Ten Tea Parties: Patriotic Protests That History Forgot

Ten Tea Parties Patriotic Protests That History Forgot Everyone knows the story of the Boston Tea Party in which colonists stormed three British ships and dumped pounds of tea into Boston Harbor But do you know the history of the Philadelphia Tea P
  • Title: Ten Tea Parties: Patriotic Protests That History Forgot
  • Author: Joseph Cummins
  • ISBN: 9781594745607
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ten Tea Parties: Patriotic Protests That History Forgot
    Everyone knows the story of the Boston Tea Party in which colonists stormed three British ships and dumped 92,000 pounds of tea into Boston Harbor But do you know the history of the Philadelphia Tea Party December 1773 How about the York, Maine, Tea Party September 1774 or the Wilmington, North Carolina, Tea Party March 1775 Ten Tea Parties is the first book to chrEveryone knows the story of the Boston Tea Party in which colonists stormed three British ships and dumped 92,000 pounds of tea into Boston Harbor But do you know the history of the Philadelphia Tea Party December 1773 How about the York, Maine, Tea Party September 1774 or the Wilmington, North Carolina, Tea Party March 1775 Ten Tea Parties is the first book to chronicle all these uniquely American protests Author and historian Joseph Cummins begins with the history of the East India Company the biggest global corporation in the eighteenth century and their staggering financial losses during the Boston Tea Party than a million dollars in today s money.From there we travel to Philadelphia, where Captain Samuel Ayres was nearly tarred and feathered by a mob of 8,000 angry patriots Then we set sail for New York City, where the Sons of Liberty raided the London and heaved 18 chests of tea into the Hudson River Still later, in Annapolis, Maryland, a brigantine carrying 2,320 pounds of the wretched weed was burned to ashes.Together, the stories in Ten Tea Parties illuminate the power of Americans banding together as Americans for the very first time in the fledgling nation s history It s no wonder these patriots remain an inspiration to so many people today.
    Ten Tea Parties: Patriotic Protests That History Forgot By Joseph Cummins,
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    Joseph Cummins is the author of numerous books, including Anything for a Vote Dirty Tricks, Cheap Shots and October Surprises in U.S Presidential Elections A Bloody History of the World, which won the 2010 Our History Project Gold Medal Award and the forthcoming Ten Tea Parties Patriotic Protests That History Forgot He lives in Maplewood, New Jersey, with his wife and daughter.


  • We all know about the Boston Tea Party, but it s not so well known that other colonies participated in tea parties as well This book includes details on the ones in Boston, Philadelphia, Charleston they had two , New York, Chestertown Maryland that one might not have even happened, but they still celebrate it every Memorial Day , York Maine , Annapolis, Edenton and Wilmington, and Greenwich New Jersey Some were dramatic, some calm, some involved fire, some water, but all were to protest the taxe [...]

  • Most Americans are familiar with the Boston Tea Party albeit, some than others However, did you know that there were several other tea party protests during the pre Revolutionary times Joseph Cummins brings history to life with Ten Tea Parties Patriotic Protests That History Forgot.Before the text is even addresses, the design of Ten Tea Parties must be complimented Doogie Horner designers arranged fonts, layouts, and illustrations which evoke history, adventure, pirates, rebellions, and theatr [...]

  • Joseph Cummins found a little investigated field of study in American history to base this intriguing book on Before reading this book, I had never heard of most of these tea party occurrences in our nation s history Other than the Boston Tea Party, not many of these events are covered in our history books It is so refreshing to find a history book on a topic that has not been widely explored Ten Tea Parties tells the stories of various instances in the late 18th century where defenders of civil [...]

  • I must admit, even as a history buff I d only heard of the Boston, Edenton, and Charleston tea parties, so this book proved enlightening Cummins places the tea parties in the context of the greater issues of the time Britain s post Seven Years War economic problems, Parliament s taxation of the colonies, and the East India Company s monopoly and bail out by the British government He draws some interesting parallels with America s current economic and political situation, too Also important is ho [...]

  • I found this book full of historical facts, I didn t realize that than one Tea Party had taken place before the Revolutionary war, but they seemed to be having them up and down the Eastern Seaboard at that time.The book talked about the players and how they came to tossing tea chests into the harbors and how they also burned it The chapter on women and tea really kept my interest They also got in on the tea parties and refused to drink the vile concoction until the tax was removed This was a hu [...]

  • I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.The Boston Tea Party is a well known piece of American history, but it s usually talked about as a singular event the one tea party that happened that one time But less well known is the fact that there were actually many tea parties happening around the country during that time, all with their own unique and interesting stories Joseph Cummins book Ten Tea Parties brings the stories of these forgotten tea parties to light i [...]

  • I really loved this book It is so entertaining, at first I didn t even realize how much I was learning Clear and easy to read, Ten Tea Parties is packed with information Most people know about the Boston Tea Party, but this book tells why the colonists were both motivated and, perhaps, even compelled, to act The reader gains a better understanding of how such disparate people in the separate colonies came to unify for many acts of resistance I d recommend this book to anyone interested in histor [...]

  • bookpeek.tumblr Tea Party Whether you associate it with a fiery political movement or a featured moment mentioned in your high school history class, most Americans and many others across the globe have come to terms with this phrase one way or another When we think about the historical party, often there is little debate over what is believed to be the recounts of that fateful event on December 16, 1773 It took place in Boston, a group of colonists were infuriated over the oppressive nature the [...]

  • Reading Ten Tea Parties was a bit different than my normal choice of book But when I first say the title, I questioned the book This sounds interesting, but it s a history book isn t it Until reading it, I haven t taken much pleasure in history books since middle school when learning about the Greeks, Romans, then later Americans was fun but not extensive enough to cause boredom Then high school and college required courses took hold and killed the subject for me.This book shattered that stigma [...]

  • When this book arrived on my doorstep I thought it might provide some insight about how the facts of the Boston Tea Party have been distorted over the years Joseph Cummins does a great job of portraying the broader story of the Boston Tea Party, both it what caused the event and what happened during the event It was in the context of repressive tax policies by the British Crown on the American colonies But the problem with the tea in question is that was coming directly from the East India Compa [...]

  • When most kids learn about the Boston Tea Party in school, it is as a singular example of Boston s protest against British rule What isn t taught, however, is that this event was just one example of a larger national trend and movement Cummins describes the events of the Boston Tea Party, but also brings to light anti tea protests in other communities around the 13 colonies Even though patriots were all protesting the Tea Act, they did so in different ways, so that makes the book a little less r [...]

  • This was an interesting view of the role of tea and the power of protest in the American Colonies leading up to the American Revolution Joseph Cummins does a good job of presenting the different attacks on tea that occurred in 1773 and 1774 He tells a story that is easy to follow and explains the important factors leading to the showdown between colonists and crown officials, especially for those who may not be as familiar with the setting It is interesting to look at some of the lesser known ex [...]

  • An excellent little history book that tells of the other Tea Parties that took place in the colonies besides the one that we all learned about in Boston Cummins gives us quick tour of what occurred not only in Boston but in other parts of the colonies as people rose up in protest against unfair taxes Because of time and space many historical events are left out of the history books used in high schools and even colleges Cummins makes these events come to life and helps us to see that though the [...]

  • With Ten Tea Parties Patriotic Protests That History Forgot , Joseph Cummins attempts to tell the story of the tea parties that started in Boston in December 1773 continued through December 1774 Each abbreviated chapter gives a summary of these various events as they occurred in the towns they occurred in Where the book goes astray is that some of these tea parties are based on historical records which means the actual accounts may not be valid Also, in the appendix, Cummins lists another 8 less [...]

  • So I needed some history thrown into the Anne mania mix I m not quite sure that Ten Tea Parties really fits the bill This is a book I received from in exchange for reviewing it A fuller, thought out review will follow, but for now I have to say really The author even admits that one of the tea parties was not really known and some of it was speculation.It seems like it should fall into the category of politics, not history Some of it certainly seemed historical, but some of it did not The Epilo [...]

  • If you thought the Boston Tea Party was the only one worth mentioning during the American Revolution, read up on the other nine plus events that took place in Cummins insightful book Not only did these protests shape our nation s early history, they became the model for several movements in the U.S and abroad and still continue to influence the ways in which citizens demonstrate today Most poignant to this reader were the Charleston, SC and Edenton, PA parties where tarring and feathering did no [...]

  • A series of actions including the Stamp Act, the Townsend Acts and the Boston Massacre agitated the colonists but when a tax on tea was enacted, the colonists were compelled to action It led to protests all along the eastern coast including the well known Boston Tea party As a lover of history, I was fascinated by Cummins book Having only learned about the Boston Tea Party from history classes, I was thrilled to learn about the ten tea parties forgotten Joseph Cummins writes a new history book t [...]

  • If you can get past the first few pages trying to link the modern Tea Party with the patriots, this book covers the Boston Tea Party and others that I didn t know about previously The author includes interesting information about why tea became and issue and how much of it had to do with the machinations of the East India Company Many of the main patriots were protesting the EIC s monopoly, as much or than they were protesting the taxation issues Taxation was just a understandable issue to pre [...]

  • I thought this book was really great It was very engaging from the beginning and there was just enough information about each event to make it interesting and not so much detail that distracted from the stories It was really cool getting a glimpse into what life was like, not only for the colonies as a whole, but in each town The political climates were different as were the patriots who performed the tea parties This is a fun, easy read that is perfect for anyone who likes to read about histori [...]

  • One of the most poorly written historically based books I ve ever read Cummins used entirely too many block quotes and regular quotations to develop a flow tot he book The only chapter that seemed to have any original thought was the chapter about his beloved New Jersey Trying to tie the old tea party justifications into new ideology for the new Tea Party was a wild stretch and further devalued the arguments made The only good aspect of the book was that Cummins briefly mentions a fair number of [...]

  • I found this book full of historical facts, I didn t realize that than two Tea Parties had taken place before the Revolutionary war How many Tea Parties can you remember being taught I could only remind my self of two So I found myself searching for the others while I was reading this book I loved digging for my own historical facts to add to this book.I enjoyed this book and if you enjoy historical facts and dates, you will also enjoy this little book on Ten Tea Parties that happen in which on [...]

  • This was very informative My dad the Tea Party Activist died from an accident last Thanksgiving, was my intro into the tea party stand now This book is full of tea parties through out history that I had never heard of I actually plowed through it couldn t put it down I just realized I had it marked as currently reading instead of read It is a book I will keep forever share with my kids I am actually really excited to recommend this book The tea party stand is not some random event or occurance b [...]

  • It s a good history and fair minded review of the motives, tactics and personalities involved In my opinion, too much of America s struggle for independence is forgotten It s worth noting that the struggle wasn t only against a mighty government, but a might corporation the East India Company As Ronald Reagan explained, Freedom is never than one generation away from extinction We didn t pass it to our children in the bloodstream It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the [...]

  • I won this book in a first read giveaway.I very much enjoyed this book I loved reading about the different events, and how they were significant to our history I this this book is a great read, even for those who aren t as interested in history as other might be I recommended this book to a friend for part of a project he s doing for his History class He loved it too

  • I won this great little book as a First Reads and enjoyed it very much Cummins focused on this one topic and did a wonderful job giving an overview of the history of the areas featured and then discussed what occurred there I have to admit that my knowledge of the tea parties was marginal at best and this was a fantastic source for learning .

  • Such a wonderful look at the time of the Townsend Acts, the Sons of Liberty, and the fledgling American spirit An easy to read little volume that tells about the many cities throughout the colonies that protested the tax on tea being levied without our vote It s fascinating to see how each city handled the problem inspirational little history

  • As a book I won through the first reads giveaways, I ve gotten through the introduction and I ve learned some new information There were many examples of the tea parties held along the coast showing their rebellion of being taxed I even referred this book to my colleagues who also teach American History as a book they should read and include in their curriculum.

  • So we all know the story of the Boston Tea Party, or think that we know the story, but this book also includes the stories of nine additional Tea Parties that occurred in other colonies I highly recommend this interesting book.

  • interesting read, i knew of the chestertown tea party but was not aware of several others up and down the eastern seaboard that may or may not have happened and some happened in concert with and others in support of the most famous one in boston

  • thanks for the terrific book Loved it Witty and lively and best of portrays the original Tea Partiers or,rather, Tea Destroyers as real people not some kind of semi mythic prescient god men Great read.

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