Black Butterfly

Black Butterfly Sydney Allen has a dream To dance one day on Broadway and be a star She s moved to New York and with her best friends Portia and Trish at her side her dream is destined to be a reality That is unti
  • Title: Black Butterfly
  • Author: Sienna Mynx
  • ISBN: 2940013291959
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Nook
  • Black Butterfly
    Sydney Allen has a dream To dance one day on Broadway, and be a star She s moved to New York, and with her best friends Portia and Trish at her side, her dream is destined to be a reality That is until she meets the Executive Producer of her show Nolen Adams A Wall Street Investment banker who s playboy ways are notorious among the Big Apple s socialites His lust andSydney Allen has a dream To dance one day on Broadway, and be a star She s moved to New York, and with her best friends Portia and Trish at her side, her dream is destined to be a reality That is until she meets the Executive Producer of her show Nolen Adams A Wall Street Investment banker who s playboy ways are notorious among the Big Apple s socialites His lust and desires for Sydney are at first spurned She will never be a casting couch bunny But Nolen Adams doesn t take well to rejection He s a man who always gets who and what he wants Despite her efforts to achieve her chance at stardom through handwork and discipline, she is forced to address the admiration of her Producer His pursuit of her sets Sydney and her friends on a collision path of pain, heartache, and self discovery that will forever change their friendship Every bond between friends and new lovers are put to the test when lies and deceit overshadow the best of intentions And Sydney soon learns the price of fame can ultimately be the cost of one s heart.Publisher Warning Strong language, Explicit Sexual Content, Autoerotic Asphyxiation, Mild Violence, Strong Adult Themes If you want of Sienna Mynx, please be sure to visit thedivaspen.
    Black Butterfly By Sienna Mynx,
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    Sienna Mynx is your naughty writer of Paranormal, Contemporary, and Historical Interracial Romance for readers that love the bad boy s but desire to be the women that tame them A current resident of south of Georgia, Sienna Mynx has just emerged into the e publishing arena Her novellas reflect her thirst for romance told from a fresh perspective with the diversity she craves in erotic Romance Explore and Enjoy.


  • This book would have to be the most frustrating, annoying, I want to bang my head against the wall and roll my eyes constantly type of read I mean COME ON Besides the hot scenes, Nolan and the plot line concerning Todd and Trish, I really found it so incredibly over the top and unrealistic First of all, small town girl Sydney, who is an untrained, yet aspiring dancer, wins the lead role in an off broadway ballet She also captures the eye of it s financer Mr Nolan Adams This rich entrepreneur is [...]

  • The cover is gorgeous well, not the cover, the guy on it, who looks a lot like Jonathan Rhys Meyers , but that s all there is to this book It s awful.

  • In a nutshell, this was a story about mentally unstable people and their dysfunctional relationships However, I don t think that was the author s intention The hero was a thug in a suit with no moral compass, who showed red flag signs of being a future domestic abuser The heroine liked to send mixed signals and then dole out punishment for the resulting reactions And the three best friends were as follows 1 deceitful, covetous whore, 2 Childlike mental case and 3 needy misogynist Lovely.Once you [...]

  • The idea of this book was good The actual book, not so much I tried to like it About two thirds of the way through I found I was actually forcing myself to finish it The gist of the story is a an african american woman moves to New York to become a dancer, catches the eye of a rich white man, starts a romance There is a lot of drama with her two room mates, his best friend, everyone s parents, etc.The characters just weren t likable The heroine of the story started out decent enough She wants to [...]

  • Oh My God I m in Awe I loved this book I don t even have words to describe how much, i am speechless There hasn t be any other book I have held to as high a standard as the Fifty Shades Trilogy ever Until this book Its just fantastically and brilliantly written.There are a few stories that make me actually hyper ventilate while read em This is one I can only pray that people read and love it just as i do Its one of those books that leaves you dazed for days afterwards, that you re compelled to [...]

  • Review complete 28.08.2012 brought from AMZ I don t know what to say I usually don t rely on the customer reviews, I read them only out of curiosity But there were few that made me think that it could be a fun read Boy do I feel stupid now.WARNING SPOILERS I got intrigued at the beginning Even though girl was young and at times came across as a bit naive, I liked the fact that she had goals in life and was determend to reach them by working hard And we have a bad boy, they are always fun to read [...]

  • I really was disappointed with this book The female protagonist Sydney had stupid character lines and I didn t find her likeable at all She pouted and threw tantrums towards the end Her friends weren t that amazing either and I guess I liked the male character a bit better Nolan, but all in all this story fell flat The end was a disappointment Felt like falling off the side of a cliff I thought the characters were underdeveloped and the storyline all over the place I thought the author tried to [...]

  • Okay I am having some trouble with this one.I m not even a quarter of the way through the book and I am already looking for something else to read I feel like this is a good story and it COULD be executed well but it just isn t I m kind of getting a flashback to Gabriel s Inferno because of the downright annoying heroine and tall, dark, handsome, rich, and badass guy love the guy, dislike the girl I feel like the conversation alone is kind of forced between everyone I mean, I do not know one fem [...]

  • I loved this book from beginning to end It was truly a complete story as we really get to see an evolution with all of these characters Nolan was something else, and I didn t think I was going to like him in the beginning, but shortly into the book my opinion of him completely changed You wouldn t think him and Sydney could make a go at it since they came from two completely worlds, but they really made it happen The passion between them was off the charts These were some of the best sex scenes [...]

  • In a word, blech Why is it so easy to write a review when you hate a book Oh yea, it s so others won t waste their time reading tripe Got this as a 12 days of Christmas freebie from all romance ebooks pssst guys, presents are supposed to be good, not little lumps of coal I digress.Hated the characters She was flat and unbelievable He was crooked in a Martha Stewart way, that just pisses me off to no end, and his motivation in pursuing her was too weak to be believable Supporting characters were [...]

  • This was an Interracial Romance done Right I totally loved this book and I am looking forward to checking of Sienna Mynx s books Well done, Ms Mynx, well done

  • Spoiler Free Review Then you ve got your head in the sand, honey He s everywhere What is there to understand The man is rich,fine and wanting to spend time Juan in Black ButterflySienna Mynx is quickly becoming an author i love to read from I really liked this book and it s characters Black Buuterfly is about three young women trying to make it big in N.Y.C Sydney the Ballerina, Trish the artist painter and Portia the model They are best friends and love eachother dearly But things start to chan [...]

  • Slight Spoilers Kinda predictable story but it s worth the read Syndey, an aspiring dancer meets and falls in love with Nolen.Nolen, a genius with a shady past and present falls in love with Sydney.Trish, painter with a mysterious background falls in love with Todd.Todd, a photographer also shady falls in love with Trish.Portia, aspiring model who does anyone to benefit her career and is all kinds of messed up.Do they all fall in love immediately and is it all hearts and flowers HELL NAH Secrets [...]

  • Ok, had to review this one because I loved my other Sienna Mynx read Black Butterfly started off really well Nolen gave me butterfiles and Sydney was a strong female lead Somewhere along the line everything went pear shaped and I literally struggled to complete this.Sienna is an awesome writer but her books tend to go on too long and have entirely too much drama, especially this one The drama was wayyy over the top to the point that it was just ridiculous The three female characters were a a dit [...]

  • I was debating even admitting that I read this book Butd I should at least get credit for it on my reading challenge even it was awful so that I would get something positive out of this book And it was awful This book showed up on one of those lists for If you liked Fifty Shades, try and I liked the cover and thought the description sounded good So in trying to recapture the magic of Fifty, I started it I don t even know where to start or how I even finished this First of all, can I just say tha [...]

  • I m not sure how an author that is capable of what Mynx does with the Battaglia s could be responsible for thisIts not horrible Its not even CLOSE to the worst I ve read in this genre But its still beneath her.The heroine I just don t even know where to start Childish Superficial Maybe she s just annoying, I don t know Either way, I didn t like her That happens sometimes, so I kept trying to move past it But then I realized I didn t much like HIM either He doesn t seem to have any real emotional [...]

  • My rating for this changed a few times as I read the book I liked it starting out, it seemed like a slightly above par romance with some seriously hot scenes to keep me glued to the iPad But as the story progressed, some of the characters really started getting on my nerves, and the last 30% was just riddled with eye rolling moments, over dramatizations, and an ending that was just packaged far too tightly to be believable.The premise behind this story has echoes of Fifty Shades, though I wouldn [...]

  • So, I read this as a buddy read for one of the groups I m in and I hate that this book disappointed me The cover totally had me ready and excited to read this, but it just didn t do it for me ultimately.It honestly started off pretty well A rich guy showing interest in a young woman trying to make her way in the big city She s determined not to get involved with him, but he manages to pull her in, anyway I really didn t mind how quickly they started a relationship and I enjoyed that aspect of th [...]

  • Black butterfly is my first Sienna Mynx novel , and i must say i m very impressed with her writing style She manages to bring out the most intricate facts with simplicity Black butterfly is the story of Sydney Allen who dreams of making it big on the broadway scene keeping her disciplines and principle s in tow But then she meets Nolen Adams , a wall street investor and banker who manages to let loose the butterflies in her belly making her go weak in the knees But Nolen is nt your prince charmi [...]

  • This is my first foray with Sienna Minx and I was not disappointed I was on the fence at first but once I finished the sample, I knew I had to purchase this book I ve been waiting for a story like to be written We meet Sydney, a twenty something aspiring dancer who is searching for a break in her life She s on her way to audition and sprains her ankle While on her audition, she gives herself a pep talk, she s overheard by Nolen Adams Nolen Adams is twenty seven, a genius with the IQ to back it u [...]

  • I initially bought this e book on but returned it due to the wacky formatting and had to purchase it from Smashwords instead I have no idea why some of the e books I buy on here have formatting issues but from what I read, I knew I wanted to finish it.All I can say is wow I have a great love for novels that have dancing involved, including classical and ballet, so I knew this one would be satisfying too.Sydney dreams of nothing than to get her shot as professional in the dancing world and due t [...]

  • After all the good comments i was disappointed by this one The idea of this book was good but the story, the characters are just boring I feel absolutly no connection nor sympathy with and between the protagonists The author tells us that the H h have a really strong attraction to each other and even love deeply each other, well as far i m concerned i m still looking for that All the characters except, i will admit, Nolen are so versatile that s very hard for me to love them.I give two stars for [...]

  • Let me start by saying that I got 75% done with this book and just had to stop The writing style was horrible and I had to keep back tracking just to figure out which character was talking because the dialogue wasn t separated correctly Also, the story is unrealistic The novel contains an aspiring dancer who has no real training wins a lead role, a 27 year old male is a millionaire, and everyone in the story is dysfunctional Literally, there isn t one person in the novel who is a semi normal fun [...]

  • This was my first book by Sienna Mynx I liked the idea of a struggling dancer trying to have a successful career in New York and falling for the powerful and rich guy This book was long, too long It had too many things going on and therefore, I never really cared for any of the characters except Trish.I would have liked to see of Syndey and Nolen s relationship develop in a normal way I loved their date at the skating rink Portia was an interesting villian Standout star was Ms Juanita She was n [...]

  • This novel was not my cup of coffee, tea, juice, heck not even my cup of water I like the plot The idea of a struggling dancer, that is very talented with a kind and gentle heart And a rich millionaire who is a genius with a tragic past By fate they meet and the rest is, shall we say, history Nope, there is a bunch of unnecessary conflict that led to nothing Yupp, the WHOLE story was highly unlikely and unbelievable I really hated this novel, the writing was sophomoric and the progression was aw [...]

  • currently free 12 13 15 Black ButterflySometimes when life is hard, it is good to visit old friends That s exactly what rereading favorite books feel like to me This one still holds up for me.

  • Great Read, Sydney and Nolen s story was a page turner I did not like Porshia I would have kicked her to the kerb Would recommend this book with our reservation.

  • Wow what can i sayI had heard mixed reviews about this book but was eager to see for myself what it was like and i enjoyed it It was a bit slow to start but once it got going damm i could not put it down It was supposed to be a buddy read but i couldnt stop.I loved that it was an Interracial Romance.Sydney dreams of being a professional dancer and then she meets the seductive and successful Nolan Adams As soon as Nolan sets eyes on Sydney he knows that he wants to get to know her and he does eve [...]

  • I did really like this book and I thought the storyline was good My favourite character was Trish, and I found that I got wrapped up in her and Todd s story than those of the two main characters, Sydney and Nolen I have given this 3.5 stars because I found it hard at times to warm to Sydney, she annoyed me a little and as for Portia, I just wanted to strangle her I have a major bug bear with women who cry rape, call it a personal preference thing, but by the end of the story I felt like banging [...]

  • I kept going back and forth as to whether i liked the book and its characters in the end, it was just ok she is decent writer, but the story was too much drama for me instead of the author sticking with 2 maybe 3 solid plots, she threw out way too many and it seemed as though i was reading a soap opera and i didn t get a chance to really embrace any one particular story arc.with that being said, it wasn t a bad soap opera but it wasn t great either spoiler just didn t get the asphyxiation in bed [...]

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