The Sacred Quest

The Sacred Quest formerly Tennis Shoes and the Seven Churches
  • Title: The Sacred Quest
  • Author: Chris Heimerdinger
  • ISBN: 9781577342175
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Sacred Quest
    formerly Tennis Shoes and the Seven Churches
    The Sacred Quest By Chris Heimerdinger,
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      219 Chris Heimerdinger
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    Chris Heimerdinger is an author and member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints LDS who has presently written sixteen adult and young adult novels, most of which center on religious themes familiar to LDS members Most are published with Covenant Communications in American Fork, Utah One title, A Return to Christmas was also picked up by Random House Ballantine in 1995 When the title was released by Ballantine in 2004, it was republished by Covenant Communications.


  • Jims daughter Melody, now 20 has learned she has Cancer During the last adventure mealody fell in love with marcos, the son of King Jacob of the moon Jims son Harry is now 15 and is determined to find marcose fromt he book of mormon times, but megan his sister to be tages along But when they step out of the slid down river after an account with Siamon mages they find them selfs in 70 A.D in Rome they see gid, but he is taken captive so they know that they are there but then unexpectly they find [...]

  • for some reason they don t list 3 or 4 but I really don t want to rate them all They re all fantastic and you ll have to read them to know.

  • In the 5th installment of the Tennis Shoes Series, Harry Hawkins embarks on an adventure to grant his sister s final wish find her true love, Marcos the Nephite and send him to her Megan Sorenson, Harry s new and annoying sister in law joins Harry on his journey Together, they discover a secret about Frost Cave and the passage to the world of the past Instead of ending up in Nephite lands as planned, the two wind up in the contentious world of Jerusalem in 1st Century AD Can they keep themselves [...]

  • Harry Hawkins fills the role of narrator and sounds exactly like his dad Meagan his bratty, soon to be stepsister fills the role of Garth being the knowledgeable and book learned expositor or plot knowledge Meagan, however is interestingly mouthy and snotty but with a witty personality Unfortunately in later books she becomes a clone of Melody just like all the other females in Heimerdinger s books.This time the person missing is Marcos and for some unexplained reason Melody will die of cancer u [...]

  • Chris Heimerdinger does a marvelous job of painting a picture that puts you there with the right feeling This book departs from the Nephite civilization to the time right after Christ s crucifixion in the Holy Land yet adds a connection with several of the old folks from the Nephites What a marvelous novel I have checked out the next four books in the series to read over the summer and the first volume as my wife wants to join in now A fascinating part of the book is how the author shows how the [...]

  • I made it halfway through this book and just couldn t continue It was such a disappointment compared to all Heimerdinger s previous novels in this series.The book started out great I love the family dynamics and the odd neighbor girl There s a lot of great human emotion portrayed in the first few chapters.However, as soon as the characters start their quest, I quickly lost interest I didn t like the setting of the barren desert I hate deserts I guess it s a complement to the author to say that I [...]

  • Oh I forgot how these books don t actually reach a resolution at the end of the book, jsut at the end of the quest Nerve wracking I really just need to read the next one ASAP I am left hanging and I don t like it and won t tolerate it unless I have to.I love how the stakes go up in this quest and the author skillfully keeps us from becoming bored by alwasy introducing chracters an plot twists which could be annoying cough michael scott s Alchemist series But I never feel overloaded with these b [...]

  • I listed to this one on CD instead of reading it I have found that I love listening to certain books, but with others I hate it This one I really enjoyed listening to It s an easy enough book that I can zone out while listening on my commute and still understand what is going on I really liked the dynamics between Harry and his future step sister, Megan She was a fun new character to add to the mix I probably would have given the book 4 stars, but I got a little bored about 2 3 in, when Harry an [...]

  • Although I really like the author s style of writing, and I know and really like the characters, this story was a bit slow moving for me This story is told from Harry s perspective, Jim s son, and he doesn t make it back to the Nephites in ancient America Rather, he finds himself in the Middle East during the Roman Empire, with many other problems that come along with it I didn t realize when I started it that it would end with a cliff hanger and no resolution Basically, it s a two parter unless [...]

  • The continuing story of Jim Hawkins and his families dealing with time travel to the ancient world of the scriptures In this installment, Jim s 15 year old son, Harry, sets off on an expedition to find Marcos, his sister s boyfriend of whom they haven t see or heard from for four years He decides to find him, when it turns out his sister is dying of cancer, but what seems like a sinple expedition, becomes a dangerous adventure Things go wrong, and Harry finds himself, not in the land of the Neph [...]

  • I finished it, but only because I felt like I had to, to continue the series This one read like a 40 year old trying to sound like a fifteen year old which is about what it was, but it s not supposed to be so obvious The religious overtones were loud and in your face, which is new from the previous books in the series, which I felt were religious with a refined subtlety that felt like reading a good book, not sitting in Sunday School This one felt like sitting in sunday school, with a little bi [...]

  • I read this whole series years ago and could not remember where I left off so I think I re read several of the books Still it is a nice series that tries to bring the stories of the Book of Mormon and, in this series, the Bible, to life I like the different characters, especially Harry in this book Sometimes the religious part gets a little long winded but the adventures are fast paced and fun A good mixture of the modern and the ancient No sex, no language, some violence.

  • I read this book when it was still The Seven Churches I still have the memory of standing in line at EFY in Ohio, waiting to go in for lunch and eagerly reading what would happen next It was the scene with Harry and Meagan being shot at with arrows I just remember exclaiming in this is so great when I read about the arrow piercing through Harry s scriptures stopping at the Samuel the Lamanite story The irony was so well written.

  • Mildly entertaining Like the other books in the series, it is really directed at a young teenager or younger age group I read this and subsequent books in the series at the insistence of my daughter who was a big fan Though I enjoyed them, I appreciated them even because they served as a catalyst for discussing related doctrinal concepts and concerns with my daughter, and later my son.

  • Meh, this one is pretty boring We re forced to spend way too much time inside Harry s head It s not exactly a comfort that it takes than one book to tell the story And if Harry were my kid, I would have killed him Going to save Marcos by himself was the most idiotic plan he could have concocted.

  • This book doesn t conclude until book 7 I m very glad I decided to read these WELL after they had been published, otherwise that would have been an irritating wait As it is, it was still a little annoying to wonder when the thing would finally end It ended well if that is any consolation They should all be put in one book in my opinion though.

  • One of the most exciting parts was when Herry saved Gid and Marcos form the 500lb lion One of the funest parts was when Meagan was trying to get the scroll of Matthew and then realized that there was bloodd on the jar it was in.

  • I really liked this one because I love Roman times It was especially detailed on the death of the jews and made me feel so sad for all there dark history and the things they have been through Once again almost like being there I really love historical fiction

  • LOVE this series The Book of Mormon takes on a hole new light Amazing read the whole series never gets old Adventure, romance, spirituality I would recommend these to 12 and up because of the violence.

  • I love these books, because I get better feel for what the people in the scriptures might have faced These books are great historical adventures that once started can t be stopped In this one Harry continues the adventure thruogh a strange new room and who knows what will happen

  • I have discovered myself why Chris Heimerdinger s books are so popular among the teens and young adults Fast moving, good character development, tight plot I look forward to my sons finishing this too.

  • Pretty decent story I know this is fiction but there is a lot of stuff in these stories that seems too far out there to take seriously Time travel stories inherently have a lot of potential to get confusing and weird I think Heimerdinger could do a little better with that sometimes.

  • I gave this three stars because I don t remember which one this is exactly, but I remember enjoying it If I read it again likely perhaps I ll give a exact review.

  • What a spiritually uplifting book I love Harry and Meagan They are so cute together But Melody s so sad and i absolutly love the ending Marcos is so awesome i 3 it

  • Another fun book in the series, though this one dragged a bit in places and didn t hold my interest quite as much as the previous ones Still excited to continue on to the next one though.

  • These have been so much fun to listen too in the car They have created some good discussions They have caused good laughter and thought.

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