The Secret Window

The Secret Window Meg is afraid to tell anyone when her dreams literally start coming true but she needs help before she can learn to use her gift of seeing into the future
  • Title: The Secret Window
  • Author: Betty Ren Wright
  • ISBN: 9780590427494
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Secret Window
    Meg is afraid to tell anyone when her dreams literally start coming true, but she needs help before she can learn to use her gift of seeing into the future.
    The Secret Window By Betty Ren Wright,
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    Betty Ren Wright is an author of children s fiction including The Dollhouse Murders, The Ghosts Of Mercy Manor and A Ghost in The House among others.She was born June 15, 1927 in the U.S and she is currently working on her 26th novel Ms Wright lives in Kenosha, Wisconsin, with her husband, George Frederiksen, a painter.


  • ahh the scholastic apple paperback gotta love eme secret window was a lot darker than i expected, and dealt with issues such as parental separation, teen parties w underage smoking drinking, friends growing apart, but also making new friends and self acceptance meg lives in a small apartment in wisconsin with her mother, father and older brother and things seem to be great until her father decides to pursue his passion of becoming a writer, and after one too many fights with her mother, leaves i [...]

  • Meg knows something about herself something crazy Her dreams come true All she s never wanted is to be exactly like her friends, but the dreams make her different It s a secret she can t share with anyone.Sometimes the dreams are cheerful like the one about her brother receiving a scholarship and other times she wakes trembling and terrified Gradually, the dreams seem to make everything worse Her father moves out to find himself, and her best friend deserts her for an older, sophisticated crowd [...]

  • it really, really frustrates me when books feel dated and therefore ineffectual originally published in 1982, The Secret Window needed some heavy lovin for its latest printing in the 90s but sadly here is no way that betty ren wright edited this book in 1991 i m sorry, it s just not possible at a very pivotal moment, the teen protagonist attends a boy girl party and smells something sweet in the air she, bewildered and upset, queries, is that grass no wonder this girl doesn t go to the cool kid [...]

  • I remember reading this book, and it was just a fun read This girl Meg has dreams, visions really, and though its only a few things she can see, she can only find out what they mean later I remember she had a dream about a dark room, a foot, and then her friend dragged her to a party where it was a bunch of older kids, no adults, and there was drinking and drugs Well Meg had a bad feeling, so she left, and with a good reason, since the cops busted the party when a neighbor complained Well she ha [...]

  • In the first chapter or two it mentions a girl having her period, which is something I could have dealt with as a book for my 7 year old But then the unsupervised middle school party with weed sort of pushed it into the not yet area.I m not sure I ll want her reading it at 9 either, but when she is 9 at least now I know what my issue was Other than that it s a pretty stereotypical family breaking up, kid going through that, with the fun sort of secret window part thrown in I loved Betty Ren Wrig [...]

  • I quite enjoyed this book Meg was a really mature 12 year old, and while this book was short, she sure did learn a lot She also had a lot to deal with, with her father leaving, and her best friend Gracie pretty much being a butthole throughout the entire story Meg did even come clean as far as the dreams at the very end of the book, and the fact that she made a new friend that was a much better person than her current best friend made the book worth reading.

  • This book is a swell book I gave it 2 stars simply because the author should have wrote a lot about the conclusion He should have wrote about how Meg overcame her fears and problems The plot is quite unique as well Instead the author was very brief about the ending of the book I recommend this story to anyone who enjoys a mysterious book.

  • I really enjoyed this book Through this story Meg has learned a lot even when her friendship wasn t that great When she was seeing those weird dreams at the end of the story it was very tough for her At the end she meet a new friend and when she helped her a lot this book had a meaning and a moral and something to think about.

  • Meg sometimes has dreams that are different They come true The story also addresses some issues common with teens in a fairly realistic manner Excellent realistic introduction to prophetic precognitive dreams.

  • Meg has dreams that come true Sometimes those dreams scare her, and she is afraid that if anyone found out about it they would think she was crazy This was almost a 5 star book It held my attention and I think middle school and junior high girls would enjoy it.

  • This book was just brought back to my memory today, my sister and I definitely had it, definitely read it, probably a few times, but I don t really have any recollection of it.

  • I liked this book, because it was interesting, but also really scary at some parts, and it kind of makes you angry and sad I LOVE IT THOUGH

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