Monstrous Beauty

Monstrous Beauty Fierce seductive mermaid Syrenka falls in love with Ezra a young naturalist When she abandons her life underwater for a chance at happiness on land she is unaware that this decision comes with horr
  • Title: Monstrous Beauty
  • Author: Elizabeth Fama
  • ISBN: 9780374373665
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Monstrous Beauty
    Fierce, seductive mermaid Syrenka falls in love with Ezra, a young naturalist When she abandons her life underwater for a chance at happiness on land, she is unaware that this decision comes with horrific and deadly consequences.Almost one hundred forty years later, seventeen year old Hester meets a mysterious stranger named Ezra and feels overwhelmingly, inexplicably draFierce, seductive mermaid Syrenka falls in love with Ezra, a young naturalist When she abandons her life underwater for a chance at happiness on land, she is unaware that this decision comes with horrific and deadly consequences.Almost one hundred forty years later, seventeen year old Hester meets a mysterious stranger named Ezra and feels overwhelmingly, inexplicably drawn to him For generations, love has resulted in death for the women in her family Is it an undiagnosed genetic defect or a curse With Ezra s help, Hester investigates her family s strange, sad history The answers she seeks are waiting in the graveyard, the crypt, and at the bottom of the ocean but powerful forces will do anything to keep her from uncovering her connection to Syrenka and to the tragedy of so long ago.
    Monstrous Beauty By Elizabeth Fama,
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    Elizabeth Fama is the author of Plus One FSG, 2014 , Monstrous Beauty FSG, 2012 , a YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults selection and Odyssey Award honor winner, and Overboard Cricket Books, 2002 , an ALA Best Books for Young Adults You re absolutely welcome to follow me on , but I won t seem very interesting as a reader here While I m an active lurker on GR, I keep all of my personal thoughts about what I m reading on an anonymous Booklikes account.


  • Take a photographic tour of the Monstrous Beauty world as Elizabeth Fama stops by The Midnight Garden to kick off her blog tour Plus win a finished hardcover of the book.It was a woman as pale and luminescent as a ghost, with swirling white hair Ezra startled, dropping his pencil into the water Her face snapped toward him Her eyes were too large, clear green, and had horizontal, slit shaped pupils, reminiscent of an octopus.Did your pulse quicken when you read that paragraph Mine did I had a fee [...]

  • Those two stars up there are for the mermaids, which ironically were the main reason I felt hesitant to read this But damn if she didn t deliver on the mermaids These ladies are creepy, clawed, razor toothed monsters capable of twisted magic The prologue of this book, wherein the mermaid Syrenka tries to make love to the man she s been watching for months and then accidentally kills him, had me completely enthralled And then the story flashed forward by a few hundred years and Hester showed up H [...]

  • Elizabeth Fama s Monstrous Beauty is a dark and twisted concoction of myth, curses, history, and murder It is a piercing story about a mermaid who longs to love and a young girl who has discarded any hope of it I haven t read many sea folk lore, and so won t pretend to understand this new and original approach to the mermaid legend The story is certainly mature, however, daring to be graphic and seasoned if you catch my meaning , than most young adult novels in the market In fact, dare I say th [...]

  • I have tried to read mermaid books a new hype in today s YA market and book after book I keep finding myself disappointed, realizing that these water beings are simply not my forte until now Is it the dark, twisted plot Is it the violent, yet beautiful story Is it the combination of local sea lore mixed with curses, murders, love, and horror Let s just say, this is definitely up my alley than the froufrou mermaid books that I have been using for kindling lately.Monstrous Beauty welcomes the old [...]

  • This review is also available over at my blog._________________________Part of my Mermaid Marathon, round two.The year is 1872, and Syrenka, a mermaid, falls in love with the gorgeous Ezra, and makes the deadly decision to become mortal and live a life with him Flash forward to almost 140 years later, Hester Goodwin meets a stranger with the same name, who seems to be living in a cave at the beach In Hester s family, love has always lead to death After the women in her family give birth to a chi [...]

  • Monstrous Beauty was disturbing, tragic and yet beautiful and hopeful Hester comes from a tragic line of women Each mother in her family who s given birth has dies within days of delivery Hester s mother, her grandmother, her great grandmother, and so on Hester believes this is some sort of genetic anomaly and the only way to avoid death is to avoid love, marriage and pregnancy Little does she know that this affliction is anything but genetic but stems from something far sinister The past and p [...]

  • This is a mermaid story Consider yourself warned I have yet to read a mermaid story that I actually really, really liked I was hoping to like this as much because it comes backed by our lovely Wendy but I think this is one of the few times our tastes will diverge I found the novel strong, likable but ultimately stereotypical of all others that exist It didn t give me anything new but it was an entertaining read.The writing is strong and smooth I liked the characterizations and I thought that Syr [...]

  • Wow I can t even begin to explain how thoroughly excellent Monstrous Beauty is It s to the point where I don t even want to write a review, because, and I ve said this before, it s not going to come close to truly showing how amazing this book is Monstrous Beauty has everything that would make a book awesome mermaids, ghosts, a curse, an awesome mystery, and an absolutely excellent plot The plot Oh my, that plot was Wow It took me some time to get used to the transitioning time periods, but when [...]

  • 1.5 Stars I didn t like it, but I still managed to read the whole thing.So I finally did it I read a mermaid book My disdain for this trend was already pretty big considering I had yet to actually dip my toes in it, but when I started seeing one fabulous review after the other pour in for Monstrous Beauty I was determined that this would be the mermaid book for me It was described as literary and haunting, beautifully written with dark, Gothic touches Perfect for me Oh, how wrong I was.The Lore [...]

  • Hester Goodwin is like any other teenage girl she goes to school, she crushes on her best friend, she works weekends and summers at the Pilgrim village at her local community However, the women in her family have suffered from a strange affliction they all die within a few days of giving birth to a child The idea that she might find love only to die scares Hester so badly that she decides she doesn t want to have a relationship, ever, but then she meets the odd, handsome Ezra, who encourages her [...]

  • Monstrous Beauty was such a surprising book It sat on my shelf for months that beautiful cover staring at me and whispering Read me Meghan So I finally decided to give it a try So here we go spoiler free.Side note this will be a very generic vague review as I completely slacked off on my note taking on this one, and my review will surely suffer as a result Sorry about that Haha, but let s begin This was my first attempt at a mermaid themed book I really didn t know what to expect but this story [...]

  • When I first started Monstrous Beauty I was practically begging please don t be just another paranormal romance, please Mermaids are probably my favorite mythical creature andI have long searched for a good mermaid story Most mermaid books just don t work for various reasons.When the book started I was worried The book begins in 1872, following the mermaid Syrenka who has fallen in love with a human The book gets really dark really quick, setting a tone that lasts throughout the novel I liked th [...]

  • 4.5 O___O Great I really liked that we have alternate dates, present and 1973 The story is very good, but it is not a fairytale, the story is very dark, but also quite interesting I recommend it, specially if you haven t read anything about mermaids DMe gusto mucho el tono de la novela, pod a llegar a ser bastante oscuro Excelente historia, buenos personajes, buen ritmo, en fin, casi no tengo nada malo que decir Puede que en los ltimos cap tulos bajara un poco la intensidad del libro pero se rec [...]

  • Wow Color me awed Monstrous Beauty is a fantastic yet horror filled novel that s filled with gorgeous prose I was literally hypnotized for the entire story I can t wait to see what else Elizabeth Fama has up her sleeve because she truly delivered quality entertainment with Monstrous Beauty This story juxtaposes two different points in time including 1873 and the present Fama transports her readers to Plymouth Plantation where a centuries old curse takes the life of a particular lineage of women [...]

  • Here you go, guys The first best of 2016 book Wow Can t believe this book was sitting on my shelf for almost 4 years before I read it I ve tried to read it a number of times, mostly during the summer, because of mermaids Mermaids Summer That was my logic which turned out being a huge mistake I was expecting something light and this book was the opposite of that But it s not depressing either I picture this book as that perfect January day, when it s actually warm enough to get outside without a [...]

  • Why do you believe that love and death are intertwined THIS IS TOTALLY UNEXPECTED BEAUTIFUL READ Thanks to lovely and cute, Meghan for the recommendation You re not a dork, you re adorkable Mermaids have always been alluring fascinating creatures This totally isn t mermaid world neither human It is though half balanced in between the worlds the story flourishes itself way to interesting The mermaid s name Syrenka reminds me of the first part of Pirates of Caribbean Initially, I thought it might [...]

  • Holey moley I had no clue that this book would A be as creepy as it was and B deal with ghosts and history than actually mermaids Yes the mermaids play a big part but the ghosts play an even bigger part in my opinion and it was pure brilliance on the authors part This book was creepy, captivating and oh yeah not for the faint of heart hehe This book has two stories in it One that dates back to 1872 and the other in 2011 Told in alternating chapters we get to see two very different stories take [...]

  • Whew This was an intense book not what I expected at all I think I am going to break this one down into a few parts The Cover Take a look at this cover she is pretty right Long blond hair, smoky eyes, doing her model thing The first thing I want to say is this cover is ALL WRONG Don t get me wrong, this is a beautiful cover But other than the fact that there is a blonde mermaid on the front on some rocks it doesn t have much to do with the actual mermaid in the book First of all the tail is all [...]

  • 3.5I waited months for this book.I feel really horrible about not liking MONSTROUS BEAUTY better It was no doubt written beautifully, with an interestingly eery, gorgeous plot, and heart wrenching scenes, but there were some things about it that took away from a 5 star rating.Monstrous Beauty is split into three parts Ezra in the 1870s, Syrenka in the 1870s, and present day Hester The three parts remain vastly different for me.I absolutely adored Syrenka s story, and I enjoyed it even when Ezra [...]

  • Disclosure I had the good fortune to read this book before publication, since the author is a friend Monstrous Beauty has all the ingredients to become a classic complex characters, meticulous plotting, intelligent prose, and page turning situations The opening pages grabbed me by the throat and by the heart and kept me reading.Syrenka is an original No Disney mermaid, she is a true creature of the sea, animal like in her instincts and morals Her transition to human form is anguished and difficu [...]

  • Well That was unexpected Merfolks novels has never been my cup of tea they almost, always manage to disappoint me I ve been staying clear of them just because I find it hard to summon enough interest to keep on reading Imagine my surprise when Monstrous Beauty broke the mold The novel is rich in history, legend and myth there s even ghost stories I went into this book expecting the usual tales about forbidden love between humans and merfolks and yeah, it has those but outside of that romantic el [...]

  • How hard was it for me to come to this rating Hard, I tell you Hard I completely loved this book, but it also completely devastated me It was beautiful and dark, eerie and lush.The writing was basically flawless for me I could tell that the author really did some research on the topics that she was writing about I could see what I was reading I was transported to each setting and each time frame.You see, for me, Mermaids have always been known as evil sea creatures They have I grew up on an isla [...]

  • It made her think about how recording information, ideas, and stories can collapse the time and space between the writer and the reader there was such romance in listening to voices of the past I loved this story The romance was okay, Hester was okay, the intertwined stories were okay, but Syrenka was amazing Syrenka is for me how mermaids should be, and I would love another book about Syrenka s past besides the novella.

  • i like this cover than the new onei don t know why but to me the old cover is alluring and it fits the title well

  • A mermaid fascinated by human, stalks him, falls in love with him and the human blinded by her beauty and simply fascinated stays close then in the moment of heat, human gets pulled underwater, mermaid forgets he needs air to breathe and ends up killing him Oh no, that s not the spoiler for you, that s only the prologue I should ve known it wasn t a book for me right then, but I try not giving up a book before I read at least 100 pages of it Monstrous Beauty is a love story with a mysterious plo [...]

  • I don t know what happened with me and Monstrous Beauty We just didn t click at all I understand why people like the book but I just don t feel it Yes, the book is beautifully written but it s also just kinda boring Nothing really happens in the book except for different people feeling bad for themselves and people getting torn up.While I understand the allure of the book, of the writing, I can t help but notice all the flaws and faults The beautiful words and imagery are masking some pretty big [...]

  • OMG WHAT THEY DID TO THE COVER seriously you tell me, which is the better one original or the new one yeah, i thought so too sure, both covers are oversexed as hell, the first one even so, but you can t deny the brilliance and allure and atmosphericness of the first one.

  • Fabulous book Mermaids century old curse ghosts forbidden love Do I need to say Proper review to come closer to the publishing date.

  • a similar version of this review can be found here at Into the Hall of Books intothehallofbooks 201 What an absolute treat to read Elizabeth Fama s MONSTROUS BEAUTY This book is so well conceived and so well crafted that I struggle with my thoughts even now, and it has been days since I finished the story There is so much going on inside of this book that at any given time, it seems like your head should be completely spinning, but it somehow all makes sense Everything meticulously weaves in and [...]

  • OK, so where do I even begin with this book because I seriously LOVED IT It s been awhile since I ve read a book where I felt totally captivated, where I was basically hanging on every word, and the I read the obsessed and involved I became with the story and characters But Monstrous Beauty single handedly was able to wipe from memory many of my horrible experiences I ve had lately with several YA books, and has restored my faith in the genre as a wholeAH It was THAT good.So characterization i [...]

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