Oregon Country: The Story of the 1843 Oregon Trail Migration

Oregon Country The Story of the Oregon Trail Migration The Oregon Trail had its beginnings in beneath the wagon wheels of the Oregon Emigrating Company a group of disparate Americans with a common goal to seek a new land and make it their own The tr
  • Title: Oregon Country: The Story of the 1843 Oregon Trail Migration
  • Author: T.J. Hanson
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  • Page: 385
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Oregon Country: The Story of the 1843 Oregon Trail Migration
    The Oregon Trail had its beginnings in 1843 beneath the wagon wheels of the Oregon Emigrating Company, a group of disparate Americans with a common goal to seek a new land and make it their own The trail met its end in 1869 with the completion of the transcontinental railway Western Passage is a detailed account of the Oregon Migration of 1843 in a historical fiction The Oregon Trail had its beginnings in 1843 beneath the wagon wheels of the Oregon Emigrating Company, a group of disparate Americans with a common goal to seek a new land and make it their own The trail met its end in 1869 with the completion of the transcontinental railway Western Passage is a detailed account of the Oregon Migration of 1843 in a historical fiction setting In this context, the reader can enjoy the adventure as a participant, rather than as a student or scholar During its twenty five year history, the Oregon Trail essentially changed every year From its rough beginnings grew an organized route By 1846 ferries serviced most of the major river crossings, and fully stocked supply depots awaited hungry travelers Due to all the livestock driven west, the trail became a mile wide swath of trampled ground, providing an easy road with no need for a guide During the summers of 1849 and 1850, over 100,000 miners also followed the Oregon Trail, enroute to the California gold fields By the 1850s, Mormons were using the trail as a source of income, supplying emigrants with food and equipment As the railroad extended further west, many people took the train as far as they could before switching to the trail Only the 1843 migration held the true adventure of entering an unknown land Guides were needed to show the way dangerous river crossings taxed the courage of everyone the existing fur trading posts were unable to supply necessary food and other equipment and the first emigrants had to build their own road because the Oregon Trail did not yet exist Wagons had never been taken all the way to Oregon, and it was entirely possible that this great experiment might end in tragedy It is this migration, 1843, to which we often attribute the adventure and romanticism of the Oregon Trail While researching this book, I found information to be both scarce and scattered, requiring many months to form an outline of the complexity of this event The popular myth of western migration, championed by film and television, depicts a wagon train of smiling emigrants, traveling down a well worn road and fighting Indians at every turn The truth is considerably different Research sources included the Oregon Historical Society, several Oregon historical libraries, the Oregon State Archives, numerous probate records, military discharge papers, newspaper clippings, trail diaries, and cemetery headstones I suspect that other sources of information are hidden away in the attics of various descendents, information that is essentially not available to the public Appendix A provides a listing of the known emigrants that were part of the 1843 Oregon Emigrating Company, along with some brief biographical data This appendix is nonfiction, providing new knowledge to the scholarly community and, it is hoped, inspiring other researchers to help fill in the gaps The Oregon Migration of 1843 was a watershed moment in American history It marked the end of the trapping era and the beginnings of civilization on the Western frontier You are about to become part of that experience Enjoy the journey T J Hanson July, 2001
    Oregon Country: The Story of the 1843 Oregon Trail Migration By T.J. Hanson,
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  • Oregon Country was an excellent book written by an historian who is obviously an expert on the subject He takes the reader along on the incredible journey of the first large scale migration to Oregon in 1843 with the pioneers who literally blazed the trail He loves the day to day details of this subject and you will too It is like an intellectual adult version of the Little House on the Prairie series You feel like you are there with the pioneers, but are very glad, of course that you were not I [...]

  • I ended up enjoying the story after a rocky start The repetitiveness of the details at the beginning almost made me put the book down, but I m glad I stuck with it Once I got to know the characters, the repetitiveness of the author wasn t as obtrusive This was a thoroughly enjoyable history lesson and I will be looking for tales based on this era of American life.

  • Although I am mightily interested in the theme, and the writer seems to have done a lot of research I could not finish this book and I hardly ever put a book away the thing is, I am not a 11 year old, who needs to have everything explained to me all the time, and this writer likes to tell not show If things are happening, and they are happening because they lead to something I like to draw that conclusion myself, I find it very annoying when the writers then proceeds to tell me that this is goin [...]

  • Love these types of booksI love thinking about all the people had to go through many years before We have it so easy nowadays.

  • BrilliantLoved this book Made me feel like I was there Read it second time in real time which added a lot to my enjoyment Probably best book of it s kind I ve ever read

  • This is the story of Abby, who is recently widowed and determined to finish her husband s dream of starting a new life in the Wallamet now spelled Willamette valley The story follows her through her journey to Independence, getting her wagon purchased and stocked, hiring the fur trapping mountain man Jacob to man her rig and off on the trail to Oregon This is not a page turning, racy sit on the edge of your seat type of book This follows every bit of day to day business, from how they made their [...]

  • Oregon Country 668 pages by T.J Hanson This was a wonderful book, I really enjoyed the journey This was the first wagon train to go to Oregon Country It was a very large wagon train with lots of hardships with cattle, wagons , people walking beside their wagons, accidents, wagons breaking down Each family having to watch out for their cattle, their children, and making their food supply last the trip I can t imagine going through some of the hardships that they had to face and come up with solut [...]

  • Very interesting storyVery interesting story of the very first wagon train to blaze the Oregon Trail They took wagons over plains, prairies, deserts, and mountains, where no wagon had ever been before It tells the story of a very brave woman travelling alone after losing her baby and husband She found a very savvy mountain man trapper who helped her survive the hardships of the trail In one way, the very first wagon train had a big advantage, because even though they had to blaze the trail, they [...]

  • This book is mistyped as fiction It seems to be straight from diaries and histories of the first wagon emigration to Oregon There are lists and lists of wagon requirements, livestock to take, how many pounds of coffee, flour, etc to take, and items to pack and not to pack from all categories It details each day, how many miles travelled and where they camped plus the weather I am finding it very interesting, but it is not a novel The characters do not have much personality and there is no plot e [...]

  • Excellent book set in the mid to late 1799 swith historically accurate description of travel pf the first wagon train to reach the new area of Oregon Yhe primaty character is a young widow, who chooses to join others who are seeking free land a new life in a land rich with opportunity The descriptions of the country, travel conditions, many trials are fascinating are epic All the characters are skillfully developed, as is the plot The book keeps your interest for many hours Very interesting to s [...]

  • This is wonderful historical fiction based on real people that endured the hardships of the first Oregon Trail You follow Abby Meacham s adventures for six months on this first wagon train to Oregon and you help her blaze the trail with her outfit covered wagon, stock, and hired help Learn what it was really like, and were those Indians savage killers, or just folk to be reckoned with Find out when you read this story about love, loss, love and loss again, redemption, bravery, fortitude, danger [...]

  • Excellent detailed descriptions of life on the first wagon train on the Oregon Trail Somewhat repetitive, but that was life on the trail, day after day I learned a lot that I hadn t known about the trip It would have helped to have maps of the entire trail, them detail of the sections VERY interesting appendix, listing the actual travelers with what became of many of them This alone could have been a second, or series of books.Thoroughly Enjoyed the book

  • History brought to life by historian.I enjoyed the book The story depicts ,according to the author, the truth about the first wagon train on the Oregon trail The trail is still seen in many places in route.i gave this book a three stars because it spent too much time describing places and events I think it could have been told in many fewer words and remained quite true to its self.

  • While informative, the pace of this book is very slow akin to the actual journey These few sentences pretty much sum it up for me The warm summer sun and lazy pace of the oxen posed an additionalchallenge to the teamsters staying awake Men driving mules often fell asleep at the reins, as the swaying motion of the wagon proved too much to stay alert Other men riding horses would also doze off in the saddle p 216

  • I love books about this era of pioneering, but I can t say I m a fan of this book If you re going to write a book of historical FICTION I would expect a few liberties to make it compelling I do however applaud appreciate the obvious research put into creating the book Perhaps the author would have been better suited to write a nonfiction account using all his research As is, the dialog was clumsy and overly simplified.

  • Bit of a slow start, but once Abby got to Independence, I really enjoyed this book The logistics of taking the first wagons to Oregon are mind boggling Miscalculations of how much food to buy before they left could mean life or death and how could you possibly know what you d need when no one had done it before Amazing that nearly all of them made it I have renewed appreciation of those who attempted it.

  • What an amazing book I m sure there are people out there that won t like this book because it has a lot of little details about supplies and routes and such that might be considered boring I loved it I ve always wanted to know about the real hardships and what it would take to survive on a perilous journey like these pioneers took It was an amazing read

  • Fact or fiction The author may be a competent historian but he is not a writer Much of the book is comprised of a tedious and repetitive list of the daily activities of the emigrants on the Oregon trail While this may satisfy the demands of historical accuracy, it certainly falls far short of the entertainment value of good historical fiction.

  • Very interesting historical topic Not always easy to persevere with the writing style being semi novel, semi historical report Some of the details made it rather dry but knowing it was true also made it fascinating.

  • First covered wagon crossing of the Oregon TrailDetailed account of the first large migration of covered wagons across the Oregon Trail Fictional story created from the diaries of the actual pioneers Interesting account of the dangers and counter.

  • I felt the emotions of the trail blazers as they traveled west and experienced hardships and losses I learned a lot about Oregon I would love to visit this inspiring state and see the beauty that they encountered in that wild and untamed country.

  • This book is a great book to read first to get the historical version It does have a storyline too It was quite long and I ve read many other Oregon trail books with a better story but I m glad I read this one It sets a wonderful background for all the others I ve read.

  • That was a long story with plenty of detail I thought it was an interesting journey of our countries past Get ready to be transported back in time by following the life of one very tenacious woman It s hard to believe that it was a little of 100 years ago.

  • The story line was just okay, but the writing got to be too repetitive There was a lot of copy and paste of sentences in this story that went on and on and on.Was a free offering from Kindle, so I got what I paid for.

  • Awesome book It really sunk in reading the appendix and discovering what had happened to the individual people or families after they reached Oregon photos of headstones were also shown if found.

  • Long, but historically accurateI enjoy history and this was a good read A bit long and slow at times but overall it was engaging You are really rooting for her to make it.

  • Oregon countryGreat way to get a history lesson Love the resourceful people on this journey And especially the grit of the females.

  • Hard to put downThis captures reader, by taking you down the trail with emigrants Reader becomes one with the families, and friends A must read for history buffs.

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