Freaky By Nature

Freaky By Nature Brett Steele PI didn t realize there was a politically correct term for stripping until he met Holly London Initially drawn to her talent he soon learns there is much to the sensual dance instructor
  • Title: Freaky By Nature
  • Author: Mia Dymond
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  • Page: 361
  • Format: ebook
  • Freaky By Nature
    Brett Steele, PI didn t realize there was a politically correct term for stripping until he met Holly London Initially drawn to her talent, he soon learns there is much to the sensual dance instructor than he thought Holly has a secret that may change her life forever When the atmosphere warns her she is the target of a madman, she must expose the secret and trusBrett Steele, PI didn t realize there was a politically correct term for stripping until he met Holly London Initially drawn to her talent, he soon learns there is much to the sensual dance instructor than he thought Holly has a secret that may change her life forever When the atmosphere warns her she is the target of a madman, she must expose the secret and trust Brett to stay alive.
    Freaky By Nature By Mia Dymond,
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    Mia Dymond Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Freaky By Nature book, this is one of the most wanted Mia Dymond author readers around the world.


  • The moment former SEAL Brett Steele saw Holly bathing naked, he knew he had to meet her When she got shot, he was there to help with her recovery, everything he did drew him closer to what he thought was a mutual possibility of a relationship, however when he asked Holly out she politely turned him down time and time again Holly has secrets, not only does she use her body as an art form of sensual dance, she also can read peoples auras Having lived with this since a child, she has found there ar [...]

  • A sensuous dancer business woman and a hot former SEAL yes Freaky by Nature is Holly and Brett s story and the third in this series.Holly is the owner of a gym cleverly titled Fitness in the Buff I love the name , she teaches pole dancing, does a little extracurricular naughty dancing herself on the side as Madame X and likes to sunbathe nudewhich Brett has seen first hand Brett s been wanting to get close to the cool Ms Holly but she s been keeping him at arms length So when her health club is [...]

  • Another great Seals Inc book This story is Holly a local fitness center owner and Brett PI and part of Seals, Inc Things have been happening around Holly s work and she just accounts them as vandalism Brett and the Seals Inc guy get involved when when one act of vandalism goes to far Holly doesn t have too many friends the fewer people who know her secrets the better But she counts Rachel and Cameron as two of them As Brett and the guys try to figure out who is behind the increasing violence tow [...]

  • I thought Max from Outspoken Angel was hot, but that was before i read about Brettwoarr I am so on him like butter on bread Can t wait till Shadow and Claire s story comes out

  • I was only a few pages into this book, the third in the SEALS Inc series, where a major discrepancy in the series timeline showed up and threatened to ruin my suspension of disbelief.In this book Cameron and Max the main characters from the previous book are now married and expecting a baby Cameron is far enough gone to be showing and experiencing food cravings However, in a conversation between Holly and Brett this book s main characters Holly refers to a conversation between them from last mon [...]

  • I have to say I didn t enjoy this one as much as 2 but I don t think I expected to because I don t think any of the couples were going to be as entertaining or amusing as Max and Cameron.There was come continuity problems because its only been a month since the end of the second book yet Cameron is heavily pregnant cannot tell if her shoes are tied I did like Holly but Steele was the clincher for me, he sounded gorgeous his inner demons just made him real The description of Holly s psychic abil [...]

  • Brett of SEALS, Inc a private security company with his buddies from the other books, is tasked with helping Holly when she is targeted but an apparent stalker of some kind They met before in book 2, but in this one they are the stars and fall in love, of course Holly has a secret she fears will make Brett not want a relationship Brett his his own secrets, including Claire, who we meet in this book, leading up to her own book 4 in the series Of course, the last pages are a complete setup for boo [...]

  • Suspense and SEALSThis is the first book that I have read by Mia Dymond I really enjoyed it I have to be honest I don t really realise that it was the 3rd in the series, until I was part way through it I was distracted by the cover I guess There were times that I got frustrated with Holly and Brett Brett s fear of snakes made me chuckle and love him This coming from someone who is afraid of snakes I did like the power struggle between Holly and Brett, as well as the mystery suspense of the stor [...]

  • As with all the books I noticed the disturbing editing issue that on than one occasion it appears scenes have been cut edited out but following events scenes don t seem to take this into account so the reader is left with a huge what the F% am I missing feeling.I ve also noticed this author suffers from an inexplicable inability to understand the flow of time She has elements in scenes as if months have pasted yet the characters will be talking acting as if it is only a day or week later The ti [...]

  • Holly London can read Aura s and she feels like a freak So she keeps to herself She owns a gym and she teaches pole dancing Former Navy Seal Brett Steele sees Holly while on a case next door to her house He actually sees her sunbathing in the nude and cannot get her out of his mind When she is shot on the case he must stop the bleeding and he ends up taking her shorts off and she has no panties on All this takes place in the previous book Now Steele must protect Holly because she has a killer af [...]

  • Freaky by Nature is Mia Dymond s third book in her Seals, Inc series Each book can be read as a stand alone book but they all feature recurring characters so I do recommend reading the other books too.In Freaky by Nature, Brett Steele gets the opportunity to help quirky Holly London Someone is stalking Holly and sabotaging her gym so the Seal teams steps in to help I enjoyed the story line and really enjoyed Holly, thought she was a great interesting character Definitely recommend this story.

  • Not my favorite of the series, but an entertaining read nevertheless I loved Brett Holly was okay, but she irritated me the way she constantly rejected him after all he did to protect her, care for her prove to her that she could trust him I believe in equal opportunity groveling, and damn it she should have groveled than she did That being said, I thought they made a very cute, very sensual couple As usual, Max and Cameron stole the show with their antics I enjoyed the banter and the suspense [...]

  • Another fun read in this quirky and delightful series about big brawny men and sassy and unusual women It s the kind of book that will engage the imagination, and although some have styled the book as formula writing, I think it is just lots of good writing with some mystery thrown in, continuing background context that keeps updating the reader on characters who have already been featured in previous books, and the kind of love em large that romance readers really dig.

  • Not as much as fun as Max and Cameron were, but Holly and Brett had their moment The best part of the book though was exactly the parts where Brett and Holly weren t having a moment together I just love how the other characters in the series always keep coming back and Claire and Shadow have much,much to give us.

  • Another good read in the SEALS, Inc series The story is about Holly and Brett She is a self made businesswoman and psychic who sees people s auras Brett is part of the SEALS team and a psychic anchor Holly has someone after her from the past During the case, Holly and Brett discover their love, and how they overcome their fears.

  • And now I have to read the next one, damn And I don t normally read this kinda series , I much prefer ones with the same hero heroine in it, then again I am an urban fantasy paranormal addict, which this one had a wee touch of, definitely in guilty pleasures area for me these ones Though I must say gotta love Max and Cam

  • OMG, I m addicted to these books I can t believe how much I love them Who wouldn t want their very own Navy SEAL to come in to save the day This is Holly and Brett s story and the storyline includes another dimension which carries over into the next book in the form of Claire, Brett s sister I m off to read book 4

  • Almost too formulaic, even down to the location of the sex scenes within the book It s like a little bit is doled out to tick the box It s getting a bit boring Was hoping for in the romance dept these are hardly erotic a and not even suspense Blah

  • this is one of my favorite stories from Mia Dymond Holly a girl with a secret and trust issues but when trouble comes around she has to open up and trust in the last person she wants into her heart.

  • Holly and Brett s story was different from the first two with the added paranormal angle The story was still strong along with the characters It s nice that you get to see the characters from the previous books and you kinda get to see how they ve been since their book ended.

  • Loved this book Loved Holly Brett This series is fabulous I knew that there was something a little different about Holly but reading her Brett s story was fun, sexy, and those two together was hot, to say the least Can t wait for the next book.

  • really great reads, plenty of laughs, well written with engaging characters kickass male female leads books 1 2 were my faves but i loved them all read the series back to back and will def read from this author soon

  • Another great bookHolly and Brett s story is another captivating story These guys are so hot and once they realize these women aren t letting them go it just gets better and better Can t wait to read shadows story.

  • 3 in the series is just as good as the other 2Brett Holly are thrown together when he has to protect her from someone who wants to do harm to her But Holly has a big secret doesn t know if Brett will look at her the same way when he finds out Looking forward to 4

  • Sometimes you read a series that the first book is the best and the rest just get worse and worse as you continue on This is NOT one of those series The first book was really good, the second was fantastic, and this one was even better

  • Loved Brett and Holly s story the best I also love how the rest of the members are evolving into a great big fuzzy family.

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