Cuentos de Hadas Celticos

Cuentos de Hadas Celticos La exuberancia imaginativa del alma celta encuentra un medio de expresi n privilegiado en los cuentos populares en los que revive una mitolog a espl ndida y misteriosa Esta selecci n incluye algunas
  • Title: Cuentos de Hadas Celticos
  • Author: Joseph Jacobs
  • ISBN: 9788485354788
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cuentos de Hadas Celticos
    La exuberancia imaginativa del alma celta encuentra un medio de expresi n privilegiado en los cuentos populares, en los que revive una mitolog a espl ndida y misteriosa.Esta selecci n incluye algunas de las mejores y m s t picas historias relatadas por los principales maestros del cuento popular c ltico.La exuberancia imaginativa y la riqueza de la mitolog a de la raza celLa exuberancia imaginativa del alma celta encuentra un medio de expresi n privilegiado en los cuentos populares, en los que revive una mitolog a espl ndida y misteriosa.Esta selecci n incluye algunas de las mejores y m s t picas historias relatadas por los principales maestros del cuento popular c ltico.La exuberancia imaginativa y la riqueza de la mitolog a de la raza celta son bien conocidas Estos elementos esenciales del alma celta encuentran un medio de expresi n privilegiado en los cuentos populares, de los que aqu presentamos una muestra selecta y significativa En ning n otro lugar de Europa ha conservado el pueblo tal cantidad y variedad de relatos tradicionales como en las tierras de Irlanda, Escocia y Gales, escenario fabuloso de haza as guerreras y tr gicos as, de historias fant sticas y m gicas, vivas hasta hace muy poco en el recuerdo de los campesinos, en cuyos c rculos se segu an relatando, como en tiempos inmemoriales, estos cuentos que hoy nos fascinan con su excepcional riqueza imaginativa y su exotismo Joseph Jacobs, el recopilador de la presente selecci n, se esforz por reunir los cuentos m s representativos de la tradici n c ltica Bas ndose en las traducciones hechas por los especialistas m s solventes, los redact de forma que resultaran atractivos para los ni os, sin que por ello perdieran su sabor original Sin embargo, ste no es un libro destinado s lo a los ni os como todo lo que es aut ntico y hunde sus ra ces en la substancia espiritual de los pueblos, estos cuentos fascinan tambi n al adulto, que encuentra en ellos el eco de una poca remota y legendaria El libro incluye tambi n, en un ap ndice, notas que estudian los paralelos y fuentes de los relatos seleccionados y las excelentes ilustraciones de John D Batten.
    Cuentos de Hadas Celticos By Joseph Jacobs,
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    Joseph Jacobs was an Australian folklorist, literary critic, historian and writer of English literature who became a notable collector and publisher of English Folklore His work went on to popularize some of the worlds best known versions of English fairy tales including Jack and the Beanstalk , Goldilocks and the three bears , The Three Little Pigs , Jack the Giant Killer and The History of Tom Thumb He published his English fairy tale collections English Fairy Tales in 1890 and More English Fairytales in 1894 but also went on after and in between both books to publish fairy tales collected from continental Europe as well as Jewish, Celtic and Indian Fairytales which made him one of the most popular writers of fairytales for the English language Jacobs was also an editor for journals and books on the subject of folklore which included editing the Fables of Bidpai and the Fables of Aesop, as well as articles on the migration of Jewish folklore He also edited editions of The Thousand and One Nights He went on to join The Folklore Society in England and became an editor of the society journal Folklore Joseph Jacobs also contributed to the Jewish Encyclopedia.For information, please see enpedia wiki Joseph_J


  • This is a great collection of Celtic folk and fairy tales I recommend this book to all The mastery of story telling of the Celsis shown beautifully in this volume You can find it on the web at librivox or on youtube You can also perchace it on Kindle.Enjoy and Be Blessed.Diamond

  • In the United States, classic fairy tales have been bowdlerized The dark symbols of ogres, giants, witches, and curses of the Brothers Grimm have been transformed into two dimensional versions of themselves with curses often being pranks than devastating supernatural spells and witches becoming like stepmothers than old crones Children are no longer eaten and killed with regularity as in the didactic tales of the ancient world where disobedient children quickly met their ends Favorite Celtic F [...]

  • After English fairy tales, Joseph Jacobs turned to Celtic ones, in this and More Celtic Fairy Tales Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Manx though he complained that some areas were less gathered than others And his first resolution to use only those form peasants who spoke no English did not last because he wanted variety.Some are legends, such as the story of Deidre or that of Powel and Rhiannon, and some are cumulative tales, like Munachar and Manachar , and some are just fairy lore like Brewery of Egg [...]

  • OK, I started out with the Kindle version of this book and it said it was 146 pages, but if you look at the table of contents page, it had stories listed on page numbers well past that, which would equal the 316 pages I decided to try listening to the audio version from Librivox while reading along since some of the Gaelic and Welsh words that popped up were difficult The problem with Librivox, is that you often get multiple different readers and the audio quality varies greatly from reader to r [...]

  • I actually read these stories in two different editions I started with the Collector s Library edition of Jacobs Celtic Fairy Tales before realising that they had cut all Jacob s original annotations and end notes Purely by chance I then I discovered this rather dusty copy hiding in the spare bedroom, spotted that it had all those end notes and also contained Jacob s follow up More Celtic Fairy Tales, and did a bit of a book swap The Collector s Library edition is undoubtedly the attractive boo [...]

  • I simply love reading these old collections of fairy tales, especially Celtic ones About the time of this publication 1892 there was a most interesting effort by many literary authorities to collect original fairy tales handed down by word of mouth in the British Isles, especially in the rural areas and in the original Irish, Gaedlig or Welsh, before they were entirely lost How I am grateful to them Jacobs Celtic Fairy Tales 1892 is one of those delightful collections which attempt to retain at [...]

  • So this is a strange complaint BUTWhile I liked the stories chosen for the collection, there was something off putting about the way the book was set up this edition has a strange page format and font that hurt to read a bit.That silly complaint aside, it was a well chosen set of tales and I was really thrilled with the content if not the look of the book editOk I m a doofus After noticing the original publish date was in the 1800s I think I know why the format seemed off Oops

  • I can understand the importance of fairy tales and it s a Good Thing that they were collected and preserved That doesn t make them always a Good Read, though This is a mixed collection some stories flow well while others are incomprehensibly complex This maybe reflects the late nineteenth century atmosphere in which they were recorded Time methinks for someone to revisit the original sources and revive these in a less turgid manner.

  • I must have got this book about 12 years ago from a friend she had been given it as a gift but was not a fan of fairy tales I was and so this book came to me There are perhaps 8 stories in here that I really enjoy, a few others that are enjoyable the rest not really a fan of Overall though this is an enjoyable read even if it is perhaps a bit of a slog to read in one massive go.

  • Because it s an older collection of stories, it s goin to be difficult to read and parts of it confusing with characters popping up randomly with little explanation and old English slang Like any other fairy tale of it s time, you can t get away with characters dropping like flies Still enjoyable though but I recommend taking some time to mull each story before continuing.

  • I like reading fairy tales, first of all, because my inner child can t live without wonders and miracles and, second of all, because through these tales the essence of different cultures is transferred.

  • A nice little collection of Celtic tales that makes for a swift read Definitely worth checking out if you enjoy fairy tales and folklore.

  • Very cute pocket hardback with dust jacket edition and good collection of stories Engravings are also re printed in excellent condition from genuine 1st edition, printed in 19th century.

  • In fact, the one I read was a Brazilian version ISBN 8572329714 of Celtic Fairy Tales 1892 and More Celtic Fairy Tales 1894 so it was in Portuguese and I will say a little about it in this language A Sereia Mostrando as aventuras do filho do pescador at ele ser chamado pela sereia Shee an Gannon e Gruagach Gaire Shee an Gannon nasceu de manh , recebeu seu nome ao meio dia e noite pediu a m o da filha do rei em casamento O Contador de Hist rias mostra as suas desventuras, al m de entrela ar a his [...]

  • I m pretty sure this is the best of Jacobs s fairy tale collections, and I m not saying that merely as a fan of Irish and Scottish folktales Whereas Jacobs works for England and India seemed quite repetative, especially for anyone familiar with Grimm and Andersen, so many of the tales in this book are distinctly Celtic There are a few exceptions notably Fair, Brown, and Trembling, which is basically Cinderella but quite a few of these draw upon the history and legends of the Celts, and not widel [...]

  • A surprising collection, Celtic Fairy Tales was written with the intent to interest English schoolchildren in Celtic lore a humbling bit of information, since I was often confused when the author threw in Gealic vocabulary and unfamiliar sentence structure, no doubt in an attempt to remain true in his translation For example, apparently a hoodie refers to some kind of crow, which can talk and cause no end of trouble in a fairy tale I was also fascinated to learn that the Celtic bards were introd [...]

  • Should any one decide to read this book from 1892 I recommend reading the notes either before or concurrently, instead of after like I did It s interesting how many other fairy tales from across Europe and Asia are mixed in, and it was helpful to see whether they thought the story was originally from the British Celts or an import Fair, Brown, and Trembling is a Cinderella story, and Jack and His Comrades is a variation on The Bremen Town Musicians I had seen The Horned Women done as a t.v show [...]

  • What an interesting and fun read In addition to giving me lots of insight into Celtic life through the stories of the people, this book is very interesting for the notes on each story that the author provides What you end up seeing is truly how diverse and interspersed are European and really even Indo European stories Many are so old and in so many different versions, that it is impossible to tell where they started It is quite likely though, that many Celtic ones spread east not west due to th [...]

  • This is a nice collection of fairy tales collected from Ireland The illustrations are a good representation of the stories they accompany Some of the stories have to do with fairies, others with a hero type and the quests he must overcome Still others have the quality of Aesop fables short stories with a moral The editor or collector explains that he would not have been amble to complete his goal without the work of some other people and his goal is to make these Celtic stories accessible to Eng [...]

  • I picked this up to read in between books or as and when I needed a quick read, so it has taken a while I have to say overall I was not massively impressed, there were only really two tales that stood out for me It was interesting for the point of view that not all of these stories had the fairy tale ending we have come to expect.Fair Bron and Trembling reminded me very much of Cinderella but with a very different ending.Beth Gellert my hubby told me this story as he remembers visiting Beddgeler [...]

  • A collection of original celtic fairytales which contain the seeds of some well known fairytales before they were sanitised for children.Snow white ends up living with her prince and his new wife and dont ask how the ugly sisters try to fit into Cinderellas slippers.Alot of the stories feature giants, kings, queens, princes and princesses as you would expect along with characters of dubious morality who appear as the heroes.The stories do tend to be a bit repetitive.

  • The stories are often repetitive, rambling and inconclusive some of the dialogue contains enough Mediaeval archaisms thy, thine, thee, thou etc to make Edmund Spencer wince, and I m sure libraries could be filled with essays and books upon the treatment and representation of women in this book.But, for all that, I did quite enjoy it Celtic Fairy Tales offers a look into a world of stories and storytelling which has all but vanished

  • If you re looking for an entertaining collection of some of the popular Celtic tales, this is good It does leave out some I would have included and includes some I wouldn t have, but all in all it does well Some of the tellings were a bit smarmy for my taste I would have appreciated some academic background information before each story, like the oldest manuscript, how much is being paraphrased or edited, other similar tales, other tales with the same characters, things like that.

  • After reading the complete Brothers Grimm I sort of enjoyed these fairy tales but the translation or the text itself wasn t particularly enjoyable to read The stories themselves were ok, but the writing was either unclear in places or too simplistic even for a fairy tale I think a bit of better editing would have made this a better read Though it was really cheap so I probably oughtn t complain

  • I really enjoyed this book It is a collection of fairy tales unlike any that I ve read before There are some words that would be hard to understand as someone from the states but lucky they give you a translation right next to them I think my favorite story in the collection was The Sea Maiden.

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