Family Pictures / Cuadros de Familia

Family Pictures Cuadros de Familia Renowned artist Carmen Lomas Garza lovingly shares her memories of growing up in the town of Kingsville Texas and of her great dream of becoming an artist Through warm personal stories and vibrant
  • Title: Family Pictures / Cuadros de Familia
  • Author: Carmen Lomas Garza Sandra Cisneros
  • ISBN: 9780892392063
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Family Pictures / Cuadros de Familia
    Renowned artist Carmen Lomas Garza lovingly shares her memories of growing up in the town of Kingsville, Texas, and of her great dream of becoming an artist Through warm, personal stories and vibrant paintings, young readers experience day to day life in a traditional Mexican American community 15 color illustrations Size D 32 pp.
    Family Pictures / Cuadros de Familia By Carmen Lomas Garza Sandra Cisneros,
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      401 Carmen Lomas Garza Sandra Cisneros
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    Carmen Lomas Garza Sandra Cisneros Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Family Pictures / Cuadros de Familia book, this is one of the most wanted Carmen Lomas Garza Sandra Cisneros author readers around the world.


  • Sandra Lomas Garza depicts scenes from her working class childhood in Family Pictures Cuadros de Familia She also did this in another similar picture for children and adults In My Family En mi familia.This year, I am doing an informal study of What Does IT Mean to be Hispanic, my reading thread on Reading fir Fun, a group As I have studied, I have become aware of working class social elements In Family Pictures Cuadros de Familia, I see various working class elements A couple of examples In the [...]

  • This is a beautiful book that I fell in love with This bilingual book could be great for learning about every day special moments of life for a Latino family, but various ethnic origins will enjoy Visually, you can get lost looking at the pictures a main reason I d love the book as a child This is perfect for studying homes and communities but also for relaxing views of comfortable and thoughtful paintings.

  • The award winning book I chose to highlight is Family Pictures Cuadros de Familia by Carmen Lomas Garza Children s Book Press, 1990 This book won the Pura Belpre Award for its illustrations, which are quite impressive in their vividness and simplicity This book is a great example of an autobiographical and multicultural book, where the author describes poignant moments of her own childhood and the relevant social events and customs of her life as a Hispanic American I have been using this book f [...]

  • The book, Family Pictures Cuadros de Familia, gives the reader snapshots of family traditions throughout the story that are written bilingually, first in English and again in Spanish below The author told about her experience growing up in Kingsville, Texas and shared a wide variety of the traditions and activities she participated in with her family and friends on each page Recollections included Carmen sharing about going to her grandparent s house as her grandmother was hanging the laundry an [...]

  • It was a story about the cultures It was a good book for the children Because it introduced many kinds of activities and traditions in this book The author grew up in Kingsville, a place in Texas, the border with Mexico By reading this book, the children can learn about many different cultures knowing different can explore the children s knowledge I like the pictures which drew the many kinds of activities in this book

  • This book, a collection of stories in both Spanish and English, shares about the lives of Spanish speaking families The illustrations are detailed and add perspective to the words This book offers a great look into diverse worlds and could be used along with a discussion about Mexico or about differing communities.

  • Family pictures follows an aspiring artist depicting day to day life in a Mexican family There is such vibrant art and very busy scenes which helps the reader stay engaged I greatly appreciated that the books text is also bilingual as the English gets translated to Spanish on every page.

  • Family Pictures is a multicultural book illustrated by Carmen Lomas Garza This book is also an autobiographical text because she included pictures from her childhood and other memories she has made with her family Beside each of the pictures, there is a brief paragraph that describes the particular memory She writes her paragraph in both English and Spanish text From looking at and reading her book, you are able to connect with the memories she has because most people have experienced similar me [...]

  • Carmen Lomas Garza s autobiographical and multicultural book, Family Pictures shows us snapshots of her childhood, which represent Garza s cherished memories Each picture is accompanied by a short paragraph describing a memory from Garza s childhood and it is written in English and Spanish This book includes very detailed pictures of common scenes that just about anyone could connect with There are pictures from a fair, the beach, birthday party, a family sharing some watermelon on a hot summer [...]

  • Family Pictures by Carmen Lomas GarzaGenre Autobiography, MulticulturalInterest level Grades 3 5Guided reading MLexile level 750LSummary Family Pictures tells anecdotal stories from the life of Carmen Lomas Garza Each story is accompanied by a vivid, detailed piece of artwork created by Garza herself Each depicts a familial event in her life as she grew up in Texas for example making tamales, having a birthday party with pi atas, spending time with her sister and therefore, everything is closel [...]

  • Family Picturesis a multicultural and bilingual text that I highly enjoyed reading I chose this book as part of my text set because it perfectly captures what it s like to grow up in an extended family with multiple relatives and generations The book is written in both Spanish and English which makes the text come alive for readers Because this is an autobiographical piece written by the author about her own life growing up in Texas, there is no plot line or conflict resolution However, the lang [...]

  • This book is called Family Pictures, and is written and illustrated by Carmen Lomas Garza This book is also a Pura Belpre Honor Book This book was a great way to look at Carmen s culture The book is written in Spanish and English and the pictures really let you step into Carmen s world and let you experience her life This book also shows how some cultures are not that different then ours These families have pi atas at their birthday parties, and enjoy eating ice cream and watermelon They attend [...]

  • This book is a reflection on the author s childhood She is Mexican American but grew up in a city in Texas near the Mexican border Her family followed many of their cultural traditions like making tamales, birthday parties, and family gatherings She really shows her love for her family and the Spanish community in her town I personally was not a big fan of this book I found it to be a slow and boring read I did however like the pictures because they were very colorful and detailed I took notice [...]

  • This book brings about a great way to introduce a new culture Throughout the book the descriptive pictures had very descriptive paragraphs to match Classrooms are going to be diverse, so I think this would be a good book to have in an elementary setting Students of this decent may be able to relate to some of the activities that took place in this book which could in turn get students involved This would promote better conversation and engagement with each other For those students that are not [...]

  • When I first discovered Carmen Lomas Garza and her books I was blown away I felt as if she had written my life story The pictures and the little anecdotes and tales of her life were absolutely parallel to mine I could not get over how meticulously accurate her descriptions were of the childhood memories she depicted in her illustrations and words I have read this book so many times and each time I read it and look at the illustrations, and vivid images come back to me and I am overcome with such [...]

  • Garza uses her artwork to explain important memories from her childhood Each painting is narrated with a story to accompany it in both Spanish and English Through each of the paintings and the accompanying story, the reader is able to learn about her Mexican American family living in south Texas One of the aspects I found most compelling was that she often will point out that the way her family did something wasn t always the norm for a Mexican American family For example, she discusses how in s [...]

  • This book was an Honor Book from 1996 of the Pura Belpre Award The book is written in both English and Spanish Carmen Lomas Garza wrote the stories and painted the paintings It was published by Chidlren s Book Press originally in 1990 The Spanish translation was done by Rosalma Zubizarreta The interest reading level is Grade 3 5 The format is a picture book The author describes, in bilingual text and illustrations her experiences growing up in a hispanic community in Texas The descriptions and p [...]

  • Family Pictures is a great multicultural picture book The cover shows a Mexican family in Texas working together in a kitchen making tamales Many of my students from Mexico can relate to this picture They have their own stories to share from the past and even now about making tamales with their families for special occassions The whole book is based on the author s experience growing up as a Mexican American in Texas She created pictures to represent different memories from her childhood One of [...]

  • This book is about Carmen Lomas Garza growing up and all the experiences she has had The book recalls all her birthdays she s had, all the tamales she has made, the adventures she went on, the discoveries she has made, and the revealing to her sister of her dream to become an artist one day This book is written both in english and in spanish so for my classroom we could look at what the words look like in english compared to spanish This book is excellent to show the Mexican culture For my class [...]

  • This book is being told through Carmen Lomas Garza s own paintings that she created to tell about her favorite things she did throughout her life The book recalls events like her birthday party, picking nopal cactus, having rabbit for dinner, and making tamales, and dreaming about the future just to name a few The book is written in both English and Spanish This book can be a great window or mirror for students depending on which end they are on This would be great to show cultural traditions to [...]

  • This book was a collection of pictures and mini stories that went along with them by the author All of the paintings had a story that went with them and depicted events in one families lives Not only does the book provide a multicultural perspective through pictures and the stories it also has a side by side comparison on Spanish to English for each story This book could be helpful for teachers to use with English as a Second Language students or to use in a multicultural unit the paintings are [...]

  • This book is a collection of stories from the author s childhood She talks about growing up with her large Hispanic family in Texas Each page tells a different story, both in Spanish and English, about special occasions from her childhood and about everyday life For example, one page talks about eating watermelon as a family on the front porch in the summer, while another talks about when they got to go to the big fair in Mexico On top of the rich stories, all the pictures are fantastic This boo [...]

  • This book is in both English and Spanish, it is a collection of stories that were the inspiration of Carmen Lomas Garza s paintings Carmen grew up in a border town in Texas and the paintings express the Hispanic culture that resides in the southern part of the country One of the narratives describes her family pass time of picking nopal cactus and eating them the next day Each story could be used to describe Mexican culture and could be a great conversation starter with students This is a great [...]

  • Family Pictures Cuadros de Familia tells young readers about the author s life growing up in a Texas border town in a Mexican American family The beautiful illustrations and the simple bilingual text tell the story of each memory in an easy to understand manner for children Family Pictures Cuadros de Familia is an excellent book for a classroom collection the show the value of culture in the home.

  • I used this book when I taught primary grades in Fort Worth, TX It was nice to re read as I am working my way through the Pura Belpre award books It would go well with On My Block Stories and Paintings by 15 Artists Like that book, this one has illustrations of special places that are described with brief text It s a great look into the artist s past and culture.

  • This is a great bilingual book that takes you through a journey of family pictures The top portion of the pages are written in English, but the bottom portion of the book is written in Spanish It is wonderfully illustrated It is almost like a scrapbook of the family.

  • Genre Unit AutobiographyI love that it is in Spanish and English I always read both This year that was awesome because I have Spanish speakers again Amazing illustrations and a great Mexican America perspective on growing up.

  • I really enjoy reading this book because I appreciate how close her family ties are Some of the stories, like the chicken soup one, remind me of spending time with my grandpa on the farm This book is also a great mentor text for writing.

  • Carmen Lomas Garza s artwork is delightful She tells a simple tale of her home life through her art and her descriptive paragraphs Some aspects of Mexican culture are explained I wish I owned a piece of her art This is a children s book.

  • Written in Spanish and English Pictures painted by the author about her family home Can be used to teacher student about different cultures or to value cultures present in the classroom that may be different.

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