الرجل ذو البدلة البيضاء الشركسكين

  • Title: الرجل ذو البدلة البيضاء الشركسكين
  • Author: لوسيت لنيادو Lucette Lagnado
  • ISBN: 977621729
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • الرجل ذو البدلة البيضاء الشركسكين
    1958 1958 .
    الرجل ذو البدلة البيضاء الشركسكين By لوسيت لنيادو Lucette Lagnado,
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      264 لوسيت لنيادو Lucette Lagnado
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    لوسيت لنيادو Lucette Lagnado Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the الرجل ذو البدلة البيضاء الشركسكين book, this is one of the most wanted لوسيت لنيادو Lucette Lagnado author readers around the world.


  • In The Man in the Sharkskin Suit, Lucette Lagnado regales us about Jewish life in Cairo prior to the Suez revolution This is a tale of her well to do parents who were as much a part of Egypt as the pyramids themselves Cairo through her lens appears to rival the glamour of Paris and New York, and it is evident in the books first sentences why no one would want to leave With this prose I was captivated by Lagnado s parents story immediately I felt sympathy to her parents reluctance to leave Egypt [...]

  • Next time someone tells you about the terrible struggle of the Palestinians, remind him that the Jews of Syria and Egypt, communities whose existence predated Islam, were robbed and exiled by corrupt Arab nationalist tyrants This is the story of one family Fifty years later, are the descendents of the exiled patriarch hunkered down in a refugee camp, living on handouts and plotting bloody revenge Nope This book is personal, not political, and deeply affecting in the writer s treatment of her par [...]

  • I thoroughly liked this book The author speaks from the heart about her family s life with respect and candor Mostly autobiographical in content, the history of the family and particularly the patriarch is the backbone on which it is written A complete riches to rags story, the early part of the book deals with a world completely alien to post war Egypt and its Jewish population Fleeing from their country of birth and rich lifestyle into the unknown life of refugees with no state , no home, is a [...]

  • I d been meaning to read Lucette Lagnado s family memoir for awhile Learning that the book had won the 2008 Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish Literature motivated me to actually pick it up This past weekend, I finished reading the book And it s an excellent read.Given what often seems an unending stream of memoir related scandals, not to mention the primacy of what I ll charitably call the dysfunction narrative and of course the interrelationship between the two , reading THE MAN IN THE WHITE SHARKSKIN [...]

  • My mom shared this book with me at the beach It s a non fiction account of a family who immigrates to the United States from Egypt in the 1960s I m not typically drawn to non fiction but this book reads like fiction Towards the end, I had a hard time putting it down because I was so engrossed it the story and wondered what would happen to this family It s really amazing to read stories like this one and understand that these events actually happened to someone or many someones.

  • Whether or not you have first hand experience with Egypt, this book provides a very interesting window into the lives of a Jewish Arab family living in Cairo up until shortly after WWII I had spent a summer in Egypt in the early 90 s, and while I was aware that most to all of the Jews had long since left for tolerant nations, Lucette Lagnado s story helped answer a lot of my questions about what those Egyptian Jews lives were like before they felt the need to flee their country Ms Lagnado seeme [...]

  • Everybody says they shed a tear when they read touching books I never do, except that I did when I read this book At the end What does this say It says that you, the reader are drawn into the lives of the people The author is writing about her own experiences, growing up in Cairo, Egypt Her family is Jewish and they finally have to leave in the 60s That life in Egypt is wonderful to lean about This covers the first half of the book The second half deals with her life as a stateless person, her f [...]

  • Lucette Lagnado s beautiful, remarkably well documented portrait of her family and their ultimate expulsion from Egypt to the United States in the early 1960s repeats a trope of Jewish history periods of peace for Jews somewhere in the diaspora, followed by abrupt, cruel expulsion to new lands.This book gave me an appreciation for the richness the Egyptian Jews enjoyed, not only monetarily surely not all Jews from Egypt had the wealth that this family once had but the richness of a shared commun [...]

  • I couldn t decide if I should give this 3 or 4 stars and went with the higher number because the author did such a nice job of describing Cairo society back when it was an elegant, cosmopolitan city The story of her family s loss of status, wealth and comfort as they are forced to leave after Nassir s rise to power and their difficult relocation to the US is familiar but well told none the less I would have like details about their lives in NY, but since the focus is on her father, the author n [...]

  • I was fascinated to learn that Jews lived among Arabs in comparative peace in Cairo during and after WWII This is the story of a wealthy Jewish family forced out of Egypt by the growing anti semitic sentiment, the rise of Islam, and the intolerance of a new regime in power The family flees to America via Paris and is forced to live in relative poverty while they adjust to life in a new country Some of them never do, some assimilate very quickly I liked the memoir very much, but I found some thin [...]

  • Lucette Lagnado is such a fine story teller Her memoir took me back to the days of colonialism in Cairo, before Nasser expelled foreigners from Egypt Her Jewish family had roots in Syria but they had lived in Egypt for many years and all of their children were born there No matter Life became difficult and dangerous for Jews Eventually they fled, first to Paris, then to New York City Lucette s father, Leon, never stopped pining for the elegance of the Cairo of his youth The family suffered pover [...]

  • The reviews I read of this book sounded positive but a bit lukewarm, and when my book club chose it, I wasn t expecting to appreciate it quite as much as I did When I read other reviews of this beautifully written book, the evocation of Lagnado s lost world seemed to be touted as its major selling point Like other reviewers, I also found myself taken with the descriptions of 1940s Cairo The sights and smells, and the overall atmosphere there was something so romantic and sensuous about it, like [...]

  • A deeply moving story I wish I could have experienced Cairo in its hayday The book also broadened my understanding of forced migration and its effect on people s lives.

  • Before 1952, the appeal of Cairo and Egypt is easy to understand A true cosmopolitan city with tolerance After 1952, it is a downhill slide Sad story.

  • I found this book to be very educational about the lives and experiences of Levantine Jews, one family in particular I learned that the cultural affinities of these Jews are like arabs than Sephardic or Ashkenazi Jews However, I found the idolization and bigger than life portrayal of the author s father to very tiring after a while.The memoir is about the author s father, who she idolized despite his many questionable and downright inappropriate behaviors He cheated on his wife, cheated in busi [...]

  • The book does not come much as a surprise to those of us who have heard stories from their parents and grandparents on pre 1952 revolution Egypt, or those of us who have watched the black and white movies that vividly showcased an era a lot of us longed to live in An era where elegance was in the appearance as much as the attitude an era when Egypt was truly a part of Europe, and where people from different religions and cultural backgrounds lived harmoniously It is on the other hand a sorrowful [...]

  • In the end, I gave this book 3 stars It bored me at times, but ended up being a book that I was glad to have read I always appreciate a book that I can learn something from From this book I learned to appreciate the plight of an immigrant to this country As an American, we often just don t understand why people that choose to come here, can t assimilate I can t even imagine having to leave all that I love behind and being forced to abandon my values and all that is dear to me in order to mesh in [...]

  • What an outstanding book Author s attention to the slightest of detail, powers of observation, and above all, her candor in describing the shortcomings of her father the Man in The White Sharkskin Suit as well as her own, give the book amazing credibility, and left this reader thinking that he was sure he must have met Mr Lagnado somewhere, he seems so familiar, etc Parts of it are funny, a lot is sad, some of it appalling, but the family soldiers on The chapter Guardian of the Orphans of Jerusa [...]

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