Kinflicks The novel from bestselling author Lisa Alther now available as an ebook Lisa Alther s classic coming of age novel set amidst the changing times of the s American South Growing up in Tennessee in a
  • Title: Kinflicks
  • Author: Lisa Alther
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  • Kinflicks
    The novel from bestselling author Lisa Alther now available as an ebook Lisa Alther s classic coming of age novel set amidst the changing times of the 1960s American South Growing up in Tennessee in a family of privilege, Ginny Babcock s world is seemingly idyllic Her father, the Major, runs the local plant and, thus, the town and her mother works on beloved home moThe novel from bestselling author Lisa Alther now available as an ebook Lisa Alther s classic coming of age novel set amidst the changing times of the 1960s American South Growing up in Tennessee in a family of privilege, Ginny Babcock s world is seemingly idyllic Her father, the Major, runs the local plant and, thus, the town and her mother works on beloved home movies, or kinflicks, as her children call them, documenting the quintessential moments of her children growing up But her mother s camera isn t there to capture Ginny s growing rebellion against her prim Southern upbringing From her backseat exploits as a popular high schooler, to her late night adventures at the moonshine joint with a greaser boyfriend, to her passionate days with a lover at the militant feminist commune in Vermont, Ginny throws herself into the moment until, finally, she must return home and look after her ailing mother Funny, wise, and filled with unforgettable characters, Kinflicks is a captivating novel that draws on the human fallout of turbulent times This ebook features an illustrated biography of Lisa Alther, including rare photos from the author s personal collection.
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    Lisa Alther Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Kinflicks book, this is one of the most wanted Lisa Alther author readers around the world.


  • There are many reasons the current direction of the publishing industry is a shame, but one of the biggest is that it means fewer of sprawling, epic novels will be published unless, of course, they are written by someone like Tom Wolfe, which is an even bigger shame As a result, a novel like Kinflicks would probably never be published today Kinflicks reminded me a lot of one of my favorite books, Of Human Bondage by W Somerset Maugham, in that it is a coming of age novel that not only addresses [...]

  • It s hard to believe that it s been 30 years since this book was first published I remember reading reviews of it at the time It does not deserve to be forgotten, and with luck, will be discovered by a new generation of readers.It is a long book Lisa Alther takes her time but at tleast the reader is not left with questions due to things insufficiently explained, or characters not sufficiently fleshed out It occurred to me that she may one of the last generations of truly literate novelists in th [...]

  • Before I start my review of Alther s debut triumphant novel, let me put a list of novels with the same theme together with their publication date and some commentaries Fear of Flying by Erica Jong 1973 Kinflicks by Lisa Alther 1975 The World According to Garp by John Irving 1978 Parachutes and Kisses by Erica Jong 1984 I have come up this list for the sole purpose of pointing and clarifying some things about these books because each entry if you ve read them all will make you associate one from [...]

  • Having re read it after 30 odd years I am delighted to say I still give it 5 stars A witty and at times uproariously funny feminist text, it is also an interesting social commentary on US society in the 50s and 60s Actually the era was one of Women s Liberation rather than feminist.Alther s bildungsroman details one woman s journey from the deep South where men put women on pedestals and then used the pedestals as footstools , through a series of hetero and homosexual relationships, and identifi [...]

  • You may have to hunt this one down in used book stores around the country like I did and it will probably take awhile, but it s well worth the time and effort It s a priceless little gem of literary fiction that s unfortunately slipped through the cracks It deals with everything that s important in life parent child relationships, love, death, sex and how we see ourselves in relation to the universe Oh and did I mention it s laugh out loud funny, too Who could ask for anything

  • I read this book so long ago the edition isn t even available Hardcover to choose for GoodReads I got this because it was cheap and looked interesting nowadays, I wouldn t pick it up, mostly because of some material I d find objectionable To the author s credit, I still remember it rather vividly, particularly a few scenes and details of the mother s illness I have ALWAYS thought that the book starts out strong, with great promise, but that the rest of the novel seems as though the author quickl [...]

  • Never heard anyone talk about this book and I can t figure WHY NOT when everyone knows about books like Rubyfruit Jungle which isn t 10% of the book Kinflicks is Intense and personal without being sentimental or trite shows the complexity and diversity one woman can experience I have a hard time remembering all the details, but I do remember being depressed by it and at the same time feeling extremely fond of it and attached to it, maybe because women are never portrayed this way and it really [...]

  • Life s Big Questions The tour of life that Lisa Alther provides for those of us who have begun to wonder is all encompassing and amazing, in the true, literal, and mostly forgotten sense of that word She tells Ginny Babcock Bliss s story superimposed against her dying mother s final thoughts in words and images that range from the Big Bang theory to hippiedom and the attempt to raise a trio of abandoned baby birds And everything makes sense, logically follows from the thing before, and leads to [...]

  • Phew, I m glad that s over Lisa Alther s first novel, Kinflicks, must have been a daring enterprise in its time 1976 , especially for a female writer All that sex in enormous quantities and varieties Flouting of every imaginable social convention from female stereotypes to the value of education No firm resolution at the end whoops, maybe I shouldn t have let that one slip , and she deserves congratulations for her courage However, interesting and energetic as much of the book is, I found it too [...]

  • One of the few books where the in depth explanations and detailed scenarios didn t bother me in the slightest Actually, I wanted them Me, who goes ugh every time too much detail is gone into when explaining a scenery, a scenario or a scene, wanted to be painted large pictures I wanted to be shown with words not only what happens but what its all about The protagonist was a very compelling person She was exciting and interesting at times but sometimes made rash, silly or even naive decisions, she [...]

  • The protagonist, Ginny Babcock, grew up in small town Hullsport, Tennessee in the 1950s and 60s Her father ran the chemical and munitions plant, the only industry in town They lived in a huge white mansion, and Ginny wanted for nothing The story alternates between Ginny s past esp as it centers around her love life Joe Bob Sparks, Clem Cloyd, Eddie Holzer, Ira Bliss, William Hawk and the present, when Ginny is back home visiting her hospitalized mother.Coming of age, although a hallowed literary [...]

  • This book was recommended by a GoodReads group I belong to.Once, again, I finished a book when I wasn t able to write the review Now in the midst of the current read, I have to remember the feelings of the previous literary adventure.Let s work backward I felt the ending left much to be desired Even though this is a hefty novel, I wanted to know what happened next Is it possible there is a part two out there Okay, now it is coming back to me I remember this getting off to a slow start I wanted t [...]

  • A book of high feminist ideals, of a sharply observed sixties sharp in the sense of acerbic, I think and of an epic character s life spanning proportions I read this in my late teens early twenties, picking it up for the blurb on the back, and despite myself at the time, loved it It was at once incredibly easy to read and yet full of ideas I hadn t really given due and proper consideration My mother raised me to be a feminist, in the sense of a believer in equality, but I hadn t really thought a [...]

  • Dumb book I m so mad I finished it I kept hoping it would get better but no it didn t The ending was horrible Lots of exclamation points in my reviews I can handle sad, haunting memoirs, and tragic, graphic novels BUT what I can t stand are stupid characters who never grow in the story or learn anything Maybe I am too young to grasp what the author was trying to say This book is nothing like what the back cover or the title describes Kinflicks refers to the home movies her Mother took of her chi [...]

  • I have mixed feelings about this book but one thing I can say for sure is it is really one of a kind.It s so unnecessarily long that it s difficult for me to even write a review but basically it s the coming of age story of a young southern woman who escapes her narrow minded provincial little town by attending a small, East Coast Wellseley like college where she discovers the lesbian side to her and takes up with a college friend These two political activists move to New York and then end up in [...]

  • Kinflicks is a great read, and perfect for a boomer to be reading at this time in his her life Alther captures the angst of high school peer pressure, the pressure of attending a prestigeous women s college, the either you re with us or you re part of the establishment tide of the anti war protests in general, the whole 60 s and early 70 s experience I couldn t put this down, and yet, when I was finished, I was somewhat frustrated with Ginny She had lost everything, and didn t know where she was [...]

  • I grew up in much the same area of Tennessee and in a slightly later generation 60s 70s as Ginny and the author As a chemistry student, I even made a summer internship in the chemical plant that obviously inspired the plant where Gina s father is employed I really love this book because it paints a clear picture of the very different lifestyles of the period as Ginny moves effortlessly from one world to another, adopting each in its turn while remaining philosophically detached and perhaps, ulti [...]

  • Great fun liked this book when I first read it at 16 Seemed a tale of freedom and female empowermentHowever as I have revisited it in my 20s I am shocked and appalled things which the author seems to want us to chuckle at or aspire to include essentially a string of what I now understand to be coercive manipulative abusive relationships I m alarmed that I once looked up to the protagonist as I did I suppose it all makes sense for the time period it was penned in Perhaps it was once was revolutio [...]

  • This book could have used some tighter editing, but that is my only real critique of it It is laugh out loud funny in spots Some of the phrases have clung in my memory for years.I learned what eschatology was and fulminating vasocongestion Her description of New Englander s obsession with talking about the weather is spot on I can totally relate to the heroine s confused quest for a meaningful life even though I was born a generation later I periodically reread this book Alther s other novels do [...]

  • I read this book when I was fifteen At that time it was the weirdest thing I had ever read Wild, feministic, dramatic, strange, at some points disgusting and yet extremely fascinating, I still remember reading it In terms of literature, I m not sure it is actually a good book, but the fact that I so vividly remember reading it and can still recall certain scenes made me want to at least have it on my book shelf So there you go.

  • Probably one of the most literary books in the female bildungsroman epic of the picaresque novels from the 1970s Alther is an amazing writer, extremely descriptive and visual, and is not afraid to state sexuality and the search for autonomy through the struggles women especially Southern women, or those torn between their scattered allegiances in Southern Northern cultures have with the patriarchy, and finding an identity outside of the Other.

  • Ginny flees the south and heads north hoping to free herself from her family past and the obligations of daughterhood When she settles into marriage with Vermont born and bred Ira Bliss, she suddenly finds herself repeating her mother s family entrapment, this time in the roles of northern wife and mother necessitating another new struggle to escape suffocation and find a meaningful role for herself in society.

  • I randomly bought this book at the Goodwill It sat on a shelf for a week or so before I decided to read it I feel like I was destined to read it Much of it felt like I was reading the story of my life and what will happen next I laughed and cried not for Ginny but for myself It s been almost two weeks since I finished and I still find myself reflecting on it It s definitely worth reading I ll probably read it again and again.

  • This is an outstanding book which i read in mid eighties represents power of words, strength of characters and some insight into tennessee character.Kinflics makes a solid read and if you have a copy of confederacy of dunces, would be a nice contrast read and you get to know bit of New Orleans as wellese books are my prized possession.

  • The main details I remember from this book, which I read strictly for research purposes as a teenager, is that the heroine wore Villager blouses, which her father resented paying for, and had sex with inexplicably stupid partners There is also, if I remember correctly, a dumbass boyfriend who says Do whut all the time, and later, a distasteful scene with a greased cucumber.

  • Weird.The book definitely felt like another era I didn t relate And all the parts about death freaked me out I understand that Ginny struggled with her own identity, but she isn t a a character twenty somethings now can relate to I gave the book three stars because it is an interesting look at the past, not an objective historical look.

  • Bizarre book It seems pretty normal coming of age narrative but then it has crazy sort of unbelievable shit too I liked it, it kept me reading I thought the characters were flat though, Ginny was shallow and cold, her mother bitter and cold and the only character I really felt for was poor Wendy.

  • Absolutely compelling The first time I read it, I felt as though the author had extrapolated this book from my own life Very relatable at least for me I ve enjoyed this book so much I ve probably given found second hand copies to at least 6 friends over the years Every time I read it, I still enjoy it.

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