The Outlander

The Outlander In a mysterious desperate young woman flees alone across the west one quick step ahead of the law She has just become a widow by her own hand Two vengeful brothers and a pack of bloodhounds tra
  • Title: The Outlander
  • Author: Gil Adamson
  • ISBN: 9780887848889
  • Page: 291
  • Format: ebook
  • The Outlander
    In 1903 a mysterious, desperate young woman flees alone across the west, one quick step ahead of the law She has just become a widow by her own hand Two vengeful brothers and a pack of bloodhounds track her across the western wilderness She is nineteen years old and half mad Gil Adamson s extraordinary novel opens in heart pounding mid flight and propels the reader thrIn 1903 a mysterious, desperate young woman flees alone across the west, one quick step ahead of the law She has just become a widow by her own hand Two vengeful brothers and a pack of bloodhounds track her across the western wilderness She is nineteen years old and half mad Gil Adamson s extraordinary novel opens in heart pounding mid flight and propels the reader through a gripping road trip with a twist the steely outlaw in this story is a grief struck young woman Along the way she encounters characters of all stripes unsavoury, wheedling, greedy, lascivious, self reliant, and occasionally generous and trustworthy Part historical novel, part Gothic tale, and part literary Western, The Outlander is an original and unforgettable read.
    The Outlander By Gil Adamson,
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    Gil Adamson born Gillian Adamson, 1961 is a Canadian writer She won the Books in Canada First Novel Award in 2008 for her 2007 novel The Outlander.Adamson s first published work was Primitive, a volume of poetry, in 1991 She followed up with the short story collection Help Me, Jacques Cousteau in 1995 and a second volume of poetry, Ashland, in 2003, as well as multiple chapbooks and a commissioned fan biography of Gillian Anderson, Mulder, It s Me, which she coauthored with her sister in law Dawn Connolly in 1998 The Outlander, a novel set in the Canadian West at the turn of the 20th century, was published by House of Anansi in the spring of 2007 and won the Hammett Prize that year The novel was later selected for the 2009 edition of Canada Reads, where it was championed by actor Nicholas Campbell.Adamson currently lives in Toronto with poet Kevin Connolly.


  • Truly, a beautiful book About a young woman running for her two brothers in law, in the Canadian wilderness, around 1900, after having killed her husband, this is not a real spoiler, it is clear right from the start I guess Fighting to survive A little slow in the beginning, especially the scenes where the Widow, Mary, is alone, were too long for me The language and descriptions of the wilderness are beautiful, but after three pages of it, I thought, ok, noted about the wilderness beauty and cru [...]

  • Onvan The Outlander Nevisande Gil Adamson ISBN 887842100 ISBN13 9780887842108 Dar 387 Safhe Saal e Chap 2007

  • A young woman has killed her husband Now, she flees across the Canadian wilderness pursued by her massive brothers in law, who are bent on bringing her to justice As she fights for her survival, the widow is tormented by uninvited memories of her life and unhappy marriage.That s basically it, synopsis wise It is the author s descriptions of the almost unimaginably vast landscape and large cast of interesting characters that make this worth a read view spoiler She even manages to make sex with an [...]

  • Drop it She s done Who knows who they were Who knows where they took her And even if you knew he spread his small hands out what could you do Are you Sam Steele The two of them drunk for two days, until the Ridgerunner could drink no , and merely sat holding his head Then a long, sorry, sober night during which the dwarf had chattered to stave off his companion s unnerving silence, telling story after story, every one about her Wondering at the particulars of her past, the whiff of crime, her dr [...]

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this book it s a real page turner It concerns a young woman who murders her husband and is on the run The characters she encounters on her journey remind me in a way of The Odyssey The loner who saves Mary s life and steals her heart the mining town minister who becomes her protector the dwarf who runs the only store in the mining town of Frank the miners, the stragglers, and the settlers each has his or her own vitality and consciousness Even the old tracker who dismounts w [...]

  • This is a remarkable first novel, reminiscent of Tenderness of Wolves, with a smattering of Cold Mountain, it s beautifully written Very descriptive, not just of the landscape, and believe me the Canadian Rockies sound very bleak, but also of the despair and hopelesness that existed at this time As her story unfurls,we realise that Mary is a real heroine, not always likeable, but as courageous as a lion She meets some wonderfully quirky characters throughout her journey, who add some spice and c [...]

  • Pretty impressive for a first novel but I suppose the beautiful prose makes sense for a published poet This was quite an adventure This felt to me like a combination of Frazier s Cold Mountain and Mrs Mike Some passages were so visually and emotionally rich that I read them numerous times over, like tasting a good wine, you can t just have one sip Like this one, As a little girl, she had lain awake at night, staring hard into her lightless bedroom, imagining that the darkened room congealed and [...]

  • A story about nothing, full of characters you care nothing about Sure there are some great descriptive passages about rainbows, darkness, the smell of horses yada, yada, yada but all these mental pictures connect a whole bunch of empty I dunno something about new Canadian writers and trying TOO hard to be clever All those words completely got in the way of developing the story I did not care one speck about the main character the widow and so her adventure meant nothing to me I have been to all [...]

  • This is an absorbing narrative written in 2007, not to be confused with D Galbadon s Outlander series While there are some maddening stylistic inconsistencies and awkward sentence structure at times, it s a compelling story of a young woman s struggle to survive in the Banff wilderness at the turn of the last century Ingenious plot devices include the true occurrence of a devastating landslide in 1902 03, the worst in mining history This gets a 5 from me because it s THAT interesting, so who car [...]

  • Well, I read this all the way through, so that s something, I guess Seems I cared enough to see how it would end, so I had to give it another star for that reason.In the books defense, I think the author almost created a female Homer s Odyssey, and that s what kept me coming back to it A lot of running away and crashing through the woods, and then a period of bonding and domesticity, then crazy events and feats of superhuman survival and escape The author did manage to build some sense of suspen [...]

  • A suspenseful plot drives this story of a widow on the run through the mountains for Canada from her vengeful brothers in law Even in the sections where she is no longer running, there is a sense of anxiety because the reader knows her brothers are still out there searching for her I liked this book because the plot moved swiftly but it didn t sacrifice character development It has one brief but very PG 13 section It is handled with tenderness but may be too much for sensitive readers Otherwise [...]

  • Gil Adamson s first novel is a yarn well spun, full of improbable, implausible, and near mythical events It is the stuff of legend, with one foot planted firmly in accurate history, and one foot treading the ether sphere of picaresque adventure Mary Boulton is a murderess, plain and simple One may argue that she is the victim of postpartum depression, or overwhelming grief at the death of her child she may even be insane with jealousy over her husband s indiscretions But no matter which way you [...]

  • This one was another for book club, and I have to say that when I finished it I shut the book with a snap and said That s it This is the story of Mary Boulton, the young widow who killed her husband That we know from the outset, as Adamson tells us this as we are introduced to the fleeing Mary Or, as Adamson constantly refers to her, The Widow As if the two frightening brothers in law aren t enough to remind us of her past, this moniker is necessary as well Don t forget, dear reader, that Mary k [...]

  • 1 OCT 2015 a terrific read Superb descriptions of a vast landscape coupled with strong writing skills propel the story from start to finish.2 OCT 2915 add l comments written to Karen Thank you, Karen My brief review does not do justice to the story But, others have written eloquently the sane thoughts The book begs an almost immediate second reading The first reading you are trying to stay ahead of the brothers The second reading is when you will enjoy the writing and the evocative descriptions [...]

  • Enjoyed this, primarily for the style of writing And I learned a little bit too about an incident in western Canada s past.

  • Second page Nineteen years old and already a widow Mary Boulton Widowed by her own hand By this we know her name and her status as a widow Nearly all of the book is written from her point of view and yet in nearly all of that she is called the widow Why isn t she called Mary Aren t we supposed to sympathize with her, even though we know from the above that she murdered her husband I felt this constant continual reference to her status, rather than calling her by name, kept us distant from her Ch [...]

  • This book is hard to get into and once you sort of like it, it really is disappointing There is just too much extra info that, I think, takes away from the story itself And the other problem is the amount of cursing is distracting The intimate scenes aren t too bad but the author just writes very graphically and it s just not my choice of entertainment Choosing and reading a good book is my outlet and as a mom w very little extra time, I wouldn t waste it on this one.

  • Gil Adamson s first novel bolts off the opening page Men with hounds are chasing a young woman through the woods at night Nineteen year old Mary Boulton has murdered her husband and now, still wearing a black mourning dress made from curtains, she s running from her brothers in law, massive, red headed twins with rifles across their backs.Welcome to The Outlander, an absorbing adventure from a Canadian poet and short story writer who knows how to keep us enthralled Of course, the Girl Being Chas [...]

  • I love being drawn in and surprised by a great story And when the writing is as beautiful as Ms Adamson s, a celebrated Canadian poet, it becomes an all too rare treat a book I must tear myself away from as the clock ticks into the start of my work day The text of The Outlander is followed by a conversation between the author, Gil Adamson, and the writer Michael Ondaatje Ms Adamson describes an image that came to her unbidden, one which she set to paper She saw a young woman in a black dress fle [...]

  • Not for everyone, but I loved this If you can get through the first 100 pages, you ll be hooked In the beginning, that dreaded literary curse of not much happening is laid down Personally, I love nothing better than to read work by a writer who can take you from nanosecond to nanosecond in pages, if the writing is good enough, but many don t have the patience for this Some overwrought language and metaphors at the beginning Grasses grew on the heaped soil like hair on a bee stung dog made me pau [...]

  • The plot is quite basic In the early 20th century, a young woman, widowed by her own hand, flees into the mountainous wilderness of Alberta, Canada, doggedly pursued by her intimidating twin brothers in law And that s pretty much it I wasn t convinced at first I was only mildly curious about the widow s backstory and why she had killed her husband And I m not really into excessive nature descriptions, no matter how beautiful and elaborate the language But then the widow started meeting good help [...]

  • I cannot recommend this book enough There have been several references to Cormac McCarthy, a comparison that is quite apt This is Cormac McCarthy if he was female and a poet The language is beautiful, precise, and constantly surprising From the first paragraph, the book compels your forward, making it difficult to put down While we know that the widow killed her husband, we don t know why or under what circumstances, and the withholding doesn t feel cheap or gimmicky, but instead like a natural [...]

  • There are books that set you up for disappointment The writing is graceful, yet muscular, the characters are vivid and the narrative springs to life with a propulsive rhythm that makes reading joyful and as effortless as sliding across an icy pond Yet, the ending rings hollow, as disappointing as socks for Christmas.The Outlander, Gil Adamson s debut novel, is not one of those books The writing, the characters and the narrative are all as described above But the ending, the ending is a wonder It [...]

  • This lyrical novel is a wonderful prose poem by Gil Adamson Prepare yourself for a cadre of characters that somehow ring true regardless of their idiosyncrasies Ms Adamson s imagination and frontier knowledge blend rhythmically resulting in a consuming read set in the Canadian wilderness.

  • mp3 this is really good as a dog walking audio book anyone handy to pull off my wellies Denica Fairman reads from the novel by Gil Adamson, set in Canada in 1903.In 1903 a mysterious young woman flees alone across the West, one heart pounding step ahead of the law At nineteen, Mary Boulton has just become a widow and her husband s killer As bloodhounds track her frantic race toward the mountains, she is tormented by mad visions and by the knowledge that her two ruthless brothers in law are in pu [...]

  • I was tricked into reading this book For whatever reason, I don t read a lot of women writers After reading reviews many of which compared the book to works to Cold Mountain and works of Cormac McCarthy, I picked up the book I was very surprised to find out that Gil was a woman However, that being said, I m glad I did This is the story of a widow on the run across the turn of the century west from her two brother in laws after she murdered her husband During her journey she encounters memorable [...]

  • This is one of the stranger books I ve read At first, I wasn t sure where it was going and if it was going to get beyond the first big situation But it did, and in surprising ways I don t think anything I expected happened in this book I weaker author would have had trouble tying together all the story chunks But it does hang together The author is especially good at a kind of indirect storytelling She reveals key bits of info not always through the eyes of the person experiencing it, but throug [...]

  • This novel was published in 2007 and I have no idea how it had escaped my attention What a wonderful treat It gives nothing away to write the story is about The Widow and her flight into the 1903 wilderness to avoid the two, red haired brothers of the husband that she has murdered The novel depicts her flight from her past and the two brothers bent on returning her home to face what she has done The writing is excellent and flows with such vivid descriptive power that you can almost smell the pi [...]

  • Not every book that has people spending time in the mountains is on the same literary level as Cold Mountain Despite the book jacket s comments, however, Adamson gives us an interesting adventure story, possibly better compared to Enger s Peace Like A River I did not feel close to the characters in this story as I did to Frazier s, but the story is tight, the landscape is its own character, and I enjoyed the last line

  • I read this book as part of a postal book club, but it had been on my radar for some time I think it caught my attention when it was on the Globe and Mail s top 100 list and sounded like a fascinating story It did not disappoint.We follow the widow as she is on the run from her two brothers in law she has no name She doesn t know where she is running too, escape is the only focus of her journey As her pilgrimage continues, she meets various characters who in one way or another aid her without as [...]

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