Foxy's Tale

Foxy s Tale A comic chick lit tale wherein former beauty queen Foxy Anders who s fallen on hard times rents an apartment to mysterious bumbling Myron Standlish who s arrived in the city looking for a long los
  • Title: Foxy's Tale
  • Author: Karen Cantwell L.B. Gschwandtner
  • ISBN: 9781460991763
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
  • Foxy's Tale
    A comic, chick lit tale wherein former beauty queen Foxy Anders, who s fallen on hard times, rents an apartment to mysterious, bumbling Myron Standlish who s arrived in the city looking for a long lost trunk containing who knows what When Foxy s teenage daughter, Amanda hooks up with Nick, a cute guy at school, while getting cooking lessons from Foxy s new assistant Knot,A comic, chick lit tale wherein former beauty queen Foxy Anders, who s fallen on hard times, rents an apartment to mysterious, bumbling Myron Standlish who s arrived in the city looking for a long lost trunk containing who knows what When Foxy s teenage daughter, Amanda hooks up with Nick, a cute guy at school, while getting cooking lessons from Foxy s new assistant Knot, they re all in for some romance with a dash of suspense and a sprinkle of supernatural Contact FoxysTale gmail Fan Foxy Foxy sTale Facebook
    Foxy's Tale By Karen Cantwell L.B. Gschwandtner,
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    Karen s novel, Take the Monkeys and Run was a semi finalist in the 2009 Breakthrough Novel Award Contest under the original title of Monkeys in My Trees and has gone on to be a Kindle bestseller on She has written three books in the Barbara Marr Murder Mystery Series Citizen Insane, Silenced by the Yams, and Saturday Night Cleaver.When she s not writing, Karen loves gardening and spending time with her family She is currently working on the release of Keep Me Ghosted, the first book in the new Sophie Rhodes Ghostly Romance Series, as well as beginning the draft of Kiss Me, Tate, part of the upcoming Barbara Marr spin off, Love in Rustic Woods Series Karen loves to hear from readers, so feel free to drop her a line at karenntwell yahoo You can also stay in touch by liking her Facebook Page, Karen Cantwell AuthorKaren s website Karen s WebsiteKaren s books and short stories Take the Monkeys and Run Barbara Marr Murder Mystery 1 Citizen Insane Barbara Marr MM 2 Silenced by the Yams Barbara Marr MM 3 Saturday Night Cleaver Barbara Marr MM 4 The Chronicles of Marr nia, Short Stories Starring Barbara MarrIt s a Dunder Bull Wife, A Barbara Marr Holiday TaleA Spirited Season, Holiday Tales with a Paranormal FlairBooks to be released in 2013 Keep Me Ghosted Sophie Rhodes Ghostly Romance 1 Kiss Me, Tate Love in Rustic Woods 1 Piper Nash and the Power Police YA Fantasy Dead Man Stalking Barbara Marr MM 5


  • I was looking forward to reading this story because I have read Karen Cantwell s Take the Monkeys and Run I thoroughly enjoyed that story and was excited to read her newest book, Foxy s Tale, which she wrote with co author, L.B Gschwandtner.Foxy s Tale is the story of Foxy Anders, a recently divorced woman and her teenage daughter Amanda Foxy is the ditzy beauty queen blonde who is interested in shopping for the latest fashions than trying to parent her daughter Amanda is going through a Goth p [...]

  • was getting into but oy vey what a bad ending I don t really think it is Foxys Tale either but I know that makes for a clever title

  • Single mom and former beauty queen, Foxy Anders, hasn t had an easy life but she s doing the best she can to make ends meet After a messy divorce, she opens an antique shop in Washington D.C s fancy DuPont Circle She hopes to sell her merchandise to the wealthy people living in the area.Foxy s teenaged daughter, Amanda, is sick and tired of her mother s antics Her mom does nothing that Amanda expects a mom to do like cook and take care of their house To make matters even worse, Foxy goes on shop [...]

  • Posted on Romancing the Books blogReviewed by AngieReview copy from BooklendingI have to say that this is one of the ODDEST books I have read in a long time I don t necessarily mean odd in a bad way, it was actually a really cute book that I enjoyed Foxy will never win Mother of the Year and a lot of mothers will probably dislike her for how absolutely clueless she is about raising her daughter, Amanda Yes, I know it s a book, but really she makes you wanna throttle her due to how absolutely sel [...]

  • Foxy Anders has problems, but she is no airhead She is, however, a shopaholic and she can t seem to understand her daughter, Amanda Amanda is sullen and wears Goth attire Other characters are Knot Knudsen and Myron Standlish who rent rooms from Foxy Knot is flamboyantly gay and is very good at decorating and upselling antiques to rich people He goes to work for Foxy in her antiques store and soon has her finances headed in the right direction Myron is a mysterious little Yiddish man who keeps vi [...]

  • I was already a fan of Karen Cantwell when I downloaded Foxy s Tale for my Kindle so I was eager to discover the first in The Reluctant Vampire Series co written with L.B Gschwandtner I expected of a paranormal story but what I found was a delightfully charming family story with plenty of wit and just a touch of vampires.Foxy Anders is a former beauty queen, former wife to a football player, and former all around success Down on her luck she ventures to Washington D.C to open an antique store, [...]

  • From Lilac Wolf and StuffLet s see, cover has that cute cartoon thing going on again It s a paranormal novel but it s so unique Really that s the best word I can think to use here I ve read so many over the last two years that sometimes I cringe for the first few pages Thank God for the good paranormal writers out there you know who you are There is just a hint of vampires in this book, nothing out in the open Foxy is running an antique business, luckily one of the first tenants Knot Knudsen pro [...]

  • This is the second book by L.B Gwschwandtner I ve read the first being The Naked Gardener an I am very happy to have the opportunity to have read both Although both were fairly different from each other and Foxy s Tale being co written with author Karen Cantwell both were very enjoyable in their own ways.Foxy s Tale was both what I expected it to be and also what I didn t expect it to be For example, the book is much focused on the chick lit genre than fantasy For most of the story I was wonder [...]

  • Vampires have been a part of our literary psyche for nearly two hundred years now In that time, they have evolved from villains sophisticated monsters to heroes, as in that handsome, big game hunting Edward Cullen Now, Karen Cantwell and LB Gschwandtner have given us a new kind of vampiric anti hero the vaguely Yiddish Myron Standlish in Foxy s Tale The Reluctant Vampire Series, Book 1.This novel comes together so seamlessly that I would not have known it was a collaboration The characters, part [...]

  • I m not sure that this book was really co written by Ms Cantrell this was said with tongue in cheek I adore all her books and I can t see where she had made her mark in this collaboration.I felt I was being generous in giving it two stars this is at where 2 stars is the same as one star is here and that is only because I did finish this book.I just am not seeing what everyone else seems to see with this novel I am seeing narrative that doesn t flow, very little plot if any, characters so shallow [...]

  • I wasn t sure what to expect with this book after all, the whole vampire thing is getting to be a bit much At its heart though, this is a story about families and relationships not about blood sucking creatuers of the night Foxy is a former beauty queen recently dumped by her former NFL star husband and struggling to parent her daughter when she is barely a real grownup herself She s a shopaholic who worries constantly about her daughter Amanda s goth style and only has a decent business because [...]

  • I received this book in a GR giveaway and I really wanted to like it Truth is, though, I really didn t.In the interest of full disclosure, I don t like either chick lit or vampire stories, which is what this book is about Of course, that begs the question, why did I ask for this book when I don t like either of these things I mean, it s not like the authors didn t say up front what the book is about cause, you know, they wouldn t want those million or so readers who do like this kind of thing to [...]

  • Divorce can be hard on those involved It causes tension between parent and child This story is that of a young girl and her mother on their own after a nasty divorce They move above a store the mother is opening and rent out two of the other apartments What they find are unique people who become a part of their unusual family along with some old, dark secrets.I found this to be a delightful read with a little bit of drama, some mystery, and humor to keep me chuckling Okay, there is a lot of myst [...]

  • Foxy s Tale was a good book, it wasn t great, but it wasn t bad it was good Really I should have liked it , I wanted to, and I know a lot of people will love this book, but it just wasn t what I was expecting The writing was fantastic, the world was described beautifully and you can imagine you re right there but I just couldn t get into it The characters were too shallow for me, yes they grow throughout this story, and really that s what it was a big coming of age story I was expecting paranor [...]

  • This book is a did not finish book for me Man, it was so not for me I bought the e book for 2.99 and am smacking myself for not reading a sample before spending the money Here s a small taste from the book She puts her hands on her hips and tilts her head back and forth She just can t decide Higher or lower She s been at this sign raising for over thirty minutes now, and she knows these kind men are becoming very annoyed with her p 6 Suddenly Foxy sees her daughter as if she s looking through a [...]

  • I don t think the two authors meshed well in this book, the writing seems stilted Maybe their styles are too different there was too much narrative not enough dialogue.I had a hard time liking Foxy, her character was well rounded she was just too shallow Although she was starting to grow a little by the end of the book, so maybe she does have potential Her daughter Amanda was likable enough, a typical unhappy teenager who kept a journal on a blog Her boyfriend Nicks story line never made any sen [...]

  • Fun to read but so much wrong with it switching between past and present tenses in the same sentences Switching point of view between characters in the same paragraphs Errors in dialogue punctuation and the occasional typo but nobody s perfect A nice set of characters, though none of them than caricatures But despite all that very enjoyable light reading, and with a very accurate quote near the end of the book Sometimes there s nothing you can actively do to help someone else Sometimes they jus [...]

  • This book was so disappointing to me I read Take The Monkeys and Run and loved it, so when I saw Karen Cantwell had a new book I grabbed it Maybe the fact that it was co authored It was fairly seamless in that you couldn t tell which author was writing at the time The book read like a play to me than a book It was supposed to be funny, but I didn t laugh once, and the only character I really even liked was Amanda Roxy was too irresponsible, a thoughtless mother and as for Knot, can you say over [...]

  • Having read Karen Cantwell, and loving her stuff, I wasn t surprised at this book, but the collaboration with LB Gschwandtner is a total success.Foxy s Tale is a riot of fun A narcissistic Mother of a Teenaged Daughter A gay man with a shoe fettish, and a strange little man with another fettish, combine to make the Teen s life a life in hell This is laugh out loud funny, with twists you don t expect, and it keeps you guessing to the very end It s a clean book, suitable for teens, with a touch of [...]

  • After a slow start which may be due to me reading the paper version after I ve become so used to reading on my apple devices I ended up really liking this story The storyline, as well as the characters developed throughout the story and by the end of the first novel in this series I found myself wanting to real the next installment right away I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book and I m glad I did, as it has introduced me to a new series and author that I will continue to follow in the [...]

  • I must say that this book had me guessing the whole time I just could not figure out what the big mystery was even with the few hints that were given by the author Well done, very creative I like the characters who I didn t expect to be too memorable but they managed to linger in my mind after wards I can t imagine what the author will have in store for the sequel but I can t wait to find out.

  • More gym reading So, I like supernatural fiction But the vampire element of this story made NO SENSE whatsoever I would have been fine with just the mother daughter thing, but the vampire stuff just didn t gel with the rest of the story Foxy is a horrible, awful mother She s not that great of a person in general Knot was a parody The only person I liked at all was Amanda, but she lacked a lot of depth Ug.

  • Ugh this book had a decent concept, but execution was lacking Writing was disjointed and made reading confusing at times It felt like action would stop at random and suddenly the story was somewhere else.Ending left many things dangling, but I hear there is a sequel to come I will not be reading it.

  • I wouldn t really call this a vampire story as most of the book concerns Foxy and her daughter Amanda and the vampires were really only a minor part of the story This isn t a bad book but it isn t great either The characters were rather shallow, although they did start to grow later in the book And I had pretty much figured out what was going to happen about halfway through.

  • After reading take Take the Monkeys and Run I was expecting this to be better than it was Not that the story isn t cute and worth a look but I found the Foxy s character just a little ok maybe a lot annoying i m in way saying that this book is not worth taking a look but I found it hard to get into Not a bad way to spend an afternoon in the sun.

  • Foxy s Tale wasn t at all what I expected I will say it has made me interested to read book 2 Book 1 made me a little bored at times, but I now understand that we are building a story here, than just one book s worth, so I accept the building of information as a first book s due course, and my guess is I will enjoy having that background for subsequent books.

  • I thought the book was pretty silly It is not a book to read if you are looking for a serious book The book was supposed to be about vampires, but it seemed very forced I really did not like the ending at all, it was very anti climatic It was just all over the place and not very well put together.

  • I did not enjoy this one as much as the the Barbara Marr mysteries The characters were not as likable and i did not relate to the humor or the story line I had a hard time getting into the story I will definately read Barbara Marr mysteries, but not any about Foxy.

  • An enjoyable if predictable tale The cast of assorted characters make this a tale worth reading You may want to slap Foxy around a bit as being the worst sort of parent but each of the characters evolves and grows into someone better

  • I don t understand why this book was called Foxy s Tale It really emphasized most of the story on her daughter Amanda It also ended horribly I wouldn t recommend it either, but I got it as a free book for my kindle, and I am glad that I didn t pay for it

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