but was still so simple and enjoyable, the illustrations and characters were so adorable and well drawn, they gave life to the book and such great emotion to the characters This book was about a little girl who goes into a grocery store and interacts with a dinosaur, they do things like bump into each other and giving each other banana chips but they also use their manners like please and thank yo [...]

  • This story is about a young girl and a dinosaur that have numerous encounters at the grocery store The story provides many scenarios at the grocery store where the little girl and the dinosaur use their manners For example, the little girl has to go to the bathroom so she says, excuse me to the dinosaur In addition to this, the dinosaur asks the little girl if she wants banana chips and she responds, yes, please Other manners used throughout the book are I m sorry, thank you, you re welcome, an [...]

  • A plucky pig tailed toddler and a pink horn rimmed spectacle wearing tyrannosaurus rex exhibit perfect manners during their grocery store encounter An avalanche of apples in the produce aisle exhibits a thank you from the dinosaur when the little girl offers to pick them up for her When the little girl loses control of her shopping cart in the cereal aisle, and dings the dino on the shin, she offers up her apologies, I m sorry This duo s exchange of niceties while traipsing through the grocery s [...]

  • While grocery shopping, a young girl encounters a dinosaur in the aisles and at the check out line Both dinosaur and child have good manners, and know exactly what to say when they meet and when an accident occurs The rhyming text makes this one fun to read aloud while also providing examples of when it is appropriate to say please, thank you, no, thank you, or even I m sorry or excuse me This is the perfect way to model good manners for youngsters, especially since it comes from a child and a d [...]

  • A small little girl meets a T Rex at a grocery store one day She models a polite way to interact with people and strangers This book demonstrates common mannerisms that children should learn and know Sierra uses friendly dialogue such as Your shopping cart begins to spin It dings the dino on the shin She roars a terrifying roar What do you tell the dinosaur She brings comical dialogue and voice to teach young children simple phrases like please and thank you This book is great for Kindergartener [...]

  • We already know and love the dinosaur manners books by Jane Yolen How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night and all the others , and we ve enjoyed other books by talented children s author Judy Sierra especially Wild About Books Irma S and James H Black Honor for Excellence in Children s Literature put them together and you ve got a great read Cute illustrations, well written rhymes, and a good moral in this one.

  • The manners may have been overlooked by my 3 year old boy cousin as he was interested in the wondrously silly pictures by Tim Bowers I m pretty sure our Aunt owned a pair of glasses just like the ones the dinosaur is wearing It s a great read aloud thanks to the rhyming text by Judy Sierra In fact we read it a few times and got animated with each telling The little guy loves to be dramatic and tried to engage me in reenacting the scenes so maybe the manners did sink in a bit.

  • Okay, this is a book with a purpose, noted right in the subtitle But since it s done by Judy Sierra it s done with a lovely light touch and rhymes that work The dinosaur is a motherly type, complete with pink retro glasses and a purse This should do well both with dinosaur lovers and with the sort of parents who constantly want crappy Berenstain Bear morality fables and you can hand it to them without a shudder.

  • Somewhere in my travels, I ended up with a poster for this book So before I affixed it to the wall in the Children s Library, I ordered the book And, of course, I was quite pleased with this simple story about using manners something that everyone should do, of course illustrated with a large dinosaur who interacts with a young girl in the grocery store The message here is use your manners no matter what or who you meet

  • This sweet story, with it s fun illustrations and lilting read aloud rhyming, is a great way to teach young children about manners A little girl meets a polite dinosaur at the grocery store Throughout their encounters at the store the little girl and dino exchange niceties and demonstrate when it s proper and polite to use terms like Thank you, Excuse me, I m sorry, and You re welcome.

  • This book seemed like a knock off of Jane Yolen s How Do Dinosaurs series, but not as well illustrated or written If you are looking for a manners behavior book featuring dinosaurs, I would recommend those instead Also, I cringed a little at the line where the dinosaur refused to eat something because it would make her look fat Really There wasn t any other scenario Sierra could create to illustrate the use of no thank you

  • This is an excellent book about manners Even though what is happening in the story will not happen in real life it a great example for kids its fun and has rhyming in the story as well.Prepare a class snack and have the kids practice their manners by asking for please and having to ask a classmate to please pass something etc.

  • Lovely rhyming story from the always wonderful Judy Sierra It s a great book for teaching manners, in a call and response way perfect for storytime My one quibble is the taking food from a stranger bit, even when the stranger is a motherly like dinosaur you just met at the grocery store That s a conversation moment, to be sure.

  • A great story about manners that uses dinosaurs to illustrate the concept Great examples of please, thank you, excuse me etc and the story is a good read even if someone picked it up with a dinosaur interest instead of a teaching interest Short and sweet with cute pictures Definitely worth recommending to teachers and parents.

  • Every child should read a book similar to this to inspire politeness and manners We liked the pictures but my daughter was confused about why the dinosaur was worried about getting fat As a future dietitian she has been taught by me that all things are in moderation She thought the dinosaur was being a little silly Still a good book.

  • A perfectly good book, save for an unfortunate and unnecessary line about how the dinosaur doesn t want to eat butter brickle because she is worried that it will make her fat Not remotely the kind of message we want to introduce to our daughters.

  • What a great way to introduce the polite things we say to one another, and in a preschooler friendly context With DINOSAURS The illustrations have lots of little details that will require repeated looks.

  • Really a three and a half The illustrations are hilarous but at the service of teaching manners to kids Which is fine, but the little girl and the dinosaur were so cool that I wanted to read their story by which i mean to say the fault lies with me, not the authors.

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