Where Demons Fear to Tread

Where Demons Fear to Tread Fledging guardian angel and yoga teacher Serena St Clair dares to enter Devil s Paradise nightclub on a mission to retrieve the wayward Hollywood It Boy she s assigned to protect But she s ambushed by
  • Title: Where Demons Fear to Tread
  • Author: Stephanie Chong
  • ISBN: 9780778312475
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback
  • Where Demons Fear to Tread
    Fledging guardian angel and yoga teacher Serena St Clair dares to enter Devil s Paradise nightclub on a mission to retrieve the wayward Hollywood It Boy she s assigned to protect But she s ambushed by the club s owner, arch demon Julian Ascher The most powerful demonic entity in Los Angeles, Julian is handsome as sin, a master of temptation who loves nothing thanFledging guardian angel and yoga teacher Serena St Clair dares to enter Devil s Paradise nightclub on a mission to retrieve the wayward Hollywood It Boy she s assigned to protect But she s ambushed by the club s owner, arch demon Julian Ascher The most powerful demonic entity in Los Angeles, Julian is handsome as sin, a master of temptation who loves nothing than corrupting pleasure seeking humans He won t release the lost soul Serena is supposed to guard Unless she accepts his dangerous wager.After the disastrous way his human life ended, Julian vowed that no woman would get the better of him again Yet this sexy sweet angel, smelling of fresh ocean air and happiness, triggers centuries old feelings Now, their high stakes game of seduction, where angels fall from grace and where demons fear to tread, will lead them either to an eternity in hell or a deliciously hot heaven.
    Where Demons Fear to Tread By Stephanie Chong,
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    Stephanie Chong worked as a lawyer at a top tier Canadian firm and completed five university degrees before landing her dream job romance novelist Her degrees include a J.D and a Ph.D from the University of Toronto, and a Master s in Creative Writing from Oxford University.When she s not writing, Stephanie enjoys yoga, traveling and outdoor adventures She lives in Vancouver with her husband and their pug, Dexter.


  • Tired of the boring paranormal romance interplay and algorithm Give WHERE DEMONS FEAR TO TREAD a try It s a fresh take on paranormal romance, where both characters give equally and the plot is well flushed out and interesting Top that off with some freaky and thrilling scenes, along with a underlying philosophy that will actually have you thinking, you ve got yourself one interesting read In a world rife with angels and demons exists a fledgling guardian angel Serena St Clair Serena loves being [...]

  • spoilers ahoy I picked this one up because I thought the storyline sounded interesting and I like trying new authors I thought I would like it I didn t.I got about 1 3 the way through it before I gave up I didn t enjoy the writing and I didn t think the characters were well drawn I didn t like the world building I thought it was a good idea but it didn t deliver.The basic set up is that new Angel Serena is given the assignment of protecting a bad boy Hollywood actor, Nick Ramirez She trails him [...]

  • underthecoversbookblogspoWhere Demons Fear to Tread The Company of Angels by Stephanie ChongParanormal RomanceJulian Acsher is an Archdemon, the highest ranking demon next to the Dark Prince himself Devil s Paradise is his creation, a club made to tempt humans to sin It is Julian s job to lead people to damnation and corruption, using his good looks and charm Julian is simply the best in what he does.Serena St Clair is a Guardian angel, a job she takes very seriously She works for Arielle and Th [...]

  • Where Demons Fear to Tread by Stephanie Chong is a prime example of why I love Net Galley They introduce me to new authors that instantly become favorites Ms Chong hits it on the mark with this first installment of The Company of Angels series Serena St Clair is a guardian angel and a yoga instructor who is sent to look after Hollywood s hottest young star, Nick Ramirez Serena follows Nick to the nightclub Devil s Paradise run by Archdemon Julian Ascher At once Julian senses Serena s presence an [...]

  • Only a demon can kill an angel, but can an angel save a demon He waits, searching for his next conquest to tempt into a drug, alcohol, or sexual haze of debauchery This is how he has built his empire and risen through the demon ranks over the centuries, off the backs of evil choices humans make On this night though Archdemon Julian is restless Never one to lack female companionship to slake his lust, Julian is unusually discontent and finds nothing holds his interest That is until he saw her Gua [...]

  • Where Demons Fear to Tread is the first book in Stephanie Chong s new The Company of Angels series When I saw this book was about angels and demons I had to read it I am loving all the angel v demon novels coming out this year It s always fun to read about the ultimate good v evil battle, especially when the lines between the two blur a bit.In this story, we meet Serena, an selfless angel who has never been jaded by love and an arch demon, Julian, who excels at his job of gathering souls of the [...]

  • Tread Too Lightly For MeShe hasn t been an angel for even a year, but self sacrificing yoga teacher Serena St Clair is a guardian with a difficult first assignee, a Hollywood playboy with a face and body made for sin and the desire to sin as often as possible Drugs and prostitutes are his weaknesses, and trying to save him from himself draws Serena into one of the hottest nightclubs in town, the ominously named Devil s Paradise She should have known better.Archdemon Julian Ascher loves nothing [...]

  • I didn t expect so much from this book, but boy was I wrong This was sexy as fuck God, the story developed so good that I wanted to not go to work, and stay to read all day.

  • Rating 3.5 may come back to this at a later date Genre Paranormal Romance Angels and Demons Review Stephanie Chong s Where Demons Fear to Tread, is the first book in the Company of Angels series It falls clearly within in the paranormal romance genre The story, at its essence, is about angels who try to protect mortals from their own stupidity and their bad choices, and the demons that lure them into making those bad choices.Characters Serena St Clair is a new Guardian and as well as a fledgling [...]

  • Serena and Julian couldn t be different The saying that opposites attract is truly shown in this book Serena is a Guardian an Angel who s job is to try to help humans who are headed on a path of self destruction or a path that will lead them only to hell when they die Serena became and Angel when she was 23 years old, when she stopped at a traffic accident to help the people in the cars to safety She saved a mother and two young children, but when she went to the other car to try and save the o [...]

  • Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyAngels and demons in paranormal romance bring a different kind of grace and power to the genre than the traditional vampires and werewolves That s especially true in WHERE DEMONS FEAR TO TREAD, which takes the whole opposites attract idea to extremes when a demon who has long since shed his soul falls for a young angel who refuses to believe that love won t win It s a fast, fun, and well written romance that could have been great except for a couple un [...]

  • I went into this with medium expectations, hoping that this book would break the traditional bodice ripper romance novel mold when reading the blurb Sadly, I was disappointed when it almost ALMOST did So close, ladies and gents Still, it gets three stars for being a solid, well written even if a bit cliched read.I guess my disappointment lay with the construction of Serena fledgling angel as a yoga instructor Kind of predictable Had she had some other job, maybe something as dangerous as a demon [...]

  • Note I read the ARC Advanced Reader Copy of this book I m just a yoga teacher She remained still as he circled around her You may be trying to pass yourself off as such I think we both know better Let s discuss that in a moment But since you insist that you re just a yoga teacher She could feel his hot gaze running the length of her He completed his turn in front of her Would you say your body is your temple She nodded once, almost imperceptibly, afraid to move Then let me come in and worship In [...]

  • I really enjoyed this novel and the world it created What I really enjoyed was the main heroine, Serena She was pure of heart in life that was cut short She had not experienced much of life and died a hero so she became a Guardian in her afterlife This type of character could be quite annoying but I enjoyed her because she was genuine and she was smart She had wisdom and insight most people don t have She was a natural at figuring out what was really going on despite all the lies and deceptions [...]

  • I ve read a lot of paranormal romance series and I thought that Where Demons Fear to Tread by Stephanie Chong will be another book like so many others But, I m glad I was wrong The book is different and it was a great read What I mean different when the main theme is angels VS demons I mean that here we don t have the demons are nice guys who are just been misunderstood usual theme In this book, there are demons and angels exactly as we know them Serena is a new guardian angel and she has a diff [...]

  • Where do I start with this book Ah yes, the predictable, boring Venn Diagram of romance novels the dichotomy of good and evil with overlapping qualities, providing ample room for sexual tension Nailed it Unfortunately, Where Demons Fear to Tread wasn t at all what I expected I knew there would be some sort of romance between Serena and Julian, but I didn t think the entire book would revolve solely around that Adding to the tedium is the fact that their relationship and its future are completely [...]

  • Serena is the guardian angel sent to be protector of Nick, or so she is lead to believe is her sole task, to save him from the path he is leading himself down It isn t an easy task for Serena, due to an Archdemon named Julian wanting his soul for himself As soon as Julian lays eyes upon Serena he knows he wants her, to corrupt her His usual tricks don t work on her so he uses her brother as leverage to get Serena to go to Vegas with him, which is where his lust for her turns to love Somewhere al [...]

  • Started to read WHERE DEMONS FEAR TO TREAD, but I think I m going to pass on this one There is far too much showing and info dumping for my liking, and both happen way too soon in the story For example, in the first chapter, readers learn how the hero became what he is now and his life leading up to that event I don t know the characters well enough to care about their pasts yet, so why am I already being told about it Where is the mystery At the very least, I wished that scene which had the pot [...]

  • Love, love, loved this I was utterly captivated by this story from the very beginning Where Demons Fear to Tread is the story of fledgling angel Serena, who is on a mission to protect Hollywood it boy Nick But in doing so, she puts herself right in the path of arch demon Julian The characters in this book are very real, unique, and likeable Julian has a certain amount of swagger befitting a demon, and sinfully sexy I felt like a school girl with a crush whenever he was present in the story Seren [...]

  • You will be temptedThis was the debut book for Stephanie Chong and her Company of Angels series The main character of this story is Serena St Clair, who, when killed trying to save others in a car accident, was offered a position as a guardian angel Her first assignment as a guardian angel is Nick Ramirez, a young rising Hollywood star, who is having trouble resisting temptation Serena finds Nick hanging out at the nightclub Devil s Paradise where temptation is everywhere, especially in the form [...]

  • I saw this book and thoughth another one But hell I ll read it anyway Well how wrong was I Fledgling guardian angel and yoga teacher Serena St Clair dares to enter Devil s Paradise nightclub on a mission to retrieve the wayward Hollywood It Boy she s assigned to protect But she s ambushed by the club s owner, arch demon Julian Ascher The most powerful demonic entity in Los Angeles, Julian is handsome as sin, a master of temptation who loves nothing than corrupting pleasure seeking humans He won [...]

  • Finally, an urban paranormal that is not afraid to genuinely embrace the power of good, and not afraid to sprinkle in some thoughtful philosophical elements into an otherwise tired and amoral sub genre Not perfect at all, but brilliant in places, enough to earn 5 stars Also, some very fresh and original sexy scenes, and a very hot hero.Also, to readers who are turned off by so called religious dogma seriously, why are you reading books about angels, fallen or otherwise Merely to gloat and revel [...]

  • Serena St Claire is a Yoga instructor Fledgling Guardian Angel who is on a mission to save a very lost soul from going to hell And on the other shoulder is Jullian Ascher Arch Demon trying to destroy this lost soul But the only way he can do that is to take him of the path of good which Serena is on But as they first meet at his club, Jullian starts to feel very strongly about Serena So Jullian tries to break of the habit of being very good But what he doesn t understand is that Serena is very d [...]

  • Stephanie Chong is a good writer I was sucked into her writing skills I had issues with this book though Mostly the characters, and how they did 180 s at the drop of a hat More in Depth review coming soon.Julian reminded me of an Anne Stuart hero in the beginning Maybe that s why I didn t like him, connect with him, or root for him view spoiler Except Anne Stuart anti hero s don t turn into pansy s at the end of her novels hide spoiler that is not a knock against Ms Chong Just Julian.

  • not a bad story over all had it high points and low points Kinda of hard to have loving feelings for a bad demon as the hero and some parts were just a bit cliched All in all though very enjoyable and interesting The ending was highly expected and ill look forward to seeing if the next in the series can surprise me in the end 3.5 stars

  • I have read many books that have contained stories about good and evil, angels and demons but none like what I have read by this author.It seems as though there have been many conflicting reviews about this book that I think my own thumbs up ought to be enough.

  • My Review The Plot Fledgling Guardian Angel, Serena St Claire, is deep into her first mission when she finds herself ensnared within the inescapable and notoriously cunning grasp of an Archdemon Tracking her Assignee the human she s tasked with protecting to Devil s Paradise, a night club in the heart of Los Angeles, Serena waltzes in with the naive intention of securing her charge and leaving just as quickly However, Devil s Paradise isn t just your run of the mill nightclub Just as its name im [...]

  • This ARC was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Publish date August 30th, 2011Fiction Adult Romance ContemporaryHarlequin MIRA Books Demons try to take a soul, while the guardian angels are hell bent on saving it pun intended Serena St Clair finds herself in Archdemon territory and seems to have forgotten the rules If you encounter a demon powerful than yourself, get the hell out pun intended again Julian Ascher loves corrupting na ve humans Then again, love is a foreign con [...]

  • carino, ma niente di che l arcidemone molto affascinante, lei l angelo un po meno ma io ci ho provato la cosa che mi ha lasciata interdetta che per la maggior parte del tempo si svolge a las vegas e lui julian pilota l elicottero portando serena lei a zonzo sul grand canyon descrivendo esattamente le stesse scene che ho descritto io il lago mead il colore delle rocce anche il suo libro uscito nel 2012, in italia meno male, altrimenti qualcuno avrebbe potuto pensare che ho copiato vedi tu le coin [...]

  • Serena St Clair is failing in her first angelic assignment She is meant to be helping a Hollywood heartthrob curb his hell raising ways, but she is having little success in her first Guardian gig And when the it boy in question wanders into Devil s Paradise, Serena knows she has all but lost him Club owner and Archdemon extraordinaire, Julian Ascher, is intrigued and craving when he looks upon the innocently beautiful Serena And he is delighted to learn that her assignee, an actor with a drug an [...]

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