Marilyn & Me: A Photographer's Memories

Marilyn Me A Photographer s Memories An intimate memoir recalling a young photographer s relationship with Marilyn Monroe just months before her death with extraordinary photographs some of which have never been published With the prec
  • Title: Marilyn & Me: A Photographer's Memories
  • Author: Lawrence Schiller
  • ISBN: 9780385536677
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Marilyn & Me: A Photographer's Memories
    An intimate memoir recalling a young photographer s relationship with Marilyn Monroe just months before her death, with extraordinary photographs, some of which have never been published With the precision of a surgeon, Schiller slices through the fa ade of Marilyn Monroe in his unflinching memoir Revealing and readable, it s a book I couldn t put down Tina BrownWhenAn intimate memoir recalling a young photographer s relationship with Marilyn Monroe just months before her death, with extraordinary photographs, some of which have never been published With the precision of a surgeon, Schiller slices through the fa ade of Marilyn Monroe in his unflinching memoir Revealing and readable, it s a book I couldn t put down Tina BrownWhen he pulled his station wagon into the 20th Century Fox studios parking lot in Los Angeles in 1960, twenty three year old Lawrence Schiller kept telling himself that this was just another assignment, just another pretty girl But the assignment and the girl were anything but ordinary Schiller was a photographer for Look magazine and his subject was Marilyn Monroe, America s sweetheart and sex symbol In this intimate memoir, Schiller recalls the friendship that developed between him and Monroe while he photographed her in Hollywood in 1960 and 1962 on the sets of Let s Make Love and the unfinished feature Something s Got to Give, the last film she worked on Schiller recalls Marilyn as tough and determined, enormously insecure as an actress but totally self assured as a photographer s model Monroe knew how to use her looks and sexuality to generate publicity, and in 1962 she allowed Schiller to publish the first nude photographs of her in over ten years, which she then used as a weapon against a studio that wanted to have her fired and ultimately suc
    Marilyn & Me: A Photographer's Memories By Lawrence Schiller,

    Marilyn singer Marilyn Monroe The official website for Marilyn Monroe The official website for Marilyn Monroe Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world More Quotes Marilyn Dec , Marilyn is based on a story written in Leavenworth Prison by Paddy Mitchell of the infamous Stopwatch Gang. Marilyn Definition of Marilyn at Dictionary Marilyn definition, a female given name, form of Mary See . Marilyn Name Meaning, What does Marilyn mean What does Marilyn mean Marilyn as a girls name is pronounced MARE a lin It is of English and Latin origin, and the meaning of Marilyn is star of the sea Modern blend of Mary and the Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe was an American actress, comedienne, singer, and model She became one of the world s most enduring iconic figures and is remembered both for her Marilyn Monroe Biography, Movies, Facts Britannica Aug , Marilyn Monroe, original name Norma Jeane Mortenson, later called Norma Jeane Baker, Jeane sometimes spelled Jean, born June , , Los Angeles, California, U.S died August , , Los Angeles , American actress who became a major sex symbol, starring in a number of commercially successful motion pictures during the s. Twitter We would like to show you a description here but the site won t allow us. Rare Photos of Marilyn Monroe You ve Probably Never Jul , Say the name, Marilyn, and only one woman comes to mind The stunning, sultry and iconic Marilyn Monroe Born Norma Jeane Mortenson baptized Norma Jean Baker on June , , she was taken to a

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    The ubiquitous Lawrence Schiller was born in 1936 in Brooklyn, and grew up in San Diego After graduating from Pepperdine College, he went to work for Life Magazine and the Saturday Evening Post as a photojournalist His photographic abilities, both technical and artistic, laid the foundation for what has become nothing less than an astonishing career Schiller first made his name by photographing popular culture icons such as Sophia Loren, Richard Nixon, Timothy Leary, O.J Simpson, James Earl Jones, Barbara Streisand, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, John F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Joe DiMaggio and Clint Eastwood, just to name a few.He moved easily through contrasting public worlds, developing stories for Life Magazine while shooting nude photographs for Hugh Heffner and Playboy Magazine Schiller was always at the forefront, and always at the right place at the right time, experiencing historical events and developing relationships that would launch his career onto a path of success in a variety of mediums.He published his first book, LSD , in 1966 Since then he has published eleven books, including W Eugene Smith s Minamata and Norman Mailer s Marilyn He collaborated with Albert Goldman on Ladies and Gentleman, Lenny Bruce and with Norman Mailer on The Executioner s Song and Oswald s Tale He has directed seven motion pictures and mini series for television.From 1996 through 2002, Mr Schiller published four books that became national bestsellers American Tragedy , Perfect Murder, Perfect Town , Into the Mirror , and Cape May Court House All made the New York Times Bestseller List American Tragedy , Perfect Murder, Perfect Town and Into the Mirror were made into television mini series for CBS Mr Schiller produced and directed each of the motion pictures.Other motion picture credits are Double Jeopardy , The Plot to Kill Hitler , The Executioner s Song , Peter the Great , Murder By Reason of Insanity , Her Life As a Man , The Patricia Neal Story , Child Bride of Short Creek , Marilyn, The Untold Story , The Winds of Kitty Hawk , Hey, I m Alive , The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald and The Man Who Skied Down Everest.Lawrence Schiller s projects have won countless awards, including seven Emmys and an Oscar for his work over the years He is a consultant to NBC News and has recently written for The New Yorker and George magazines.Schiller s haunting and beautiful portfolio of photographs of Marilyn Monroe is from the last professional photo session of the sex goddess, while making Something s Got to Give in 1962 She was fired from the movie and was dead two months later Almost a half a century has passed since May 1962, and still these astonishing, daring, and beautifully crafted photographs never available as limited editions, until now continue to captivate and enthrall us.His collection of images chronicling America in the 1960 s is an important document of our time With daring forthrightness, a decade of turmoil, creativity and entertainment is unrolled before our eyes Schiller s uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time, affords us the privilege of surveying all of this history, captured with succinct and powerful images that have defined and continue to define the national conversation.


  • This is a short memoir and it appropriately has little to say Lawrence Schiller, famous photographer, took photos of Marilyn Monroe on two different occasions Once on the set of Let s Make Love, the other on the set of her cancelled final film Something s Got to Give That s the main plotline I guess there should have been a story of a great relationship between the two, some poignant moments, at least some kind of self awareness or understanding gained from the experiences.If Schiller had any of [...]

  • Lawrence Schiller was a Hollywood photographer, one of the best Now he s a writer This small but highly intriguing book is about his professional relationship with Marilyn Monroe, and what he learned about her through the camera s lens Filled with his iconic pictures yes, HE was the one that got the nude pool pictures on the Something s Got To Give set, with Marilyn s complicity it is quite the story , this will be a treat for photography fans as well as Rat Pack era Hollywood and, of course, Ma [...]

  • have th e small cheap book enjoyed the text but disappointing that there were no colour photos abd that it was so small damn them for making the other version too expensive definately not produced for Marilyn s average fans but for the elite few who have money than sense

  • What a rat hyena vulture jackal This guy pissed me off left and right Like they were such close friends when he was only there to profit off her private moments EVEN AT HER FUNERAL When celebrities speak against the paparazzi, I think they mean the embodiment of Lawrence Schiller, the lowly scavenger Ugh, her pictures bought him a house He doesn t seem sensitive to her life at all, but tosses money brags all over the place like jizz There was nothing redeeming to this book at all He completely e [...]

  • This little memoir by famous photojournalist Lawrence Schiller includes some of his iconic photos of Marilyn Monroe cover of Life magazine as well as his recollection of his meetings with her when he was young ambitious photographer age of 23 in 1960 and his working relationship with her up until her sudden death August 5, 1962 The Marilyn who approved every photo ever taken of her through her ups and downs of studio life during that time, her strength, and her concerns The inside story of photo [...]

  • Interesting anecdotes and direct quotations from Marilyn Schiller knew her as a photographer assigned to cover her on the set of several films, spanning the length of some years It seems like their friendship was sporadic, yet intense His own evolution as a photographer and businessman was largely spurred by his work with Marilyn My favorite recollection of Schiller s was the one where he arrived at Marilyn s house to have her approve some photographs and found Bobby Kennedy there Schiller also [...]

  • Lawrence Schiller, a very young photographer working for Look magazine, had the golden assignment to photograph Marilyn Monroe on movie sets in 1960 and 1962 From the very first meeting there was a kind of openness between them that soon led to trust.50 years after her death, Schiller describes Marilyn Monroe as a very smart and literate person, insecure as an actress, very well aware of her photographic sensual emanation, sometimes acting out as a spoiled brat, but very often warm and sensitive [...]

  • A considerable insight on Marilyn Monroe s many encounters Lawrence tells the story of how he first met Marilyn When he was just a young photographer who just started in the business I enjoyed reading this book It gave me an adequate amount of information about the life of Marilyn Her personality Her confidantes And most importantly, the last days before her death I just felt sorry for her The way she was misunderstood, mistreated How everyone seemed to know her as the big sex symbol when she wa [...]

  • Just read Marilyn Me this afternoon It is photographer, Lawrence Schiller s recollection of his business relationship with Monroe between the span 1960 and her untimely death in August of 62 Though the account does contain intimate scenes of Monroe s life, It was few and far in between, forcing the reader to stagger through Schiller s pointless ramblings regarding his own career In all honesty, there are maybe A dozen or so pages in total reflecting original accounts of satisfying Monroe materia [...]

  • Reading a book about Marilyn always feels like coming home to me, but this one was beautiful than most The author had a completely different view of her, and isn t afraid to tell it like he saw it He portrays Marilyn as a fragile and very lonely woman rather than the sex crazed egomaniac so many authors turn to Loved that he allowed her to be human There are also some beautiful photos, and very touching stories Really wish I could afford the signed and numbered edition I definitely recommend it [...]

  • Read it in a couple of hours Marilyn Monroe is an intriguing personality that I know not much about I know that she s beautiful, she was involved with the Kennedy s and Frank Sinatra, and that she had a drug problem After reading this, I feel like I know the same amount of information but with some glimmers into her personality Nothing too comprehensive though It s cool seeing a look through a photographer s lens haha.

  • Enjoyed reading about Marilyn Monroe through the eyes of someone who actually worked with and got to know her.The author painted the picture of a woman who knew what she wanted but was unable to make herself that person due to her past and her need to feel wanted.Marilyn was like any other woman with her insecures but she still showed the she was intelligent and able to make her own business decisions.

  • It was a nice, short read about Marilyn and Schiller s brief time knowing her I think it painted a decent snap shot of what she was like, according to those who knew her It s unfortunate that she did not grow up in a time that would allow her to be herself, a smart, opinionated woman I was hoping for pictures, but the handful included are gorgeous.

  • It s a quick read from a man whose take on Monroe is fascinating, in that it was informed by a few brief but obviously intense and critical interactions with her Well worth the time it takes to read it if you care about Marilyn at all.For my detailed review go to 2bitmonkey.wordpress 2013

  • Have the small book talk abouta teaser to get the big book at the beginning I LOVED the text and a lot of it seemed to confirm my views on Marilyn and her complexities but towards the end there were a few guestions I would like to ask Okay, I did expect pics here and better quality and some color ones Gotta start saving for Taschen sigh

  • I enjoyed this short biography Lawrence Schiller s memories of Marilyn are sweet honest good to have some insight as to what went through his mind while photographing such an icon what I really appreciate about this biography is that he s honest in his recollection not jumping to conclusions as to what tragically happened to Marilyn Monroe

  • A nice little snippet of Marilyn s later years, this author gives us a glimpse of a believable Marilyn The end reveals that there was a larger book he had written, which I was a bit confused about VERY minimal pics, which was disappointing I wanted to see .

  • I really enjoyed this book The author tells about his experiences photographing Marilyn Monroe over the last several years of her life He avoids passing judgment on her, but paints a picture of a very beautiful, but troubled woman, who is struggling to be taken seriously.

  • this is absolute sell out shit this guy photographed marilyn a few times and created a entire book on if for fucking shame you asshole there are some beautiful pictures but not anything worth paying for if u want marilyn picture go for the last sitting.

  • perfect honest short book about a few encnters this photographer had with Marilyn in the early 60s sweet piercingly insightful.

  • It was okay Too short I wanted , but then I guess there was not much to add Too bad though, I think they had an interesting relationship.

  • A quick, warm read that any Marilyn fan will enjoy Wish there were pics of her in the book I never get tired of look at Marilyn

  • This book is slightly over 100 pages That makes it a short, easy read I highly recommend it to other Marilyn fanaticsad my full review on my blogmissemmamm 2013 01 25 mari

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