The Undivided

The Undivided From one of Voyager s bestselling authors comes an outstanding new epic fantasy trilogy taking us through the Rift where the Druids survived the Roman invasion of Britain to become the most powerful m
  • Title: The Undivided
  • Author: Jennifer Fallon
  • ISBN: 9780732290870
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Undivided
    From one of Voyager s bestselling authors comes an outstanding new epic fantasy trilogy taking us through the Rift where the Druids survived the Roman invasion of Britain to become the most powerful magical force on Earth e Undivided are divided the psychic twins R n n and Darragh have been separated by a traitor Druid, Amergin, who has thrown R n n through a rifFrom one of Voyager s bestselling authors comes an outstanding new epic fantasy trilogy taking us through the Rift where the Druids survived the Roman invasion of Britain to become the most powerful magical force on Earth e Undivided are divided the psychic twins R n n and Darragh have been separated by a traitor Druid, Amergin, who has thrown R n n through a rift into another reality Now time is running out for Darragh If R n n isn t found soon, they will both die Meanwhile, Ren Kavanagh has no notion of where he comes from and is plagued by mysterious injuries then he meets the enticing and mysterious tr sa Ren s life is about to become bizarre and dangerous than he could ever have imagined PRAISE FOR JENNIFER FALLON a multi hued tapestry of myth, deceit and ambition Publishers Weekly intrigue and conspiracy and fast repartee Book News characters are dynamic and engaging, her plots are intricate and detailed Good Reading
    The Undivided By Jennifer Fallon,
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    Fallon is the author of 17 full length bestselling novels and a number of published short stories in genres ranging from horror to science fiction In addition to 4 complete fantasy series The Demon Child trilogy, The Hythrun Chronicles, the Second Sons Trilogy,The Tide Lords Quadrilogy and the Rift Runners series Fallon has written both a tie novel and short fiction for the TV series, Stargate SG1, an official Zorro story, a novella for the Legends of Australian Fantasy Anthology and has a superhero The Violet Valet CHICKS IN CAPES.Fallon has a Masters Degree from the Creative Arts faculty of QUT A computer trainer and application specialist, Fallon currently works in the IT industry and spends at least a month each year working at Scott Base in Antarctica.


  • The Undivided is the first book in a new series called Riftrunners by one of my favorite authors, Jennifer Fallon And, true to form, this book does not dissappoint Far from it, in fact This book follows the lives of a pair of psychically connected twins, born in an alternate reality where the Romans were beaten back from their conquering rampage of Britain, Ireland, Scotland and Wales How they were beaten back forms the foundations of this alternate reality The Sidhe and for once, there is no di [...]

  • If I can sum this up in one word Disappointing.The book is semi rooted in the myth of the Tuatha De Danaan and the druids Semi in that it doesn t actually give the full myth but works on the idea that the Romans had never conquered the world so everybody is still kicking it in Ireland and the Tuatha have given the druids access to magic via a treaty involving psychically linked twin boys, one of whom is missing Unfortunately, it s just not that interesting.In large, this is because it s at times [...]

  • For reviews, visit my blog Obsessive Compulsive ReaderActual rating 4.5 5In recent weeks, it feels like I have not stopped talking about Jennifer Fallon Of course, she is one of my favourite authors and when I stumbled across this trilogy in the library, I was super excited and grabbed them at once They are quite thick volumes, each numbering over 500 pages, but once I started, I simply had to keep going I finished all three books in succession over the span of roughly 48 hours.Jennifer Fallon [...]

  • 3.5I enjoyed this a bit too much, partly because of the sci fi fantasy, and also because it was set in a sort of quasi Ancient Ireland or rather, Ireland sans the Roman Invasion It was entertaining, but kind of artificial, when her characters spoke Gaelic, but she d obviously have to write it in English for her readers, but then she d add a Gaelic word or two into the sentence, even when there were English equivalents but hey, it meant I learnt a few new words.It wasn t very in depth, or complex [...]

  • I hate it when fantasy authors merge the real, modern world with fantasy worlds in their book It stops you from being able to get into their book because you can t quiet that that s so unreal sense The plot and characterisation in this book were simply awful and it seemed like Jennifer whose work I ordinarily LOVE just wanted to tie all this Gaelic mythology and Gaelic names into a book and forgot that about the plot.Mind you, the Ancient Future by Traci Harding managed to merge the real world w [...]

  • I am only giving this book 3 stars because I finished it I tried really hard to like it because I LOVED Jennifer s Tide Lords series Unfortunately nothing in this book grabbed me at all I kept on hoping for something interesting, and to like the characters but I never did I feel like this series is aimed at twilight fans teenagers Maybe I have read too many stories about the fae, but I will definitely not be reading the next book in this series Disappointing

  • Gosh dang I m loving reading this book I love when I read it but when I put it down I ve got the story in my head and the urge to go back and keep reading I m usually a really slow reader and I m already a 1 3 of the way through in the last 2 days.

  • A gentleman in the local library recommended this book and I m glad he did I read across most genres but a fantasy has to be very good to hold my attention Unidivided is the first instalment of the riftrunners series It took about 40 pages to really get my attention and then I found it hard to put down A great read, now onto number two The Dark Divide

  • Not bad for a fantasy novel However, be prepared for many typos and formatting errors Interesting plot and ending concerning magic and alternate realities, enough to get me to start the sequel.

  • Enjoyed the story but hate when authors leave you hanging I refuse to be blackmailed into purchasing book 2 only to find it doesn t end either.

  • I m here to announce that I was the lucky duck this month I know, you re all jealous Jennifer Fallon or JJ Fallon was a favorite author of mine as a teen Due to her publishing in Australia and me reading in the US and all the crazy production schedules I lost track of her So when I found out that there was review copies of The Undivided to be had I camped out in the e queue and held out I got one Huzzah So obviously this is a copy provided by the publisher for an honest review Definitely honest [...]

  • Jennifer Fallon s newest series follows psychically connected twins Darragh and R n n who were separated as children and live in different realities Darragh in an alternate reality where the Boadicea signed a magical treaty with the Sidhe and defeated the Romans, and R n n Ren in our world where the Romans won Fallon is able to examine a host of interesting issues by placing her two protagonists in such different worlds and weaves many complex story lines into a seamless whole.In Darragh s world [...]

  • Review originally posted at GoddessCarlieThere are no spoilers in this review, although I mention my impression of the ending without saying what the ending is Over all I thought this book was very readable, however I could not love it 100%, mainly because it felt like it was aiming at a younger audience than myself.I give it three stars.The BlurbThis is the first book in Jennifer Fallon s series The Rift Runners.An exciting contemporary fantasy, spanning different realities and alternate worlds [...]

  • In an alternate pagan Ireland, fairies and magic play an integral role in the life of the people Humans can wield magic due to a deal with the fairies through twins with a psychic link called the Undivided However the current Undivided R n n and Darragh were divided years ago when a traitor threw one of the twins R n n through a rift into another world Now the people are tiring of the divided, hoping to replace them which means death for both of the twins In our Ireland, Ren Kavanagh has been wa [...]

  • How do you fairly review a book you did not like when the reason is not based on the quality of writing, characterization, worldbuilding or plot No, the reason why I did not like the book is simple I do not like mixing our world with alternate worlds I read to escape this world, I do not like visiting it in my fantasy reads So was there anything I did like Well, actually, yes I loved everything that had to do with the alternate reality The worldbuilding was exceptional I loved the politics, I lo [...]

  • A number of years ago I grabbed a hardcover Wolfblade from a bargain bin in Borders I didn t know of the author, but for 3 I was willing to give it a shot Once I finally got around to reading it, I think I read the book in two sittings Jennifer Fallon became one of my favorite authors and I began collecting her other works Since she was published in Australia, not all of them were originally available in the Kindle US store For a while I d been hearing about this series, the Rift Runners, and wa [...]

  • It only took 5 hours for me to finish this book Fast paced, addictive, particularly due to Jennifer Fallon s classical witty dialogue It was not hard to get a grasp of what the story was on about However, I have an unfortunate inkling that this story will fall short of my expectations of it, as the Demon Child Trilogy and the Tide Lords series did It is not easy to put Jennifer Fallon books down once you have started reading it but if you do manage to do so, it is relatively easy to forget One r [...]

  • I had been looking at this book on my shelf for ages It was mainly the cover that attracted me yes I judge books by their covers.i m not afraid to admit it , but the storyline sounded interesting, although it seems to have mixed reviews I agree with a previous comment made that the themes seemed suited towards young adults, but I still really enjoyed reading this book Sometimes it s nice to have a break from heavy going stories The only thing I found annoying at first was all the Gaelic terms I [...]

  • The overall feel of the story is geared towards young adults, however I did really enjoy it The story takes place in an area where the people would speak Gaelic and the author reflected this by using Gaelic words here and there in the characters sentences Honestly this was a minor peeve of me because the sentences would otherwise be in perfect business english and then a random word thrown in Points for effort but the execution was a bit off in my opinion, I would have preferred to see the char [...]

  • A rollicking romp through different realms and different genres fun Hmm maybe not rollicking Anyway Jennifer Fallon creates interesting characters, and I was really able to distinguish the brothers easily There s quite a cast, but difference amongst them, things that make them stand out from one another I found myself growing to like it and as I went along A plus is the integration of the Gaelic it fits really well Having not read much from this genre, I am looking forward to reading .

  • Two identical brother seperated at age 3 but psychically linkedtheir upbringing is vastly differentthey are separated by different dimensions there are people popping into a dimension like our world and falling in love we have a girl Harley who has always been there for Ren and she is thrust into the dimension with DarraghInteresting storyline but very slow bordering on boring I am guilty of skipping sorryand this is the first in a series I think I will try to read it again when the next book co [...]

  • As a huge fan of Jennifer Fallon, this book is very disappointing The political intrigue is interesting but characterization is just too YA for me And the plot is too simple Find the missing twin and bring him home That s it Then why does it have 500 pages Fillers Dull fillers It feels like a very long prologue full of introductions to the characters and the alternate world I might read the next installment f the mood strikes me, but definitely not now.

  • I ve now read most of Fallon s novels, and am so jealous of how a local author can write such a gripping and well paced action fantasy story Although some of her characters begin a little flat, as the narrative builds, so too does the characters dimensionality even though their motivation is a little unclear at times A ripping good yarn that kept me coming back and wanting to read of the story Book 2, here I come

  • Jennifer Fallon is an amazing writter I have read two of her series and she never disappoints and thi sbook is no exception The worlds she has created in this book have been masterfully created, the characters are lively and real, even the non human characters make you believe they walk and talk The plot is excellent, filled with everything we are used to from Jennifer Fallon I eagerly wait for the rest of the series to be published.

  • Unfortunately I didn t like it as much as Jenny s other books I adore her as both a writer and mentor, I go to her writing workshops and stop for a chat at conventions This book however had large parts of telling instead of showing, and it lacked the depth of her other books.I know she s writing for a different market with this series, so perhaps the next book which I will still buy will be better I enjoy Japanese things so the second should appeal to me much anyway.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this book Jennifer Fallon is a wonderful writer The characters felt real and richly developed without the cliched good vs bad binary opposites They all have their agendas and Fallon weaves their cross purposes quite brilliantly I look forward to the next installment, with perhaps even of a visceral feel and alternate world building I think it s heading that way Recommended for any who enjoy the genre crosses science fantasy

  • The start of another series by Jennifer Fallon, this one has her usual wonderful characterization and has the added bonus of taking place partially in our own reality A couple of minor issues regarding plausibility especially one of the main characters going along with something without raising the question that doing this something might end both his and his brother s lives and destroy everything , but overall this is another enjoyable Fallon work.

  • I really enjoyed this trilogy, and the first one was definitely a hook I got it for free sneaky, sneaky marketing strat and had to immediately buy the next two to find out what happens I was invested in the characters and had to know how their story turned out, and it went in a direction I wasn t expecting Very nice There was a little bit of repetition I could have done without, and some places could have been tightened, but it didn t keep me from enjoying the story I recommend.

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