Murther & Walking Spirits

Murther Walking Spirits Catching his wife with his one time colleague Gil Gilmartin is murdered by the latter and lingers on as a ghost who must spend his afterlife sitting next to his killer at an otherworldly film festiva
  • Title: Murther & Walking Spirits
  • Author: Robertson Davies
  • ISBN: 9780241952665
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Paperback
  • Murther & Walking Spirits
    Catching his wife with his one time colleague, Gil Gilmartin is murdered by the latter and lingers on as a ghost who must spend his afterlife sitting next to his killer at an otherworldly film festival.
    Murther & Walking Spirits By Robertson Davies,
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      202 Robertson Davies
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    William Robertson Davies, CC, FRSC, FRSL died in Orangeville, Ontario was a Canadian novelist, playwright, critic, journalist, and professor He was one of Canada s best known and most popular authors, and one of its most distinguished men of letters , a term Davies is sometimes said to have detested Davies was the founding Master of Massey College, a graduate college at the University of Toronto.Novels The Salterton Trilogy Tempest tost 1951 Leaven of Malice 1954 A Mixture of Frailties 1958 The Deptford Trilogy Fifth Business 1970 The Manticore 1972 World of Wonders 1975 The Cornish Trilogy The Rebel Angels 1981 What s Bred in the Bone 1985 The Lyre of Orpheus 1988 The Toronto Trilogy Davies final, incomplete, trilogy Murther and Walking Spirits 1991 The Cunning Man 1994 enpedia wiki Robertso


  • 4.5 et 5 pour le dernier chapitre ainsi que pour son amour et son grand estime pour la Gr ce antique et la religion orthodoxe Un plaisir lire

  • I ll start by saying that I love R Davies His Salterton and Deptford Trilogies are wonderful But this book is just strange The story seems promising, a man is killed by his wife s lover, and becomes the narrator as a ghost who can t seem to go away He has the Davies humor which I so much love, when he starts to talk about the lover Sniffer, who he does not take seriously at all , or his wife who seems like another person after the murder But then he forgets about that and goes on to tell the sto [...]

  • Another fun read An interesting premise and as always brilliant insights into ourselves in the process i.e in the musings of the dead main character who gets a chance to view the lives of his ancestors in a very private and personal way Yet was I really such an unreflecting, uncomprehending jackass when I was alive that I supposed the sufferings and inadequacies of humanity came for the first time in my own experience No not wholly But I had never applied what I knew as general truths to the peo [...]

  • This is a very odd book I bought it and shelved it at first because, as a Canadian, I thought I should read something by one of the Great Canadian Author s I chose Davies because I had had very little exposure to him The book begins with the main character being murdered in the opening line, and progresses from there I really wasn t sure if I was going to enjoy it or not but as we progress through the stories or our protagonists ancestors if began to pick up speed for me While we watch Connor ob [...]

  • Gil Gilmartin is killed by his wife s lover Afterwards, Instead of watching his whole life passing before him as the clich says, he instead finds himself hovering about his killer a film critic at a film festival and watching not his own life, but the lives of all his forebears in a series of films After I started the book, I had doubts that I would enjoy such a novelistic device However, I recalled how much enjoyment I got from reading one of Davies books thirty some years ago while on a trip t [...]

  • The narrator of the novel is murdered on the first page and is bound in some way to his murderer Together they attend a film festival, where the murderer a film critic watches classic films along with the rest of the audience The narrator, however, is trapped and forced to watch a different set of films Gradually it becomes clear that these are films showing his history and that of his family the story of his great great grandmother escaping New York after the War of Independence for example.Not [...]

  • It is getting interesting as I am starting to catch on to what is going on Basically this guy is murdered by his wife s mister Now the murdered guy is at a movie festival at his murderer s side, watching movies that relate to himself, or attend to his posthumous needs I am not sure if this movie festival is actually an exploration into the consciousness of murderer and murdered as a way for them both to deal with the event that just happened I am starting to not want to put the book down update [...]

  • Discovering the work of Robertson Davies is one of the highlights of my reading life This one was a particular delight how could you not love a book whose first person narrator is killed in the book s first paragraph The conceit of Connor Gilmartin watching his family history unspool as a private film festival is brilliant, and Gil is a wry and erudite narrator I loved the book s final twists and its large cast of characters, who are all true individuals A tragedy for dedicated readers that Davi [...]

  • I m glad I wasn t drinking wine or I would have spewed it out too just like that ass Going This was really a fantastic read and it s the first I read of this particular author History, humor, Irony and sardonic wit, I really love the forays into philosophysing over life, death and one s ancestoral background A good piece that made me sigh in satisfaction when I finished it It s still rolling around in my head even though I am deep into another book, but that is just how my brain works This is a [...]

  • I have been a fan of Robertson Davies for many years and keep going back to this novel It took a special meaning this time as I just lost my mother, and questions about after life and family stories are taking a whole new meaning for me now Beyond that, Davies style and humour delighted me again and I enjoyed our common celtic roots, as always I am amazed by the lukewarm critics as I recommend this book as warmly as Bread in the bone , World of wonders or The manticore

  • Very unique premise since the narrator is dead and comes to the reader in the form of a spirit, telling his tale an revisiting his life immediately after he is murdered at the opening of the book Of course, he has a lot to atone for, and hi tale will shed light on guilt, despair, the unconscious The book is also very metaphysical, not a stretch since the hero narrator is a ghost in transit.

  • Rant please put R Davies books on ebook, reading physical books is a chore for me.The main character is murdered in the book s first sentence, when he walks in on his wife and her lover In his ghostly form he follows the killer as he attends a film festival, but instead of viewing those movies he sees his ancestors lives going back hundreds of years It concludes by returning to the present Really enjoyed the stories and characters of his ancestors, their successes and failures, and how they arri [...]

  • I forgot how much I enjoyed Robertson Davies This book was full of wit, slightly too complicated to keep up with all the time, but overall very rewarding And once again I ended up learning a lot I thought the only weak part was the very end, although I m not sure what else I expected in terms of tying up the story 4.5

  • I enjoyed it, but I m not interested in continuing the trilogy I didn t know was a trilogy until coming on good reads It feels unnecessary to continue, I was satisfied with the ending and I don t have interest in following the characters any further.

  • Interesting most of the comments about this book seem to agree with what I felt a splendid author, but the book is sufficiently strange to leave you vaguely confused and dissatisfied at the end There were a few revelations I had while reading it, though, that seem to me to merit a higher score, so let s say it s a 3.75, truncated.The last, and perhaps most significant thing I realized R Davies talks about a new sense of humor being born unique to Americans, born of desperation and needing someth [...]

  • This is not the book I was looking for I had hoped to find the third in Davies Cornish Trilogy, What s Bred in the Bone However, I was happy enough to find Murther and Walking Spirits, and I was thrilled with the opening One of the best ever I was never so amazed in my life as when the Sniffer drew his concealed weapon from its case and struck me to the ground Stone dead The thrill went on for quite a while The narrator, or his spirit, was killed after catching his wife in bed with a colleague f [...]

  • So this is good It s not great, but it s good And I feel like it picks up after the first hundred pages or so.This book is a story of a man who gets murdered suddenly in middle age and then basically goes visiting some of his ancestors, learning about them It s interesting in the sense that he s Canadian, so you get a very Canadian story of what situations may have brough people s ancestors to the country, and what circumstances may have made them what they were I enjoyed that part of the book q [...]

  • I m a big fan of Robertson Davies, but I would echo many other readers sentiments that this book is not up to his usual tight storytelling It starts strong, but then unravels into vagary and confusion.Many of the individual episodes making up the narrator s family history are generally very well done, but they don t appear to add up to anything We have so little information about the narrator that it s difficult to care much about his murder or to see the significance of all of these ancestral e [...]

  • I say this was OK, but I didn t finish it The writing was good, but the subject didn t engage my interest.At the start of the book, the hero is murdered the hook which keeps you reading is that he stays on as a ghost What will happen to him Will he manage to wreak revenge on his murderer as he hopes Well, who knows, because I didn t get that far Having set up that intriguing premise, the author then goes on to ignore it almost completely Apparently when you die, it s not just your own life that [...]

  • It sure is a strange book I tried to find from it why Mr Davies wrote it when he s almost 80 years old He didn t have to prove his ability as an author or to please anybody any He knew the book would not be popular, and it would be telling the stories similar to some other books of his, as a conclusion of his life Or as an adventure he always wanted to take Or, a way to say to his followers, don t blindly warship me, use your own brain Here s what he said himself in this book regarding sharing t [...]

  • , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , where Murthers and Walking Spirits meet, there is no other Narrative can come near it , , .

  • This is the second novel I ve read by Robertson Davies I think I will like some of his other works better than this one, but that doesn t mean it wasn t good.What I like about his writing is that it is entertaining, and odd, and occasionally contains very telling sentences that sum things up in a great way.This particular novel does all that It s oddly constructed and ends without much of a conclusion in my opinion, but I still was happy to wander through it all the way to the end to see what he [...]

  • This wildly imaginative book is told from the perspective of a recently deceased, snobby and misguided arts editor who attends a film fest featuring the movie of his ancestor s lives It s so entertaining and vividly drawn and the prose is often sublime I ve always loved Robertson Davies work this solidifies his prowess as the consummate story teller A sample quote p 224 But even Wagner, with his magnificent music and his rather less worthy pseudo medieval words, is never wholly successful Why Be [...]

  • Actual rating 2.75 stars Murther and Walking Spirits chronicles the death and early afterlife of Conor Gilmartin, an arts editor for a Toronto newspaper After his wife s lover kills him, Conor takes a journey through his father s family s past If I had read the negative reviews of this book before picking it up, I might have decided not to read it I share the sentiments of many of the reviewers who didn t like this book It starts off strong, but Conor s journey through his family s history feels [...]

  • This was a completely different book than I thought it was It s kind of like 2 books a story within a story, a venn diagram sort of book Actually, it was a book within a novella It was fine or whatever Not as good as The Deptford Trilogy Fifth Business The Manticore World of Wonders, but still fine I skipped a bunch of pages at the end because I just wanted it to be the end Not in a bad way, but in a This is all great, but I don t have time for this right now way Skip it, unless you want to read [...]

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