The Exile and the Sorcerer

The Exile and the Sorcerer The quest for the stolen chalice is a sham her family s excuse to get rid of Tevi Exiled in a dangerous and confusing world filled with monsters bandits and sorcerers Tevi battles demons within and
  • Title: The Exile and the Sorcerer
  • Author: Jane Fletcher
  • ISBN: 9781933110325
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Exile and the Sorcerer
    The quest for the stolen chalice is a sham her family s excuse to get rid of Tevi Exiled in a dangerous and confusing world filled with monsters, bandits, and sorcerers, Tevi battles demons within and without as she searches for her place in the strange new world.Jemeryl has her future planned out a future that will involve minimal contact with ordinary folk who do noThe quest for the stolen chalice is a sham her family s excuse to get rid of Tevi Exiled in a dangerous and confusing world filled with monsters, bandits, and sorcerers, Tevi battles demons within and without as she searches for her place in the strange new world.Jemeryl has her future planned out a future that will involve minimal contact with ordinary folk who do not understand sorcerers Her ambition is to lead a solitary life within the Coven and to devote herself to the study of magic It is all very straightforward until she meets Tevi.Two unlikely allies join forces to defeat an insidious evil and on the journey find one another.
    The Exile and the Sorcerer By Jane Fletcher,
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    Jane Fletcher is a GCLS award winning writer and has also been short listed for the Gaylactic Spectrum and Lambda Literary awards She is author of two ongoing sets of fantasy romance novels the Celaeno series The Walls of Westernfort, Rangers at Roadsend, The Temple at Landfall, Dynasty of Rogues, and Shadow of the Knife and the Lyremouth Chronicles The Exile and The Sorcerer, The Traitor and The Chalice, The Empress and The Acolyte, and The High Priest and the Idol.Her love of fantasy began at the age of seven when she encountered Greek Mythology This was compounded by a childhood spent clambering over every example of ancient masonry she could find medieval castles, megalithic monuments, Roman villas Her resolute ambition was to become an archaeologist when she grew up, so it was something of a surprise when she became a software engineer instead.Born in Greenwich, London, in 1956, she now lives in southwest England where she keeps herself busy writing both computer software and fiction, although generally not at the same time.


  • I seem to really enjoy Jane Fletcher s writing While this is not as great as her Celaeno series, this is an overall enjoyable f f fantasy book You immediately fall for the main character Tevi, and how shes treated, in the beginning, breaks your heart I think Fletcher does a great job of writing likable characters that you can get behind While Tevi might not be the smartest person socially, it s explainable by her cultural upbringing Jemeryl s character is not as fleshed out yet, but she doesn t [...]

  • Vaguely interesting and vaguely boring And the end kind of just fizzled out Last 7% or something like that Fizzled out.So a woman, Tevi, from a warrior woman society is both a in line to be queen and is currently war leader b basically looked down on and or hated by everyone on the island because she s, as her fighting instructor called her the worst fighter of all time there s a reason that gets revealed later Right up front, though, I need to note that this isn t like that other Fletcher serie [...]

  • Tevi is exiled from a society very different to our own and finds herself in another society, equally different from our own and from the one she has come from Unfortunately, Fletcher does far too much telling, with characters explaining how their respective societies work, and not enough showing The result is a novel that raises some interesting questions about gender, sexuality and society and doesn t take them anywhere at all There are some interesting concepts in here that I would like to se [...]

  • I love Jane Fletcher s Celaeno series but I will admit that the first time I read this one years ago I didn t love it That being said, on my re read I had a greater appreciation for the characters, world building and the slower unfolding of the story I think my original reservation was that almost the first two thirds of the book focus on Tevi as she is exiled from her home and finding her way on the mainland and within the Protectorate She doesn t meet Jem until well into the book, which leaves [...]

  • Excuse me, Ms Fletcher I, um I can see your agenda Yeah, it s kind of owing A lot.The pacing in this is wildly off, Fletcher s issue related needs force her to warp her characters into total morons, and she provides little to no framework for her central emotional premise.I cannot believe my club used revenue funds to purchase this Queer content inclusion effort fail.If you re looking for a fantasy world with lesbians, go for Ash.

  • In my opinion, it was a good story, filled with travels and fighting Of course, the travelling went a little faster and the fights were kind of short too Still, it was interesting and it was filled with suspense Unlike the Celaeno series, in some parts, same sex relationships are discriminated, but not enough The romance was good, but I hoped there was on it For me in overall, it was a good story and worth reading.

  • Yes, it is also a romance, and a good one at that However, unlike so many other romances of this genre, it has a wonderful story The characters have depth, the world is rich, and the story and romance are given plenty of time to develop I ve now read half the books the author has written and I ve enjoyed every one.

  • Decent low fantasy with touches of heat GeneralIt s going to be hard to review this one I absolutely hated the first half of the book Tevi is just not a compelling protagonist and is very reactive She seldom if ever has any agency, and basically lets things just happen to her as she drifts aimlessly through her exile Also frustrating was the lack of through line for the first half Yes, we have this vague quest, but Tevi doesn t take it seriously and doesn t really even think about it until the h [...]

  • I just want to take the first sentence of my review to thank the love of my life for buying me this series She gifted it to me for my birthday as it s one of her favorites and she was certain I would love it as well She couldn t have been right if she tried.If I had to sum up what I love most about this book in one word it would be fun The characters even the cruel, annoying, or ignorant ones are fun The story is fun The romance is fun It s a story that knows how to enjoy itself while weaving i [...]

  • I have so many complicated feelings about this book, though I will say most of them are positive This book sort of felt like half a book I mean, it s full length, it just spends a long time carefully exploring every Single Situation As a result, we don t even meet Tevi s love interest until exactly 51% through assuming Kindle s measuring system is correct The fact that it leaves off before the plot really begins also makes it feel like a prologue to a much bigger story I was expecting to feel c [...]

  • 1.5 This book isn t insulting, just really really stale, boring and annoying I get the idea of reversing a world s concepts to make a commentary on our own world But the thing is, the lession in this book is obvious and it does not need a whole book to point it out Don t treat people like babies, don t act superior, don t be an asshole And with the deep commentary, Tevi, the protagonist, is presented as having all of those terrible trait So when the story ends, she ll learn the era of her way an [...]

  • An excellent series I enjoyed this than her Celaeno series IMO, the first one in this series is the best of what is a great series Jane did a wonderful job of developing Tevi s character, from challenge, to self discovery, to becoming the she became Quite the journey Minor spoiler ahead So look away now before it is too late IMO there was missed opportunity for Tevi to go back to her homeland, AFTER she had undergone her changes She did go, but it was VERY brief There would have been much oppo [...]

  • I really enjoyed this one.It s always a treat to find a sf f book with a lesbian protagonist Especially one that s well written if you overlook some editing errors in spelling , engaging, exciting with characters you like.The story flows well, the characters are generally well fleshed out, there s plenty of action that isn t overwhelmed by romance, as in so many lesbian books , and sprinkled with a smattering of humour.Plus the squirrels are awesome 4.5 5 star rating I already have the next in t [...]

  • It s hard giving this book such a poor review, because I honestly wanted to like it The main character is fun her little quirks, like not wanting money, plus her social awkwardness made her quite relatable to me as a person She felt real , for lack of a better word.It s just a shame that they didn t do anything with her Her character is formed wholesale in the first few chapters, and she coasts through the rest of the book relatively unchanged Much the same thing happens with the world we re sho [...]

  • For a fantasy novel, it s surprisingly undeveloped in terms of setting The cultural setting of the story is supposed to be unique a matriarchal society but it was so flimsily constructed that I couldn t feel it at all It just felt like distant, far off fantasy musings The authorial voice was virtually non existent perhaps this book would have made sense if a first person narrative had been used, alternated between Tevi and Jemeryl As for the plot, I have only one word to describe it weak It s t [...]

  • The story concerns a young woman named Tevi who hails from a Viking esque culture except it s matriarchal, due to a strange enchantment years ago giving the women much strength than the men Tevi s in line to rule one day, but her inability to fight and her lack of interest in men gets her exiled from her people She spends most of the book wandering around the mainland, meeting new people and having her horizons expanded Eventually she meets Jemeryl, a sorcerer who has fallen into disrepute The [...]

  • So there s a mix of good and bad here Fletcher introduces interesting fantasy themes which allow us to examine our world from another light if women were physically stronger than men, would we see a reversal of sexist oppression If we lived in a society where the most valued human attributes were not heredity, would nepotism die out However, her story has such poor pacing, my attention span frequently wandered I stuck with it because after long lapses of meandering world building, she usually do [...]

  • Good But you know what the first two books really could have used Better knowledge of the capabilities of sorcerers They are presented as being far out of the league of normal people and from what we have seen in a straight up fight they would crush normal soldiers Though it is unclear whether they have the stamina or the area of effect attacks to crush armies However we don t know whether they have automatic defences against arrows from stealth It is unclear whether you could kill them with a w [...]

  • Warrior outcast Tevi meets Sorcerer Jemeryl and they head off on a quest to find a chalice important to both women, though neither likely knows how much The first half dragged and dragged through Tevi s background It really picks up once she meets Jem, and then all that background kind of pays off the bit with the eyesight was terrific Klara, the magpie oddly depicted as a crow on the cover familiar of Jem s steals the show I can t decide if I ll stick with the rest of the books.

  • I think if a story makes you curious enough to want to read the sequel it did something right I ve definitely read elaborate stories but if I take a step back and imagine a younger me reading the book it would have had a powerful impact for sure Readers like to take stories apart and find faults me included but sometimes I d just like to see it for what it is a cute story with LGBT protagonists on an adventure turning some stereotypes on its head.

  • Excellent worldbuilding as it delves into the anthropological effects that magic would have on power structures and cultures, even isolated cultures The main character is someone you can t help but root for, and rage in secondhand embarrassment at her misfortune I m eager to delve into the rest of the series, especially if the books stay with this character.

  • I picked this up from the library out of sheer amazement that it was sitting on the shelf at all I knew that the publishers specialised in lesbian fiction, and was suprised to see our library system have something reasonably niche This might not be the most original fantasy novel, but it is well written with sympathetic and likeable characters, and makes for an entertaining read.

  • A friend recommended this book to me She absolutely loved it, but I really struggled with this one There were interesting moments, but overall the book was very boring I hope that others enjoy it though.

  • This book was really terrible There were moments when I thought things were picking up but just when the author hit a groove it would collapse again I might try the second in the series just to see if the author improves her craft with practice.

  • I very much enjoyed getting to know Tevi and Jemeryl and absolutely look forward to reading the second book in the series My review is located at lezficrev

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