A Map of the Known World

A Map of the Known World This lyrical novel is perfect for fans of Sarah Dessen and Jay Asher Cora Bradley dreams of escape Ever since her reckless older brother Nate died in a car crash Cora has felt suffocated by her sma
  • Title: A Map of the Known World
  • Author: Lisa Ann Sandell
  • ISBN: 9780545069717
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Map of the Known World
    This lyrical novel is perfect for fans of Sarah Dessen and Jay Asher.Cora Bradley dreams of escape Ever since her reckless older brother, Nate, died in a car crash, Cora has felt suffocated by her small town and high school She seeks solace in drawing beautiful maps, envisioning herself in exotic locales When Cora begins to fall for Damian, the handsome, brooding boy whThis lyrical novel is perfect for fans of Sarah Dessen and Jay Asher.Cora Bradley dreams of escape Ever since her reckless older brother, Nate, died in a car crash, Cora has felt suffocated by her small town and high school She seeks solace in drawing beautiful maps, envisioning herself in exotic locales When Cora begins to fall for Damian, the handsome, brooding boy who was in the car with Nate the night he died, she uncovers her brother s secret artistic life and realizes she had in common with him than she ever imagined With beautiful lyricism, Sandell weaves a tale of one girl s journey through the redemptive powers of art, friendship, and love.
    A Map of the Known World By Lisa Ann Sandell,
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    I was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, where I m told that I was forever buried in books I began scribbling my own short stories in a spiral bound notebook when I was six Books and writing were and still are a haven for me, and I count myself so lucky that I have a chance to share my stories with others I currently live and work in New York City where, when I m not writing, I m riding my bike, taking a sculpting class, or playing with my dog, Molly.


  • The real reason I picked this one up I dig the cover Hadn t read anything by Sandell, but I had heard good things about Song of the Sparrow Really awesome cover good vibes from a recent book maybe I should read this one Another great novel I ve been reading so many lately A Map of the Known World deals with grief, first love, family, and coming of age It s apparent almost from page one that this family is suffering Each one dealing with their loss in different ways, individually I suppose you co [...]

  • A Map of the Known World was a beautiful balance of serious sadness, romance, and art I often fear sad books but I loved the way this one balanced itself out For every heartbreaking passage there was another about finding a romantic connection, a new friend, or creating a beautiful piece of artwork It worked really well for me.Cora s situation seemed so hopeless at first, a family living in silence, forever changed by the loss of their brother and son, struggling to understand him and understand [...]

  • Being a high school freshman is usually traumatic enough For Cora Bradley, however, it s worse than average she lives in the shadow of her older brother, Nate, a notorious misunderstood troublemaker who killed himself when he drove into a tree The Bradley household, once a warm and friendly place, is now cold, silent, and overbearing So Cora throws herself into art, drawing elaborate maps of far off places in her futile attempt to escape the ghosts of her small town.Cora must deal with normal te [...]

  • The cover The collection of scrap pieces forming the heart is beautiful though perhaps a spray painted effect would ve made it realistic Black as a background, however, doesn t fly it just looks lazy on the book designer s part A faintly patterned darkish background would ve worked better.The book As expected of this kind of healing novel, it opens with much first person musing Thanks to Cora s gentle worded narration, the reader makes it through relatively easily In fact, her soliloquoys are [...]

  • I really wanted this book to be so much I loved the title of the book and I was initially drawn to the cover as well I thought I was going to get lost in this world of a girl who puts herself in other places to escape the pressure of every day life I wasn t expecting fantasy, but I wasn t expecting boring.The writing was so average It felt so much like a step by step process and it forced me to skim It also felt like I was reading lots of things that didn t matter in terms of the whole arc of t [...]

  • I got this book from the library and sat down thinking, Okay, it s not that big It isn t my type of book at all Why did I get this again Then i remembered my friends wonderful review and I decided I would go ahead and read it And I am so glad that I made that decision Lisa Ann Sandell not only wrote about a girl who s passion was art, she painted a beautiful and enchanting story I loved it thoroughly From the first page I was captured, with the amazing detail and the want to go away, see somethi [...]

  • Since the death of her older and beloved if reckless brother Nate, Cora has been a little lost Sure, she can skillfully sketch beautiful maps of foreign places, places she ll probably never see, but she doesn t know how to think or act Her parents don t seem to notice much any unless Cora breaks one of their many strict rules, and even Cora s best friend Rachel seems distant It s all Cora can do just not to get lost within her fried and confusion The start of high school brings its own trials, b [...]

  • First things first The cover is gorgeous I think it s even better in person and it suits the story perfectly.Now to the book Cora s brother Nate dies in a car accident which suddenly breaks the entire family as each one of them tries to deal with his death in their own ways The house is not the same, her parents are not the same and everyone in school thinks she is a freak Moreover she is starting high school the same year Could it be any difficult And then there is Damien, her brother s friend [...]

  • The dead brother leaves behind little sister who falls in love with the guy who happens to be the only one that s ever understood him that s responsible for said brother s death reminds me of the Korean drama Snow Queen Minus the terminal illness So, it was a much softer version I was expecting a bad ending but it was very gentle I feel sorry for Damian though, poor guy had no chance to be anything but misunderstood with a name like that.

  • This book was amazing this story was all about love mostly friendship and working together.The genre of my book was young adult and relastic fiction because the girl feel in love with her brothers best friend after her brother died I thin that this book was amazing and very descriptive and also very dramatic because you really didn t know what was going to happen most of the time Spoiler Damian and Cora fall in love and end up dating.The setting in my book was mostly the school,the park,and the [...]

  • A big thanks to for sending me an advanced copy of Lisa Ann Sandell s A MAP OF THE KNOWN WORLD Ever since I read and loved Sandell s Song of the Sparrow, I have been eager to see what she would write next I knew it would probably be something quite different It both was and it wasn t Where Song of the Sparrow was an Arthurian novel in verse told from the perspective of Elaine of Ascolat, A MAP OF THE KNOWN WORLD is a contemporary prose novel about a girl named Cora s struggle in the wake of her [...]

  • A Map of the Known World is an elusive book I cannot seem to grasp the right words needed to form a complete thought So let us start from the beginning my expectations.I was quite ecstatic that it was actually written as a novel rather than a verse poem I wanted to see how Ms Sandell would use her poetic method into paragraph forms Will it still contain the lovely lyrical melody Or would it fall flat like a sinking rock There were some scenes where I can definitely see the melody she once had in [...]

  • Personally I think this to be one of the most beautifully written books I have ever read The detail is so vivid, it s like looking at a painting The you get into the book, the it s like getting closer and closer to the painting and realizing it had details you could have never even thought would be there The pain, grief, sorrow, happiness, confusion, and joy that is in this book will project into your own feelings I found myself crying when Cora cried and feeling the confusion and curiosity sh [...]

  • Cora Bradley is lost Ever since her older brother Nate died she hasn t known what to do with herself Her family is falling apart and she can t seem to relate to her only friend any.Cora and her older brother Nate didn t actually get along very well in his final years of life but now that he is gone it seems like he was the only thing holding their family together Her father now drowns his problems in alcohol and her mother now spends all her time focusing on how to keep Cora out of trouble That [...]

  • Cora is starting high school, the high school where her dead older brother, Nate, was known as a screw up and a waster He died several months ago in a car accident, driving without the headlights on Now her life is marked by his loss Her mother is hovering, critical and verging on hysterical while her father drinks away his feelings alone and isolated in his den Cora escapes from their chaotic life through her art, drawing places on the map and dreaming of actually being there In high school she [...]

  • Cora s family are struck with grief after the death of her brother Nate They live in silence and everything seems to have changed for the worst Cora s parents blames Nate s death on his best friend Damien, who was in the car with Nate the night he died However, Cora and Damien share a passion for art and Damien unfolds a secret about Nate that no one else knew Cora is so grateful to have found out about this secret and she feels herself healing slowly as she becomes determined to let everyone kn [...]

  • First off, I would like to start by explaining why this book was so good The first thing is the author s writing style Her writing is beautiful and really lyrical When you read the author s descriptions you just want to sit there for a moment after each sentence and just drink in the feel of the words, the way they work together and the image they create I think reading Ms Sandell s writing is like eating chocolate, you just want to savour every last taste The second thing is her characters Her [...]

  • Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadTooAnger and pain consume Cora they have since last year when her brother died.Now her family s broken, barely speaking to each other and barely surviving Nate s the one who died, but Cora feels the brunt of her parent s disappointment, sadness, and anger.She s not allowed out after dark, she must come straight home from school, and she can t get into a car without a parent s approvalAll summer long, she s spent the days inside her room imagining the plac [...]

  • Well, it wasn t awful, but it wasn t great, either Maybe it s because I m not really into art, but I don t think that that s it.I didn t feel like I connected with the characters, particularly Cora one thing that stuck in my mind was that I felt like she was being quite insensitive when it came to her parents I understand that all characters, as people, have their flaws, but this was something that I just could not comprehend She seemed to care very little her parents had lost their son and were [...]

  • While the books starts off slow and corny, it becomes rich once Cara finds a purpose that purpose is to showcase the artwork of her dead brother the artwork she knew nothing about when he was alive since he was a bad ass troublemaker Cara s family life is all but destroyed, as Cara describes her family and house as a cemetary her father isolating hiimself and drinking and her mother perpetually sad and uncommunicative And the person Cara shouldn t be with, Damian, Nate s best friend who was in t [...]

  • Honestly I didn t finish it The whole thing just felt too depressing and well none of the characters really stood out to me Honestly I think the writer was trying to go for a lot of drama, but I didn t really feel any of it, since my connection to the characters was weak I m not sure if the main character was well defined in the writer s mind, because I found her hard to grasp It all just seems like it s been done before, the high school scene, the best friend that suddenly wants to be popular a [...]

  • When I first started reading this, it was so eerily reminiscent of Twenty Boy Summer, which I had just finished, that I almost stopped reading it But I m glad I didn t.While the two were similar, I liked A Map of the Known World better I d give this a 4.5 if I could.Cora s brother Nate died one night in a car crash Nate s best friend Damian was in the car as well, but he was able to walk away from the accident Now Cora s family blames Damian for the crash.When Cora finds out Damian is in her art [...]

  • I really could not stand the narrator of this book She went from weeping to happy and helping others, to angry well, she was just a mess, but it all seemed so flat Maybe it s just not my kind of book, but the character grated on me The saving grace of the book was the involvement in art I really did like that aspect, the way she could connect to her dead brother through his artwork and her own I don t like how everything settled so quickly towards the end Her mom went from evil witch of the west [...]

  • 1 Brief Overview of the BookLisa Ann Sandell s A Map of the Known World is what seems to be your typical coming of age story, but as the plot matures this is a story that holds depth beyond measure, disguised as the thoughts of a teenage girl The protagonist, Cora Bradley is your average teenage girl she struggles to feel accepted, she is entering a new high school and is going through many ordinary things Cora is a resident of a town that is suffocating in its predictability, and her silent reb [...]

  • A Map of the Known World April 2009 is Lisa Ann Sandell s third novel it was also the first book I have discovered that was edited by Aimee Friedman a neat o YA author in her own right whom I met very, very, very briefly at a reading She has two other critically acclaimed novels under her belt According to her website, those previous books were written in verse I feel like saying that now because I want to address the tone of the book now, before saying anything else about it At times the writin [...]

  • HmmmmI m having a difficult time collecting my thoughts on this one It was the kind of read that left you all squinty eyed, with your head cocked to the side going Ehhhhh Not sure if I can put my finger on it exactly but something in this book was off and well I m disappointed in it.It was a beautiful premise A family struggling in the wake of an untimely death, parents broken, a sister left neglected and forgotten and how art helps them heal Nate Bradley was an angry teenager, given to senseles [...]

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