Twelve Gates to the City

Twelve Gates to the City A novel of self discovery family bonds and the healing of one small southern townTwelve Gates to the City is the much anticipated sequel to Black s acclaimed debut They Tell Me of a Home In this nov
  • Title: Twelve Gates to the City
  • Author: Daniel Black
  • ISBN: 9780312582685
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Twelve Gates to the City
    A novel of self discovery, family bonds and the healing of one small southern townTwelve Gates to the City is the much anticipated sequel to Black s acclaimed debut, They Tell Me of a Home In this novel, Sister assumes the voice of the narrator, speaking from the spirit realm, telling her brother TL things he could have never known about their family She constructs the sA novel of self discovery, family bonds and the healing of one small southern townTwelve Gates to the City is the much anticipated sequel to Black s acclaimed debut, They Tell Me of a Home In this novel, Sister assumes the voice of the narrator, speaking from the spirit realm, telling her brother TL things he could have never known about their family She constructs the story as a series of spiritual revelations, exposing to readers both who she was in the years of TL s absence and how every event in his life was an orchestration for his return TL in the meantime is back in Swamp Creek, to stay this time, but he s still haunted by his sister s death His decision to become the Schoolmaster is the only thing he s sure about, and his impact upon the students becomes palpable But he still doesn t know what happened to Sister As he searches for ultimate truth, he discovers the secrets and beauty of Swamp Creek Twelve Gates to the City is a novel about spiritual revelation, and communal healing, ushered in by one who finally realizes that his gifts were bestowed upon him, not for his own glory, but for the transformation of his people.
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    NOTE There is than one author with this name on.Daniel Black author of Be Careful What You Wish ForDaniel Black is a native of Kansas City, Kansas, yet spent the majority of his childhood years in Blackwell, Arkansas He is an associate professor at his alma mater, Clark Atlanta University, where he now aims to provide an example to young Americans of the importance of self knowledge and communal commitment He is the author of They Tell Me of a Home and The Sacred Place.Author Facebook page facebook pages Author


  • Better than the prequel, though I m not sure how easy this one would be to follow without first reading They Tell Me of a Home.

  • Simply awful.The two or three sentences of excellent story in no way make up for the hundreds, thousands of sentences comprised ofpure, unadulteratedsuck.You ve been warned Read my running commentary for details.

  • Not his best work The character development was weak It seemed like he rush to get to the end of the story If you have not read They Tell Me of a Home read it first before this one That is the only way the story and characters make sense.

  • Why, why, why, why I LOVED Perfect Peace by Daniel Black, and really enjoyed They Tell Me of a Home, and so I couldn t wait to read Twelve Gates to the City the prequel to They Tell Me of a Home I can t even begin to express how disappointed I was I give you this, though no one can capture the spirit and feel of the rural South like Daniel Black can I loved reading about the Meeting Tree and the stories told and antics displayed there Lawdy, Lawdy, Lawdy felt like I was there Wished I was ther [...]

  • YESSSSSSS This is my favorite read so far of the year This book is filled with so much good information, it really will give you a different view on so many things and different perspectives I found myself literally laughing out loud in a gym full of strangers looking at me like I ve lost my mind This is one of those books that will make you laugh loudly, gasp and say I can t believe that happened and make you evaluate how you view life and some of the decisions that you ve made It started out a [...]

  • I m a Daniel Black fan but this book tried to do too much and was all over the place for me I kept reading because I wanted to find out what happened to Sisteronce I did unfortunately I lost interest in the rest of the book I will still read another book by Black as long as its not a sequel.

  • TL has returned to his hometown of Swamp Creek, Arkansas for a family visit He is a Ph.D who lives in New York He gets on the bus to return home, but something pulls him back and he gets off the bus to stay He ends up taking the vacant teaching post left open after the teacher s death He realizes that there is something he needs to know TL discovers that the former teacher was his biological mother and that she had had an affair with his father This helps explain why he d had such a strained rel [...]

  • What a wonderful sequel to They Tell Me of a Home Simply one of the most heartfelt books I ve read in years Daniel Black is an awesome writer, and I d love to see his books into movies because the way his books read, they run like a movie in my mind Tyson found out that even though he may have left his home of Swamp Creek, you can t lose the home within you his heritage his roots He has a heavy price to pay, but in the end, it was well worth it Outstanding read, and one that I will never ever fo [...]

  • I enjoyed this sequel although it did not end the way I expected There was lots of symbolism here It s an amazing story of family, forgiveness, acceptance, understanding and self discovery I wasn t crazy about the mysticism surrounding Sister s death I am still left with the question of What actually happened to Sister I would recommend Black s work for those seeking a captivating storyline.

  • I read They Tell Me Of A Home about 4 yrs ago and loved it When I read Black had added the sequel was over joyed A little hard at first to remember the characters but Black s storytelling is amazing love how he weaves the story line but this book seem to be rushed in places Still loved how the story answers so many unanswered questions from the first book GREAT READ anyway Now reading Perfect Peace same little town Swamp creek.

  • I think it s an excellent read in outlining Black Heritage I m only 48 and there were many things I remember from my family history that correlated so closely to his book I m from a family of Educators and now I REALLY understand the love, passion and gift they had for wanting to teach children I still have some unanswered questions about the city However, I m sure I ll get them from the many reviews Don t miss out on this read

  • So disappointed This book was written as if three different authors took turns writing chapters Sister s voice did not add or take away from the story, I skipped most of all of Uncle Jesse s sections, and the ending was a rush to nothingingness Too many loose pieces and patching together forgotten about characters This was a poorly written sequel to They tell me of home.

  • Just like They Tell Me of a Home, I really enjoyed this book Black has a special way to tell a story and his stories always seem to come full circle This novel was very spiritual and caused me to think about alot of things The only reason this book lost a star was because I felt as though it dragged in some areas and Black was long winded in some areas Overall, great book

  • This is a sequel and it was a great read sometimes I believe the stories behind these novels has to be true.

  • This book is deep It cannot be just read, it has to be processed for the deeper meaning This is Sister s story and TL s discovery of himself and his legacy I enjoyed the journey Black does it again I am definitely hooked and a lifelong lover of his works I now have a greater understanding and appreciation for Momma, Willie James, and Cleatis.

  • I didn t know this was a sequel so maybe that was my problem, but I just couldn t get into this story The plot was slow and just nothing much seemed to be happening The only thing good about it was the Meeting Tree, I looked forward to those parts because they were so funny and entertaining, but the rest just seemed to fall flat for me.

  • Daniel Black, just as he did with They Tell Me Of A Home, captivated the reader s attention from start to finish This book was built on the foundation of the above mentioned book TL continued his search as to how his sister died He also came to a number of conclusions about himself and the world around him.The book encourages you to do a lot of soul searching Many truths were revealed in a number of ways I love the openness and the invited secrets that signifies his writing style David Black bri [...]

  • Very rarely do I start a book that I simply cannot finish I can always find some redeeming value in a book that I chose to read not one I had to read for a class or book group I loved Black s Perfect Peace and I almost liked his The Tell Me of a Home But, this book It was torture to read and I finally gave up I can t even pretend to come up with something I am sorry.

  • Having the hardest time getting through this one The first one was so good and i m so disappointed that this one has started off terribly I want to finish with the hopes of it getting better but judging by the other reviews I don t think that will be the case.

  • I loved this book like I knew I would You can see, hear, smell and practically taste Dr Black s novels I would highly recommend this book for fans of a good story I hope the series continues because I felt like there were still so many loose ends with TL s story.

  • This is probably one of the most important books, to my spirit, that I have ever read Daniel Black is brilliant, conscious and profound I was in awe of his story I am now on the hunt for any and everything this gifted Man has ever written BRAVO Sir, Bravo

  • It was great, I was wondering when his next book will be coming out I read all his books Tell all my freinds family about this author.

  • A riveting piece of fiction I m typically not a fiction reader but I found this book a very rewarding reading experience a must read

  • A treasureThis novel is beautiful beyond words It follows TL once again back at his home in Swamp Creek, where he finds the answers he has always looked for.

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