Feathered Serpent, Part 2

Feathered Serpent Part The Journey As we separated from the rest of the refugees of Zarahemla a terrible vision haunted my thoughts By abandoning my two younger children to search for Melody might I lose my entire family
  • Title: Feathered Serpent, Part 2
  • Author: Chris Heimerdinger
  • ISBN: 9781577344896
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Paperback
  • Feathered Serpent, Part 2
    The Journey As we separated from the rest of the refugees of Zarahemla, a terrible vision haunted my thoughts By abandoning my two younger children to search for Melody, might I lose my entire family The Destruction It was coming from the north, a wall of rolling, tumbling, churning clouds the color of charcoal, the sweeping palm of God The Glory The Man s eyeThe Journey As we separated from the rest of the refugees of Zarahemla, a terrible vision haunted my thoughts By abandoning my two younger children to search for Melody, might I lose my entire family The Destruction It was coming from the north, a wall of rolling, tumbling, churning clouds the color of charcoal, the sweeping palm of God The Glory The Man s eyes moved across the gathering ar Bountiful s temple They were the bluest I had ever seen, and as clear and bright as the limitless universe Join Jim Hawkins and family as they stand face to face with the ultimate forces of good and evil in this concluding volume of Tennis Shoes And The Feathered Serpent 2 cassettes, run time appx 3 hours.
    Feathered Serpent, Part 2 By Chris Heimerdinger,
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    Chris Heimerdinger is an author and member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints LDS who has presently written sixteen adult and young adult novels, most of which center on religious themes familiar to LDS members Most are published with Covenant Communications in American Fork, Utah One title, A Return to Christmas was also picked up by Random House Ballantine in 1995 When the title was released by Ballantine in 2004, it was republished by Covenant Communications.


  • Having looked through the reviews, all 18 pages of them, I ve found only 6 reviewers that rate this book below 3 I was kind of disappointed that there weren t So let me just make it clear that this is aterriblebook.Heimerdinger split up the action in these books which required the use of two narrators But he doesn t do a very good job of giving the narrators different voices The problem is so bad that he has to use different type sets to distinguish between narrators and I still had a hard time [...]

  • I am compelled to give another 5 stars I thought the most well crafted literary part was how the author concealed that Jonathan was a Gadianton Here I was worried about Lamanchi being the evil doer instead What a sudden twist of events I really like that in a story I was fascinated.The curelom Rachel How cool That made the last part of the book and how handy she was Again, it was fascinating to read about West Valley and Salt Lake City I am used to stories in LA or NYC but this brings it home as [...]

  • I d heard this book on tape years ago on one of those Colorado Utah trips But since my aunt gave this to me a few years ago since she had two , and since I was interviewing with Covenant, I thought I d read something they d published for a refresher Anyway, it s not the worst I ve ever read He sticks close to Church doctrine, which is a definite plus And he points out interesting things that inspire me to curiosity about the scriptures, another big plus But it s really not the best writing eithe [...]

  • Heimerdinger sometimes astonishes me with his ability to consistently tear his characters through the worst possible situations for them and then return them to their world having conquered their fears being stronger for it.There is a slight bit of inter volume inconsistency in that the characters end each book vowing to be perfect from then on after all they ve spoken with Captain Moroni or seen the Savior visit America but in the next book they are back to being less spiritual than they want t [...]

  • tennis shoes amoung the neohites a feathered serpant part 2chris heimerdinger this book is a thrilling sequal to the other books in this series the hawkins family gets into trouble with someold enemies from the scripture times and Jim hawkins the father gets accused for murder but he escapes and takes his family back in tome to ancient america and they went to go get his daughter back because she was kiddnapped by some bad people jim went out to get her back and he had some company from some nep [...]

  • We listened to most of this and Part 1 with the kids while driving to and from Savannah for the Fourth of July weekend It s definitely a great story, and I really enjoyed listening to it I m not sure I would like to actually read the books, however Heimerdinger s writing style is filled with cliches, which sound fine when he or his daughter is reading the story, but would probably grow tiresome if I were reading them I also felt obligated to explain to my children at the end of the book that Jes [...]

  • I don t care who you are no story is exciting enough to justify the use of 70,000,000,000,000,000 exclamation points And I don t care how strapped for cash you are every book needs a proofreader Even if it s a half trained intern I am positive there are students out there who would love the experience and would be than happy to do it for free Sheesh That said, this book doesn t deserve than three stars But I gave it four anyway because the love I had for this book as a teenager hasn t complete [...]

  • SO good I love these books They are very unique because they have such a small intended audience Really, it pains me to admit, but these books are not all that well written, which is why it got 4 stars You are reading about these great characters with this fantastic setting and wonderful story, and it helps you forget that the actual writing is not truly superior Does every one understand that distinction Between writing and story and concept and characters Because, really, three out of four ain [...]

  • 6 19 2017 I love this book I don t say it is the most coherent, best written book I ve ever read, but it touched me when I read it back in the day and it touched me again yesterday I started it Saturday night and tried my best to finish it in one sitting but I had to give up and get some sleep before finishing it Sunday morning I found the description of the Savior s visit to the Americas as moving as I had remembered and would give it five stars for that scene alone The adventures leading up to [...]

  • Wonderful ending to part 3 I love hearing of the faith of this family as they work together to survive in the past We LOVE the Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites Series Rob and I listened to it while we drove on any road trips when we were first married and we continued the traditions as we had our boys We recently started re listening to the series in November and are up to book 4 This is the first time our 8 year old remembers hearing them and he loves them The stories are old familiar friends to [...]

  • This book is called Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites by Chris Heimerdinger This is a book about a grown man with three children In this book stories from his past come back to haunt him I liked this book I can connect with it a lot because it references stuff from The Book of Mormon and the bible and most of it I knew what he was talking about I also liked it because I never really got bored and it was very exciting I could connect with it also because his daughter hangs out with her boyfriend a [...]

  • A great way to finish the story that began in book one Jim Hawkins, finds himself once again in the Nehpite world, but this time he is there to rescue his duaghter Melody, who was kidnapped, and his best friend Garth, who is being held prisoner All of this is also happening during a particularly precarious time, as in the ancient world of Jerusalem, Christ is about to be crusified.I enjoyed this book, and I found that I loved listening to the second narrator, Melody It might have been distractin [...]

  • Its a really good book Its about this man named Jim Hawkins He goes into the anceint land of the Nephits and Lamenits His daughter was stolen by the Army of Jacob of the Moon and they go far in the land o the North He goes and fids a very hard and deadly jernery to find his doughter In the land of the North or called Land of Destalation the ancient animals rule over and assassines are every were Then he heads back to the land of Bountiful after the hard war like jernery And three days later Jesu [...]

  • No matter how many times I read this book, I always end up with tears at the end when the Savior comes The emotions of Jim and his family, and everyone else are so poignant That moment, witnessing the Savior coming and hearing his words, is full of breathless wonder Chris Heimerdinger is extraordinary, creating such a thrilling, epic adventure, infused with words of the scriptures and the knowledge that the Lord is coming Though these actual events, minus Jim and the other fictional characters i [...]

  • The only reason why I finished this book is because I wanted to complete the Feathered Serpent story I didn t care for the characters and I really couldn t stand how inconsistent the main character was It turned out that Heimerdinger was really struggling with some marital issues while he was writing this book I remember a news article of him being arrested for a domestic dispute shortly after this book was released Way too much of his personal life leaked into this series and just ruined it for [...]

  • This one has to be my very favorite At the end they see Christ when he comes to the America s just like we read in the Book of Mormon There were moments where I lost myself in the book and felt as though I was there looking at Christ, touching his hands and feet I think that Chris really touches on exactly how it would be if we had all been there I highly recommend this book This is is a two part read and I couldn t find book 3 which is part one so this review is talking about both books.

  • Chris Heimerdinger s book Tennis Shoes and The Feathered Serpent Part Two holds a tale that will truly touch you As the adventure from part 1 continues, Jim Hawkins discoveres that his daughter melody was kidnapped by his foe to get revenge In a land where things are truly hostile this is the element of adventure The author uses imagery in very descriptive context The triangular summit with it s twin towers stood out against the skyline from several miles outside the capital

  • LOVE this series The Book of Mormon takes on a hold new light Amazing read the whole series never gets old Adventure, romance, spirituality I would recommend these to 12 and up because of the violence Re read This is my all time favorite book of this series It always makes me cry I love the raw emotion and the real portrayal of what really happened when Christ came to America The story is strong and compelling and so real.

  • I can easily say this series is one of my favorites of all time They are uplifting, exciting and extremely well written What s not to love 3 26 12 I really loved re reading this one It describes in amazing detail when the Savior visited the Americas and makes you visualize it in a powerful way It s always been one of my favorites, but reading it at this point in my life made it even better for me.

  • Enjoyed this next installment of the series What I love about these books is the rich and vivid descriptions that really transport you back in time and help you imagine life as it was in the ancient days of the Nephites I also love the beautiful spiritual lessons that the characters learn throughout, and find them quite applicable to my own life and circumstances This is a great series and I definitely plan to continue on to the next one.

  • Jim and his family have set out to book of Mormon times, and they are still finding Mealody, but mealody is slowly warming up to the idea that she may like Marcos, son of Jacob of the moon, the evil man who kiddnapped her They find Jenny and Garth through the book, and have found out they have had two little kids, and they are on there way to save Mealody It may be a hard jorney,buty the reward is great met the lrd Jeasus Christ in the city of Bountiful.

  • Excellent teenage series It all takes place between current today and Nephite times A couple of boys discover a cave that goes back in time to the Nephites They discover the Gadiantons or better described as the Gadiantons find them and follow them back through the cave So the next book takes place in current times It goes back and forth throughout the whole series.It s kinda of fun to read the BOM afterwards and remember the stories.

  • We did this set of tapes on the way home from Savannah I liked them, but it touches too close to sacred things for me We actually finished the last part of the tapes at home I know, we still own a tape player It was nice because both my husband and I were able to bear our testimonies to our kids about Christ coming to the Americas and about how it really did happen It was fun sharing these tapes with our kids.

  • Probably my favorite book in the series so far I also happened to be at the same place in the book as I was in the Book Mormon, which was kind of cool to go along and be refreshed in what took place How amazing it would be to be able to see the Savior, hear his words, watch him heal and teach all those in the multitude, then ascend back up to heaven.

  • I thought that the feathered serpent books were some of the better books of the Tennis Shoes series I recommend Part 1 and 2 of feathered serpent all by them selves as well as reading it within the series.

  • I think this may be my favorite of the series so far, simply for the part where the Savior comes to the Americas Heimerdinger made this so real to me I have never been able to read 3 Nephi the same since.

  • What an adventure Love how Heimerdinger makes you feel and believe this world among the Nephites I especially enjoy the spiritual messages and how they translate to us in the modern world Thanks Beautifully written.

  • I cried soooooooo much at the end You have to read it If only just the last 50 pages, it strengthened my testimony of Christ soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much That and the Manti Pageant just blew me away

  • Wonderful conclusion to part three however I guess I found the account of 3 Nephi 11 to be too intimate into someone s spiritual experience, even if it is historical fiction.

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