Under an Afghan Sky: A Memoir of Captivity

Under an Afghan Sky A Memoir of Captivity In October Mellissa Fung a reporter for CBC s The National was leaving a refugee camp outside of Kabul when she was kidnapped by armed men She was forced to hike for several hours through the
  • Title: Under an Afghan Sky: A Memoir of Captivity
  • Author: Mellissa Fung
  • ISBN: 9781554686803
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Under an Afghan Sky: A Memoir of Captivity
    In October 2008, Mellissa Fung, a reporter for CBC s The National, was leaving a refugee camp outside of Kabul when she was kidnapped by armed men She was forced to hike for several hours through the mountains until they reached a village there, the kidnappers pushed her towards a hole in the ground No, she said I am not going down there For than a month, FungIn October 2008, Mellissa Fung, a reporter for CBC s The National, was leaving a refugee camp outside of Kabul when she was kidnapped by armed men She was forced to hike for several hours through the mountains until they reached a village there, the kidnappers pushed her towards a hole in the ground No, she said I am not going down there For than a month, Fung lived in that hole, which was barely tall enough to stand up in, nursing her injuries, praying and writing in a notebook Under an Afghan Sky is the gripping tale of Fung s days in captivity, surviving on cookies and juice, from the grab to her eventual release.
    Under an Afghan Sky: A Memoir of Captivity By Mellissa Fung,
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  • I was recently reading A House in the Sky, Amanda Lindhout s account of her fifteen month captivity at the hands of Somali kidnappers, and came across this passage early on Melissa Fung, the CBC television correspondent who looked so purposeful and confident, couldn t know that sixteen months later, on a return trip to Afghanistan, she would get kidnapped outside of Kabul and spend twenty eight days as a hostage, kept half starved in an underground room in the mountains.I immediately felt deflat [...]

  • I really didn t like this book Throughout I just kept saying waaa, waaa, waaa Sure it was a traumatic and really harrowing experience to be kidnapped and kept in a hole in the ground with no privacy for 28 days in Afghanistan The story is worth telling But the repetition of all the apologizing to others for the stress and heartache they were experiencing in the letters written to family and friends was way over the top in terms of what readers need to get the point.The verbatim conversations wit [...]

  • Classic example of Stockholm syndrome where hostage express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward his captors Convinces herself that lack of abuse is an ack of their kindness Besides that, very repetitive and boring With sentences like I didn t know there was a gun market there seriously now, this country was is being torn by war for 3 decades now This war journalist is naive and clueless beyond believe I am canadian but I prefer the american national anthem.Im not even going to [...]

  • What a page turner this is It is an engrossing true story of a CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation journalist who is kidnapped in Afghanistan She is hidden by her Taliban captors or a variation of them in a hole in the ground for about thirty days During this time she is aware that negotiations for her release are in some stage of vicarious progress.The great strength of this account is the conversations that she has with her captors We get a vivid inside portrayal of these Afghan men and thei [...]

  • Before her kidnapping and captivity in Afghanistan, Mellissa Fung had an active life, with her career in journalism advancing nicely She was in a relatively new relationship and looking forward to upcoming changes in both her work and personal life.Her kidnapping memoir shows this and how knowing her support system of family and friends was out there got her through her ordeal She tries to create relationships with her kidnappers, asking about them and their families and their life goals She wri [...]

  • Under an Afghan Sky A Memoir of Captivity recounts the traumatic abduction and confinement of Mellissa Fung a journalist who was held captive for 28 days in a dark, rancid hole in a small town on the outskirts of Kabul I read this book fairly quickly as the writing style is simple and easy to read but vivid in detail and dialogue It is a poignant and somewhat riveting recollection of inner and mental strength and the author s belief in God and faith in pray which I found to be ultimately inspiri [...]

  • While Fung s story is compelling, the book reads like a script from a news segment choppy and short I wanted to like the story better because I felt so much sympathy for the author her ordeal was, without a doubt, horrible And though I did read on, it felt a bit like I was reading because of the sheer spectaclewhich was disturbing to me There s little understanding to be gained from the book Her kidnappers are, she says, petty thieves There s some discussion about the state of the police force i [...]

  • This was an gripping account of this journalist s ordeal being held hostage in Afghanistan I ve read other such stories and, even though happened in them, I found them less compelling That s not a great thing to say, I know gee, your story of being kidnapped is not as good as hers but in this case it s a journalist telling the story so inevitably it is well written and well paced Although much of the story is about how she passed many intolerably horrid hours, it s never boring because it s qui [...]

  • It was interesting to read Amanda Lindhout s story about her experiences living in captivity in Somalia for over a year, then this book Fung s story is not nearly as dire since she was treated comparatively well and released after only 28 days even though she was held in an underground bunker for most of it Her advantage was having the CBC on her side whereas Lindhout was freelance and green to boot The most interesting part of this book was her focus on contrasting her religion Christianity wit [...]

  • Canadian journalist is captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan and held in a hole for a month while her kidnappers try to negotiate a lot of money for her return However, she is an employee of a public broadcasting corp and there isn t a lot of moneyA memoir of how she kept her spirits up, connected with her captors, and subsisted on juice and cookies for a month No showers A dusty hole the size of most washrooms.My husband really enjoyed the aspect of how Fung connected with her captors and unde [...]

  • DNF I read about half of it and the very end I couldn t bear the tedium and darkness of being in the hole with her for any longer I really don t know how she came out of this experience as well as she did I do admire her strength and, certainly, the narrative is interesting enough for awhile But then it seemed like she was having the same arguments over and over with her captors, as I m sure she WAS, but it was very frustrating reading I also would have liked to read about how she felt immediat [...]

  • As others have said, I really, really wanted to like this book but I didn t I wanted to feel real empathy for Mellissa I wanted to understand her experience I wanted to get inside the head of her captors, get a feel for the realities I didn t get any of that I got a dis jointed and repetitive narration that left me completely unsatisfied.Mellissa Fung indicates in the afterword that she felt the need to write this book, and thought it would be therapeutic in interviews since she says she did not [...]

  • What an amazing tale of capture, confinement and release You feel you are in the cave with her and you hope, every time she hopes, for release Months later, I can still picture the dirt floor, the cramped conditions Fung s faith is apparent.As an interesting footnote, the 10th anniversary edition of The Walrus has a follow up piece by Fung that is a must read regarding what the whole presence of Canada in Afghanistan has meant from her perspective.

  • Whine, whine, whine Nothing insightful in this book, with nothing much to say Maybe that s why half of it is reprinting emails from her boyfriend I made the mistake of reading this book after finishing A House In The Sky by Amanda Lindhout, another journalist held hostage by Islamic fundamentalists, but for a much longer length of time Fung s book pales by comparison.

  • This is not a review but is based on an interview I had with the author It was originally published in the Georgia Straight newspaper.More than 12 years have passed since NATO countries first deployed soldiers in Afghanistan towards the end of 2001, and Mellissa Fung says she still doesn t totally understand what Canada was doing there The official explanation for us going in was to provide security so that these institutions like schools and courts could take shape, the former CBC journalist to [...]

  • On the route of Canadian journalist kidnapping stories, I had just finished A House In the Sky and The Price of Life, one or both had mentioned Melissa Fung s story Great story and captivating writing, Melissa even mentions Amanda Lindhout in the story Although much shorter than Lindhout s book, I think I enjoyed this so much because I related so much to her stories of the GTA Overall great read.

  • I loved Under an Afghan Sky A Memoir of Captivity Partly because I briefly worked with Melissa at CBC in Vancouver years ago, and partly because I love captivating pardon the pun nonfiction I sensed Melissa was leaving certain details out, and if that is the case, I thank her for sparing me exposure to further horrors Truly a great read, and sad that Melissa and other journalists must expose themselves to such risk to bring important stories to the world.

  • This book is the memoir of 28 harrowing days of capture for CBC reporter Mellissa Fung, when she was kidnapped by Afghan petty criminals in 2008 The last part of the book was a real page turner for me, as I knew she had been released in 2008 but was I unaware of how the end of her captivity came about There are a few noteworthy facts about this story Mellissa comes through as a mentally strong young woman, although very demoralized and frightened She has the presence of mind not to go mad in the [...]

  • ayearofbooksblog 2016 08 As part of the Acrostic August Challenge, I read Under the Afghan Sky which is a memoir detailing the 28 days that CBC reporter, Mellissa Fung spent in captivity in Afghanistan This detailed account of being snatched at gunpoint following an interview at a refugee camp and described her captivity in a rudimentary hole underground Fung attempted to journalize her experience and her account of getting to know her captors as she prayed for release.It is hard to imagine bein [...]

  • Before reading this book, I d been aware of Mellissa Fung s story, and was sure it would be a page turner Mellissa was a CBC journalist, on assignment in Afghanistan Well aware of the dangers, Melissa was eager to do her job and as much good as possible It was during this time when she was kidnapped by a group of men whose ultimate goal was ransom money This book details her capture, confinement in a carefully hidden hole in a dangerous company and eventual release While it was an interesting re [...]

  • Mellissa Fung, thirty five years old, has been a long time journalist for CBC s THE NATIONAL in Canada As she was reporting on the effects of war in Afghanistan, she was leaving a refugee camp outside Kabul when she was grabbed by armed men saying they were Taliban After stabbing her, stuffing her into the back of a car, she was driven into the desert and then forced to walk through mountains, bleeding profusely Finally her kidnappers stopped and forced her into a hole in the ground where she li [...]

  • I really liked Fung s storytelling style I want to call this a compelling read, but that word doesn t feel right because I had to take breaks periodically This is a story of a woman being kept prisoner in a literal hole in the ground for nearly a month, and Fung makes you feel exactly how awful that would be No bathing, no clean clothes, only the hard ground for a bed, limited food and water and that s just the start I have close friends who are women news journalists, and I recognized a lot of [...]

  • As one reviewer also mentioned, I too read A House in the Sky , Amanda Lindhout s account of captivity at the hands of Somali kidnappers and it was hard not to make comparisons I found myself however, really captivated by the differences in Amanda Lindhout s and Mellissa Fung s experiences.For one, I kept thinking to myself thank goodness Mellissa was treated well in comparison And Mellissa s story was really quite different because she was able to develop a bond with one of her captors which sp [...]

  • Absolutely fantastic I was worried that this book would be too dark, and also I thought the two people in a hole plot line would become too tedious for words, but I was wrong on both counts Fung is not an effusive writer, but she is direct, and she is excellent at setting up a scene, and painting character The book reads like a thriller, and I could not put it down as even though I knew the ending, I was dying to know its exact circumstances Fung very eloquently portrays her captors as fully fle [...]

  • Under an Afghan Sky is the true story of CBC journalist Mellissa Fung who was taken hostage while on assignment in Afghanistan Her captors keep her in a hole in the ground for four weeks Mellissa s diet consists primarily of cookies, juice, and cigarettes She does a good job of describing the monotony and her desire to make a connection with her captors to speed up her release Fung has some empathy for these young men whose futures have been stunted by the ravages of the war.The book is about he [...]

  • I read this story after reading Amanda Lindhout s story which unfortunately affected my overall enjoyment I feel for the author as being captured and held hostage for a month is certainly a traumatic experience I enjoyed the author s tell it like it is approach As for plot, the author seemed to fill a lot of pages with her descriptions of living in Canada, her friends and her normal everyday life I just didn t find those bits very interesting and detracted from the overall story Although 30 days [...]

  • This book was not the easiest book to read, there were a lot of sections that almost dragged, but considering the topic, it was understandable The experience that Ms Fung writes about had many moments of monotony Sometimes the details she writes about seem so small and unimportant, but again, this was her experience, it seems like she focused on these minute details so she would have something to think about besides what was taking place Overall, the book manages to expose the reader to both the [...]

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