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Open Minds When everyone reads minds a secret is a dangerous thing to keep Sixteen year old Kira Moore is a zero someone who can t read thoughts or be read by others Zeros are outcasts who can t be trusted le
  • Title: Open Minds
  • Author: Susan Kaye Quinn
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  • Page: 405
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Open Minds
    When everyone reads minds, a secret is a dangerous thing to keep.Sixteen year old Kira Moore is a zero, someone who can t read thoughts or be read by others Zeros are outcasts who can t be trusted, leaving her no chance with Raf, a regular mindreader and the best friend she secretly loves When she accidentally controls Raf s mind and nearly kills him, Kira tries to hideWhen everyone reads minds, a secret is a dangerous thing to keep.Sixteen year old Kira Moore is a zero, someone who can t read thoughts or be read by others Zeros are outcasts who can t be trusted, leaving her no chance with Raf, a regular mindreader and the best friend she secretly loves When she accidentally controls Raf s mind and nearly kills him, Kira tries to hide her frightening new ability from her family and an increasingly suspicious Raf But lies tangle around her, and she s dragged deep into a hidden world of mindjackers, where having to mind control everyone she loves is just the beginning of the deadly choices before herP 5 FINALIST for 2012 Best Indie Book, Young Adult Fiction The Kindle Book ReviewOpen Minds is the first novel in the Mindjack Series, a young adult science fiction series There are three novels in the original trilogy, five novellas that accompany the series, and plans for another trilogy in the works see Susan s latest novella, The Locksmith, for a peek at a new Mindjack character for the coming trilogy Subscribe to her newsletter, and get a short story for free READING ORDERMindjack Trilogy novels Open Minds, Closed Hearts, Free SoulsMindjack Origins shorts Mind Games, The Handler, The Scribe, Keeper, The Locksmith The Locksmith is a standalone novella that can be read independently of the trilogy and novellas.
    Open Minds By Susan Kaye Quinn,
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    CLICK HERE for a FREE STORYSusan Kaye Quinn is a rocket scientist turned speculative fiction author who now uses her PhD to invent cool stuff in books Her works range from young adult science fiction to adult future noir, with side trips into royal fantasy romance and middle grade Her bestselling novels and short stories have been optioned for Virtual Reality, translated into German and French, and featured in several anthologies.She writes full time from Chicago, inventing mind powers and dreaming of the Singularity.All of Sue s books YOUNG ADULT SCIENCE FICTIONSingularity SeriesREADING ORDERDefiance A Prequel to The Legacy Human The Legacy Human Singularity 1 The Duality Bridge Singularity 2 The Stories of Singularity 1 4 box set The Illusory Prophet Singularity 3 Stories of Singularity 5 AwakeningMindjack SeriesKira s StoryOpen Minds Mindjack 1 Closed Hearts Mindjack 2 Free Souls Mindjack 3 Mindjack Short Story Collection box set Zeph s Story The Locksmith short story Locked Tight Mindjack 4 Cracked Open Mindjack 5 WATCH the award winning live action Mindjack Book Trailer SWEET, ROYAL ROMANCEThird Daughter The Royals of Dharia 1 Second Daughter The Royals of Dharia 2 First Daughter The Royals of Dharia 3 ADULT FUTURE NOIRThe Debt Collector LIRIUM Season One The Debt Collector WRAITH Season Two WATCH the Debt Collector Book TrailerANTHOLOGIESSynchronicTelepath ChroniclesAI ChroniclesDark Beyond The StarsFuture ChroniclesCyborg ChroniclesCLONES The AnthologyMIDDLE GRADEFaery SwapWATCH the Faery Swap Book TrailerCONTACT SUSANSusan s Website Susan s twitter Susan s Facebook PageSusan s Email susankayequinn comcast


  • I shivered under the covers, sending a wave of pink sheen down the length of it If anyone found out I could control thoughts, they d lock me away in a laboratory Do experiments Dissect my brain I understood why Simon insisted this had to be a secret Simon, with his dark eyes and smirky grinOK 10 in Carmen Downloads 20 Free Ebooks Onto Her Kindle Day More widely known as March 3rd, 2015.I hated this book I finished it resisting the urge to DNF it that came over me about 65 times in the course of [...]

  • The setting in Open Minds is a future world late 21st century where almost everyone is a reader Chemicals in the environment triggered a massive genetic evolution spawning generations of mind readers During puberty, children begin to both involuntarily send out their thoughts and read the thoughts of others in range, which means most conversations take place mentally Some children never go through the change and are designated as zeros Sixteen year old Kira Moore is a zero.or so she thinks Stran [...]

  • I figured I should do a review of this book, since I read it recently and I guess I am still thinking about it You must be thinking, Wow Sam, you re still thinking about this book It must be good Then you see my two star rating and you re confused Well don t be Yes, I m thinking about this book, but hardly in any way that is positive In fact, the I think about it the I kind of dislike it But I ll try to get this out of me before, the rating drops any As with all of my reviews to come, I will [...]

  • Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book.3.5 StarsThe cool thing about this story is that something has happened to create a new mutation in the human race Now everyone has the ability to read minds, except for a small group that are called Zeros Since nobody can tell what they re thinking, they are treated very poorly They don t get accepted into colleges, are only allowed to hold the most menial jobs, and dating or marrying one of them is looked down on because they are considered mentally [...]

  • How can you not love a book that s set in the northern suburbs of the greatest city in the world Ok, so I might be a little biased on the backdrop given that I too call those northern suburbs home, but in all seriousness, the book was something else.Kira is going through life as a zero In a world where everyone is expected to be able to read everyone else s mind, she s one of the rare people that can t, and that makes her society s outcast The story was wonderfully original And the world buildin [...]

  • Actual rating 3,5 Really enjoyable book This was such a disturbing possibility for humanity s future, but I love disturbing stories so I found it super interesting The concept of the whole mind reading and mind jacking abilities was super interesting, and I was always edgy while reading Open Minds The characters did irritate me a bit at some points, but the mistery behind all of this was really good The author s writing style is simple and very easy to get through Although this book didn t blew [...]

  • I could not put down this book From the very beginning, Kira s adventures and the world of readers, jackers and zeroes is riveting If you are a fan of the Hunger Games trilogy this should be your next read You will get hooked Eagerly waiting for the 2nd book in the Mindjack Trilogy

  • Originally published at my blog Chasing Empty PavementsI could barely wait until today to post my review of this awesome book The Good Talk about mindjacking I m not entirely sure Susan Kaye Quinn didn t jack into my mind herself to make me fall in love with this book This book is full of awesome Firstly, the concept was fresh and unique we ve all heard of mind readers but this is a new take on it with a twist Quinn created a totally believable world where the norm is being able to read minds an [...]

  • Open Minds is one of those stories that took me by surprise I m not a big fan of the paranormal romance boom, I mean really, I m a forty five year old male But this story had just enough action, just enough intrigue to keep me interested And in the end it was very light on the romance anyway, with only limited snogging between characters.What Open Minds is then, is a well thought out look at what would happen in a world where everyone could read minds There are no secrets There can be very littl [...]

  • Hmmm I m not sure what to make of this book It s not that the writing was bad because it wasn t, but it s so psychologically and mentally disturbing that I m just stunned, I guess So I m not sure I can fairly judge whether I like the book or not So the following review is merely one or the merits and weakness of the book and not whether or not I actually enjoyed the story.Overall, I think it was a very creatively written story, and I m impressed that Quinn has created such a world However, since [...]

  • I first encountered Open Minds Mindjack, 1 when the blog Pixel of Ink made mention of it being a Kindle freebie I snapped it up and, when I wanted something different from the series I have been reading of later, opened it eagerly.This is a YA book Not a YA categorized but really adults will have as much fun as tweens reading it YA, but a real honest to goodness if your worst problems in life aren t how to make it to your locker and the bathroom during the three minute passing period then you ll [...]

  • Source Downloaded for free from Kira is a zero Everyone else in the world can read each other s minds, except for the zeros who are shunned for being different, and although Kira still hasEveryone tells Kira that there s still time for her to change, but Kira has little hope, her grandmother was a zero too.One day something strange happens though just as her best friend Raf is about to kiss her, she shouts no in her mind, and knocks him out When another student Simon then approaches her and tel [...]

  • Totally.Blown.Away.I had just finished Scot Westerfeld s UGLIES series when I started reading Open Minds I was really worried about jumping into a new book after the awesomeness of the UGLIES series It s always rough to read a truly amazing story and then pick up a new book feeling fairly certain it will let you down.OPEN MINDS did not let me down at all If anything, it kept me reading long after I should have been asleep and hurrying to finish tasks so I could indulge in the world that Susan Ka [...]

  • This book had an interesting concept It was a dystopian with almost a paranormal twist.In the year 2090 people are mind readers and communicators No one speaks Everyone talks to each other through their head Except the zeros, the kids who don t change and still have to speak Kira is a zero, or at least that s what she thinks until one day Simon shows her otherwise She is introduced to the world of mind jacking, where others can t hear your thoughts or what you are saying unless you choose to lin [...]

  • First I would like to thank Sue for sending me a copy of OPEN MINDS Thank you so much for opening my mind to this fantasy that you have created OPEN MINDS was hands down one of the best YA books that I have read It arrived in the mail yesterday, but I got it around seven when I got home from the bookstore I cracked it open immediately leaving my bookstore purchases untouched Admittedly it took me 30 or so pages to get into it and I stumbled over the lingo a bit Once I had it figured out, though, [...]

  • I have read over two hundred MG YA books since reading The Hunger Games, a series that totally floored me Out of those hundreds, Open Minds is the only one that glued my butt to my couch as The Hunger Games did In fact, this review will be a little off the cuff, because I didn t slow down to take notes like I usually do.Open Minds has a dystopian feel to it Kira lives in Chicago in a world very different from ours Because of a mutation linked to chemicals in the water supply, people have develop [...]

  • This unique and original storyline had me on the edge of my seat, and I was generally unwilling to put the book down The idea of a future where mind reading was the norm was interesting enough, but when the twist of mind jacking was thrown in, it became positively enthralling The author weaves details into the story bit by bit to let readers get to know the rules and norms of society at their own pace New vocabulary is learned through the context of the setting, and I found myself enjoying the e [...]

  • This is an absolutely fantastic start to the series I loved this from start to finish and don t know if I m going to be able to wait for the next book in the series to come out it was THAT good

  • In a world where everyone can read minds, it s an oddity to be disconnected from everyone, and have to actually talk to someone to communicate For Kira Moore, that s exactly what she s dealing with She s been labeled a Zero, as if being different wasn t bad enough She s holding out hope for just being a late bloomer though, and changing this year Being disconnected from everyone seems like the biggest thing going wrong in her lifetil she falls into Simon s lapterally Simon s a mind jackermeone c [...]

  • I was a bit confused in the beginning, but that may have been my fault than the authors since I can sometimes be slow when it comes to understanding Sci Fi novels However I also had issues with the bland story and found the main character to be annoying and idiotic The gaping plot holes also did not help to improve my thoughts of this book Steer clear of this book unless you are a very forgiving reader 1.5 5

  • This review can also be found on my blogThis book had an interesting concept, but its overall implausibility and flat characters left it kind of bleh While I didn t really hate the heroine or her love interest well, the real one anyway , I didn t really care about them either There were moments when I felt like actions of the heroine occurred solely to provide a premise for the next book I didn t feel moved when a major character died I never really felt moved at all during the book, not even wh [...]

  • Actual rating 3.5The main character annoyed me slightly at points, but I liked her for the majority of the book.This was a decent read, which managed to keep my interest throughout.

  • I am so excited to share today s review with you It s always a privilege to be part of the launch of a book that you know will deeply satisfy its readers, both male and female, in the case of Open Minds.The only other protagonist that has truly dragged me into her world from page one this year, is Katniss, and I can assure you, you are going to care just as much about Kira s outcome as Katniss survival in the Hunger Games This comes from someone who is not normally into YA paranormal science fic [...]

  • Looking for a futuristic YA dystopian adventure where the angst is low and the creativity is on full throttle Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn follows one teen girl as she attempts to function as a zero non gifted in a world filled with humans with the ability to read minds Is she a late bloomer or is there to her than meets the mind Readers are accepted, but there are a few who can overpower them mentally, Mindjackers, who are considered dangerous and are herded into camps to control and experim [...]

  • I have to say it right from the start beginning with chapter one of Open Minds, Susan Kaye Quinn blew my mind wide open The very beginning, her main character, Kira, has a point of view rarely seen in YA Paranormal She s the one without the power Even her best friend, Rafael, went through the change and can read minds, except hers Kira s narration takes you through the grueling experience of trying to get through a day in high school where everyone else can read minds Imagine not having a single [...]

  • Wow just when I was getting a little bored of YA a book like this comes along and just woes me back What I loved was that at first I thought I was reading a typical story of a teen girl who discovers she has extra ordinary powers, and while that is the starting point the story then moves rapidly changing direction and leaving me twisting in the gale like a wind chime.When we first meet Kira, she is a zero someone who neither projects her thoughts or receives others and is rapidly passing the age [...]

  • In the future your thoughts are no longer precious and private, they are a way of life And if you can t read others minds, then you re a zero Kira is hoping that she is just a late bloomer, but reality is sinking in and she knows she is a nothing, a zero Her friends have all went through the change and Kira is left snubbed and forgotten by her classmates Only Raf, her best friend, still talks to her But Kira knows its only a matter of time before Raf leaves to go on to college leaving her behind [...]

  • I discovered this local author through a colleague who met Susan Kaye Quinn at a book talk I was honored when she agreed to speak at the high school where I teach Now, after reading OPEN MINDS, I am than excited Moreover, when I asked one of my classes if they read this book, than a few hands instantly burst up and I can now see why Full disclosure here having finally completed the Hunger Games trilogy early on in the school year and currently awaiting the arrival of the 3rd in the DIVERGENT s [...]

  • A fast paced thriller set in a world where mind reading is the norm, and Kira, the teen age protagonist is a freak a zero, who hasn t developed the ability to communicate by thought But what really sets her apart and catapults her into danger is her newly discovered ability to jack into other people s minds and control them When she realizes there is a subculture of jackers, who range from benign undercover citizens to vicious criminals and ruthless military agents, she faces choices she could n [...]

  • 2.5 stars This book is a walking trope An enjoyable walking trope, but a walking trope nonetheless So there s a girl, and she has a crush on her best guy friend, and he keeps dating really pretty girls who she looks down on and who are popular and mean to her She discovers she has special powers, and she gets arrested for it Then she starts falling for a really hot bad boy The drama surrounding whether or not shall survive the damn series is overshadowed by the drama over which guy she ll pick S [...]

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