Sweet Tooth, Volume 5: Unnatural Habitats

Sweet Tooth Volume Unnatural Habitats As the mysterious Captain James Thacker and his crew man a deadly expedition they will uncover secrets centuries old but what does any of this have to do with Gus and Jepperd Plus while Jeppard Si
  • Title: Sweet Tooth, Volume 5: Unnatural Habitats
  • Author: Jeff Lemire Matt Kindt José Villarrubia Carlos M. Mangual
  • ISBN: 9781401237233
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sweet Tooth, Volume 5: Unnatural Habitats
    As the mysterious Captain James Thacker and his crew man a deadly expedition, they will uncover secrets centuries old, but what does any of this have to do with Gus and Jepperd Plus, while Jeppard, Singh and Gus make plans to head to Alaska, things start to deteriorate for the rest of the group back at the sanctuary Collecting Sweet Tooth 26 32
    Sweet Tooth, Volume 5: Unnatural Habitats By Jeff Lemire Matt Kindt José Villarrubia Carlos M. Mangual,
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      478 Jeff Lemire Matt Kindt José Villarrubia Carlos M. Mangual
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  • Jeff Lemire Matt Kindt José Villarrubia Carlos M. Mangual

    Jeff Lemire is an award winning Canadian cartoonist, and the author of the Essex County Trilogy, Sweet Tooth and The Nobody Lemire is known for a his moody, humanistic stories and sketchy, cinematic, black and white art.


  • Here is my full series review for volumes 1 6.That back story was completely not what I was expecting I thought I had most of this series figured out, but of all the explanations we could ve received Yeah Not what I was expecting I was kind of hesitantly approaching the end here, but after reading this volume, I feel ready to continue, full steam ahead.

  • This was a strange one It was unlike any of the volumes that came before it It had the darkest moment I ve read in this series so far and it also had the goofiest, most unbelievable moment So, this starts with a letter from a doctor in 1911 It s all a narrative from his point of view as he travels to Alaska to rescue his brother in law to be There s a lot of animosity between these white men and the native population They wake up to find their dogs have been slaughtered viciously and assume the [...]

  • 3 Stars Hey, this was a solid volume, but the fact is it is the weakest of them all so far There s not much going on plotwise First three issues have nothing to do with the main storyline, but it provides some answers about the plague These issues tell the story of a group of englishmen going on an expedition to Alaska in 1911 I really can t say much because I don t wanna spoil Still, I m not really impressed with what happened here, but at the same time, I never wanted an answer for the sickne [...]

  • The first half of the book takes the story back to 1911 where a wealthy young Englishman goes in search of his brother in law who has disappeared after going to Alaska to spread the word of god to the native Eskimos But what he finds in the snowy wasteland is the beginning of the end for humanity Meanwhile back in the main storyline, Gus and Jepperd find out the real story behind the Evergreen Project The biggest problem I had with the book is in the first half of the book where it s revealed ho [...]

  • You know what every apocalypse has One big huge asshole who seems dead set on doing whatever the polar opposite of the protagonist is doing Why There s always got to be some asshole ruining the fun for everyone.Apocalypse books are kind of all the rage right now, or maybe that s just starting to die down, but part of me wonders whether those kind of people would really show up More to the point, who are all these crazy assholes they always get to hang out with them Hey Pete, it s the apocalypse [...]

  • This far into the series, it s hard to come up with anything to say that doesn t involve spoilers One assumes that anyone who s read volumes 1 4 isn t going to skip 5 because of a bad review, nor is anyone likely to start reading with that volume simply because of a good one If I wasn t so in love with my own prose, I d probably skip this altogether Anyway, Sweet Tooth still rocks Quality is still high We get a glimpse of the possible origins of the sickness, and Gus gets decisive Series this c [...]

  • WHY DOES THE ART STYLE CHANGE IN EACH BOOK The font choices have also been horrendous throughout the series The reason behind the plague better not be some spiritistic mess or I refuse to continue with this.

  • 4 5starsThat beginning bit was hella slow until we found out the big secret.Also TOTALLY CALLED ITd also oh shit to that ending.

  • This volume starts off back when the plague started We get to read Dr James Thacker s journal as he embarks on a journey to Alaska to find his future brother in law who has gone missing There are constant warnings and yet, he pursues even with the breakout Answers are revealed and it wasn t AT ALL what I was expecting and to be honest I m not sure how I feel about it Aside from the story, we have a new artist doing this piece, Matt Kindt, and I wasn t a huge fan of the artwork I don t think it r [...]

  • Well, it hasn t really got much better the first story, set in olden times works well but aside from displaying the terrible British and their colonial attitude, the revelation is rather weak.And then we skip back to present time and the story started in the previous volume is resolved in an entirely predictable manner It should have been resolved last time round Given where we currently are I can t see how this is going to be tied up in one volume without disappointing further I may stand corr [...]

  • Woah the beginning of this one was completly surprising and incredibly interestingI d never see that coming.

  • A introdu o deste volume foi nica E deu outro sentido a tudo o que est a acontecer Tenho pena que esteja quase a terminar.

  • After reading the entire series I think I like this installment the most I think it might be because it s where most of the revelations come together for the series, but also because of the way they did the storyline for this particular one was extremely well done As per usual the imagery is great and the darkness of it pulls me This series is awesome.

  • 19 February 2013Rating 1 2Sweet Tooth Vol 5 Unnatural Habitats hits the ground running with the thrilling but tragic backstory of how the plague began over a century ago in Alaska This gut wrenching tale weighed heavy on me It s unfortunate how human nature allows people to perform such terrible, evil acts Initially, I wasn t too fond of the artwork in this story but soon grew to appreciate how this simplistic style accentuated the somber tone.In a post apocalyptic world, if it seems too good to [...]

  • The first time I read through this volume I really didn t like it at all A second read through has made me appreciate some of the finer points of the story, but it still feels like there s a whole lot of nothing going on The first half of the book is set in 1911 and explores the origins of the plague and the hybrids It starts out as typical arrogant white Christian mission destroying native culture and ends up with a clash of religious beliefs that, surprisingly, the natives win Having said that [...]

  • Wauw This is my favorite volume in this series so far We get to see a bit of the origins of the disease that killed billions around the world That part of the story was very interesting It follows an expedition into the Arctic in 1911 A Search and Rescue mission that quickly became something else It was great that this part of the book was drawn very different from the rest of the book Making a clear difference between the past an the present.The present events in this book got really suspensefu [...]

  • Man, I just love this book Still one collected volume coming out in June the final 8 issues , but it ll be tough to not just try to get the single issues between now and then I already want to reread the whole series, and if you haven t started, I d recommend just waiting til June and devouring this all at once Volume 5 brings some great new insights, but if there was one flaw, it s that it happens too fast But then again, Y the Last Man felt so repetitive at points, as they attempted to draw ce [...]

  • The fifth installment in this graphic novel series collects issues 26 32.Unlike the previous books in the series, this one does not start by picking up where we last left our merry band of travelers Instead, we get an entirely new story line, one set in 1911 Alaska It s a first contact story a trope I love, and while I did not love the art in this section as much as the rest of the book, it was interesting to learn some of the mythology behind the mysterious plague.But what does all this have to [...]

  • Wow Lemire takes a break both from the current story and art style for the first third of this collection, bringing in one of my favorite new artists Matt Kindt currently working on the incredible Mind Mgmt to show us a bit about how this story started 100 years ago I could not turn the pages fast enough When Lemire brings us back to the present, the series sense of urgency that you previously thought was painfully urgent gets ramped up to unimaginable levels Good, messed up stuff.

  • We open this volume with some history behind the plague that wiped out much of the population It was interesting to see where the author took it and brought in angry gods After this, we jump right back into the previous storyline Walter has shown his true colors and there is a rush to save everyone This series has been dark from the very beginning, but it s taken an even darker turn There is so much to learn about the story too, so I can t even imagine where this will end up.

  • This books holds a two arcs The first is some deep background on where, possibly the hybrids came from and why Whether this bears out in the final book is anyone s guess though, with how tightly Lemire s been running thus far, I can t imagine it won t The second arc puts us back in the story we ve been following, and holy crap, does it come out swinging, and it ends that way, too, getting me right in the gut on the very last page.

  • I really liked how this dug deeper into both the mythology of the half animal half child creatures and also how much BETRAYAL and DRAMA they fit in the modern day part of the story I continue to be captivated by the dystopian relationships, characters and setting, and I especially love how an old hockey buddy can appear out of nowhere I will definitely continue to read this series.

  • it just gets better and better and you find it out and what had happened but the past does not take away from the prsent just adds

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