The Godfather's Lover

The Godfather s Lover Jarod Greene doesn t know anything about love but that didn t stop him from taking an IT intern from the FBI up against the wall in a moment of confusion and passion It certainly didn t keep him from
  • Title: The Godfather's Lover
  • Author: Ann T. Ryan
  • ISBN: 9781613721063
  • Page: 157
  • Format: ebook
  • The Godfather's Lover
    Jarod Greene doesn t know anything about love, but that didn t stop him from taking an IT intern from the FBI up against the wall in a moment of confusion and passion It certainly didn t keep him from asking the wide eyed intern to be his kept lover And it s not like Chris Wilkinson s job or life was going anywhere Why wouldn t he want to be the kept man of the most powJarod Greene doesn t know anything about love, but that didn t stop him from taking an IT intern from the FBI up against the wall in a moment of confusion and passion It certainly didn t keep him from asking the wide eyed intern to be his kept lover And it s not like Chris Wilkinson s job or life was going anywhere Why wouldn t he want to be the kept man of the most powerful mob boss in Los Angeles But Chris Wilkinson is than he appears, and so is Jarod Greene.In the City of Angels, where every foundation is cemented in lies, two men whose first words to each other were false are about to find out how far they ll go to discover the truth because nothing true comes without a price to be paid in blood, and that s especially true if you re the Godfather s lover.
    The Godfather's Lover By Ann T. Ryan,
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  • For a relatively simple book, this is somewhat of a difficult review to write A large part of this is because of the potential this story had that failed to be realized I don t want to give this book a rating as I think a low rating would be overly simplistic.For some reason when reading this book I kept thinking about a J2 fanfic I don t know why But that is the way it came across to me In fanfiction authors can get away with a lot of poor characterization because readers know exactly who you a [...]

  • 1.75 StarsThis WAS a quick read, and not particularly angsty or boring However, I did have issues with the writing Mostly because the book I WANTED to read was about a Mobster falling in love with an FBI agent that was bent on destroying him And the book I actually read was just two dudes having sex and eventually developing feelings for each other The characters really did not have much depth, and the story needed editing, A LOT of editing I really wanted to like it , because it did have potent [...]

  • I m DNFing this one at about 70% The dialogue is too stilted for me and the characters feel very unrealistic I am a fan of the mobster cop pairing but this one is just not working for me.

  • I could say that this story could have been better if it was longer but I won t because I don t think it would have helped It was a whole story of clich s I did not connect with Jarod or Chris The time jumps were ridiculous If the author is going to do massive time jumps then there needs to be some kind of build up You can t go from no mention of time to saying it is a year later and then another 6 months pass Also, mostly everything important was off the page or never mentioned, as in what exac [...]

  • 1,5 starsI did finish The Godfather s Lover to get it out of my system.0,5 stars for the basic idea of a bad boy getting lucky,but the realizationultimately was wasted time and money.NoteI m so tired of nagging and giving low ratingsjust want to read good books stories

  • Adrian explains why this failed The idea was a good one and exciting because who doesn t love a good mobster story Yeah it didnt work out that way, wasted opportunity.

  • Hmmm, so lots of bad ratings on this one but I have to say, before the 90% mark, I would have given it four stars Maybe my standards are lower because the m m mob books I ve been subjected to lately have been so lacking but, if I read a book where the male characters actually act like men instead of simpering teenage girls it s already ahead of the game Sad but true But, to address some of the complaints, I LIKED Jarod and Chris first sexual encounter in the alley It was unapologetic and un sapp [...]

  • 3.5 stars, but this has got such a low ratings in here, I had to give 4 in the end.I liked it I agree with the others, that the book is far from perfect And I remember not liking at all the writer s other book My King s Seraglio But the title and the blurb intrigued me It s a short one, so I thought I d give it a go And I m glad I did.There are quite a few m m books out there, where one of the guys is a bad one a mob, a yakuza or something like that And in a lot of cases they turn out to be good [...]

  • rarelydustybooks 2011 This is my kind of M M story What is my kind you ask I love it when there is a tough guy assassin, mafia boss, special forces who falls for the fun and flirty guy who isn t impressed with all the money or power excuse me while I sigh They both keep secrets from each other and end up sacrificing to keep the other safe.Even though this is a novella, the author was able to create two well developed characters that wormed their way into my heart In the prologue we meet Jarod an [...]

  • I enjoyed this book but I think it would have benefitted from being longer The reader didn t really get to see the relationship between Jarod and Chris develop although about a year passed during the course of the book Had I seen of the interaction between the two men during this time period I think it would have been easier to believe in the decisions that Chris went on to make.

  • Way too many coincidences for me to be comfortable with the plotting, but I did like the characters a lot I mean, really, though, what sort of mafia boss takes a random hot stranger, and has sex with them while they re busy chasing down someone else And the actions of the characters often I felt as if I was missing something that would make it all logical, because they were consistent in their decisions, if unrealistic.Not bad, just not much to justify the disbelief and confusion it prompted reg [...]

  • This book is about on par with a porn plot Hot mobster takes undercover FBI agent as his paid sex toy Hot sex conquers all.There are no ethical or moral issues raised in the book and the legal ones magically seem to disappear.Aren t you glad that love trumps murder and racketeering My faith in humanity has been restored

  • Is this the start of a series That ending kinda pissed me offke running towards a cliff and you wake up and your laying at the bottom but have no idea how the hell you got there.

  • What a good blurb title fans of The Godfather like me will be well served, I hope Not so well served after all review show

  • I already am in love with the idea of bosses, whether it be from the mafia, yakuza or the such Its what made me read this I loved every peace of it It had and has so much potential I can practically see what good information could be added to it to make it longer, spread out, possibly made out into a series of books or just a really long book I m so glad this is the book I started with for my binge There were some minor peculiarities that I personally was able to easily overlook and I can be qui [...]

  • love the story, i never knew i had a thing for mafia stories, i just wished it was longer and there was a little of a back story the author gave a very brief but direct back story of the why the two main character act the way they do and do what they do however, i just wished that there was written on Jarod and Chris relationship development i m not saying that their relationship was rushed consider the circumstance, but i would still have love a little netheless i give this 5 stars because it [...]

  • Acci n y AmorUna historia fant stica que mezcla acci n y amor a partes iguales Jarod un jefe de la mafia, con un car cter de perro y una figura que causa estragos Chris un agente del FBI, con un car cter triste y una figura que enloquece a m s de uno Ambos gays, y ambos imposibilitados de reconocer sus verdaderos sentimientos, hasta que estos son m s fuertes que ellos y lo que hasta ahora parec a lo correcto se vuelve impensado Una genial historia de amor, que deja muchas ganas de m s.

  • In the blurb it saysBut Chris Wilkinson is than he appears, and so is Jarod Greene.News Flash No, Jarod Greene isn t than he appears He is a mob lord period I would have been fine with this story if I hadn t been given the expectation of a twist at the end but the twist never came grrrMany things could be said about this story, but the truth of the matter is I was totally waiting in anticipation for the big reveal until the very end and there was none Sorry to say Ms Ryan this leaves me, one d [...]

  • I really liked the idea of this story, but the execution was a bit rough, mainly the dialogue between the characters I don t know of anyone in real life who doesn t who use contractions see, I used two of them right then , and it s really really hard to believe and transport myself into a story when the stilted dialogue keeps getting in the way So that was a problem for me But like I say, I really liked the idea.

  • A pesar de las malas cr ticas que vi sobre este libro, igualmente me aventur a leerlo y debo decir que no me arrepiento, si bien son personajes trillados los que encontramos aqu , el romance entre un agente del FBI y un capo de la mafia a mi parecer son una f rmula que nunca pasar de moda La historia es rom ntica, encantadora, f cil de leer,aun que un poco breve tal vez, igualmente doy 5 estrellas.

  • I really don t think this book was as bad as everyone made it sound The passing of time didn t bother me as much as some people, but I felt like I could have used emotion and steamy sex scenes But that s always my personal preference The story focused a bit on the logistics of the mob cop story than the romanced that was my biggest problem Still not a horrible read though.

  • Well it s not a masterpiece but I think it delivered It was enjoyable and, despite some violence within, it was a very light read I like the cop criminal romance stories The moral conflict is always interesting to observe and this was no exception although it is a short story and not much exploited I am a little disappointed though for it not being a full book because the plot is good enough.

  • I was a bit skeptic about this book because of the title It was surprisingly good I liked the characters and the writing style I have to admit, the plotted story was to easy and I did miss an epilogue at the end I would really love to read about this couple, both Chris and Jarod, were enjoyable together.

  • Loved this story, FBI agent devoted to taking down crime family s gets involved with the big California boss, to take down their family But he falls in love, even as he is collecting evidence against the family The boss also find himself falling for his newest toy Great story

  • If you re looking for a realistic story look elsewhere DThis is 100% gangster fairytale and I enjoyed the hell of it It contains all kinds of cliches, but fortunately I liked most of them, so it was a light and pleasant read for me Just like one of the reviewers said it delivered.

  • This story had a lot of potential Unfortunately, I felt that it was short and the writing style very awkward I m not sure if this is a first for the author, but I hope with time her stories improve.

  • I really liked this I liked the story, the MC s, everythingexcept the abrupt ending At least for me it seemed like it needed another chapter or two or an epilogue.

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