The Limit, 1

The Limit Go with the flowIn classrooms across the globe there are cliques These circles have set their own rules and standards that they attempt to impose on their peers to varying success Sometimes these gro
  • Title: The Limit, 1
  • Author: Keiko Suenobu
  • ISBN: 9781935654568
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Limit, 1
    Go with the flowIn classrooms across the globe there are cliques These circles have set their own rules and standards that they attempt to impose on their peers, to varying success Sometimes these groups go beyond the principles of friendship and scholarship And in seemingly increasing numbers some of these groups turn to perversely righteous self preservation.
    The Limit, 1 By Keiko Suenobu,

    The Limit, by Keiko Suenobu Feb , The Limit, book Read reviews from the world s largest community for readers Go with the flowIn classrooms across the globe there are cliques Th Limit Calculator Mathway Step Enter the limit you want to find into the editor or submit the example problem The Limit Calculator supports find a limit as x approaches any number including infinity The calculator will use the best method available so try out a lot of different types of problems. Calculus I The Limit Limit Calculator Wolfram Alpha Use plain English or common mathematical syntax to enter your queries For specifying a limit argument x and point of approach a, type x a For a directional limit, use either the or sign, or plain English, such as left, above, right or below limit sin x x as x limit n n as n film also known as Life On The Limit is a documentary film directed by Paul Crowder and narrated by Michael Fassbender The film traces the history of Formula One auto racing from its early years, in which some seasons had multiple fatalities, to the death of Ayrton Senna, the sport s most recent death at the time of production. Limits to Infinity MATH But we can see that x is going towards We want to give the answer but can t, so instead mathematicians say exactly what is going on by using the special word limit The limit of x as x approaches Infinity is And write it like this In other words As x approaches infinity, then x approaches When you see limit, think Limits An Introduction MATH Limit of a function For the mathematical concept in general, see Limit mathematics Although the function sin x x is not defined at zero, as x becomes closer and closer to zero, sin x x becomes arbitrarily close to In other words, the limit of sin x x, as x approaches zero, equals Part of a series of articles about SQL SELECT TOP, LIMIT, ROWNUM WSchools SQL TOP, LIMIT and ROWNUM Examples The following SQL statement selects the first three records from the Customers table for SQL Server MS Access Example SELECT TOP FROM Customers Oct , Directed by Paul Crowder With Michael Fassbender, Lewis Hamilton, Niki Lauda, Michael Schumacher Set in the golden era of Grand Prix Racing tells the story of a generation of charismatic drivers who raced on the edge, risking their lives during Formula s deadliest period, and the men who stood up and changed the sport forever.

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    See Also Keiko Suenobu is a female Japanese sh jo manga artist from Kitaky sh , Fukuoka In 2006, Suenobu s manga series, Life won the Kodansha Manga Award for best sh jo manga.


  • Survival horror has been part of the manga landscape since at least Kazuo Umezu s The Drifting Classroom, but there s no doubt that it received a huge boost from Battle Royale Nowadays it s everywhere Btooom , Aphorism, Cage of Eden, RealPG, Strobo, etc Nor is the genre confined to the shonen and seinen demographics as Keiko Suenobu s Limit demonstrates even girls in Japan want in on the thrill of murdering their classmates.The story follows a predictable set up Mizuki Konno s class is on its wa [...]

  • This is described as being similar to Lord of the Flies, and there are definitely elements of that story present In Limit, we follow five girls that have survived a bus crash into a deep ravine that they are unable to escape from and thus must await rescue Within this group of girls there are two who ve been considered members of the popular group although they aren t close friends, Mizuki Konno and Haru Ichinose Haru has always been jealous of Konno s beauty and intelligence, although she has k [...]

  • When it comes to manga lately, I feel like I ve been living under a rock I received this review copy, and wasn t familiar with the title at all I love the cover, though, with the main protagonist standing defiantly, yet a bit battered, and staring boldly ahead The cover is very simple and eye catching, and I immediately sat down to read the book Keiko Suenobu is also the author of LIFE, which was being released by Tokyopop before they shuttered their offices I haven t read any of that series, bu [...]

  • Review for volumes 1 6 whole series Battle Royale Hunger Games style survival stories are currently quite common in the manga medium, but Limit is the only version I m aware of that s aimed at girls After spotting the eye catching cover repeatedly in the book store I was really looking forward to reading this series so I m sad to say, it turned out to be quite the disappointment.What sets the setting apart from other survival stories is that the characters aren t forced by some outside power, so [...]

  • Karya Keiko Suenobu yang paling bagus, sekaligus salah satu judul terbaik dari sekian banyak komik bertema survival yang terbit di sini Limit mengangkat tema Suenobu sensei yang paling khas konflik antar gadis gadis SMA yang penuh darah, keringat, dan air mata Mematahkan pakem komik shoujo yang umumnya sarat gulali, beliau mengangkat persoalan serius dalam kehidupan remaja penindasan, KDRT, dan hierarki sosial di sekolah yang tidak sehat Di sini, tema tema tersebut diramu dengan plot survival tr [...]

  • Turns out that Lord of the Flies, but girls already exists There s Beauty Queens for a satirical take be aware that there are issues with the trans representation in that book , or this for of a horror version I wasn t expecting it to be quite so gory and intense right away, but if that s what you re going for, you d probably enjoy it

  • Once upon a time, I read a little manga called LIFE and was promptly hooked I watched the J drama, I went on forums, and devoured volume after volume of the Tokyopop release from my local library Then I discovered that Tokyopop weren t going to publish it any, so I started to look for chapters online.But, after a while, the euphoria wore off LIFE wound up dragging like hell and coming up with and contrived situations for Manami and co to bully poor Ayumu in Tokyopop got about nine volumes of [...]

  • 3.5 5 Read at my blog, Geeky Reading I finally picked up this series, during the RightStuf sale ohmygod, you guys That sale practically made me go broke kidding kind of I d heard both Kodansha and Vertical mention it, and it had never really caught my notice until they did It fell completely under my radar, which is a shame.I knew it would have darker themes, but I still didn t know much about it until I decided to get it I went into it knowing about the Lord of the Flies elements, and was look [...]

  • I ve read most of Keiko Suenobu s Life and as soon as I saw the cover of this book at the local library, I knew it was by her, without even looking at the author name Suenobu has a tendency to focus on bullying in her manga or is it just Life I don t even know any and seeing that battered and worn girl just made it click However, that s not the only reason why she s all battered up like that In fact, that ISN T the reason why she s battered up It s survival of the fittest and they are literally [...]

  • I read this entire series in one day I wasn t sure what to think of it after the first book, but TRUST ME, it gets soooooo much better If you like manga, I would highly recommend this series.

  • If you ve read Life, then you ll know what to expect in this as far as character interaction goes If you re not familiar with Life, then let me warn you Suenobu likes exploring the worst sides of society, especially the sides of society you see with high schoolers In Life you had themes of self harm, violence, and even rape I ve read the first volume and while this isn t as dark as Life could get at it s most depressing points, it s still fairly dark I know that some readers don t prefer that ty [...]

  • 2.5 stars This is a review for the entire series since I think it s silly to count individual volumes as book these things are so short you could literally finish one in ten minutes.That said, I think the series is a ridiculous, melodramatic guilty pleasure, but it s a shoujo series that sees a group of girls get trapped in the wilderness after a bus crashes and kills all the rest of their classmates, which is disappointingly rare in shoujo manga, to say the least It gets points for that, and no [...]

  • Limit 1Keiko Suenobu4 5 Kupikir aku hidup dengan pandai sampai hari itu Mizuki Konno berada dalam grup yang jadi pusat perhatian di kelas yang diketuai Sakura Himezawa dan hidup sebagai yang kuat.Tapi, sesuatu yang terjadi dalam perjalanan acara kelas mengubah drastis kehidupannya Apa yang terjadi pada Konno, dkk Resensiku Konno termasuk dalam grup paling terpopuler di sekolah Banyak yang mengagumi grup mereka Semuanya sangat menginginkan menjadi bagian dari grup Konno.Suatu ketika, saat Konno b [...]

  • Die 2 Jahrgangsstufe f hrt traditionell auf ein sogenanntes Klassen Camp Ziel und Zweck dieser bung ist es, mitten in der Natur seinen unabh ngigen Geist trainieren Auf der Fahrt ins Camp kommt es zu einem folgenschweren Unfall Die Lehrer, der Busfahrer und alle Sch ler bis auf 5 kommen ums Leben Diese 5 berlebenden Sch lerinnen waren sich schon unter normalen Umst nden nicht gerade freundlich gesinnt, da ist es wenig hilfreich, dass die Klassenau enseiterin die einzige Waffe an sich gebracht ha [...]

  • The fist volume is, again, about bullying than survival seems like it s the author s favourite topic, but I really don t mind that too much.The characters are a little bit superficial for now, but that s no surprise considering the few pages this volume has There are some hints at depth, but well, we ll see what the author has in mind Another review didn t make me too hopeful, though The character development that was shown seemed a little bit radical I do not doubt that pupils can become the [...]

  • 7 29 14 edit After rereading volumes one and two in one sitting, I did enjoy it much than previously stated The contrast between the shojo drawing style and the grimness of the survival story as pointed out to me by Alex did work this second time round, and provided an added sense of realism and horror that everything devolved so quickly I would still say, however, that it did get rather Lord of the Flies very quickly, but in an exciting manner rather than a contrived one Will finish the series [...]

  • picked this up thanks to a review from Comics Worth Reading A group of students on a class trip have a horrific bus crash and are now thrown together and must survive The first volume is about classroom dynamics and bullying and the shift of power as the popular girls who rule the hallways are now at the mercy of a bullied girl with a weapon this is fairly short for a manga collection only 3 chapters, the first of which is double sized so not much happens beyond the crash but it ends with a vio [...]

  • Jujur, saya baru kenal pengarang ini Jadi, enggak seperti reviewers yang lain, saya sama sekali enggak bisa ngebandingin dengan bukuna yang lain yah, anggep aja pembaca buta ngasal Ini yang menarik adalah pendalaman karakter Komik ini enggak sedangkal yang saya kira pada awalna dan saya meramalkan ke depanna pun akan semakin berat Sayangna, kalau baca jilid ini aja, enggak bakal berasa , kesanna halamanna kurang entah gimana, pokona saya ngerasa ga cukup dan pengen langsung ada jilid selanjutna [...]

  • Suenobu has the talent shown in Life of giving immense depth to something ostensibly superficial The schoolgirl, perhaps one of the most dismissed characters in Japanese fiction, is given the attention she deserves though very different from the figure of the schoolgirl in Usamaru s Short CutsShort Cuts, Vol 1, heh.

  • If you want to read a story of survival in an extreme condition, you re bound to read some nasty stuff What if the story itself features five high school girls who are hating each other This is the first Keiko Suenobu work I ever read, and I must admit that I was taken by surprise with the characters No one is nice enough for you to root for, not even the main character, Mizuki Konno Can t wait to find out how the story will develop in the next volumes.

  • Very Lord of the Flies meets Mean Girls but well done and kind of creepy Gotta love manga for pushing the limits of utter hatred, humiliation, and human interaction Great art, intriguing story, even if the main heroine is kinda of angsty and flighty.

  • baru dalam keadaan darurat, sifat asli manusia pada kelihatan Dilihat dari covernya, chara utama si Konno, tapi Konno ini sifatnya gak baik2 amat, gabung sama geng paling populer di skul biar aman gara2 trauma pas SMP Yang paling mending Kamiya, paling tenang dan netral Dan anak2 SMA tetap mengerikan kalau sudah soal bully2an

  • What starts as a story reminiscent to Lord of The Flies in volume 1, degenerates into stereotypical shojo fare By series end I m left frustrated Just the same, a good enough read that ends long before you start to hate it.

  • A interesting survival story about a small group of stranded highschoolers trapped in a lord of the flies type scenario With the power given to a jealous and anger outcast with a scythe it is interesting to see how far the group will be pushed and if they can actually survive.

  • Maybe too distressing manga for me I liked the girl who s in the cover very much and I think she is the reason I ll read the next volume Too bad she s the only character in this comic that I really like.

  • There were elements of this story that reminded me of Dragon Head a graphic novel I read many years ago Interesting, but definitely an exploration of the darkest corners of the human psyche and not for the faint of heart.

  • Liest sich weniger als Pl doyer gegen Mobbing, eher eine Warnung Mobbing ist OK, sorgt blo daf r, dass das Opfer keine Waffe in die Finger kriegt hhh nein danke.

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