Electric Girl, Volume 1

Electric Girl Volume This is a story about a girl and her dog And her invisible gremlin friend And her electricity Virginia the electric girl can release electricity from her body at will That s the good news The bad ne
  • Title: Electric Girl, Volume 1
  • Author: Michael Brennan
  • ISBN: 9780970355508
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
  • Electric Girl, Volume 1
    This is a story about a girl and her dog And her invisible gremlin friend And her electricity Virginia, the electric girl, can release electricity from her body at will That s the good news The bad news is that her friend is Oogleeoog, an invisible gremlin who s always making trouble This book contains the stories from the first four issues of the Electric Girl comicThis is a story about a girl and her dog And her invisible gremlin friend And her electricity Virginia, the electric girl, can release electricity from her body at will That s the good news The bad news is that her friend is Oogleeoog, an invisible gremlin who s always making trouble This book contains the stories from the first four issues of the Electric Girl comic book Plus, a special bonus story
    Electric Girl, Volume 1 By Michael Brennan,
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      487 Michael Brennan
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  • I wish I could rate this book higher The artwork deserves 4 stars But alas, the book s overwhelming cuteness did me in.Virginia is a cute teenager, with a cute doggy, and a cute trouble making gremlin namedwait for itOogleeoog Great Gazoo I just threw up on my keyboard a little Oogie has bestowed upon young Ginny the AWESOME ability to shoot electricity out of her fingertips How cool is that Unfortunately, GinGin doesn t live in one of those cities, like Tokyo or Townsville, that are frequently [...]

  • Virginia, the Electric Girl, can release electricity from her body at will But she also has a friend, Oogleeoog, an invisible gremlin who is always making trouble Great fun recommended for grades 6 9 but can be enjoyed by anyone looking for a fast and funny read This volume covers issues 1 4 of the Electric Girl comic book.

  • The storyline wasn t very interesting which was weird, considering the bizarre synopsis and the artwork style was bland and not very appealing to look at Too much text on each page made it a chore to read I will not be continuing this series.

  • This won t be for everyone, but it s low key funny approach really appealed to me Not everyone with powers is a superhero

  • Electric Girl follows the story of Virginia, an ordinary girl who has the power to release and take in electricity at will Volume One in this series sets up the story, introducing the reader to Oogleeoog, the gremlin responsible for Virginia s electrical gift and the majority of the trouble that she gets into, as well as Blammo, the dog that accompanies Virginia in her misadventures Told in 4 Issues, Volume One takes Virginia through a series of adventures that explore her relationship with her [...]

  • I hate that I don t like this , but I really think that Brennan could have done a lot with the idea of a girl with the power to shoot rods of electricity out of her fingertips The gremlin ghost is consistently annoying throughout the strips He never lets up trying to tick Virginia electric girl off and to make things a mess for her I would like to see his character take on roles and grow multi dimensional in the future volumes that I have yet to read The dog, Blammo, is supposed to be this cu [...]

  • Virginia is no ordinary girl when she was born a gremlin gave her the power of electricity, so anything she touches gets a little shock Sound like one of the X Men She would be, if she felt she couldn t fit into a normal life But Virginia goes to school, has friends, cares for a dog and still enjoys pizza Her only true problem besides the obvious is thegremlin who gave her the mischief in the first place something gremlins are known for he s always getting her into trouble or making her look lik [...]

  • I can t say I d really recommend this compilation of the first four issues of this comic series It s not bad by any stretch, but I just didn t connect with either the stories or the art There were a few moments here and there I enjoyed and overall I loved the concept girl is born with heightened electrical abilities and has an invidible gremlin for a best friend Unfortunately, I think the follow through on the interesting initial idea falls flat The stories really weren t compelling and the art [...]

  • I checke out 3 volumes of this graphic novel series, but I just couldn t bother with the other two after reading this one If it isn t bad enough to be so odd as to have the ability to manipulate electricity, Virginia also has a gremlin who haunts her, and it s made clear at the offset that he s responsible for her electrical quirk There seems to be an erratic progression, and it s not chronilogical, AND you kind of stumble along to try to figure out relationships and dynamics I suppose it s just [...]

  • Again, judged a book compiled comic books by its cover and the description of the story being about a girl with electric powers, a cute dog and an invisible gremlin I now understand this wasn t meant to be read as a complete book because it s a compilation of the first couple comic books in the series, but that doesn t really make me like it I thought it was boring and had incomplete story lines Doubt I ll read the other 2 in the series.

  • I m sure this graphic novel is an enjoyable romp for a different reader it just wasn t for me It felt like the story was doing everything possible to distract from the actual heroine Or IS she the heroine The series is named after Electric Girl Virginia , but we open with the gremlin s story and we continue to get far insight into him than we ever do Virginia Nonstop pratfalls are not my cup of tea, I really need some character work, and I just didn t find it.

  • This is a series of graphic short stories about a girl who happens to have the power to zap anything, her friend, an invisible gremlin whose entire job is to make chaos, usually for her, and her dog The stories jump around in her timeline, but it s usually pretty clear about the timing The stories are very short, sometimes just a couple pages, which can be too short to really draw me in Overall, it was decent though, enough so that I went on and read the second volume.

  • This book was screwed up Really the copy I got from our library had the first volume completely repeated So you read 40 pretty crappy pages only to find that the printer accidentally re printed those 40 crappy pages again Ugh The story is a mischievous gremlin who blesses curses a baby girl with the power to channel electricity Not a terrible premise, but a VERY boring, unengaging story.

  • So far, really enjoyable Fast to read no major thinking or drama Teen angst If Peter Parker had a gremlin over his shoulder who constantly distracted him okay, actually, he did an invisible gremlin who got him into trouble beyond his control, then, you d have a similiar counterpart to Electric Girl.

  • Fun story of a girl who just happened to be born with the power to channel electricity through her body Actually, it didn t JUST happen, a gremlin was behind it Virginia and her dog, Blammo along with the invisible gremlin Oogleeoog, that only she and Blammo can see just try and blend in with everyone else but somehow it always comes out wrong.

  • I m reading this for my book discussion, and finding it cute Very different from Chunky Rice, but still a fantasy book of sorts about a girl with a gremlin friend who conducts electricity Some of the comics were a little uneven and the series jumped around a little That said, I would like to take a look at volumes 2 and 3 now.

  • In the moment of actually reading this collection, I really enjoyed it Great drawings, girl with a superpower, gremlin, dog A fun combo that was a quick fun read It s been a few days since putting it down and see that it has very little staying power I d read Volume 2, but I don t think I d make an effort to seek it out.

  • I was hoping I would enjoy this graphic novel about a girl with electric powers, but I was mostly just irritated with that annoying gremlin The only character that I actually liked was Blammo, the dog.

  • I d expected a witty comic with an interesting story but I got an unfortunately bland art style and with a just as bland plot I don t think this made me laugh once Won t be picking up the next volume.

  • Adult teen graphic novel A series of short comics about the adventures and origins of Electric Girl, who, thanks to a mischievous gremlin, has the ability to conduct create influence electrical currents Not really that clever or interesting kind of boring and pointless.

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