Os Amantes

Os Amantes Charlie Parker is a lost soul Deprived of his private investigator s license and under scrutiny by the police Parker takes a job in a Portland bar But he uses his enforced retirement to begin a diffe
  • Title: Os Amantes
  • Author: John Connolly
  • ISBN: 9789720045638
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback
  • Os Amantes
    Charlie Parker is a lost soul Deprived of his private investigator s license and under scrutiny by the police, Parker takes a job in a Portland bar But he uses his enforced retirement to begin a different kind of investigation an examination of his own past and an inquiry into the death of his father, who took his own life after apparently shooting dead two unarmed teenCharlie Parker is a lost soul Deprived of his private investigator s license and under scrutiny by the police, Parker takes a job in a Portland bar But he uses his enforced retirement to begin a different kind of investigation an examination of his own past and an inquiry into the death of his father, who took his own life after apparently shooting dead two unarmed teenagers It s a search that will eventually lead Parker to question all that he believed about his beloved parents, and about himself.But there are other forces at work a troubled young woman who is running from an unseen threat, one that has already taken the life of her boyfriend and a journalist turned writer named Mickey Wallace, who is conducting an investigation of his own And haunting the shadows, as they have done throughout Parker s life, are two figures a man and a woman who seem driven to bring an end to Charlie Parker s existence.Haunting, lyrical, and impossible to put down, The Lovers is John Connolly at his best.Compact Disk Includes a Bonus MP3 CD of John Connolly s Every Dead Thing
    Os Amantes By John Connolly,
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    John Connolly was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1968 and has, at various points in his life, worked as a journalist, a barman, a local government official, a waiter and a dogsbody at Harrods department store in London He studied English in Trinity College, Dublin and journalism at Dublin City University, subsequently spending five years working as a freelance journalist for The Irish Times newspaper, to which he continues to contribute He is based in Dublin but divides his time between his native city and the United States.This page is administered by John s assistant, Clair, on John s behalf If you d like to communicate with John directly, you can do so by writing to contact at johnconnollybooks, or by following him on Twitter at JConnollyBooks Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See other authors with similar names.


  • As I was doing the unthinkable physically browsing library shelves instead of requesting on line I saw a number of Connolly s Charlie Parker books Despite friends enthusiastic reviews, I ve been unsure about trying the series, as I m generally sensitive to horror However, I really enjoyed his young adult series, so thought it was worth testing my squimishness and selected one of the books that didn t seem quite so focused on mass killings I confess I was riveted How good I drove back to work aft [...]

  • Charlie Parker has lost his license and his gun as a private detective With nothing to do, he decides to conduct his own investigation regarding his father s suicide who shot himself after killing of a teenage couple, the lovers We know that Parker s wife and child were both murdered but for this book, he set this aside and concentrate on his father s story Since Charlie Parker was John Connolly s creation, he latter can decide which part of this character s life to tackle in which book in the s [...]

  • Another brilliant book from John Connolly He writes so well All of his characters are well rounded, his story is full of suspense and there is always that touch of the supernatural that makes everything just a little exciting This book is particularly interesting in that we are at number 8 in the series and we are only just discovering a lot of Charlie s back story I raced to the end of this book and now cannot wait to move on with the series The author is hinting at so much to come.

  • The Lovers progresses the Charlie Parker character in a way that has not been done since The White Road In his last two outings, excluding The Reapers, we ve been given small advancements here and there in Parker s fledgling relationship and his continued haunting by his deceased wife and child but nothing major.In the final pages of The Unquiet s superb ending, Connolly alludes to something being covered up in Charlie s childhood One of Parker s recent associates The Collector , who lightly da [...]

  • Gostei muito deste detetive.Soou me a pessoa real, com todos os seus defeitos e trag dias pessoais.Ao longo do livro foi por demais evidente que devia ter iniciado pelo primeiro volume da s rie As refer ncias a outros livros casos acontecimentos anteriores foram muitos e frequentes, existindo v rios spoilers uma pena que as editoras portuguesas continuem a n o entenderem isto e n o publicam as s ries desde o primeiro volume.Este livro foca se mais na descoberta de mais um peda o do passado de Ch [...]

  • It s been close to five years since I last touched on John Connolly s Charlie Parker series and now after rereading The Lovers, I am most definitely kicking myself for forgetting, and diversifying from one of my favourite authors and series of books.The Lovers sees Charlie working in a bar after having his PI license revoked, he decides to investigate the haunting suicide of his father an NYPD cop who shot an unarmed couple and followed it up by killing himself.He also has a reporter who is dete [...]

  • How can you tell a great writer When he can basically present in book eight of a series 400 plus pages of back story and keep it thrilling The top advice given to writers is start with the action avoid the exposition like the kiss of death But yet Connolly manages to prove there is always an exception to every rule His private detective Charlie Parker has always been an interesting character with a much storied past, but there are even parts of if it he was unsure of With that premise the author [...]

  • The Lovers , book 8 about the violent life and spooky times of Charlie Parker, ex detective, continues with several ongoing series specific cosmological mysteries This novel is not a stand alone read, which is true of all of the books I have read in the series so far in my opinion The previous book and this one are driven by main character backstory flashbacks and narrative histories filling in blanks from the previous novels.I found The Lovers satisfying because it explains a little bit why Par [...]

  • I did something last night that I haven t done in a long time on a work night stayed up until I finished my book even though I knew I would hate life in the morning on the way to work In fact, I pretty much read this book all day once I took care of the unimportant stuff like pancakes, groceries, procrastinating doing the laundry This isn t a surprise, though John Connolly s books are just that good.This is the latest in his Charlie Parker series wherein Charlie learns some truths about his fath [...]

  • Lo ha vuelto a hacer Tras ocho libros y un relato corto, esta entrega es de los mejores y m s oscuros de la saga hasta el momento, a pesar de que se podr a leer como novela independiente, creo que es imprescindible conocer el background de las historias previas para poderlo disfrutar completamente.

  • I have come to expect high quality mystery thrillers from John Connolly, heavy on police procedure and the inner workings of the newsroom from a man with vast experience with both What I didn t expect was a paranormal thriller, and that s what Connolly deftly delivers in The Lovers Charlie Parker is a private investigator with a suspended license working as a bartender in Maine He comes from a perfectly normal background and an ordinary family His parents loved each other and Charlie s adolescen [...]

  • John Connolly es un escritor de novela negra at pico Se atrevi a hacer algo que a otros escritores dentro del g nero consideran un sacrilegio mezclar novela negra con fen menos paranormales Personalmente, creo que ha revolucionado el g nero Su personaje, Charlie Bird Parker, es un detective que qued marcado tras un hecho atroz la tortura y asesinato de su mujer y su hija Estaba tan unido a ellas y su af n de venganza era tan grande, que al no querer abandonar su recuerdo, sus esp ritus han segui [...]

  • Yet another amazing installment in the quite possibly best series out there This book marks a welcome return to supernatural themes since Black Angel and reveals much of Charlie s background Thing is, though, this could have been a phonebook reprint and Connolly s phenomenal writing would have made it compelling and tough to put down As it were, it was impossible to put down, read the whole book in pretty much one sitting Highly recommended.

  • Its a shame that the first half of this novel is so long and gruesome But I suppose some was needed to reach the second half which was better paced 7 of 10 stars

  • It s getting difficult keeping track of my favorite mystery authors It changes from week to week While I love discovering new authors, there are a bevy of authors I will continuously go back to, like close friends or security blankets One week it may be Lee Child, another week it may be Michael Connelly, another week James Lee Burke One author I have discovered that offers, without fail, beautiful writing and edge of the seat thrills two things that rarely come together in the mystery genre is J [...]

  • I started reading the Charlie Parker series in 2012, and i liked it from the start The hooking part, the devouring these books started happening only after the book 6 There are a couple of reasons for this Mainly, in the first two, there were still problems with the plot going too much in a not too realistic mafia action way This was not in a good balance with the reason why the Charlie Parker series works now it s like the Millennium s Frank Black in season 2 and the Stephen King world combined [...]

  • I started reading John Connolly both as a new author I had not read before and because the jacket blurb was intriguing There are some insightful and memorable paragraphs I would go further and say that some chapters are good But it seems to me that John actually wants to be Stephen King but does not dare so he puts in some aspects of the mystical macabre cabalistic dark features without much explanation or background In summary a disappointing read and though this is Charlie Parker 8 I doubt I w [...]

  • Wonderful book, and one of Mr Connolly s shorter ones Or so it seemed I flew through this in a mere three days This is one of Charlie Parker s the MC in the series most personal tales Determined to learn about the last days and actions of his late father, police officer Will Parker, Charlie goes on a hunt for answers which will threaten him and those he cares about in just about every way you can imagine With just a touch of the supernatural which is evident in all the Parker novels this story w [...]

  • We have a face we show the world and another private face we don t, according to Charlie Parker Never apparent than in this book as Charlie investigates his family history Lots of surprises and believable supernatural aspects Not as good as some of his other entries in the Charlie Parker saga but I ll round it up to Four Stars

  • I received this book from a giveaway.I read The Lovers by John Connolly in one sitting After reading the third paragraph, I frowned and asked myself what maudlin garbage I was about to embark on In the fourth paragraph, I was hooked.Investigator Charlie Parker starts digging around to find out what truly happened to his mother and father during his teenage years Suicides and murders are woven together and come apart, past and future, in the pages of this book Meanwhile, something other worldly l [...]

  • Charlie Parker is a man adrift He has lost his private investigator s license and the woman who had his child has left him Now making ends meet working in a Maine bar, he looks to solve the mystery that has haunted him nearly all his life why did his policeman father shoot to death two apparently unarmed teenagers, before alter tuning the gun on himself Parker travels to a New York City suburb where the incident happened, chased by a tenacious reporter who is bent on telling Parker s story wheth [...]

  • I won this book through the First Reads Giveaway John Connolly is a painter he just uses words instead of watercolors The way that he writes makes you picture everything as it happens I think that a lot of authors miss that mark but John Connolly has it down pat John Connolly jumps right into the story and you feel like you re there with Charlie Parker as he deals with the police, his lawyer, old friends and memories from long ago Charlie is delving into his past to find out about the killings [...]

  • When setting the scene, many writers fail to either, fully hold your attention or just plain waffle their way through Connolly makes you think that every word he writes is crucial to the story, he makes you believe that every character has their own story worth reading and he is also capable of sending a shiver right through your core with his ability to write about subjects many would not dare to touch on Horror Supernatural is not usually a genre that would interest me, having read my share ab [...]

  • This book was disappointing only in that there was almost zero Louis Angel, which I can understand given that the previous CP novel was almost entirely about them This story focuses on Parker s father and events that lead both to his death and to Parker s continued existence There s one thing about the Parker novels that I m on the fence about there is a supernatural element to his life and the cases he takes The ghosts of his murdered wife and daughter haunt him, literally, and many of the evil [...]

  • This latest installment in the Charlie Parker series takes us on a dark journey, what s new I hear you ask, all of John Connolly s books take us on dark journeys This one, however, explores the past of Charlie himself and the mysteries surrounding his birth and the suicide of his father, it also goes some way to explain why evil is drawn to him like a moth to a flame Gripping right from the first page with what at first seems like an unconnected story, this book will keep you turning the pages u [...]

  • The Lovers coupled with The Black Angel are the best books in the Charlie Parker series.This is the second time I have read this book and I think I appreciate it knowing how the series has progressed The weather was perfect for starting this book It was the first big snow of the year and they even closed my office early I spent the day reading by a fire with a cup of coffee close at hand It was bliss.

  • Wow I spent basically one day reading this Although only 8 definitely my favourite CP so far In fact, The Reapers too Can t recommend John Connolly enough Great thrillers, written beautifully To me true modern classics 5

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