City of Whispers

City of Whispers Private eye Sharon McCone receives an e mail asking for help from her emotionally disturbed half brother Darcy Blackhawk She replies but gets no response As Sharon digs deeper she discovers that Darc
  • Title: City of Whispers
  • Author: Marcia Muller
  • ISBN: 9780446573337
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Hardcover
  • City of Whispers
    Private eye Sharon McCone receives an e mail asking for help from her emotionally disturbed half brother Darcy Blackhawk She replies but gets no response As Sharon digs deeper, she discovers that Darcy sent his message from an Internet caf in San Francisco, a city he s never been to before Sensing that her brother is in terrible danger, Sharon begins a search forPrivate eye Sharon McCone receives an e mail asking for help from her emotionally disturbed half brother Darcy Blackhawk She replies but gets no response As Sharon digs deeper, she discovers that Darcy sent his message from an Internet caf in San Francisco, a city he s never been to before Sensing that her brother is in terrible danger, Sharon begins a search for him throughout the city The investigation leads her to the body of a woman at the Palace of Fine Arts, where a witness had told her that Darcy was headed Then, as she digs deeper, Sharon uncovers a connection to the unsolved murder of a young heiress to a multimillion dollar banking fortune Now Sharon must race to solve both murders and ensure her brother s safety, despite the imminent danger that lurks within her own family.
    City of Whispers By Marcia Muller,
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      186 Marcia Muller
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    A native of the Detroit area, Marcia Muller grew up in a house full of books and self published three copies of her first novel at age twelve, a tale about her dog complete with primitive illustrations The reviews were generally positive.In the early 1970s, having moved to California, Muller found herself unemployable and began experimenting with mystery novels.In the ensuing thirty some years, Muller has authored over 35 novels three of them in collaboration with husband Bill Pronzini seven short story collections, and numerous nonfiction articles Together she and Pronzini have edited a dozen anthologies and a nonfiction book on the mystery genre Muller received the Shamus Award, The Eye Lifetime achievement award in 1993 In 2005 Muller was named a Grand Master by Mystery Writers of America, the organization s highest award Pronzini was named Grand Master in 2008, making them the only living couple to share the award the other being Margaret Millar and Ross Macdonald The Mulzinis, as friends call them, live in Sonoma County, California, in yet another house full of books.


  • Using rough draft as final copy Telegram style beginning Author tired Tweets as chapters I enjoyed the early Sharon McCone mysteries, but it appears that our relationship may be heading toward the end This latest installment number 29 reads like the draft of a manuscript than the highly polished page turner she is capable of writing.Shifting narrative between Mick, her nephew computer genius operative Darcy, her drug addled half brother and McCone is used in a listless attempt to develop tensio [...]

  • Not one of my favorite offerings from one of my favorite authors In the end, the story did perk up and the pieces fit together, but initially the novel lacked Muller s usual momentum The McCone mysteries are so consistent that it s strange to find one inconsistent My fear is that this was rushed to meet a publisher s deadline The bones of the story are there as always but the fleshing out is not as usual.I don t believe that this can be laid at the feet of the storyline of her locked in head wou [...]

  • Twenty plus years ago I read a lot of Marcia Muller s mysteries featuring PI Sharon McCone Sharon was one of the earliest hard boiled female mystery heroines tough, gun toting, willing to take a beating, relentless This latest addition to the series feels dated Sharon is still in her early 40s, but author Muller is considerably older and her stage of life is reflected in the thoughts and actions of her creation That in itself isn t a problem, but the disconnect between what once was and what is [...]

  • I finally received this book on Nov 22nd 2 1 2 months after I was notified that I had won it.It s been than two months since I won this on GR giveaway and I m sorry to say that I NEVER RECEIVED THIS BOOK At least one other winner had the same experience I notified GR and contacted the publisher directly, but still no book.Won this as a giveaway I haven t read anything by this author in than 10 years, so I hope her books don t have to be read in order I had a few of hers picked up at a UBS a wh [...]

  • Sharon McCone is back at work and tracking down her half brother Darcy who left her a cryptic message As with her last few books, Mueller alternates between various characters involved in the search for Darcy There is a connection to the mysterious death of a young heiress and several homeless people including Darcy McCone s nephew Mick figures prominently in this book It almost seems like the author is winding down the series as Sharon McCone appears to be tiring of the rat race her profession [...]

  • I like Sharon McCone and her troupe.Here, she got a garbled e mail from a brother half brother that he needs help Unfortunately, this is one of those brothers who always needs help But they always seem to be using the latest technology and they track down where he e mailed from Of course, he isn t there any But they are going all over San Francisco looking for this kid.It is another story for how much do you do for the losers in your family Is there where they can be written off Or, do you have [...]

  • I was very disappointed with this book, and a little sad because I was hoping it wouldn t signal a downward spiral for this long running series This was a very slim book physically and story wise I didn t care about Darcy no one in the book did either even Sharon so it was hard to get into the little action there was And although I really liked the alternating points of view in Locked In , I felt it did not work in this book and it made the book seem like a dial in effort Before reading this I r [...]

  • I have enjoyed the Sharon McCone books in the past and I was looking forward to reading this new installment I think perhaps it s been too long since I read the last one because I had a hard time getting back into her world Darcy, her half brother, is missing and appears to be involved in a murder Although physically recovered from her injuries in the last book, Sharon is having a hard time dealing with getting back to normal Mick Savage gets deeply involved in the agency, getting out into the [...]

  • Marcia Muller uses an interesting technique to differentiate her chapters Each one bears the name of the person who is most prominent in that chapter Storyline is edgy but short, choppy chapters and one liners take their toll Muller has done better.

  • I m always excited to read a new Marcia Muller mystery These are such a great example of the tough chick detective genre.This book in particular didn t seem to do much to move the series along, but it was still entertaining and well written as always.

  • Not one of her best Only 261 pages and chapter titles took a whole page each I always wonder if that s a way to stretch the length out Writing was choppier than her usual Her earlier books are much better.

  • A long running series, right up there with Sue Grafton s Set in and around San Fran Not the strongest in the series, but good.

  • I ve read and enjoyed quite a few Sharon McCone mysteries, but Muller ran out of steam with this one Phoning it in She should let this series go if this is the best she can do Limp.

  • Good readI always enjoy a Sharon McCone mystery and as usual she did not disappoint Loved the story line and as always love her whacky family.

  • It has been one year since San Francisco Private Investigator Sharon McCone was hospitalized in a near coma, and she is slowly getting her stamina back and learning to live with the after effects Sharon receives a cryptic E mail from her troubled half brother Darcy Blackhawk asking for help, but Sharon doesn t know how to reach him While searching for Darcy, Sharon finds a dead body at a location her brother has been seen, but there is no sign of Darcy It s murder and this case seems to be conne [...]

  • A great fun read from author Marcia Muller Characters, writing and plot line are all well developed If you have readany of the other books in this series, you are seeing how technology is becoming a big part of the everyday world of these operatives However, sometimes, it is still time to get down and dirty.

  • This was an interesting book, a mystery novel private investigator hardboiled fiction It is written in a spare, unsentimental style, using a first person narrative that regularly rotated between successful PI Sharon McCone, her nephew and employee Mick Savage, and her mentally ill drug addict half brother Darcy.The book and many chapters begin and end with the so called whispers of the book title The whispers are from the city and heard by Sharon, and in Darcy s head The whispers are rather enig [...]

  • San Francisco PI Sharon McCone does not suffer from a lack of family as do so manydetectives in mystery novels Not for her, the lonely sleuth dining alone in a cheap, all night greasy spoon, McCone suffers from family than anyone ought to Two sets of parents birth and adopted with siblings to match, in laws, ex in laws, and a husband who keeps a spare private jet for those times when his regular jet is being cleaned.But don t get the idea that City of Whispers is a cute, fluffy bunny of a novel [...]

  • It s hard to believe that City of Whispers is Marcia Mullers 29th Sharon McCone novel It seems like just yesterday I was reading the wonderfully entitled Edwin of the Iron Shoes, the first in the series, published in 1977.Generally considered to be the first modern female private investigator, Sharon has unlike some other long running series characters grown and changed with time She has a successful marriage, a successful business, and an ever growing family Having learned that she was adopted [...]

  • What could he have done now Where has he been Why does he show up when he needs something and then not allow us to know where he is Those were questions Shar asked herself after she received an e mail from her constantly absent half brother, Darcy She always helped him out, but she couldn t help if she couldn t find him She was worried that this time he was truly in deep trouble.The story takes place in San Francisco in wealthy neighborhoods and also in squalor You can guess where they were look [...]

  • In its brief but gripping narrative, the latest Sharon McCone detective story turns out to be one of a kind.In Muller s 28th Sharon McCone novel, Sharon receives a cryptic email from her half brother, Darcy Blackhawk, urging her to Help me I m in SF Unclear and disturbed in its brevity, Sharon sets off across San Francisco in search of her mentally ill bloodline, tracking the email and his recent activities to a local cafe Perturbed and frightened, Sharon comes up empty handed With a long rap sh [...]

  • PI Sharon McCone receives an email from Darcy , her drug addicted, mentally unstable half brother The email is short Help me I m in SF Sharon emails him back but gets no reply She assumes he just needs money but something about the message bothers her so she begins a search for him Soon she finds herself involved in an old unsolved murder and there are some powerful people who will do anything to keep it that way.City of Whispers is about families and the secrets they keep some so terrible, peop [...]

  • Darcy Blackhawk, Sharon McCone s half brother, emails her a cryptic note asking for her help, but he gives no way for her to get in touch with him He uses the email account of her birth mother, Saskia Blackhawk The email came from an Internet caf in San Francisco Darcy is a drug addict who has misused his entire family at one time or another.Sharon, a San Francisco private investigator, barely knows Darcy Since he s in San Francisco, she knows she ll have to find him The note could mean anything [...]

  • For me, City of Whispers wasn t as good as the other books in Muller s Sharon McCone series I still liked the book and she remains one of my favorite mystery writers, but this one is not my favorite A few books back in the series, McCone was seriously injured and while she was in the hospital and recuperating, Marcia Muller shifted away from the first person narration she d always used before We got part of the story from the perspective of her family, friends,and operatives I really liked the c [...]

  • I had a hard time with this book emotionally, the young man, Darcy Blackhawk, Sharon s half brother, at the center of the story is so obviously schizophrenic that even a blind man could see it I spent most of the book yelling HE S F ING SCHIZOPHRENIC, YOU STUPID BITCH at the various characters describing him as a loser, a junkie, a freak, an unloveable person and sadly thinking this is why Sharon s brother Joey ran away and then committed suicide I would have thought the various intelligent char [...]

  • Private Eye Sharon McCone isn t close with her younger half brother Darcy Blackhawk In fact, between his drug use and thievery, she thinks perhaps he deserves to be living under a bridge as a troll But when she received a vague email from him asking for help, she decides to look into it There may not be any love lost between them, but he is family.With the help of her investigative team, Sharon is led from an internet cafe to the body of a woman at an art institute to the unsolved murder of a yo [...]

  • This was a marvelously complex tale.I had no idea this was a book in a series until after I had already been drawn in by this story of a gutsy PI searching for her troubled brother As soon as I started reading, I was drawn in and the story didn t let me go until the last page The beauty of the story is that you can enjoy it even if you haven t read the other books in the series It did make me want to read .Muller wrote in sections where each character had their own voice and viewpoint Point of v [...]

  • City of Whispers, by Marcia Muller, b plus, Narrated by Laura Hicks, Produced by Audiogo, Downloaded from audible.Sharon McCone gets an e mail from her emotionally disturbed half brother, Darcy Black Hawk, indicating that he urgently needs her help The email is from San Francisco, which is surprising because he has never been there But he doesn t leave Sharon any way to get in touch with him, so she puts her whole investigation firm on to the case to find him While looking for him, they find tha [...]

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