Don't Copy Me!

Don t Copy Me Don t copy me It s a refrain that s well known to children parents and caregivers Now it s Little Puffin s turn to say the words as three cheeky gull chicks follow him around imitating his every wo
  • Title: Don't Copy Me!
  • Author: Jonathan Allen
  • ISBN: 9781907967207
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Don't Copy Me!
    Don t copy me It s a refrain that s well known to children, parents, and caregivers Now it s Little Puffin s turn to say the words as three cheeky gull chicks follow him around, imitating his every word and step And the the puffin protests, the the gulls enjoy their silly game Can Little Puffin find a way to turn his frustration into a clever plan With his Don t copy me It s a refrain that s well known to children, parents, and caregivers Now it s Little Puffin s turn to say the words as three cheeky gull chicks follow him around, imitating his every word and step And the the puffin protests, the the gulls enjoy their silly game Can Little Puffin find a way to turn his frustration into a clever plan With his usual wit and flair, author and artist Jonathan Allen turns a simple concept into a wildly entertaining tale.
    Don't Copy Me! By Jonathan Allen,
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    Jonathan Allen Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Don't Copy Me! book, this is one of the most wanted Jonathan Allen author readers around the world.


  • I adore Allen s illustrations And these were great But I wasn t the biggest fan of the story for two reasons 1 I hate copy games HATE them They really can be annoying and I was feeling that annoyance as I read Of course, that may be just the thing that kids would love in a storytime or lap read 2 That was not a satisfying resolution for me Puffin thought about how to solve his problam with wits and without losing his temper And his reward That his patience and wit and calm attitude were complete [...]

  • Ha ha ha Every kid has experienced a copy cat at some time I like that there s no moral here The child can decide how they feel about the Puffin and his companions.

  • This book talks about Little Puffin Hes turns to say the words as three cheeky gull chicks follow him around, imitating his every word and step He tries to stop them He sat down and the three gulls too After a few minutes the gulls got boring, and they walked away Little Puffin was so happy, because he thought the three gulls were gone But they were hiding and when he did not see them, they started to follow again.

  • Jonathan Allen s picture books are really popular, and if you like cute, fuzzy birds, you ll like his books They also seem to be good for contrary young uns who like saying, I m not ___ or in this case, Don t ___ Don t Copy Me is about Little Puffin, who has three little gulls Small Gull, Tiny Gull, and Baby Gull constantly following him around and copying everything he does and says The plot follows Little Puffin s attempts to get them to stop following him.I remember being really annoyed with [...]

  • When Little Puffin heads off on a walk all by himself, he is followed by three little gulls who all copy him How annoying He tried to scare Small Gull, Tiny Gull and Baby Gull away, but they all just repeated what he said to one another Little Puffin tried shouting at them and that didn t work either He sat down to think how he could end the game, and all three little gulls sat down too Little Puffin tried running and that didn t work So he tried sitting very still so they would get bored You wi [...]

  • Think This is the Song That Never Ends, but in book form Little Puffin finds that he has a group of Gull chicks following him, mimicking his every move He successfully outsmarts them only to find that the Gull chicks pick right up where they left off, ending the book where it began Artwork plays with texture to create fuzzy creatures The pictures use black outlines in some places and leave them off in other places to great effect For me the artwork was impressive than the story, but if I had to [...]

  • Little Puffin just wants to go on a walk, but he has three shadows the gull chicks who copy his every move Will they ever listen when Little Puffin says, Don t Copy Me What I thought THis is the first book by Jonathan Allen I ve read I enjoyed it It s just right for preschoolers The illustrations are appealing with bold outlines, bright colors, and good use of white space Story Time Theme Birds

  • Don t copy me was an excellent book, I must say the little gulls in the book made it funny and reading to the children in my class, I would ask them questions about what they thought if someone was copying them So it was like a lesson in the book to see how it felt when the gulls copied the puffin.I got the book from the Youngstown Public Library.

  • We are going through the copy stage This book helped my daughter to understand it s not so funny sometimes for others if they are not laughing with you She also understood there are other ways to handle being copied , i.e sit quietly, don t yell out of anger My daughter really enjoyed this book and recommends it to her friends.

  • Who hasn t been annoyed to no end by other kids repeating everything they do and say In this story Small, Tiny, and Baby Gull are taunting Little Puffin by copying his every movement and word He thinks he s outsmarted them, but we all know it never works that way It would be fun in toddler or preschool storytimes you could have the audience participate for additional silliness.

  • Typical childish behavior copying someone else when he she doesn t want to be copied Of course, our hero some sort of cross between a toucan and a penguin comes up with the bright idea to sit very still and bore his followers away Does it work

  • We used to call this kind of behavior The Copy Game I wish Puffin s strategy for ending it had worked I wouldn t want to read this to kids and give them any ideas The Copy Game is indeed annoying.

  • Little Puffin is annoyed when Small Gull, Tiny Gull, and Baby Gull copy everything he does With its simple, repeated phrases, this picture book will work well for still learning readers Common Core State Standard Fluency and would be hysterical for Readers Theater.

  • I can just see every child who has this book read to them doing the Copy Game for the next week to everyone around them How Annoying Even if they aren t copying you No thanksI won t be teaching any children the Copy Game any time soon.

  • I thought of my two girls as I read this story and how the little one loves to copy her big sister and how big sister gets so annoyed by it Little Puffin is out for a walk the the three gulls follow him and copy everything he does A fun story that readers will enjoy.

  • Another colorful fun read aloud from Jonathan Allen Little Puffin is being followed and mimicked by three small gull babies This could be a good discussion book for preschool and kindergarten teachers to share and talk about how copycatting makes someone feel.

  • I am a big fan of Jonathan Allen, but this one fell a little flat for me I am still going to try it out on a Storytime audience, I think the kids will still like it For me, it felt like I was involved in the birds game and that game is annoying.

  • Hmmm Perhaps being a copycat only becomes annoying as children enter kindergarten or maybe even 1st grade At any rate, the humor seems to have been lost on the 3 5 year old s I shared this with Sigh.

  • My kids LOVE this book My 5 yr old and 3 yr old cannot get enough of it We checked it out from the library 2 weeks ago and I have read it probably times than days we have had it They love Baby Gull the most especially when it has a cute high pitched voice from mom.

  • Really cute illustrations and a simple story that I think every kid can relate too, especially if they have younger siblings or family members around to drive them crazy Going to test this out next time I have a story time program to see if the kids enjoy it as much as I did.

  • How he manages to make little birds look so fluffy and cute I ll never know This one was pretty funny who hasn t been either the perpetrator or the victim in the copying game Only it would have been even better with a clever ending.

  • I was disappointed that this book didn t really address dealing with copying I was expecting something that might be useful for older siblings dealing with being followed around and copied all the time.

  • Not much of a story here, but young readers will identify with the game the little gulls are playing The white body parts are not outlined, perhaps to enhance the birds fuzziness, but I found the technique distracting I love puffins but not this book.

  • Cute, though not nearly as adorable as I m Not Cute The writing is fine though it doesn t sparkle The pictures are fun.Possible preschool storytime book, to teach copying and get kids to imitate the characters.

  • Liffle Puffin wants to enjoy a walk in the nice fresh air But Small Gull, Tiny Gull, and Baby Gull follow him everywhere and do everything Liffle Puffin does How will Little Puffin stop them from playing this annoying game

  • Little Puffin wants to go for a nice walk by himself, but Small Gull, Tiny Gull, and Baby Gull are following him everywhere he goes and doing everything that he does, which is very annoying Can Little Puffin outsmart the three gull chicks

  • A little puffin who decides to go for a walk finds himself being followed and copied by three adorable, but very annoying gulls The illustrations make this simple text shine.

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