Some Kind of Fairy Tale

Some Kind of Fairy Tale It is Christmas afternoon and Peter Martin gets an unexpected phone call from his parents asking him to come round It pulls him away from his wife and children and into a bewildering mystery He arriv
  • Title: Some Kind of Fairy Tale
  • Author: Graham Joyce
  • ISBN: 9780385535786
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Some Kind of Fairy Tale
    It is Christmas afternoon and Peter Martin gets an unexpected phone call from his parents, asking him to come round It pulls him away from his wife and children and into a bewildering mystery.He arrives at his parents house and discovers that they have a visitor His sister Tara Not so unusual you might think, this is Christmas after all, a time when families get togetheIt is Christmas afternoon and Peter Martin gets an unexpected phone call from his parents, asking him to come round It pulls him away from his wife and children and into a bewildering mystery.He arrives at his parents house and discovers that they have a visitor His sister Tara Not so unusual you might think, this is Christmas after all, a time when families get together But twenty years ago Tara took a walk into the woods and never came back and as the years have gone by with no word from her the family have, unspoken, assumed that she was dead Now she s back, tired, dirty, disheveled, but happy and full of stories about twenty years spent traveling the world, an epic odyssey taken on a whim.But her stories don t quite hang together and once she has cleaned herself up and got some sleep it becomes apparent that the intervening years have been very kind to Tara She really does look no different from the young woman who walked out the door twenty years ago Peter s parents are just delighted to have their little girl back, but Peter and his best friend Richie, Tara s one time boyfriend, are not so sure Tara seems happy enough but there is something about her A haunted, otherworldly quality Some would say it s as if she s off with the fairies And as the months go by Peter begins to suspect that the woods around their homes are not finished with Tara and his family
    Some Kind of Fairy Tale By Graham Joyce,
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      414 Graham Joyce
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    Graham Joyce 22 October 1954 9 September 2014 was an English writer of speculative fiction and the recipient of numerous awards for both his novels and short stories After receiving a B.Ed from Bishop Lonsdale College in 1977 and a M.A from the University of Leicester in 1980 Joyce worked as a youth officer for the National Association of Youth Clubs until 1988 He subsequently quit his position and moved to the Greek islands of Lesbos and Crete to write his first novel, Dreamside After selling Dreamside to Pan Books in 1991, Joyce moved back to England to pursue a career as a full time writer.Graham Joyce resided in Leicester with his wife, Suzanne Johnsen, and their two children, Joseph and Ella He taught Creative Writing to graduate students at Nottingham Trent University from 1996 until his death, and was made a Reader in Creative Writing.Joyce died on 9 September 2014 He had been diagnosed with lymphoma in 2013.


  • A fairy taleon the other hand, demands of the reader total surrender so long as he is in its world, there must for him be no other W.H Audenthis is the epigraph which opens chapter three of joyce s novel, and it is a good place to start this is a deceptively immersive type of storytelling, one which compels the reader forward, accepting the magical elements willingly, but then jarringly calling attention to the novel s very structure, questioning how much is reality and how much is artifice it i [...]

  • Some Kind of Fairy Tale is a fantasy set in modern times Peter is a farrier shoes horses and fixes small, metallic things He has a lovely wife and four beautiful children He also has a sister whom he hasn t seen for nearly twenty years, presumed dead Imagine his surprise, when she shows up at their parent s home on Christmas Day Where has she been Where indeedThe magic in this book isn t in your face, it s hidden in the shadows and rocks of the woods and glens very much like I imagine magic real [...]

  • Some Kind Of Fairy Tale is partly set in an Other World a disturbingly fecund and pagan world inhabited by creatures of myth Or is it We are drawn to this other world, alongside the main character, by means of a series of images and archetypes as old as myth itself Or are we The Outwoods is a hundred acres of oak, rowan and birch, of holly and yew, trembling on the lip of an ancient volcanic crater and peering out over the Soar Valley a timeless pocket of English woodland inside the boundaries o [...]

  • 3 stars There is a veil to this world, thin as smoke, and it draws back occasionally and when it does we can see incredible things This, my second Graham Joyce novel, forced me to ponder what is reality and what is fantasy Is there really a veil to the world that is drawn back, or do we have to use our own power and suspend our own disbelief in order to see beyond what is visibly evident I felt I had to make these choices while reading this book and it seemed a curious exercise My first Joyce no [...]

  • My Number 9 Read for 2015A Wonderful Surprise 5 Stars I picked this book up on a whim The premise sounded rather interesting and I thought it was worth a shot That said, there was little trepidation as I realized the book contained magical realism My experience with this have ranged from great examples in the work of Jos Saramago to painful uses in drivel such as, The Boy Detective Fails Having no previous experience with Graham Joyce, I was pleasantly surprised to see that he had a deft had and [...]

  • This book was a bit of an emotional ride I knew Graham and liked him, and his death at such a young age came as quite a shock to me For that reason I d been putting off reading SOME KIND OF FAIRYTALE, but now that I have, it seems only fair to say that it s a marvellous story subtle, nuanced and intelligent, filled with resonance and wonder and darkness I can hear the author s voice very clearly quiet and a little ironic, so close it s almost heartbreaking Read it it s special in all kinds of wa [...]

  • A few minutes after I finished the book I gave it a 4 star rating on , after sitting for a while and thinking it over I had to switch it down to a 3 star rating First let me say this I read the book in less than 12 hours I was engrossed from page one until the end, my favorite chapters were those from Tara s pov, the ones telling her tale of what happened to her and the mysterious man Hiero pronounced Yarrow The shrink s chapters were interesting as well, someone trying to find rational and very [...]

  • I ve never heard of Graham Joyce before, but I plan to read of his work I loved this book Not perfect, some flaws near the end but that is subjectively based on my own feminine needs , but so inventive and original It was very hard to put this down Fans of Tana French s In the Woods will enjoy this too Very British, heavy on place set near some mysterious ancient woodlands over a volcanic fault , with a bit of a mystery thrown in.It also starts on Christmas day, so perfect time of the year to r [...]

  • First I just love the way he writes, intelligently but infinitely readable A young woman goes missing, her boyfriend at the time is presumed guilty but it cannot be proven, she reappears twenty years later with an unbelievable story Her parents and brother send her to a psychiatrist to see if she is mentally ill Enjoyed the character of the crusty old psychiatrist, but my favorite character was Richie The author does a fantastic job with this character, showing how his growth was stunted because [...]

  • I m really confused at to why this book has garnered such high ratings I m currently in an English Literature graduate program where I study fairy tales so I was pretty excited to get this book because I m particularly interested in revisionist fairy tales , but the book was a HUGE let down It was even of a let down because I could see the genius behind the concept, Joyce just didn t deliver on it The most brilliant aspect of the novel was what Joyce did with the fairies and their world turning [...]

  • 4 and 1 2 starsI grew up reading a lot of fairy tales, ones I found at the library, most notably the colored fairy books of Andrew Lang when I was finished with one volume, I checked out the next I m grateful it was before the time of the ubiquitous sanitized Disney versions, which is probably one reason this novel s Tara, who believes she s been whisked away to live with the fairies, says they don t like being called that Tara s account of being away echoes and comments on the lives of the othe [...]

  • Graham Joyce has just become an author that I will be following This story of a Tara Harris, teenage girl who disappeared in the woods only to return home virtually unchanged twenty years later has totally captured my heart For two decades, her family and her lover have grieved and their lives were indelibly altered by Tara s disappearance and yet now she returns telling a story that nobody can believe Is this a story of something mundane such as kidnapping or is it something entirely different [...]

  • My head is spinning This book was utter craziness and I enjoyed every minute of it I absolutely could not put it down.Tara tells a very interesting story fairy tale about what happened to her while she was missing The whole story unfolds from several different perspectives Tara, Peter, Richie and Dr Underwood, a psychiatrist that was hired to help determine what might be going on with Tara Of course Dr Underwood has many psychiatric explanations for Tara s story and it is a bit interesting on ho [...]

  • Da, am terminat una din cele mai frumoase pove ti fantasy pe care am citit o vreodat Totul este perfect a ezat, f r nflorituri, direct, percutant, personajele sunt create cu micile lor neajunsuri, ceea ce le transform n oameni, nu n manechine nsufle ite, iar ac iunile lor ne dau de n eles exact acela i lucru Citi i o i reciti i o pe ndelete, pentru c merit s te scufunzi ntre paginile ei i nu i va p rea c i ai irosit nici m car un minu el din via Mai multe, pe FanSF wp pz4D9 2ju.

  • 4.5 stars Incredible I really loved it.Such an enchanting, warm and comforting read not in the Hallmark way, in the oh this is so good I could eat it up kind of way Hated to see it end, and that is always a premium literary compliment Simply beautiful story telling Favorite Quotes Youth fears nothing because it knows nothing.First Sentence In the deepest heart of England there is a place where everything is at fault.

  • This is the second Graham Joyce book that I have read and, to my perhaps simplistic view, these novels revolve around core themes In The Silent Land the theme was love In Some Kind of Fair Tale it is loss of time youth.Peter s sixteen year old sister Tara disappears while taking a walk among the Spring flowers and woods near her home She returns on cold Christmas day twenty years later, cold, tired, dirty, and to all appearances not having aged in those twenty years She claims to have spent thos [...]

  • On Christmas day, as snow begins to fall for the first time in ten years, there s a knock at the door A present no one thought to expect has arrived and it brings with it a whirlwind of emotion, mystery, and the heady scent of bluebells Twenty years ago Tara Martin went for a walk in The Outwoods somewhere, in the midst of its hundred acres of aged birches and yews that lie trembling on the lip of an ancient volcanic crater where the very air is charged with an eerie electrical quality, alternat [...]

  • I actually enjoyed this than I initially thought I would This is my first book by Graham Joyce who passed away late last year, and I was impressed with the writing The story lacked a little bit for me The different chapters started out with a fairy ish themed quote which was a little distracting, and each chapter was told from a different perspective Tara Martin disappears into the Outwoods near her home one random afternoon, never to be seen again Until a knock at her parents door, twenty year [...]

  • Summary Tara, who had disappeared as a teenager 20 years ago, comes back home She hasn t aged a bit, and claims to have just been gone for six months She says that after she got in a fight with her boyfriend she got pregnant and then got an abortion without telling him , some mysterious stranger on a white horse seriously comes by and whisks her off across a river or something like that and into this mysterious, alternate universe type of land It s some other existence entirely time passes diffe [...]

  • This brilliant novel is an unusual mix of the fantastical with everyday reality.On a Christmas afternoon Tara shows up at her parents house Exactly twenty years before she had taken a walk into the woods and never come back She does not look a day older than 16, the age she was when she disappeared, except that she wears sunglasses because her eyes are sensitive to bright light, even when she s indoors Her stories of where she s been don t add up, so finally Tara admits or claims depending how o [...]

  • Graham Joyce passed away this fall after a battle with an aggressive form of cancer, but that s not why I m giving this book five stars He was one of the kindest, funniest, most interesting people I ve ever met so generous and thoughtful in person that he made everyone in the room feel like they were terribly important, and very dear friends of his But that s not why I m giving this book five stars, either.I m giving this book five stars because it s brilliant I m giving it five stars because it [...]

  • I m so glad I discovered Graham Joyce several years ago, as he has become one of my favorite authors SOME KIND OF FAIRY TALE is about a teenage girl, Tara Martin, taken into the realm of fairies though they are never really labeled as such , and she returns years later to her family, seemingly unchanged Of course, her family is shocked and the girl is reluctant to tell anyone the truth about why she has been away for so long After confiding in her brother, he sets up an appointment for Tara with [...]

  • Magical realism is always a bit hit and miss for me, this is definitely a hit 3 and a half Parts of this book are so breathtaking the parts in the otherworld and the descriptions of the bluebells in the Outwoods I could almost smell the perfume The story carried me along very quickly and I liked all the characters which is odd but they were so well drawn So some yukky bits, some naughty bits and a bloody good story.

  • Finished it Five stars to Graham Joyce Good writing with no author intrusions, just the right amount of just the right details, full of clues cleverly hidden in plain sight and narration so smooth it was like watching it all happen Great characters, and even though there were several possible endings, he picked the most appropriate one Homage with every chapter to the best folklorists who have dealt with this theme If you love classical fantasy, you ll love this book.

  • Every girl likes a healthy dose of magical realism, and during the first half of this book I was feeling quite lucky The fairytale and reality of small town England seemed well woven together, and the entire plot was just at the right spot between intriguing and preposterous As things started to unravel, though, it began to majorly piss me off view spoiler Firstly, it would have been fun if we were left wondering whether the taken by fairies story was true or not, but it turns out to be true en [...]

  • Youth fears nothing because it knows nothing, Tara muses when she revisits a boyfriend from an old teenage love affair, one that ended in a violent quarrel just before her disappearance Tara s story is a variation on the ancient tale of a mortal lured away by fairies.I really enjoyed this story I ve found that magical realism is a new favorite of mine A good everyday story with a little something extra that makes you think and takes you to a new place Tara was walking in the woods in the English [...]

  • For some reason I have been on a dark fairy tale kick, so much like my previous few books, this one involves a girl who you guessed it vanishes in the woods only to return years later claiming that she had been to the land of the fairies What I like about this novel is that she vanishes when she s 16, but when she returns she thinks that only 6 months have past when really it has been 20 years Everyone has aged but she is still 16 It gives it a nice twist, plus I like the use of the psychiatrist [...]

  • Twenty years ago, Tara disappeared without warning Thus it surprises everyone when she arrives at the front door of her brother Peter s house At first he did not recognize her at all, from the looks of it, she has lived a rough life and he does not remember how she once looked Yet when she comes face to face with him, he reminisces about the time that she left Everyone was led to believe that she was killed or abducted so she has a lot of explaining to do However Peter s family does not want her [...]

  • This is my first of Graham Joyce s books, and I was very pleased Some Kind of Fairy Tale introduced me to the genre of magical realism Joyce effectively mixes our reality with fantasy I thought the writing style was well done I was reeled in from the beginning and had trouble putting this book down.Tara Martin disappeared over 20 years ago without a trace Leaving her family and friends with many unanswered questions On Christmas day she returns and her explanation to her family is something uniq [...]

  • Note I listened to this on Audible, narrated by John Lee, for folks familiar with Audible and that narrator.This novel puts a modern take on an old premise humans who leave or are stolen to live for a time with fairy folk and then are returned, and the repercussions for their families and themselves I listened to the entire novel in one day about 9 hours of listening , and it was good to be in the hands of a skilled narrator John Lee is one of the best The novel focuses on the return of Tara, wh [...]

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